Linda’s Surprise

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This is a work of fiction but based on a real life happening. I’d like to immensely thank Mandy Marie for her excellent help in editing.

Linda’s Surprise

The box fan secured in the window was whirring quietly, hypnotically moving the warm air around, and bringing in the accompanying scent of someone’s recently mowed lawn. Lightly slumbering in this strange bedroom, the soft click of the closing door startled me as I propped myself up onto my elbows.

Subdued light from the outside street lamp filtered through the open, gauzy curtains, illuminating your profile now standing by the bed.

“L-Linda? Wh-what?” I stammered, awakening quickly.

Clad in a thin, simple summery nightgown, you held a finger to your lips, “Shh-hh!”


Earlier that evening, finding plenty of “me” time, I drove to the lake for a dip to see who was around. Surprisingly the stony waterfall area near “The Towers” was fairly deserted. Enjoying deep, cold water I indulged in a long invigorating swim. Sunning atop a thick beach towel stretched along the smooth bank, I caught my breath and decided to visit two of my favorite people: Dicky and his wife Linda.

Driving along the back roads, I adjusted the radio, turning up the often played ‘Carole King ballad’.

Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time, there’s something wrong here there can be no denying, one of us is changing or maybe we just stopped trying. And it’s too late baby now it’s too late, tho’ we really did try to make it. Something inside has died and I can’t hide and I just can’t fake it. It used to be so easy living here with you, you were light and breezy and I knew just what to do. Now you look so unhappy and I feel like a fool. And it’s too late baby now it’s too late, tho’ we really did try to make it, something inside has died and I can’t hide and I just can’t fake it. Oh no! There’ll be good times again for me and you. But we just can’t stay together, don’t you feel it too? Still I’m glad for what we had and how I once loved you. But it’s too late baby now it’s too late, tho’ we really did try to make it. Something inside has died and I can’t hide and I just can’t fake it. Oh no!

One quick stop at Tony’s Package Store for a six-pack of 16 oz Bud’s, then up shady Grove Street and I was easing into my old stomping grounds. It’s amazing how everything in the neighborhood appeared smaller or like Alice…had I just got bigger?

“Oh. Hi Paul…c’mon in!” Linda answered the knock from the unannounced visitor, a dishtowel draped over one arm as she smiled warmly, glancing at the six-pack.

“I…uhh…hope I’m not intruding or anything…” I offered, returning the smile.

“Oh jeez…no! Nothing special…just you know…watching TV and…it’s good to see you!”

“Hey old buddy!” Dicky chortles brightly from the couch, “I’ll take one of those…”

I peel a can off the plastic ring for him.

We spent the next couple of hours half interested in what was on the boob tube, shooting the shit, reminiscing and swapping raunchy jokes. Linda seemed mildly intent on the boring movie and tolerated our boisterous laughter getting up during a commercial to make popcorn for all of us.

Surreptitiously I glanced at Linda’s full figure and ass under the terry cloth robe she was wearing. I had always been attracted to her; Sinop Escort Linda’s a down-to-earth girl, not into the doll and fashion show, somewhat bold, great body and a very sexy, raspy voice. Growing up, it was nearly impossible to flirt with Linda, especially when her older brother was around which was most of the time. Wayne, a friend, confided that he in fact had felt Linda up, getting into her pants, so to speak but I thought he was only bullshit bragging. Nevertheless, I often fantasized about making out with Linda…and much more.

The beer was gone and after a much needed wiz, I returned to the living room to find Dicky was asleep on the couch; mouth wide open, snoring and the wife looks peeved.

From the easy chair Linda’s foot roughly prodded his knee, “Hey, shit head! Wake up!” the motion caused her robe opening to reveal a glimpse of her white inner thigh.

“I…uhh…guess I’ll be going…now…”

My bleary eyed friend wakened abruptly, “Hey. Oh. What? Hell, are you going? Shit. It’s late, sorry…I nodded off. Hey, why don’t you stay? I mean…I don’t want you driving drunk…”

“It’s okay…really…I’m fine…”

“Paul, the old fart’s right…you shouldn’t drive. It is late. You can crash in the guest room.” Linda’s invitation was sincere and practical.


Behind the shushing finger, your full lips were curved in a mischievous grin and in the dimness I suspected rather than saw a sparkle in those eyes.

Stepping closer to the bed, you whispered, “We have to be quiet.”

Numbly, my mind was racing to interpret just what seemed to be happening. What doe she mean? We? I’m not dreaming…quiet? Oh yeah. I’m in their spare bedroom and…

I watched mesmerized as your arms cross, each hand grasping thin fabric and swiftly pulling the nightie up and over your head, casually dropping it to the hardwood floor. Immediately my pulse quickened, gasping at the unexpected view of your nudeness an already dry mouth became more arid. My eyes lustfully wandered across your naked beauty, large curvaceous breasts capped with hardened nipples, at the juncture above smooth, pale legs a dark pubic forest loomed and your long thick tresses were naturally tousled.

Our eyes locked.

You tilt your head to the right as if to say, “Well…do you like what you see?”

In their home I was temporarily torn between guilt and wanton desire. Dicky, one of my best friends was probably asleep or passed out and his gorgeous wife Linda was here to seduce me.

I love unashamed, sexually aggressive women. Mature women that have shrugged off the bonds of prudish, frustrating high school behavior to now combine their passion for romance, igniting the fires of sexual needs. Lying passively, one thing was crystal clear and excitingly obvious to me: Linda was horny.

Closing the distance with two short steps, your fingertips touched my knee, tiptoeing up along a bare thigh and softly caressed the front of my underwear, tracing an outline of my bulging shaft. Luscious, unconfined breasts hung pendulously near while bold fingers deftly slipped under my BVD’s elastic waistband.

“Paul…you’re not nervous…are you?” She huskily whispered with a daring smile.

“Uh…no…I mean…uh…” Blabbering, words belying the nervousness whereas inside I was so fucking turned on to be under Sinop Escort Bayan your control, I complied and lifted my hips. Peeling off my underwear, you’ve also stripped away the veneer of any lingering guilt, casually dropping them to appropriately mingle atop the nightie.

The tip of your tongue dipped into my navel, erect nipples dragged sensuously across my hips and my cock stiffened rapidly from gentle insistent strokes.

“C’mon baby…get hard for me. Yeah…like that…” You passionately urged.

“Oh-h…God…Linda-a-a…Oh-h!” I gasped deliriously as your mouth closed, wetly engulfing half of my hardon, the spongy pink head pulsed deliciously against a teasing, swabbing tongue.

“Mmm-mmm-phhf!” Pleasantly mumbled, bobbing your head up and down the tall, full erection, hips involuntarily move, stabbing upwards into the vacuum. “Mmm…you’re big and…so thick…” Whispered lightly, catching your breath while masturbating my saliva coated cock.

You climbed onto the bed, straddling my legs and sitting atop; your soft curly mat tickled the length of my prick. Leaning forward, fleshy boobs mashed against my chest, full warm lips finding mine, and we kissed heatedly, tasting one another.

“I…guess…we…both of us, have always…wanted this. Don’t you think…Paul?”

For the briefest second, I was self-conscious of my dragon breath but this is hardly the time for a personal hygiene check.

“God yes…Linda. You’re so…so…fucking sexy…”

Our mouths met again, exploring tongues dueling in unison. Urgently you reached behind and lewdly grasped my cock, swabbing the tip between your slick folds as I entered easily. Agonizingly slow, cuntal lips inch their way down, swallowing the hard stalk and tightly gripping me for the first time. Firmly impaled, you sat upright allowing your full weight onto me; we luxuriated in the blissful connection, breathing together, our sexes intimately fused.

Firm hands inclined upon my shoulders, I fondled your ample breasts, lightly tweaking long sensitive nipples and undulating pleasurably against my crotch, and with eyes closed I envisioned parted nether labia below and your fat, exposed clitoris. Plunging up and down with short strokes you began a more rhythmic, fucking motion, inhaling deeply, uttering a stifled moan while seeking all the right spots that you love.

Faster now.

My fingers pulled and roughly grabbed your ass. I adored the way your muscles flexed, experiencing your movements, knees sidling near my ribcage pressing into the mattress. My hands roamed with freedom, feeling a light sheen of perspiration covering your smooth back and you were there. Right there.

Tangling within thick tresses I urged you, “C’mon baby. Fuck me good…you’re there…I know…let it go…all of it woman…”

“Oh…shit…Paul…oh…I nee…”

The powerful orgasmic relief coursed through your rigid body, vaginal muscles fluttered and teeth savagely bit down near my collarbone like a starving Vampiress, quieting the primal scream of ecstasy. I felt your fingers gripping the pillowcase, hips bucking wildly as a warm wetness leaked down onto my balls. Waves of delight dizzily bounced inside and I hugged tightly, your orgasm was intense and beautiful.

Assured of a sizable hickey, the reddened flesh was released, your breathing ragged and hoarse, Escort Sinop I stared into dreamy half-opened eyes, kissing your face and cheeks, “Linda…you are something else…I mean…ALL woman…so good…”

Your speech ability was temporarily mute but the look of satisfaction told all.

Greedily I held your soft wide hips still and began to saw my hardon deeply in and out of your extremely wet pussy. Exquisite sensations ripples along my cock, lost in the depths of your clinging womanhood…and then…you move off me, releasing the sticky prisoner to bob in mid-air.

“Oh no. You bad boy. You can’t cum inside of me…you know you can’t…” she softly giggled as I trembled from the maddening coitus interruptus.

Diligent, rescuing fingers quickly wrapped themselves around my well lubricated member, squeezing its thickness, easing the skin upwards milking a droplet of pre-cum and a deep guttural groan.

“You didn’t think…I’d leave the bad boy…hanging, did you Paulie-boy?”

“Umm…no. Ahh…yeah…” I stuttered haltingly, completely enthralled with your quickening strokes.

Warm breath caressed my ear, “Such a big cock. Yeah. I want you to cum for me Paul. I want you to shoot…all over…for me.”

A subtle wrist and a perfect metronome jerking motion brought me right to the edge.

“Don’t stop…Lin…please…don’t stop…” I whimpered pleadingly, sinews stretched to the limit. Your clever tongue lapped at my surprised nipple, a scintillating act I had never experienced before an unforgettable orgasm was triggered.

A torrent of pent up sperm exploded forcefully, daubing onto my stomach and dribbling over your slippery fingers. I rode the interminable crest of ecstasy, colorful fireworks were etched behind closed eyelids, your wonderful palm works to draw out maximum pleasure and I lunged with each creamy spurt.

Your thumb traced along my engorged head, smearing the thick white cum, as your strokes became softer and slower. Gasping for air and spent, I felt your hand carefully and lovingly fondle my sensitive balls, knowing exactly what I liked, what I desired.

Upon an invisible cloud I drifted, barely aware that you had moved off the bed. Your sweet, luscious lips pleasantly startled me, planting a friendly kiss that seemed to say, “Thank you.”

Smiling I reached for you, grasping only air.

Rising up I saw your wispy silhouette, the nightie rustling over your head, slipping down over your marvelous curves, the fabric stubbornly clinging to your moist skin. Silently, like a phantom, you were gone and the door softly clicked closed.

Confounded by the quick happenings, I sedately laid back to relax in post orgasmic bliss and ponder at the most gratifying, spontaneous sex yet I felt unfulfilled. I wanted more, more of Linda. My cock began to lazily stiffen, typically insatiable.

Damn, that Dicky is one lucky sonofabitch. Am I believin’ this…or am I just dreaming up this good fortune like a very…very…excellent wet dream? No, of course not. Linda’s like a dream but everything was real. Never expected anything like this would happen, but it did. What do I do now? Nothing right now of course…what happened…here…is our secret, has to be. Oh man, I can imagine an entire night with her, completely alone, loud as we want to be. Falling asleep with Linda. That would be heaven. Is there ever a chance that would happen? I doubt it…but I can always dream.

The fan continued its quiet whirring, the empty breeze cooling my perspired skin and the heady, aromatic scent of Linda’s arousal, on and near me.

~To Be Continued~

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