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The library’s section on magic, particularly black magic, is the best place to look. There is just something about John Dees and those guys that seems to appeal to that sort of woman. I discovered all this by chance of course.

I’m not really sure if any magic really works, it’s hard to separate out the effects of coincidence. If I had to put my money on a particular magical practice it would be sexual alchemy and orgasmic prayer. Try this, at the moment of mutual orgasm, and yes it has to be mutual, you both pray for the same thing. Works often enough to be freaky. But like many sexual magicians I’ve played with black magic.

I was doing research into satanic rites the day I stumbled on my first statue. She was reading intently, a book on whether devil worshipping cults actually exist and abuse children and other innocents. I could have told her the answer. I had four big tomes on black masses and other rituals that I was carrying back to my study carrel and the stacks aren’t very wide at the University Library. I rubbed gently against her as I passed, canlı bahis my hand brushing her butt. Normally I’d apologize and move on. Normally the girl would give a little start. This one never moved and I never apologized.

I went on with my day. None of the books told me what I wanted to know. I was looking for specific information on group sex as a magical rite and all I kept getting was hints. I went back to look for more books and she was still there. This time I really noticed her.

Glistening chestnut hair, hanging loosely to her shoulders, summer dress, purple, gold and brown threads, thin, just short of transparent, just short of her knees. Long, tanned legs, ending in Reebok court shoes. In profile her nose was too long and little crooked, her lips to thick and decorated with cherry red lip stick that was far too dark for her complexion. As I stepped past her, with no excuse I let my hand trail behind me, and stroked her ass. Just a caress, but a lingering one. I felt the fabric of her panties through the dress. Once again she didn’t move, didn’t turn bahis siteleri to face me, said nothing.

I went on down to the section on magic rituals, almost managed to get back to work. Then I walked back down between the stacks, stopped, standing right behind her, invading her space without touching her and waited. She gave no acknowledgement that I was even there. I knelt down and began to kiss her calves. There was the slightest tremble but she went on reading.

My kisses travelled up and down her legs, from the outside to the inside of her thighs. Sometimes I sucked, massaging the muscles with my mouth, other kisses were like movie stars at a cocktail party, mostly frotaging the air. On my second pass upward I lifted her dress, she wore sheer pink panties. I bit her ass, hard. Then I pulled down her panties so I could see the result sof my handy work. She had great muscle tone and an ugly red blotch, you could make out the indentations of my teeth if you looked closely enough.

I pulled her panties the rest of the way down her legs and off over bahis şirketleri the Reeboks. I had to lift her feet up to get them off. She didn’t help but she didn’t resist. I raised her skirt, pushing it all the way up her back and under her arm pits.

“Someone will see,” she said. That would be her only admission that she was even present, that I was happening to her.

I pushed her legs apart, uncomfortably wide. Then I went back to work licking and kissing her legs, but now I went higher on each pass, sucked on her labia, gently bit her clitoris, tried to force my tongue into her anus. My tongue wouldn’t go so I used the index finger of my right hand. Her sphincter resisted at first but gave way.

My tongue and worked her vagina while my finger probed her. I felt her moving towards orgasm but refused to pick up the pace. Her hand came down to meet my mouth and she took control right at the end. When I stood and leaned forward to whsiper in her ear I saw her staff ID.

“Sometime you can return the favor,” I said ever so softly.

Since then I’ve made it a habit to look in the stacks of every university I visit for statues, girls who can’t say no, frozen in place by forces I don’t understand. Like I say the magic section is the best place. Check it out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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