Like A Blonde

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Hi lovely people at , this is my first actual submission. I think it’s pretty good.

I didn’t manage to adjust the initial setting in a way I really liked at all – but I realised it worked pretty well from when they talk before action comes in.

If you have any ideas you’re welcome to message me, or tell me where you think these two met and how he ended up in her hotel room etc. or any other suggestions at all, you might just help me turn out 😉


Green Dragonfly


“That’s just your dirty mind, buster.” She responded.

“I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.”

She raised an eyebrow. “You’re smart.”

“Yeah but that’s just one of my vices.”

“This is a mindfuck. What do you mean? Remember I’m a dumb blonde.”

“You can give as good as you get.”

“You mean I don’t mind being a bitch but I won’t let you get away with it?”

“No, I mean that you can tease as well as being teased.”

“Alright, I’m also a stupid person, talking to a smart person.”

“True,” he taunted.

“But maybe you’re not that smart, maybe you’re just smarter than I am which makes you look smart, when actually you’re just pretty average.”

“Honey, I’m a hell of a lot of things, not one of them average, and I can tell you, I happen to be very, very smart so it might just be [i]you[/i] who’s the average one.”

Was it an insult that sounded like a compliment, or was it a compliment that sounded like an insult?

She regarded him.

“Haha ok. But I really am stupid! But I’m also smart when it comes to certain aspects of life.”

“Which aspects?”

“I’m a good judge of character.”

“I believe it.”

“Mhmm, you think you are talking to a big dumb blonde, and you are just agreeing with me cause you find some sort of amusement out of it.”

“No if I thought you were a big dumb blonde I wouldn’t still be here. How do you judge my character?”

“You think you’re a good fuck.”

“I don’t think, I know.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.”

“Try saying something nice, you might enjoy it.”

“You’re alright to talk to I guess.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“That’s why you’re [i]really[/i] still here, you think I’ll let you fuck me.”

“It’s like I said, I don’t think.”

“Well, I am a big dumb blonde, but I’m still the smartest one there is!”


“I always get exactly what I want.”

“Yeah?” With that he grabbed her arms and thrust them against the wall, holding her to it, “You suck cock like a blonde?”

“Get your hands off me!” she yelled aggressively. He tightened his grip.

“How does your cunt taste?”

“Like honey.”

“What position do you come hardest in?”


“While your hair is being pulled?”

“Yes, and my ass spanked, hard.”

“Do you like having your tits fucked?”

“Only if he makes me really hot.”

“Am I making you really hot?”

“ffffffuck… yes!” she moaned out, “please, just fuck me….”

“like a blonde?”

“fuck me like a dumb blonde, I’ll be your slave. I’ll let you pull out and come in my mouth if you want to, look at me…”


“What do you think?”

“I know you will but I still want you to say it”

“Ohhhhh my god”

“Say it!”

“I’ll drink all of your come!”

“I won’t let you drink all of it, I want to come over you as well.”

“Please, you can come on me as well but only if you let me gather it up and lick it off my fingers after.”

“You’re making demands now?”

“Like I said, I always get what I want.”

“What do you want now?”

“You know what I want,” she whimpered.

“Say it!”

“Just give it to me, please, let my arms go,” they were starting to hurt a little.

“What will you do if I let them go?”

“Whatever you want me to, just please…”

“Be precise. I want you to barter.”

“I’ll use them to strip you off and ride your cock.”

“Not specific enough.”

“I’ll put you on your back and lick you all over your chest, I’ll pull your hard dick out of your jeans and lick it up and down until it’s nice and wet and then I’ll put it in me and move up and down until I come for you, and I’ll say don’t you dare come yet, because I’ll want to climb off and milk your cock into my mouth, licking myself off you as I do. I love tasting myself it gets me off like crazy.”

“You’re a hot bitch.”

“A hot blonde.” She said.

He thrust her hands down.

She immediately bolted for the door, but he caught her round the waist.

“Nooooo.” She yelled.

“Nice try…”

“Let go!”

“I’m not done with you.”

“Let! Go!”

He swung her round by the ataşehir escort bayan waist onto the bed, letting himself fall on top of her. She scrambled under his body putting up lots of fight, but he kissed and sucked on her neck, struggling to pull her tank top off and over her head while she squirmed, before throwing it across the room. He kissed her on the lips and her tongue darted around his mouth aggressively, hungrily. Mmm.

He ran his arms up her silky sides and onto her arms, pinning her down as they each kissed their lust. His legs intertwined with hers and he became suddenly aware that if she chose to she could do some real damage to him in this position, but instead all he felt was her waist grinding up and down against his leg as their tongues battled acrimoniously.

He slid his hands back down her arms and leant upwards to get a good look. She was a babe. Her long blonde hair straggled over the covers behind her head. Her long neck was pink with hard kisses, sucks and bites. His gaze finally met her heaving chest, her ample cleavage spilled out enticingly from a red bra laced with black patterns.

“This isn’t an art show genius. You’re not allowed to stop once you get started.”

He put his hand over her mouth and kissed across her collar bone. She said something muffled into his hand but he couldn’t care less what it was. He finally released her to slide his hands down the sides of her back and under her body into the small of her back, where he dragged them up either side of her spine, maneuvering her body to give him access to the clip of her bra which he released, following the fastens across her back and over her shoulders with his fingers to slide it off as he continued to allow his lips to travel, lowering his head to her chest where he pursed his lips to kiss and lick all over her beautiful breasts.

“Mm That’s good! Now suck and bite my nipples!”

He grazed them with his teeth, sending jolts through her body as he dug just enough into her flesh that she’d feel them tear themselves apart from her skin. She thrust her hands down his jeans, reflexively, undoing his buckle with one hand as she slid the other into his zip, underwear, and wrapped it around his cock.

“Have you found something you think you might like?”

“I don’t know. Does it do any neat tricks?”

“It destroys blondes.”

All she did was tighten her grip and pump her hand up and down faster. Precum dripped down over her knuckles and she raised them to her mouth and licked it up, not drawing her gaze away from his eyes as she did. “mm” was all she said. He gripped her round her chin and cheek and kissed her hard on the lips – then let out a gasp as her up and down motion began to send pulses of pleasure through his whole body. He pulled off his own shirt and her face darted straight for his chest, where she kissed him, and licked one of his nipples fiendishly, before moving downwards towards his cock. “If I’m good will you eat my cunt?” she said to his body, gripping his cock.

“No. Only if you’re bad.”

She hovered above his crotch, and looking up, her mouth above his hard dick, “I meant good at being bad,” she said, and plunged it into her mouth. His back arched, “Oh my god!”

She scrambled to pull off his bottoms while she sucked him, returned one hand to move up and down firmly at the base while the other gripped his balls. When she dragged the full length of him out of her mouth and allowed the end of her tongue to dance around the tip he gasped and his arms flailed involuntarily. Too intense.

“Don’t you dare come yet.” She said.

“I wouldn’t… dream… of it…” he said between gasps…

“Fucking liar.” She said. “You’d cream.”

“Shut your dirty mouth and sit on my face.” He demanded.

She moved her hands down to take the rest of what she was wearing off.

“No, keep the skirt on. I want it to fall round my head while I eat you.”

“What about my knickers.”

“You aren’t wearing any.”

“Just checking to see if you were paying attention.”

She slid a knee by each side of his head facing his body, leaning forwards ever so slightly. Everything went dark for him as the fabric of her tartan skirt waved around him and he went to work, allowing his tongue to dart upwards to taste her beautiful sex.

“MMM!!!!” She moaned out instantly, as his lips welcomed her to his mouth. She pressed her hands into his chest to support herself when her legs shook uneasily, and she rocked her body backwards and forwards to give his tongue access to her clit which he flicked and circled ardently, making lots of encouraging moans as he did. “Oh my god, so good!” she gasped.

He sucked her into his mouth, and her back straightened up, reacting escort kadıköy to the feeling. She moved her hands back and forth on her chest, scratching him with his nails. She watched his cock flex as his body writhed below her. She was going to have it in her cunt soon. He was going to fuck her. But for now she couldn’t hold that thought, her eyes pressed themselves shut, she was coming close to an orgasm already. The dirty talk had got her really wet, and the power struggle, she could never take it without getting really horny and now he was…… “Oh my god!!!” …..he had her clit between his teeth…. Her body lunged forwards, too sensitive! too good! She was…. “I’m coming!!!!” She fell forward onto him as she did, her face landing conveniently between his legs and she nuzzled into his crotch, rubbing her face against his hard dick as she came on his tongue and lips, screaming out, spasms flying through her body.

She gasped to regain her breath, kissing the shaft of his cock now and then as she did. He slid his body out from under her and pulled her face to him by the hair – kissed her, circling his tongue around her own in her mouth – then threw her limply back down where she was and slid his arms under her waist, lifting her buttocks in the air. He knew what he wanted. “Don’t just lie there, get on all fours.”

Tired and still gasping she pushed the front of her body up by the arms. He slid two fingers into her and she let out a moan, “ffffuckkkk…” but he took his time, driving them round in circles inside her. “I want your cock so bad!!”

“You want it in here?” he said pressing down hard with his fingers inside her, sending waves through her that possessed her body.

“Yes! It feels too good and I could almost come again if you put it in me.” He made room for a third finger. “Unnnghhh! Want you so bad!”


“Please fuck me – I’m just your silly little blonde fuck toy. Please don’t be cruel. I don’t know anything about anything, I’m just your slut – I just know I need you to fuck me.”

“Say more.”

“Come on! It will feel so good. You know it will. Wouldn’t you just love to have it inside my silky wet cunt? Feel how soft and warm I am on your fingers.” His fingers responded with a sudden aggressive movement inside her and she moaned out as he removed them and held round her face with them, sliding those fingers into her mouth as he grabbed her hip with the other hand and maneuvered into her with his cock, letting out a long low moan of his own as he did.

She sucked his fingers as he fucked her, feeling him thrusting his hips and her waist back and forth… dragging his nails down her spine, sinking his fingers into the flesh between her shoulder and neck and massaging her hard. The sides of her hair were moist with sweat from her face, and he swept it aside so he could see better. “Turn your head to the side, I want to see your pretty face while I fuck you.” She complied, moaning out. He gripped the hair pulling her head back towards her body, her neck craned back on itself with pleasure, a look of intensity took her face.

“Rub your clit.” He said.

She struggled to remove the support of one arm and felt her face fall into the sheets.

“I said turn your head, I want to see your face.” She did what she could, gasping for air while frantically circling her clit with her fingers. He slapped her ass hard, she moaned out feeling it smack, it made her skin so sensitive and turned her on the more. “More!” she cried, but she had no need, he continued to spank her again and again. “Too good!” she cried. “Coming soon…”

He spun his fingers round in rings through tuftfulls of her hair and pulled her body backwards towards his by the head. Her neck arched backwards as her body moved through the air to prop itself up against his chest where his lips would meet her skin, and as it did his free hand slid from her the underside of her body all the way up her abdomen, past her belly button, and onto her left tit which he squeezed the nipple of forcefully, sending a wave of feeling through her body that – together with the yanking of her hair, the strain in her neck, and her fingers on her clit – brought her forcefully to a second climax. He bit into the side of her neck.

Exhausted, she turned her face to meet his and kissed him. This time passionately, almost lovingly. She squeezed her pussy lips round his cock, grinding her bottom into him, almost sitting on it as it slid out of her. He caressed her chest, and she reached a hand behind her to grip it and started pulsing it up and down behind her. It was moist with him and her, and sensitive, and he began to inhale deeply, his warm breathe falling out of his mouth onto the nape of her neck, her shoulders, chest and collar bostancı escort bone. It felt warm on her skin but chilled on her sweat. Would he not stop her? Would he just let her make him come like this, all the way up her back?

No. When it got too good, he thrust her forwards back onto the bed and turned her over onto he back. She put her knees up in a zig-zag and pursed her thighs together, but he pried them open. “Noooo!” she protested “I’m done fucking!” She tried to reunite them. He pulled them apart again, “We’re done! You can go home now.” He could smell her wet cunt as her legs opened, and he pulled each leg over one of his shoulders to reentering her. “God you feel so good around my dick,” he said, thrusting himself in and out forcefully.

“It feels too good for you. You won’t be able to take the pleasure.”

He just moved harder and faster.

“That’s right” she moaned out, “Just fuck me harder! You can’t take it! You want to come in me too bad. You’re going to blow your load all inside me and my cunt is going to drink it. You’re not man enough to pull out and come on a blonde bimbos face like a real man would. You’re not man enough to use me like trash. Come on you animal, you have no restraint, come in me! Succumb to my blonde cunt. Then I’ll make you lick it out of me like the little bitch you are. I’ll make you my slave to eat my pussy every day and never let you come again anywhere near me except sometimes on my high-heeled shoes so I can watch you lick it off the latex. You fucking Punkass. You pussy. I want you to. I want to feel you come inside me. Let go! Let my cunt own you! You’d love to be my slave.”

Her taunts almost did bring him to the edge – she knew what the fuck to say – but he knew how badly he wanted to act out all they had fantasied. Close to coming, he dragged it out of her and gripped a handful of her blonde hair, maneuvering to her face. “Yes!” She screamed! “Call me names!”

“You want it? You fucking blonde slut.”

“Yes! I want it so bad.”

“You want to take me all in your mouth and on your face like a tarty little whore?”

“Yes! I am a tarty little whore, look I’ve been rubbing my cunt under my skirt. Now I want you all to myself.”

“Worship my cock.”

She reached up one hand for his balls and squeezed them in her grip, massaging his perineum. Her other hand met the shaft and she grabbed it at the base, moving it up and down frantically as she licked the underside of his cock. She raised her head to him, “fill my mouth with your come!!” She tightened her grip and he gasped, throwing his head back, “Oh my godd!!!” His hips thrusted back and forwards all by themselves, and he yelled out as it started pulsing in waves within her hand, into her open mouth. Wave after wave pushed its way out of him. Her mouth overflowed and it ran out down her chin and over her neck.

“Don’t dare swallow until I say you can! Keep it in your mouth!”

He continued to pulsate as she did, a jet ran up the side of her neck to her cheek. She winced, but not with displeasure. She never stopped moving her hand until the throbbing stopped and she pressed her fingers down at the base, running them all the way up to the tip of it to empty him out of the last series of drops which spilled out onto her chest. He rubbed them into her sensitive nipples and she arched her back with pleasure as he did, closing her mouth. Tasting him.

“Not yet!”

He took her by the hands and pulled her off the bed into a standing position, level to level. He looked into her blue eyes. She pouted.

“Show me.” She opened her mouth and waved her tongue around to let him see it was all still in there, then closed it again. He pecked her on the lips, but it was not romantic. More like a farmer branding a sheep his own. “Now you may.”

She closed her eyes then gulped. He watched. “Mmm.” She opened her mouth again to show him that it was completely empty. He ran his hand round her cheek, chin and neck, and slid each finger into her mouth one by one so she could clean them off individually with their own little blow jobs.

A third time she gaped for him, like a stage magician assuring her audience she really had nothing up her sleeve. This time he grabbed her by the throat and kissed her aggressively, tasting molecules of his own remnants in her mouth, but more so the now intoxicatingly familiar style of her kiss. Unmistakable. She bit his bottom lip as the pair drew away from one another. She watched from the bed as he began collecting his clothes and pulling them back on one by one, starting with his jeans. She watched his body as he put it away.

“Well you aren’t dumb.” He said to her before he left, “But you sure as hell fuck like a blonde.”

She lay there on her back for the rest of the afternoon with her head cradled in the pillows of her bed. Satiated. Satisfied. Still sticky with his come. She could taste him on the tips of her fingers when she wanted.

“I always get exactly what I want.” She thought to herself with a smile.

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