Lesbian Fever Ch. 5

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The following weekend I moved in with Linda. It seemed the natural thing to do. After all, we had been lovers for a whole week. Seriously, it was an easy decision for me to make, despite our brief acquaintanceship. One might think, from reading my account of our first few nights, that I spend all the time getting spankings, or as I was later to learn, many other “kinky” activities. Actually, the kinky side of our relationship became, after we settled in, perhaps only thirty percent of our sexual side. Most of the time we had “normal” lesbian sex. Of course, I enjoy writing about the unusual “stuff,” and I think this makes for more interesting reading.

Perhaps another interesting phenomena to our kinky side was the fact that Linda or I could easily switch roles. Although I was definitely more submissive than she was, it was not unusual to find her on the receiving end of a good, hard spanking (or worse) when we were in a mood to switch roles.

Our modeling jobs, where we had originally met, were few and far between, so we each found work as secretaries for local corporations. Our work hours pretty much coincided. Since I normally arrived home about 45 minutes before Linda did, I did most of the cooking. I enjoyed serving her a variety of meals and she loved the attention. We usually spent Fridays at home, making passionate love. Saturdays were often devoted to going to the movies, followed by dinner together in one of the fine local restaurants our town had to offer. Saturday nights, more often than not, provided an ideal time for kinky sex. It gave either us, depending on whom was on the receiving end, time to recuperate the following day.

More than once, I can remember sitting gingerly on a pillow all day to relieve the pain that remained from the night before. Linda was definitely harder on me than I was on her. In time, my threshold of pain increased to a point that I could tolerate even a really hard whipping or spanking without so much as flinching. Linda was more of a baby in this regard, so I often had to hold back far more than she did.

Friday nights were special. A chance to unwind from the workweek, to spend some face time (no pun intended) with each other, and to build upon our relationship. Arriving home extra early one Friday night in the middle of an excruciatingly hot August, I slipped out of my work clothes into shorts and a t- shirt. Nothing else. No bra or panties. Just me beneath my outer garments. Really ahead of myself that evening, I fixed a fantastic bowl of spaghetti and sausage, combined it with a nice garden salad, then found the sofa in the living room a convenient place to rest my weary bones.

Linda, of course, came home dressed to the nines. A rather tight red skirt, hemmed a few inches above the knee, and a white, button-down, short-sleeved blouse. The weather was much too hot for stockings or pantyhose, and her nicely tanned legs obviated the need for them. She wasn’t big-breasted, but what she had up there filled her blouse quite nicely. Probably because of her shimmering red hair, she always looked nice when she complemented the hair with red clothes. She wore only minimal make-up. As usual, she was shiny and bright when she greeted me.

“Hey stranger! Something smells really good!”

“Ghetti and sausage,” I said. It’s all ready. Just have to heat it up in the microwave.”

“Aren’t you the lazy one!” she said, moving next to my reclining body.

“Got off early. Just relaxing.”

“How was your day?” she asked.

“Oh, fine. Nothing special. I’m glad it’s Friday.”

She smiled, then leaned forward as I sat up far enough to permit a short, nondescript kiss. She straightened up, still standing next to me, hands on hips, legs slightly parted, looking down at me. She was sex personified, a pretty girl who could attract anyone she wanted.

All of a sudden, my Sapphic instincts, so long dormant, seemed to boil up. I stretched my hand out far enough to come to rest on the inside of Linda’s right knee, just under the tight red skirt. Nonchalantly, I brushed the soft skin of the inside of her leg ever so lightly. Linda’s cheeks flushed. Almost reflexively, she opened her legs a bit wider. The invitation was all too obvious. I slowly moved my hand, palm up, higher inside the parted legs, catching the hem of her skirt on my wrist in the process.

“Oh, Beth,” she sighed, knowing where the journey of my hand was heading.

I watched the skirt move upward over my hand, revealing more and more of her long, lithe legs. Suddenly the trip ended, stopped by the presence of soft silk. I pressed my palm into the silk and Linda moaned softly.

“Beth… Beth… Beth…” she said over and over.

Pressing even deeper into the “V” of Linda’s opened legs, I felt her womanly moisture seep into the softness of the panty crotch. She swayed slightly over my hand as she cooed with pleasure. I was awed by her easy arousal. We stayed like that, my hand playing inside her skirt, for several sweet moments, just bursa escort enjoying the closeness perhaps even more than the sexiness. My hand—there—seemed so natural.

I looked up at her for a moment. Her head was cocked to the side, eyes closed, mouth opened in an “O” shape. I flicked my middle finger over the area surrounding her vagina, circling it over the ever moistening panty crotch, and watched her cock her head back further and moan. I had the feeling she was putty in my hands. I was wrong.

Linda suddenly stepped back, her skirt falling into place, leaving my hand stretched out into thin air. She looked down at me, breathing deeply, her face filled with lust. “You are driving me crazy, you little stinker, and I am the one who is supposed to be teaching you.”

“I think you’ve created a real monster,” I said. “Oh, how I want you, Linda!”

She reached down and smoothed out her skirt, her face still flushed. “I have plans for you this evening, young lady.”

She wanted to be in total control, and she was. Until I was ready, it was sex on her terms, not mine. And I accepted that. I moved my outstretched hand over my tummy and sank my head deeper into the cushion behind in. I felt so comfortable with her. I had never felt that way with anyone in my life. Linda suddenly moved toward me and eased herself next to me on the sofa, her hips at my waist. I had to squinch over slightly to accommodate her.

“So how was your day?” I asked, pretending that nothing had just occurred between us. Our eyes lingered on each others’ as we talked.

“Well,” she laughed, “I do believe Cheryl, the new girl in accounting, made a pass at me.”

My eyes widened. “Isn’t she the one you said was staring at you all the time?”

“Yup. Same one. Today she came by my desk, leaned over to look at some work I was doing, and stuck her boob right on my shoulder. Then she sort of rested her hand on my forearm. She didn’t speak normally to me; it was more like a sexy whisper.”

“And what did you do?”

“Well, dear Beth, I did what any hot-blooded lesbian would do—I ran my hand under her skirt, straight up to her goodies, just like someone else I know just did.”

“You what?” I asked incredulously.

Linda laughed out loud. “I paid no attention to her, silly. She’s not even close to being my type.”

“And who is your type?” I continued, blinking my eyes in a flirtatious manner.

“Well, I kinda favor girls in baggy shorts.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Hey, these aren’t that freeping baggy!”

Her eyes strolled the length of my body. “They aren’t exactly form-fitting either, my dear.”

“They just happen to be nice and comfortable, thank you.”

She smiled again. “And they are loose enough to give one easy access to what’s inside.” Suddenly, without warning, her right hand snuck under the waistband of the shorts. It came to rest softly on my abdomen, just above my pubis.

“I see we are poor this week,” said with a straight face.

“Excuse me?”

“Can’t afford panties, huh?” she asked.

“Nope, nor a bra,” I replied with a wide smile.

“I had already noticed that,” she said. I watched her pretty eyes move to my white t-shirt and stare intently at the nipples poking out provocatively through the thin material.

I sensed that we were now on her terms and that the move Linda was making for my bones that might go on for the rest of the evening. I thought about the spaghetti waiting to be devoured. “Were you planning on eating dinner before ravishing my body?” I asked coyly.

“I was sort of planning on a low-calorie meal first,” she replied.

Her fingertips moved to lightly scratch across the curls beneath my shorts. I opened my right leg enough to give her access to others areas she might be interested in. Instead, she twirled a few of the soft brown curls between her thumb and index finger. Her visage suddenly became lustful.

I rested my right hand languidly on her thigh. Her skirt had ridden up to mid-thigh and her legs were partially open. Simultaneously, as if on cue, Linda’s hand stole between my legs while I brought my fingers once again beneath her skirt. The silk-covered crotch was already wetter than when I had left it.

“If you keep that up,” I said, raising my hips give her even better access to my treasures, “we’ll be late for dinner.”

“And if you keep that up,” she countered in a sexy whisper, “we just might be wondering what to have for breakfast.”

I was as hungry as a horse, but when Linda’s middle finger located my rapidly swelling clit, I knew it was useless to think about such mundane things as eating (food, that is). I closed my eyes, leaned my head back into the pillow, stretched my left leg over the top edge of the sofa, and waited for her next moves.

The wait was not too long. Linda leaned down and over, capturing my arm draped across her thigh with her ribs, and lightly brushed her lips across mine. Her left hand lightly caressed the bursa escort bayan side of my cheek as she lowered her head and brought her lips, full and sweet, soft and pliable, over mine. I moaned into our first real kiss of the evening, even as I felt her wandering finger push my inner pussy lips aside and delve into the gathering moisture inside me. I was already wet from playing with her, and I was getting wetter by the moment.

She broke the kiss long enough to whisper, “I want you,” and then started softly grinding her lips over mine. I loved her kisses. She always French-kissed me, but she never thrust her tongue into my mouth. Rather, she began a series of agonizingly wonderful movements, first licking across my lower lip with the tip of her tongue, then lightly brushing the same tongue-tip across my teeth. My mouth was open and ready to accept her, but she teased for many delicious moments before filling me with her tongue. When she did, at last, I sucked voraciously on it, drawing it into me like a tiny cock.

With Linda’s semi-reclining position next to me, I had pretty much lost access to her skirt, but her breasts were just above my forearm. By turning my arm, my right hand was directly under her left breast. She moaned into my mouth and drove her middle finger deeper into me as soon. I moaned loudly as I cupped the breast and ran my thumb over the nipple beneath her blouse and bra. Her breast was full, accepting my entire hand to cover it. I kneaded gently it in my palm and fingers.

When she finally broke the kiss, and looked deeply into my eyes, I felt a warmth and a glow that I had never felt before. “You make it easy to love you,” she whispered.

I smiled. “I’ve never met any like you.”

“Well,” she laughed, “most people that you meet don’t have their fingers in your honeypot about a week later.”

We laughed together. Her eyes twinkled brightly. I really believe I could see right into her soul at the very moment. “Linda,” I said softly.

“Yes, my dear?” she asked brightly.

I bit my lower lip. “Take this longing from my tongue…”

She looked at me with lust-filled eyes, withdrew her hand from my shorts, her finger wet and glistening, then slowly arose and stood next to the sofa. Her eyes affixed to mine, she slowly raised her red skirt skyward, exposing more and more of her well-tanned legs. I watched intently. Silky-white, bikini-styled panties appeared. Her pubic bone was prominent beneath the shiny material. She raised the skirt all the way up to her waist, then stood to let me enjoy the view.

“I think I have something that will take care of that longing,” she husked.

She pulled her panties down, slowly revealing the light-red curls that failed to hide the thin crack of her pussy beneath. Bending slightly, she whisked them off. With her skirt still raised, naked from the waist down, Linda moved toward me and placed a knee on each side of my ribs. After lowering her crotch within inches of my face, she reached behind my head and roughly pulled me into her crotch.

My hunger knew no bounds. I wanted her to smother me with her pussy, and she almost did, grinding her hips against me and accepting the tongue I had offered to her. I drove my tongue into her soaked opening and she cried out in pure ecstasy. I was putty in her hands, yes, but the talents she had taught me in less than a week had given me a wonderful new power. I had read about girl-girl things in literature. Some of it had actually gave me a little tingle down below, but until I met Linda I would not have even called myself “bi-curious.” But in a few short days, I had become a full-fledged, pussy-lapping lesbian and I was loving every sweet moment.

When I used the flat of my tongue in a long, slow, delicious sojourn deep in the folds of Linda’s pussy, she moaned loudly. When I circled her clit in the same flat motion, pressing as hard as I could against her, she threw her head back and uttered unintelligible gibberish between panting breaths. I continued licking her for at least five minutes. I already knew her well enough to sense when she was ready to explode. She did. And when she came, she screamed my name over and over and pulled my face tightly into her pulsating pussy. Copious amounts of her love juices coated my entire face, from my chin to my forehead, ear to ear. I was awash in her cum and I drank every sweet drop I could find. Her taste on my tongue was exquisite.

The longing on my tongue would never be fully quenched, but for the moment I was in paradise. When Linda extricated herself and slid next to me, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her fully, letting her taste her own love juices from my lips and tongue. She nestled her head in the crook of my neck. I ran my fingers through her luxuriously soft hair, then lightly scratched the nape of her neck. It was calm and peaceful. I belonged here.

“You are one fucking lesbian hottie,” she said softly, lightly cupping my left breast.

I laughed out escort bursa loud. “You are not too bad yourself.”

“If you had asked me to marry you five minutes ago, we would be walking down the isle next Saturday,” she said with a happily smiling face.

I knew she wasn’t serious, but the thought of a lifetime with her had already crossed my mind. A lesbian marriage would be out of the question, of course, but spending our days together in blissful happiness seemed the only right thing to do. And I was certainly more than willing to do it.

“But you hardly know me, my dear,” I whispered softly.

“Oh, I will get to know you. There is so much to teach you,” she said.

I knew she was right. Linda had spent her entire adult life in the arms of women. I had spent a whole week. After resting for a few moments in each others’ arms, she arose and offered me her hand.

“I hope the sheets on the bed are clean,” she said with a coy smile.

“I changed them this morning, before work,” I said, taking her hand and helping her to rise from the sofa.

“Good, let’s see how wet we can make them.”

I knew the food on the stove would go unused for quite a while. We walked hand- in-hand to the bedroom, our bedroom, where two strangers had become lovers in seven short but wonderful days. I was about to learn from an expert, and I was the most willing student in the world.

She stood next to the bed pulled me closer to her. “Raise your arms,” she said, and as soon as I did, she grasped the t-shirt and drew it quickly over my head. My breasts sprung fee. Wordlessly, she bent far enough over to whisk my shorts down my legs. In the blink of an eye, I had gone from clothed to totally naked.

Linda stood back and admired me. I loved being naked for her, and she knew it. Her eyes moved from my feet to my head, then back down, taking in every inch of my nakedness. I think she liked what she saw.

“I think I am over-dressed for the occasion,” she said with a wry smile. “Would you mind doing the honors?”

Blushing slightly, I moved a bit closer and started unbuttoning her blouse. She stood, arms at her sides, letting me do all the work to strip her. Her bra, white like the panties she had recently shed, but circled with exquisite lace, held her pineapple-sized breasts tightly confined. I pulled the tail of the blouse out of her skirt, slipped the blouse off of her shoulders, then reached behind her and unsnapped the back of the bra. Her breasts popped to life in front of me, nipples as hard as pebbles.

Her tight red skirt was next. I loosened the thin leather belt buckle at her waist, unbuttoned a side button, pulled down the zipper, then watched as gravity completed my handiwork, allowing the skirt to fall in a circle around her feet. One last bit of material, a flimsy white half-slip, slit at both sides to mid thigh, stood between Linda and total nakedness. I slipped my fingers into the elastic waistband, stretched it a bit, then eased it over her hips and allowed it to join the skirt. She stepped gracefully out of the circle of skirt and slip and stood before me, naked as newborn baby.

“I want you to lie down on the bed,” she said.

I did as she suggested, allowing my legs to fall apart easily, giving her a nice view of my hairy crotch. She slowly sidled in next to me, but turned her body in the opposite direction. At first I thought she wanted to engage in one of our favorite activities, a “69.” Instead, however, she slid her right leg underneath me, and started moving her body toward me. Our legs looked like two pairs of scissors coming together.

“What are you doing? I asked.

“Quiet,” she whispered. “Enjoy.”

She shifted her body even closer until her pussy was almost touching mine. Suddenly I knew what was about to happen. She pressed her crotch tightly into mine, pussy flattened against pussy, and began to grind her hips sensually. Our hairs mingled. Our vulvas mingled. Our clits were clamped together. We traded our freely flowing love juices back and forth. I soon got the idea, and pressed back into her. Soon we were rubbing our cunnies together in a rhythmic motion. If I raised my hips, Linda’s followed me. It seemed so natural to be together like this. We were both flowing so much, our rubbing created a loud squishy sound between our legs. We both moaned loudly. The feeling was exquisite. Beautiful. Wonderful. Magnificent. Unworldly. I grabbed my own breast and squeezed it tightly as we pressed our pussies together. My clit was on fire.

Linda eased her hand between our churning pussies and entered me easily with two fingers. Then she slid the same two fingers into her own sopping hole. She moved her fingers back and forth, sometimes playing tunes over our swollen clits. In less than ten minutes, I was at a fever pitch. And so was she. It was mutual. It was simultaneous. It was glorious. We came at the same time, pressing our spasming cunts together in a flood of juices that literally soaked the bed sheets between our legs. I came, counting three huge waves of a wonderful orgasm, followed by a tiny fourth one, and finally one baby cum that sent waves of pleasure from my pussy, along my spine, all the way to my brain. I don’t believe I had ever cum so hard.

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