Lockie Ch. 02: Bi Now

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***Lockie appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***

**This chapter contains gay sex**

Lockie soaked in his bathtub, his hangover from the night before mixed with his conflicting thoughts, created a pounding headache. In the past he normally would have done an extended cam show and edged for hours, but recently he had become wary of the cam site as if he was not welcome there. His viewership had quartered. The tips had gone down also. It was his only source of income. It was always his escape, it seemed that a lot of important things had left his life lately.

“You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” He mused as he rubbed his toned torso absent-mindedly.

He thought back to the night before with Monroe and Carter. He had enjoyed it more than he thought he would. Fucking Monroe while her husband watched was a huge turn on for him. He pushed down the thoughts he had as he remembered Carters tanned, toned body and big cock. He had never met a straight man as comfortable with his sexuality before. He admired him and hated him in equal measure.

“I am over thinking things now.” He said aloud, “Just relax and go with it.”

He realised that he was speaking to no one, the loneliness crept back into his bones, he really needed a drink.

The water had gone cold when he stepped out and toweled himself dry. He went over to his closet to pick out his underwear and tank top for his cam session tonight. Lockie was trying to distance himself from his usual attire. He felt like a fraud if he wore the “In’DaMan’d jock strap. His cell phone rang as he logged in to his account.

“Lockie, did you get my message this morning, I have had the club rep up my ass all day waiting for confirmation.”

Lockie scanned his phone, he had 6 missed calls from Curtis.

“Sorry, just seen it now, my phone was on charge. Anyways, don’t you be giving me shit for not calling when I have been trying to get you on the phone for weeks. Where are all the scenes you promised me, you aren’t giving me any promotion in the cam rooms either. What’s the problem Curtis we had a deal.”

He could feel sweat form on his brow, it was a result of being angry and him desperately needing a drink.

“Ya ya, Sy and I both agreed that it would be best if you laid low for a couple of weeks just until your online reputation clears up a little, then we can focus on your comeback . Hence the club appearance. It starts at 9 sharp, try not and fuck this opportunity up Lockie, I am not sure how many more chances I can give you.” He said sardonically. “You ready for your 7 o clock session tonight, I figured it would be the best time to catch you since you always seem to be on your phone during the stream.”

“I am not doing a show tonight. I am going to hang with some friends, you know, lay low.”

He ended the call and threw his phone onto the bed. He stomped into the kitchen, the towel still wrapped around his waist and poured himself a large glass of vodka.

“Prick,” he muttered as he took a big mouthful. “After all I have given up for his poxy studio.”

He quickly posted a message to his followers saying his cam show was cancelled tonight, he took another big mouthful of vodka and laid on his bed.

Lockie began to look through all the old pictures on his phone gallery. Most of the pictures were for his bio for the cam site, it seemed odd to see him smiling on set. It shocked him quick things had changed for him. He opened his contacts and scrolled down to M, his thumb hovered over the green phone symbol. He wanted desperately to call Mason and tell him that he was sorry and could they meet for a drink to sort things out.

He knew that Mason would forgive him, he was good like that, but the stubborn side in him made him pause.

“I don’t deserve forgiveness. He is doing better without me.”

He finished his glass and poured himself another, since he was already naked he decided to have a quick shower to try and shake his bad mood. It did little to alleviate his dark cloud so he sat at his computer to torture himself some more, once again he started looking at Mason and his scene when a red little bubble popped up on the bottom of his screen telling him that he had an email.

To: LockStar

From: WifeLife

Hope you are well Lockie, Carter and I just wanted to let you know how much of a good time we had last night, it was better than both of us could have imagined. We are trying to enjoy our last night in the city but we got a bit of news today. Carter has been offered a huge promotion to lead the training at a base camp across the country. He will be gone for months at a time again but at least I will know he is safe. He leaves in three days. I feel happy and sad as I just got him back and he is leaving again but I know he loves his job and it’s bursa escort a huge opportunity for him.

I have told him that I will follow him over in a few months but I just cannot wrap my head around all the big changes that will come now. He accepted it today with my blessing.

We had just logged on to watch your show when we seen the message that it had been cancelled.

Are you OK? Anything I can do?

Best Wishes Always


He sat staring at her words for a few minutes. The big glass of vodka was slowly numbing him to his thoughts.

Without giving himself a chance to think, he opened his phone and sent her a text.

“If you are free I would like to say goodbye to you both in person. No dramas if you are busy. Peace.”

He heard the swoosh meaning that it had sent. He had just sat the glass down on his window sill when the reply came back.

“We are not busy, come over whenever. M + C


Apprehension crept into Lockie’s bones as he raised his hand to knock on the familiar hotel room door, he had already turned back twice since he got off the elevator but he had forced himself to get over it and keep moving. In the taxi on the way to the hotel he was feeling extremely horny, but now as he stood outside the room, the same familiar doubts reappeared.

“Fuck.” He hissed quietly and rapped three times on the door.

Monroe answered, her white blonde hair done up in a pony tail, she was wearing a dressing gown with the hotel insignia plastered across her left breast. She had it loosely tied, Lockie could see her giant thigh tattoo, her tits were nearly spilling out of it. His mouth went dry and he felt a stirring in his pants.

“Lockie I cannot tell you how excited we both are. Carter won’t shut up about seeing me and you together last night.” She said as she closed the door behind them. “He’s just in the shower, we had a celebratory fuck early today and I guess we lounged around too long afterwards.”

Lockie sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off his shoes. He could hear the shower going full blast, images of Carter naked and wet flooded his mind. Monroe snapped him back to attention.

“You OK? Can I get you a drink of something?” She said, opening the mini fridge.

“We have wine or vodka, or whatever you want from the mini bar.”

“Vodka would be great thanks.”

He mentally shook himself, he came here to have fun and not over think things like he normally did.

“I read your email, that’s great news about Carter getting promoted.” He said as he accepted the glass of vodka.

“Yes, he is over the moon, I am trying to keep my doubts to myself but all in all it will be great for both of us. Any news from the studio yet.”

“Yes I have a club appearance in a few days, other than that it will be a slow couple of weeks.” He said taking a large mouthful. He looked at Monroe who was sitting near the head of the bed, resting against the pillows. Her robe had fallen open, deliberately or not, Lockie couldn’t tell. He glanced down and seen the small silver ring of her clit piercing.

“I don’t know how to ask so I am just going to say it before Carter comes in.”

Lockie eyes moved from her pussy to her face, she was looking apprehensive.

“Well… Carter and I were talking this morning and we both said that it was a massive pity that you and him didn’t get a chance to fool around more. We found it a huge turn on. I loved seeing you two kiss, it was a fantasy come true.”

Lockie’s heart rate began to quicken, he didn’t know what to think never mind say. He felt ambushed.

“But only if you want too, no pressure,” She quickly added, seeing his face drop, “We are just glad that you decided to come over again.”

“What does Carter have to say about this.” His croaked, his mouth suddenly drying up.

“We have been kind of focusing on his butt all day. I have pegged him a few times but he has never been with a man. He told me that he wants to try it at least once and after meeting you, he would love it if..”She began to fidget with the rope of the bathrobe, ” you fucked him.”

Lockie took a few calming breaths and walked to the fridge to get a refill. He could feel Monroe’s eyes on him as he took the short trip to the kitchen area. He could feel his cheeks going red, he had his back to her as he opened the fridge door, breathing in the cool air.

His mind began to race but once again he reminded himself that he was here to have fun and chances are he would never meet this couple again. That thought both saddened him and made him relax.

“OK,” He replied. “But only fucking, no kissing or oral.”

She hopped up on the bed. Her robe flowing around her as she jumped up and down with glee.

Lockie couldn’t help himself and smiled, he removed his socks and hoodie before lying bursa escort bayan on the bed next to her.

He heard the shower in the next room stop. Monroe gave Lockie a cheeky wink as she flopped back onto the bed just as Carter came out of the bathroom with a light blue towel wrapped around his waist.

Lockie quickly looked him up and down, he was very tanned and virtually hairless, his biceps bulged as he wiped some moisturizer onto his strong jaw line. The V shape of his lower abdominal’s encased a rippling six pack. With the steam from the shower billowing behind him, he looked like a movie star.

“Great to see you again Lockie.” He said as he extended his hand. The nerves from the previous night seemed to have left him.

“You too, congratulations on the promotion.” Carter shot him a quizzical look. “Monroe told me.” He added hastily.

“Oh, thank you, what else has my lovely wife been telling you.” He said jokingly, picking up a sock from the floor and throwing it at her.

“Nothing, we haven’t been chatting that long, he was keeping me company while you took your 45 minute shower.” She replied reaching playfully for his towel.

“Oh,right.” He replied downcast, as he laid beside his wife.

Lockie’s horniness returned with a vengeance. The vodka was giving him a much needed buzz.

“SOOOO,” He said loudly moving forward and looking at Carter. “Are we going to fuck or not?”

Carters wide eyes shot between his smiling wife and Lockie.

“Fuck ya.”


“We’re really doing this babe.” Carter said as he got on all fours. He was facing Monroe, who was lying against the head board, naked with her legs open.

Lockie walked behind him, he playfully smacked Carters tanned muscular ass cheeks, like the rest of his body it was totally hairless. He could feel his cock turn from a semi into a full on throbber. Any notions or insecurities were gone. His mouth went dry, the buzz from the vodka was now coupled with his desire and he felt the best he had in weeks.

He separated Carters arse and could see the base of a red butt plug covered his hole.

“Nice.” Lockie muttered as Carter’s head moved down and he began to eat out his wife. Monroe’s eyes never left Lockie, she was taking in torso and tattooed arms. She bit her lower lip and slowly moved her clit.

Lockie reached forward and slowly removed the plug, it slid out as Carter moaned in pleasure. His hoop gaped for a second before slowly closing. His tight ball sack gave a jolt. Lockie quickly removed his underwear and pulled on a rubber. He applied lube to his shaft and a decent helping to Carter’s pulsating shitter.

Monroe now had her hand firmly against her husband’s shaved head pushing his face deeper into her twat. Her other hand was pinching her nipple. Lockie slowly slipped a finger inside of Carters hole, it instantly gripped him like a vice. He began to move it in and out, he could feel Carter’s heartbeat against his finger.

“Lie on your back.” Lockie instructed as he pulled out of him and applied more lube. Carter quickly switched and held his legs in the air, one hand behind each knee. Monroe moved forward and knelt over his face. Lockie could see Carter’s tongue lap against Monroe’s pink piss flaps. She moved forward and planted a wet kiss on Lockie, moaning into his mouth as Carter started tugging on her clit ring.

“Fuck!” She uttered.

Lockie pushed his tip against Carter’s back door, gently increasing the force until his helmet entered. Carter grunted again. His ripped stomach breathing heaving. Lockie grabbed one of his hips and slowly began to move in and out of him.

“I have been fucking him with a dildo all day.” She whispered with an evil grin.

Lockie grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a deeper kiss, all the while fucking Carter. His body was going into over drive, he had never felt like this before. Monroe reached out and began to rub both of his nipples. Carter’s hand was now stroking his own cock as Lockie increased his tempo, the other hand had grasped his wife’s ass, pushing her cunt deeper onto his mouth.

They fucked like this for a few minutes before Monroe moved off the bed and went slowly behind Lockie. She placed a hand on the small of his back and pushed him forward gently, Lockie had to readjust, placing one leg up on the bed, from this position he could get longer thrusts. Carter’s face was red and a layer of sweat now laid on his tanned skin. Lockie was moving his cock in and out of him from helmet to base.

He could sense Monroe sinking to her knees behind him, he then felt her hands on his buttocks pulling them apart. She spat on his ass hole before probing it with her tongue. Caught up in the fuck lust he reached behind and grabbed her head and pushed her firmly into his crack. The sensation was mind blowing, being rimmed while escort bursa fucking was his fantasy.

Carter raised his head and took in the scene before him, his wife was licking the ass of a guy who was fucking him, a dopey grin spread across his face as he continued to jerk off.

“Suck your husband’s cock while I fuck him.” Lockie said, he knew he couldn’t keep this kind of fucking up for much longer.

He slowly withdrew from Carter and flopped down beside him. In the spoon position Carter grabbed one of his legs and pulled it into the air. Lockie rubbed his head against his back door before slamming into him. Monroe placed her full lips on her husband’s cock before deep throating him, the motion from Lockie’s thrusts meant she could suck him hands free.

Hearing her gag on the dick encouraged Lockie to pound harder.

“I need a break.” Carter moaned.

Lockie slowly withdrew and laid on his back, he too was now sweating. Carter walked to the sink and washed his face, taking deep breaths. Monroe continued to rub her clit.

She reached over and pulled the condom off of Lockie and slowly began to bob up and down on him with her mouth.

“Fucking amazing.” Carter said. Her husband’s approval made her go deeper. He lips were now touching his ball sack, her tongue massaging his shaft.

“Damn, you better stop that or else I’m gonna blow and I’m not finished with your husband yet.” Lockie said with a little laugh.

Monroe rolled of the bed slowly, her face showed mock disappointment. She kissed her husband deeply and playfully stroked his cock. They were whispering something to each other but Lockie couldn’t make out what they were saying. The both walked back to the bed, hand in hand, Carter handed him a fresh condom.

Once it was on he stood over Lockie and slowly squatted with his back to him. Slowly, he eased down, he leaned back and placed his hand behind him. Lockie grabbed his hips and began to fuck him once again, he couldn’t believe Carters virgin ass was taking his dick so well.

Monroe now stood over her husband, she was rubbing her pussy as she too squatted. The extra weight over her body was pushing Carter ball deep.

“Fuck me Baby.” She purred as she guided her husband’s cock inside her pussy.

A chorus of ‘Fuck’ emanated from everyone. Lockie could no longer keep thrusting as deep but the motion from Monroe bouncing was pushing Carter back and forth. The noise coming from the bed drove Lockie wild, he reached around and grabbed one of Monroe’s tits, kneading it forcefully.

“Let’s take it home Monroe.” He said, finding his second wind.

Her grinding became more intense. Carter moaned loudly, his head flopped back and rested against Lockie’s neck. He was being pounded harder now. Lockie had pushed his legs apart to give him more room. He grabbed his hips and was flogging him mercilessly. His balls slapping against his muscular ass cheeks.

“I’m coming.” Carter shouted. His face going red, body jerking. His shitter contracted around Lockie”s cock. Monroe didn’t stop she just bounced on him harder.

“That’s it Baby, shoot it into me, just like that.” She tossed her head back in ecstasy, she remained motionless, breathing deeply, after a minute she slowly stood up, Carter’s load dribbled from her gash and ran down her thigh. Carter moved off Lockie, he slowly went to his wife and kissed her deeply.

They whispered again before looking at Lockie.

Monroe reached over and yanked off the rubber. She started to jerk him off as Carter leaned in and began to suck Lockie’s balls. After the hard fucking he had just given he didn’t last long.

“Fucking hell.” He moaned, he felt it surge through his loins like a train. Monroe guided his shaft to both of their faces just as he shot. Thick creamy cum plastering them both. Carter’s eyes and mouth were firmly closed as spurt after spurt hit his face. Monroe was already lapping it off her husband’s cheek.

“Don’t swallow.” He said out of the corner of his mouth. She hesitated before spitting it into her hands and rubbing it over her breasts.

Lockie laid back on the bed, spent. He had never felt as weak in all his life.

“How did you enjoy that?” Monroe asked.

“Crazy, just fucking crazy.” Carter replied.


Lockie stepped into his shower, he had quickly dressed and left the hotel shortly afterwards. Experience had told him that basking in the post fuck glow always allowed the nagging doubts to creep in.

As the water washed over his head, he told himself to just focus on the upcoming club appearance and on getting his career back on track. He wouldn’t think of Mason anymore. He toweled off and sat on the edge of his bed.

He rubbed his finger against the mouse pad and seen he had another email from Monroe, thanking him for two brilliant nights that neither of them would ever forget. He logged out of his email and clicked his browser. His last page popped up.

It was Mason and his screen test video again. He sighed deeply before clicking play.

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