Lessons Learned

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“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”

? Truman Capote

The first time that a girl drank my piss was when an old girlfriend agreed to it as an act of atonement. It was an amazing unplanned experience that seemed unbelievable even as it happened. When a second woman did it I was equally amazed, but a little less surprised. Not so much because of any antecedent experience, which I’d always considered the product of a unique circumstance, but rather new revelations about how willing some girls were.

About twenty years ago I moved to Toronto and had an apartment just off Danforth. For those unfamiliar with Toronto, Danforth is a major street that runs east from downtown and goes through a traditionally Greek neighborhood. It’s a great strip for all kinds of restaurants and pubs.

I didn’t know many people when I first arrived in the city and as much for something to do as for company I started calling a dating line that was a forerunner to internet dating sites. Successful calls commonly went in one of two directions. I would either end up meeting them for a drink or we would get each other off over the phone. Sometimes there would be both, but it was an exception to meet someone after already having phone sex. While I’m sure there were some who just liked to phone fuck, I think for others the idea of meeting a stranger that they’ve already gotten off with was probably just a little too daunting.

Meeting off of the phone was always a bit of crap shoot too. Even with the self-descriptions provided they were still really just blind dates. I was only lied to about appearance once, but such stories seemed common. Still, no matter how honest a description, where looks are concerned so much is subjective, especially when it comes to faces. While there are people in this world who can be universally agreed as beautiful, for a great swath of humanity there’s considerable room for personal tastes and other intangibles. The more women that I met from the line though, the more I began to find myself focused on those intangibles. Not that I discarded physical attraction, but a focus on certain objectives provided their own undeniable motivations. It was a mindset that really led to more success.

Typically I tried to arrange meetings at a pub near my place. Laziness was a chief motivation and if things didn’t work out at least my place was just around the corner. I think some of the women preferred meeting away from their neighborhoods too, just to make sure that they weren’t risking the exposure of a local hangout to someone they couldn’t get rid of. If no shows were an issue for me, the acquisition of a stalker seemed to be both a bigger and the more serious problem that women faced.

It was a woman from this line that Escort Bayan I first spoke to about drinking my piss. She was one of the exceptional women who I’d gotten off with over the phone, in limitless detail, who was still also into meeting. Though I’d never spoken to her about piss ahead of our meeting there were plenty of other themes that we touched on including fucking her ass in the alley behind the bar.

I was in my early thirties and she was a few years older than me. She was a petite 5′ 3″, blue eyed blond with over-sized facial features. This baseline description could be built upon to describe a vision of erotic beauty, but unfortunately I lacked that blueprint. Despite her clear willingness, maybe even an over willingness, I just wasn’t attracted to her.

Considering the content of our past conversations and the premise of our meeting, I unconvincingly told her at the end of date that I had a good time, but that I didn’t feel comfortable sleeping with someone on the first date. Seriously, I can’t believe how lame I am at making up plausible excuses. It really wasn’t even on the spot either, because I was trying to come up with something pretty much since the moment that she arrived.

She did take the letdown gracefully though, but when we went outside to hale her taxi, she said that before she left that she wanted a kiss. If that’s what it took to end the date on a positive note, then I why not?

When I bent down for a quick peck she stopped me though and said, “Not just a quick kiss, I want a good one.”

She wanted a little more privacy than crowded Danforth sidewalk and we if were going to have a big wet kiss then so did I. We walked around the corner just behind a store called the Lucky Spot and there we stopped to kiss.

While I’ve heard women fixate on the quality of kiss, it’s not usually my focus or a big point of anticipation when I think of being with someone. I like kissing enough, but for me it’s usually more of a happy precursor or gateway to the more hard-core carnal drugs of my imagination. This kiss was incredible though and attraction aside she had my cock filling with blood. I’m not sure if it was her sloppy mouth, the effort that she made or the culmination of things, but if there was a little more privacy or if I had a few more beers I would have put her up against the wall and fucked her right there.

My brain was beginning to reconsidering my plans with her, but hard on aside, I had a feeling that she could have been a post coital hassle. She’d spoken so bitterly of past relationships that I couldn’t help but see a theme of difficulty. While I certainly could see the fun in taking her home with me, I just couldn’t help but feel that I would have been risking some unpredictable Bayan Escort entanglements. I’m not always that sage or that cautious, so there really must have been reading some pretty obvious signs.

As a bit of a distraction, I really needed to take a piss. As it turns out I also happen to like when a girl holds my cock for me while I piss. I told her that I needed to go and asked her if she would like to hold it while I piss. She happily agreed and went straight to taking my cock out. She fumbled and struggled a bit getting me out, but the whole process of having a girl fish out my cock is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a nice feeling to have someone hold my cock while I piss too. It’s mildly stimulating in a certain way that’s both soothing and erotic.

The girls who’ve held my cock while I’ve pissed have always seemed so clinically absorbed in the curious process of managing a pissing cock that I haven’t always been able to make a determination on their level of arousal. This girl however, was clearly enjoying it. As I pissed she slowly stroked my cock while lightly squeezing my balls with her other hand. Apart from my ex who actually sucked my cock while I pissed. I’ve never had a girl get her face so close to my streaming cock. When she wasn’t studying my pissing cock she would stare up into my eyes. She looked like she was a horny slut happily milking my cum, except it just so happened to be piss instead.

I asked her as I was finishing if she liked it?

She replied with a breathy “Yes!” and a squeeze of my shaft.

I just had to put a couple of my fingers on the tip of my cock to wipe off the last dribbles and offer my fingers for a taste. She sucked and licked my fingers like an audition. Then she asked if she could give my cock a kiss before it was put it away?

“Ok,” I said, “but just a kiss.”

Holding my cock toward her mouth, she ever so slightly parted her lips and kissed my piss moistened cock. If her earlier kiss was great this was better. Her mouth wasn’t open enough to take in my cock, but just enough to maximize the touch of her lips over the surface glistening head. It was a slow series of about five or six soft and gentle kisses to my cock. Then holding my cock against her cheek she smiled and said thank you to me.

With second thoughts I glanced around the ally, but it was just too busy and still too bright out to consider fucking her there. I don’t mind fucking or playing in a place where there’s a risk of being seen or getting caught, but this place was just too residential and high traffic. Before we would have finished there probably would have been a crowd of kids watching like Wild Kingdom had come to the neighborhood.

I was really considering taking her home, but what Escort I really wanted to do was jerk off in her mouth and then put her in a taxi. I just couldn’t figure out how to make such a one-sided proposition on the spot. In lieu of unloading in her mouth I showed uncharacteristic resolve and put my cock away. We walked back to the street and I put her in a cab and walked home. I jerked off thinking about the alternate reality. I imagined looking her in her eyes and asking if she’d like to ride home with the taste of my cum in her mouth?

She called me when she got home and we were both extremely horny. A little too late I asked if she would have liked to have sucked my cock in the ally and driven home with her tongue and throat coated with my sperm?

I wasn’t surprised to hear that she would have loved it. She also confessed to being turned on when I put my piss covered fingers into her mouth.

“Would you have liked it if I had asked to piss in your mouth before your ride home too?” I asked.

“Oh yes, I would have done it, I wish you’d asked?” she said.


Over the next few times we talked, we made plans to meet at a park just down the road from me. I told her that every time I jerked off with her I would fill a section of an ice cube tray with my load. I told her I would then bring the trays with me and serve my spermsicles to her in a glass that I’d fill with piss. Kind of fucking weird I admit, but the thought of this lady cabbing across town, so she could drink my piss and a couple of weeks’ worth of sperm had me dizzy with anticipation.

Then one night on the phone with her, while in the process of producing another specialty ice cube, she asked me if I thought she was hot looking. I don’t think I’ve ever lied to a girl when it came to compliments. Normally there’s always something that impresses me and that I can easily offer up, but unfortunately I wasn’t ready with anything for her. Not in exactly such words, but I did mentioning that her mouth had a certain cum and piss guzzling appeal and the petiteness of her ass would be feel so amazing stretched around my cock. She kept pressing though for some appreciative declaration of her looks, but I just wasn’t prepared with anything that she needed to hear. It was like stumbling in the job interview process when it already seemed that the job was all yours.

We were doing quite well when focusing on our plans, but beyond telling her about what a fun little ass fucking, cum and piss bucket that she was going to be, I missed a really key element of what she needed from me.

As a guy I would have no problem if a woman were attracted to me only for how horny I made them feel, in fact I would think it was great. Clearly though, she didn’t appreciate my attraction to her being so limited to her ‘intangibles’. I lost her there and I couldn’t get her back.

In consolation I came to understand then that there were girls out there who would be willingly drink my piss, I just needed to ask the right girl.

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