Little Pink Riding Hood

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose mother gave her a pink cape with a hood, and she loved her pink cape, and she wore it everywhere she went. She wore it so often that everyone started calling her Little Pink Riding Hood. She wore it for years and years, so that when she’d got it, it had been long enough for her to sit on, and now she had grown up so much that at this point it just covered her shoulders. Yet, she still wore it.

She had grown in many other ways, as well. She’d developed a lot, and was very, very curvy, with very large and round breasts, ones that looked almost impossibly large considering how slim and fit she was otherwise. They almost looked like they ought to be fake, but were too nice to be fake, too soft and natural and not at all plastic-looking. In addition to her amazing breasts, she had a perfectly round yet tight ass, and despite being short, was quite leggy.

However, there was one way in which she’d grown very little, and that was her mind. Despite having turned eighteen, she enjoyed things like coloring pictures of ponies and princesses. She never really understood things people said to her, and was very trusting, thus easily taken advantage of. She engaged in risky behavior without thinking much about the consequences, and talked freely to people that she really ought not to be talking to.

And so, between her amazing breasts, perfect ass, lean figure, long legs, and to top it all off, her easily mislead and trusting personality, she had guys all over her. She no longer lived with her mother, but her older sister insisted upon living with her, in order to keep track of her and keep her under control. Her sister was having to constantly keep watch over her and her behaviors, and it was quite a difficult task.

One day, her sister gave her the task of bringing a basket of bread and jam to their mother’s house. “When you go through the woods, stay on the path, and… and… before you go, change into something more decent.”

Little Pink had on a very low-cut, short red dress, short enough to expose her white lacy panties when she moved. Her white stockings went high up her thighs, leaving a small sliver of exposed skin between the top of her stockings and the hem of her skirt, in a way that would surely be very eye catching and enticing. Her bustier went over her dress and under her breasts, pushing them upward and making them look even larger than they already looked. She skipped about on high heeled shoes, with no difficulty at all walking in them. And, of course, she had on her pink cape.

“I don’t wanna. I think this is nice, and plus then the boys will give me cupcakes and stuff when I go in town.”

“You’re not going into town, you’re going through the woods to mother’s house, were you even listening? And I don’t want you taking cupcakes from boys who give you them because they like how your skirt is short.”

“I was listening and they’re good cupcakes.”

“Fine, whatever. Bring the basket of bread and jam to mother, and stay on the path. You can’t get into trouble if you stay on the path, right?”

“Okay! Basket bringing, path staying.”


And so, Little Pink Riding Hood took the basket of bread and jam and went down the dirt path through the woods to her mother’s house. However, when she was about halfway through, or perhaps bursa escort a little more, long enough that it would be hard to turn back, there was a rustling in the bushes nearby the path, and a large dark grey wolf with eerie red eyes emerged. It approached her slowly, but unafraid, its teeth bared. She reacted with absolutely no fear.

“Ooh, look, a wolf. Hi Mr. Wolfie! You’re fluffy and fuzzy and fluffy and I want to pet you. Can I pet you, Mr. Wolfie?”

The wolf jammed its nose against the basket and began to sniff, to determine the basket’s contents.

“Oh, no, Mr. Wolfie, that’s for my mommy. It’s not for you. I gots to bring it to her, so you can’t take it.”

The wolf made a noise that sounded an awful lot like a frustrated huff, then moved its nose to the space of Little Pink’s thigh, between the top of her stockings and her skirt. It sniffed there, causing her to flinch back a step.

“You can’t eat me, neither. That wouldn’t be nice. And you don’t wanna be a mean wolf, do you, Mr. Wolfie?”

The wolf snarled a bit, as though it was fed up with the girl’s idiocy.

“You ARE a mean wolfie? Um… um… please don’t eat me, I’ll give you the basket if you really want it…”

The wolf ignored her, and shoved its head under her skirt, sniffing and examining her lacy panties that barely covered her round tight ass. It pulled its head out from underneath her skirt, and began to approach her, growling, causing her to back into a tree. Once she was backed up against the tree with it in front of her and no place to run, it began to shapeshift.

And soon, standing there, was a young man, pale with long dark hair that flowed over his shoulders in gentle waves, crimson red eyes veiled by long eyelashes. He wore fitted black pants tucked into leather boots, a long and sinister looking black cape, and fingerless gloves, yet no shirt. His torso and legs were long and lean, his stomach fit, a thin trail of hair leading down from his navel to a bulge in his tight pants. He smiled, displaying long and pointed eyeteeth.

“Oh, I’m not going to eat you, human girl. However, I do have something I want.”

Little Pink blushed, clutching her basket. “Um, um, oh my. What long nails you have…”

“The better to gently scratch you with, my dear silly little human girl,” he said, placing a hand to her face and running the flat side of his nail against her cheek, leaving an indent but drawing no blood.

“Ummm. What big teeth you have.”

“The better to softly nibble at you with, my dear silly little human girl,” he said, pulling her face to his and giving her a soft, open-mouthed kiss, his tongue gently pushing into her mouth before receding. He placed his lips over her lower lip and sucked on it, biting it enough to cause her to flinch, but once again, drawing no blood.

She grinned a bit, liking the attention, aiming for more attention by tightening her arms together a bit to squeeze her breasts together and increase her already highly noticeable cleavage. “Mmm,” she said, glancing down at his body. She noticed his toned figure, and the growing bulge between his legs. “Oh, dear, what a big cock you have…”

“Hmm, the better to… aah…” The wolf-boy trailed off as he ogled Little Pink’s luscious figure, his arousal increasing, his pants tight enough that she could see it.

“The bursa escort bayan better to what, Mr. Wolfie?” she said, grinning at him teasingly.

“The better to fuck you with, silly little human girl,” he said, his hands moving slowly toward her short skirt as if waiting for her to stop him, and, given that she didn’t, taking that as permission before reaching up the skirt and tugging her lacy panties down.

“Mmmh, naughty Mr. Wolfie.” She reached down and unbuttoned his pants, helping him tug them down, which was quite the task given how tight they were and the size of his hard cock. He leaned in, his cock pressing up against her, as he kissed her and tugged the neckline of her dress down so her breasts were exposed. He fondled them gently, cupping them, enjoying the fact that they were so large that they were even larger than his hands could hold. He rubbed her pink nipples with his thumbs, feeling them harden with her arousal, then pressed the flat end of his long nail into them to give her a jolt of mild pain.

“Owie, bad Mr. Wolfie.”

He pinched them. “Ah, but you like it.”

“Mmh, guess so…”

He pinched them a bit harder, making her squeak, before stopping and gently rubbing them to soothe away the pain he’d caused. “Yes, you do.” He slid his hands down her body, lifted up her skirt again, and began to explore with his hands, before settling his thumb on her clit and his index finger at the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed her clit as he slid his finger into her pussy, then out, then back in. “Ah, I can feel you getting wet, you bad little human girl, you. You’re loving this, aren’t you. Have you done such things before?”

“Don’t tell my sister, but the cute boys in town give me free stuff if…”

“I’m not telling anyone. Wolves can’t talk.” He smirked as he continued to gently finger her pussy, which only kept getting wetter. “I think you’re ready for me, then.”

“I am.” She giggled, then turned around, bending over and wiggling her cute little ass at him. Her pussy lips were swollen, and he was very much enjoying the view. Reaching around her and cupping his hands over her breasts, he held her in place and thrust into her, slowly at first, before pulling back out. He thrust in again, harder this time, increasing more and more with each thrust, harder, deeper. He pinched at her nipples when he could, sending the pain surging through her from both directions, the pain that she felt was such pleasure.

“Mmh, Mr. Wolfie, you’re so baaad. Scarin’ a little girl, makin’ her think, aah, you’re gonna eat her, then… ohh, so naaaughty.”

She was young and small, and she clenched her legs tight each time he entered her, tightly squeezing his thick cock. He was enjoying himself as much as she was, feeling the tightness. “Of course, girl…. aah… I’m a predator, after all…” He let out a noise of pleasure that sounded like a vicious snarl, causing her to shiver. Yet, it was a shiver of enjoyment. A snarling, growling fanged predator having his way with her was so much more exciting and full of pleasure than just sleeping with a mildly cute town boy for free cake.

His snarling and growling increased until he could tell he was about to come, then he quickly released her, pulled out of her, and diverted his sperm to the dirt path below, as a protective measure. “Ahh, fuck escort bursa yes, you tight little… aah, but you didn’t come, did you, silly girl.” Quickly, he tugged up his pants and buttoned them, then pulled her into an embrace, leaning forward and pressing his fangs into her neck gently as he sucked on it for a moment. “Here, it’s only fair…”

His hands descended to her pussy, which was wet with her juices and even a little bit of blood from how viciously he’d gone at her. He rubbed her pussy lips gently, getting the fluid on his finger, then licking it off teasingly before placing his hands down and rubbing again. He used his thumb and middle finger to spread apart the skin around her clit so it was easier for him to reach, then rubbed it with his index finger, ever so rapidly.

“Mmh, aah, nice Mr. Wolfie.”

“Like I said, it’s only fair.” He continued planting nibbling kisses along her neck as he rubbed her clit and heard her soft moans. She felt a new wave of pleasure surge through her body with each of his rapid strokes, enjoying the stimulation of her clit and the soft pain of his teeth pressing into her neck. Soon, she felt herself tensing up, the pleasure reaching its climax as she let out moan after moan. And finally, it ceased.

“Mmh, Mr. Wolfieeee…”

“You liked that, didn’t you.”


“Bad girl.”

“I’m not bad, I’m nice.”

“If you were good, you’d run screaming when a wolf shapeshifts into a beastly fanged man that wants to fuck you. So, you are bad. …But, you’re nice too.” He grinned at her, then gave her a small peck of a kiss on the nose. “Sweet and cute and sexy, yes.”

“Aww, you’re makin’ me blush.”

“Here…” He grabbed her panties, which were around her ankles, and tugged them up, then tucked them beneath her short skirt. Then, he tugged the top of her dress back over her breasts, rearranging her clothes, settling everything in. “There. You’d best hurry along to your mother’s house, if she’s expecting you, she’s likely wondering where you are.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Little Pink picked up the basket that she had so carelessly dropped. “But, um… umm… will I run into you again, next time I come through the woods?”

The wolf-boy couldn’t help but blush just a bit. “You want to?”

“Of course. That was fuuun, Mr. Wolfie.”

“Well…” He tugged his cape around himself a bit, feeling a little bashful now. “If… it’s not too much trouble, on your way back I’ll meet you in this spot again, and you can lead me back with you, and show me which house is yours… I can visit you, now and then, in the night, if you’d like that…”

“I would like that. Just be careful my sister doesn’t see you, and if she does, pretend like you’re a regular wolf and run off.”

“Yes, yes. Now hurry along to your mother, silly girl. She’s waiting, I’m sure.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Wolfie.”

Little Pink dashed down the path to her mother’s house. When she got there…

“You strayed from the path, didn’t you? Or else it wouldn’t have taken you well over an hour just to arrive.”

“Um… um.” Little Pink thought about it, trying to remember and visualize the exact spot she’d had her passionate tryst with the wolf. Against a tree… but technically, she’d been standing on the path. “I didn’t! I didn’t stray from the path. I was on it, the whole time.”

“Are you sure?”


“Well, if you say so…”

And so, Little Pink sat there, trying not to think too much about how she anticipated the scratch of claws at her bedroom window.

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