Lighthouse Rendevous

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I wake up, it’s a typical early morning as I bring a drink to my sweet angel as she wakes up from her sleep. I smile as I look in her sparkling eyes.

” Good morning sweetheart,” I say as I kiss her on her sweet lips, which are so soft and tender. “Time to get up honey, we have to avoid the traffic.”

She hops out of bed naked and I stare at her in awe as she stands up, her beautiful blonde hair, her sparkling eyes, and her drop dead gorgeous body.

She walks over to me and wraps her arms around me giving me a huge cuddle and whispers in my ear, ” Good morning my sweet, sexy baby. I love you.”

I whisper back to her, “I love you so much honey.” I ask, “Are you hungry or would you just like to shower first?”

“Shower sweety, will you join me?”

“Oh my God yes!”

I pick her up and carry her to the shower as she wraps her arms around me. I smell her sweet, sexy scent and it drives me wild- so intoxicating. I place her down near the shower as she kisses and thanks me. I turn the water on and we hop in the shower together the water cascading over our bodies as I grab the flannel and soap it up lathering her body all over, soaping her back and shoulders. Moving the flannel over her sexy perky breasts teasing her nipples I rub them harder making her aureole stand out so hard and firm as the flannel trails down her body moving across her belly circling her belly. My cock is so hard pushing against her ass as the flannel goes down one of her legs and up her inner thigh. She lets out light moans, the flannel then travels down her other leg and up her thigh softly, slowly teasing her as it stops inches from her soft downy pussy. Rubbing lightly on her pussy lips I soap them clean sending little surges through her body.

I stop, “Not now my sweet, later tonight I will pleasure you like you have never been pleasured before.”

I turn off the water and hop out the shower grabbing a towel for her, handing it to her as she smiles her thanks. “My sweet, I will go and get the clothes for you to wear to work today.”

As I leave the bathroom I watch her drying her legs, breasts, and body and think what a sensual, sexy sight! I hurry to her bedroom and pick out her clothing, ataşehir escort bayan a matching bra and thong in white lace, a white blouse and black leather mini and casual shoes. She enters the bedroom and I show her what I have picked out.

She smiles and winks at me, ” I gather you like?” She smiles yes.

“Honey God it will be hard to keep my mind on the job. May I dress you sweetheart?”

“I would like that,” she giggles. ”

I pick up her bra and place it over her shoulders and put it on, hooking it. I give her breasts a soft squeeze- they feel so good as she reaches behind me and grabs my firm cock. God she has wonderful hands! I move in front of her as I lift her leg and place her g-string on. As she lifts I let my tongue lick her pussy lips lightly as she moans and gasps as my tongue touches her. She steps into her g-string, grabs her leather skirt and pulls it on as I watch her sexy, lithe body. She zips up her leather skirt and I walk over and grab the blouse and help her put it on. She looks absolutely wonderful and ravishing. The only thing left is her shoes and I watch as she bends over teasing me as she puts on her black pumps. I can see her sexy ass in the leather skirt and think I should walk over there and just throw her on the bed but say to myself all good things come to those who wait.

She stands up and says, “All ready for work.”.

As we leave the house and drive to the bookstore I lean my head on her shoulder so content, so happy, not a care in the world. She kisses my lips and says, “Go to sleep hon I will wake you when we get there.”

I drift off to sleep only waking as we arrive at the bookstore. Again she kisses me on the lips and places her hand on my cock and I think what away to wake up! We open the bookstore and I go out back and start organizing books and stock while she organizes the money and starts on book work. We watch each other during the day tantalizing with sly gropes, touches and fondles keeping us going till the end of the day when our bodies will explode together. It was a busy day in the store but the day was passing quickly, lots of deliveries and quite a few customers. Lunch time arrived quickly and I was just escort kadıköy moving some boxes as I felt some one grab me from behind and fondle my balls and cock.

“Hi lover!” I say. ” Busy in the store?”

“Sure is,” she replies. “Lunch time sweety.”

Picking up a picnic basket she hands me a sandwich and drink and sits down beside me. Looking at her I smile and kiss her soft sweet lips. She tastes so good and tells me she has a big surprise after work. We are going away for the weekend. The rest of the day passes without incident and it is closing time and she has that wicked gleam in her eye as we lock up the bookshop.

As soon as the door is locked I give her a kiss on her sweet lips holding her tightly and say, “We’re out of here.”

We hop in the car and start driving, leaving the city heading down to the coast, smiling as we drive for about half an hour. She stares out the window looking at the waves crashing in as I look over and smile, holding her hand. She squeezes back and gives me a smile that would melt ice. As we arrive she sees the lighthouse of her dreams looming in front of us. I pull up and say it is ours for the weekend, we can watch the waves together in bed. I tell her stay there as I grab our bags and go to the door and open it, placing the bags inside I walk back and open her door and pick her up in my arms. Carrying her to the lighthouse as she wraps her arms around me and kisses my neck. I place her down and she wraps her arms around my waist and gives me a big cuddle then bounds off to look over the lighthouse.

Going to the kitchen I start making us a warm cup of cocoa. I hear the shower turn on upstairs and singing as I wander up the stairs with our cups and enter the bathroom. I see her standing under the shower the water cascading all over her body. She looks so beautiful as she pokes her head out of the shower and says come join me, using her finger to say come here. That is an offer to good too refuse and I strip out of my clothes. She wolf whistles at me as I strip and walk towards my sweet treasure and jump in the shower. I push my body against her wet body and wrap my arms around her as she grabs me and pulls me closer to her. My mouth bostancı escort goes to her nipples as the water cascades over our bodies and I suck her nipples into my mouth. Sucking, nibbling, biting, as she moans into my ear and her hand starts rubbing my cock. She makes me so hard and it feels so good as my mouth starts moving down her body, kissing her belly and moving lower. I kiss her thighs nibbling on her, licking with my tongue. She is moaning louder and harder as my tongue licks just below her pussy and then moves onto her teasing her pussy lips as my mouth sucks. I push my head deeper as my tongue enters her and probes her clit licking across it and circling. Teasing her as she gasps, my tongue rubbing on her clit. I start licking harder and faster as my tongue drives her wild, her moans so loud as I push her up against the shower and eat her pussy. She is moaning and shaking as my tongue licks harder, faster and her pussy juices flow all over my tongue. As they do I lap her pussy and suck up all the juices as her body is bucking hard and she is screaming. She cums so hard and violently shuddering as my tongue licks and she cums all over my face. I lick up her sweet juices as her body slowly comes down from its orgasm.

“Omg,” she says, “That was so intense.”

I stand up and wrap my arms around her and whisper words of love as she says it is my turn. She slides down my body and takes my hard cock in her mouth and begin sucking, teasing me with her mouth and tongue. She moves her mouth back and forth on my hard throbbing cock and I pump my cock deeper into her and grabbing her head I pound my cock into her mouth.

“Baby I’m so hard I want my hard cock deep in your pussy,” as I stand her up and push her back against the shower.

She wraps her legs around me as my cock enters her wet pussy and as it pounds in deep, my mouth is sucking on her neck and nibbling it. I slam her back against the shower, fucking her harder, faster, deeper, longer, stronger.

I’m so hot for her body and moan, ” Baby , fuck this is so good. “My dick enters so deep as she wraps her legs harder around my waist. “Baby I can’t last much longer,” as my cum starts flowing deep into her pussy I groan, cumming so hard and fast.

I cum, spraying deep into her pussy. Honey that felt so good as we both get out of the shower and go into the bedroom to dry and dress. We both get out of the shower and go into the bedroom to dry and dress. There will always be time for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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