Learning to Quit Smoking Ch. 02

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Note: If you really not caring of the story, then continue from her. However, if you do, then you may wish to read the first edition.


So there I was, lying next to my best friend who I had agreed earlier that day to be lovers with. It felt very welcoming and overwhelming to be next to another man in such an intimate fashion.

Not only was it a man, it was my best friend who I had been so close to for so long. I’ve known him as far as I could remember and he had consoled me whenever I had fallen from a relationship. This was the friend who I had helped get through the tough times as school through late night cram sessions. This was the friend that I comforted with when he came out and told me that he liked guys. But now this is my lover who I’ll be sharing my nights and days with as he helps me get over this craving for cigarettes.

Now, I’m laying down so affectionately with my hand wrapped around his manhood and his tongue gliding against mines in such a sensual way. I kissed him one last time as I went down on him to finish off the craving for cigarettes and do my duty as his lover to pleasure him in everyway he sees fit.

So with that in mind, I had closed my eyes and positioned myself right above his beautiful manhood. I took a deep breath of the scent of his cock and took him into my mouth sucking his head ever so passionately. I would hear him moan signaling that I am fulfilling the rights he had given me with my tongue brushing down the shaft.

“Oh… I can see that you’re really… really… enjoying my dick in your mouth. Look me in the eye and tell me you want me inside of you.”

I looked at him with a wicked look and responded, “I want you inside of me.” He could feel my hands squeezing his balls playfully with each word as I added, “Really… Deep… Inside…”

Reaching over to his night stand, he looked at me and said, “Aw… poor me. I forgot to buy some rubbers.”

I kissed the head with a swoop of my tongue into his slit and said, “I never wanted you to wear rubbers.” My hand around the base felt his body quiver and shake at the thought with my lips planting a big one around the tip catching his pre-cum.

“Wow…”, he responded blown away at my remark looking at me. It was at this point that I would begin to pump casino siteleri his dick faster with each word of him saying, “So you want to feel every inch of me inside you and every shot of my penis?”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way. Now let me do my right to pleasure you, my lover.” And with this, he would feel his thick cock slide down my lips, guided by my tongue and stopped at my throat as I looked at him straight in the eyes. He looked at me and thrown his head back as he felt his the tip of his cock get swallowed by his new lover. I could feel his body trembling with his cock peaking past my throat.

“Oh… I’m going to…” he said as I felt him stiffen inside my mouth. I could feel the first hot spurt shoot down my throat as I started pulling his manhood out of my throat so I could taste his sensual juices hitting my taste buds and throat. The hot saltiness of his cum tasted wonderful as he lifted his head up and saw me draining his dick of every drop.

I lain next to him and stuck out my tongue showing him his hot cum on my tongue as he drew close for a kiss. I could still remember the feeling of our tongue stirring it up together with each other’s saliva. It felt so hot and sexy with me in his embrace and him in mines.

He broke the kiss and looked at me and said, “Now show me my cum.” With that, I stuck my tongue with his cum oozing down my tongue and into my mouth. “Now, prove to me that you’re my lover.” As he watched me swallow his cum, I felt his cock growing hard sliding between my legs. I stuck out my tongue showing him that I had swallowed it all with him moaning.

From his drawer, he had pulled out a tube of KY jelly and smiled at me knowing that I will be taking it tonight. I watched him as he applied the jelly to his seven inch hard-on as I laid on my back enjoying the view with his other hand stroking my moderate six and half inch cock. He, then, knelt down next to me and reached between my legs to rub some KY jelly at my entrance as I ease up to let him get inside me easily.

“Come on, lover. Give me your manhood; all of our manhood!” He then lifted my ankles and positioned it on his shoulders with me feeling the pressure of hard-on right at the entrance. “Do it, lover! Do it!” I screamed giving him the signal to enter me. The bulbous canlı casino head of his cock popped right inside of me as I closed my eyes and moaned at the intense heat from him growing deeper.

“It feels good inside of you doesn’t it?” he asked.

“Damn good…” I moaned softly as he felt my hands brushing down his body feeling how well toned it was. “Oh… I could feel you penetrating me… inch by inch with your… thick… hard… Oh it’s so deep! It’s so… hot…”

“Mmm… that’s my lover.” He leaned down on me reaching closer as he closed his eyes and went in for a passionate kiss from me to him. Our lips met as I felt him coursing deep inside of me with his fuck rod to its hilt and his balls brushing up against my bare ass. I could feel heat of his body as our bodies grinded with our sweat keeping us wet enough to brush up against our bodies with little friction.

“Right there…” I moaned into his ear as he pushed his complete length into me as he rested right on top of my body. I wrapped my arms around his head and held him with our legs entwined together. He felt my legs brushing up against his as I focused on feeling every inch of his pole sliding in and out of me slicked up by KY jelly. The intense heat of his cock; the depths he was reaching within me; the warmth of his breath blowing up against my face; and the friction of our bodies lubricated by our sweat was driving me closer and closer to the edge.

“You seem to be enjoying this very well…” he whispered to me as he was still driving in and out of me. It was when he lain on me and brushed his body against mines with my cock in the middle feeling the friction that I came hard. It was the last stroke of his rod against my prostate and the friction of our bodies that made me shoot all my cum between us.

“Mmm… gosh…” I said as he quieted me with a drop of my come swept up with his finger and on to his tongue as we kissed. The soft salty mixture of our juices stirring in my mouth with his tongue was something totally different and unique to me. Peeking through one of my eyes, I could tell he was really enjoying himself as well with his eyes closed and him softly moaning throughout our kiss.

He broke the kiss as he lifted his face slightly above mines breathing deeply with his pole kaçak casino still deep inside. I rested my hands on his back and looked at him with a hard passionate stare saying, “Complete the deal by cumming deep inside of me making me your lover officially.” I pressed my hands on his butt giving him a soft squeeze as well as pushing him against me.

He smiled at me and began to slowly pick up the pace pumping at first an inch in and out of me. I threw my head back slipping into a state of ecstasy feeling him starting to fuck me faster with longer strides of his long firm seven inch manhood. I started to cry out loudly for him to cum deep inside me; to make me his lover; and not to pull out. He could feel me trying to squeeze his dick, trying to milk the cum out of him

“Oh wow! You really want me to cum inside you!?” he said with me responding with quick nods trying to catch my breath. Sweat started beading and dripping down our bodies with my cum still smeared all over our stomachs as he stiffened his body giving me two last thrusts from tip to hilt into me. “I’m about to…”

And it was then that I felt an huge explosion of bliss and euphoria within me making me open my eyes wide open and watch he fall and lay on top of me. We laid there in each others embrace just breathing deeply in what felt for hours with him still in me. It felt almost comforting to feel him slowly getting soft within me with him making no attempt to pull out from me.

He kissed me on the lips once and I kissed him back. He softly said to me before passing out, “You’re my… lover.” With that, he had lain on top of me with his well toned body and his heart beats reaching almost back to a normal rate. I wrapped my arms around him as I looked toward the ceiling as his soft cock pulled almost completely out leaving only his mushroom like head still inside.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the faint heat of his penis between my legs and his head resting on my shoulder. I whispered in to his ears, saying, “Yes… I am your lover.”

I laid there with this man that was once my closest best friend who is now my lover. I knew that there would be plenty more nights like these since the desire to smoke is still within me.

However, what I didn’t know was that this would only be the beginning of my journey onto quitting smoking. There would be times that I knew he wouldn’t be available but somehow I knew that there would be someone else to help me as well. But that is a whole different story in itself. So for now, Good night.

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