Long Distance Lust Satisfied

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Although the thoughts run vividly through my head and stir me to fulfill my needs, I have never tried to put them down onto paper. I am not sure how this will turn out, but here goes…

My hand luggage weighed heavily on my shoulder as I collected my baggage and made my way through the final doors to where at last I would meet you face to face. Apprehension, excitement and just plain lust were making my heart beat that much faster, my panties that much damper with the need that had been building up over weeks of talking about pleasuring one another, so much closer to reality.

Through those doors, I went searching in the crowd for your face, familiar and yet unknown since I had only ever seen one photograph and reality can be quite different. Ah, but I see your face, and those eyes, those beckoning, smiling eyes that seem to know what I want and your smile warms me and sparks the desire even stronger. I feel my nipples tighten in response and walk into your waiting arms for a loving hug and kiss. It feels so good to have your strength around me. I am exhausted from the 12-hour flight but adrenalin is now pumping through my veins with the thoughts of being with you, soon alone, finally able to touch, caress in the ways we have described to one another all these weeks.

Your touch feels electric on my skin and I am impatient to be with you. I cannot stop touching you; not quite believing this is real. We drive the distance to the beachside cottage you have rented for our time together and savour each other in another passionate embrace. My lips part Maltepe Escort for your searching tongue and I feel that pulse of urgent desire in the pit of my belly – I so want you! Our tongues duel and your hands are pressing on the small of my back pushing me against your erection that I can feel hot and hard against my stomach. You pull up my skirt over my ass and rub your hands over my cheeks and between my thighs. I am so wet for you and I moan with the pleasure of your touch.

You refuse to rush and instead lead me to a chair outside beside a table set with champagne and a rose. How did you know bubbles are my favourite?? We toast each other and kiss again, tenderly but with simmering passion waiting to unfold.

How would you like a massage to relax you after your flight? you ask me, and of course I swiftly say yes as I cannot imagine anything more delightful than the touch of your hands on my body – a prelude to passion to come. You lead me to the bedroom that is softly lit with scented candles and we slowly undress one another, piece of clothing after piece of clothing, kissing lips, neck, shoulders, a quick lick of your tongue on my nipple elicits a moan in response. Can I wait for the massage? Nevertheless, you insist that I lay down on my stomach and you begin..

Droplets of scented warm oil splash on my lower back and your warm hands firmly but softly smooth it into my weary muscles. It feels so good, words can hardly describe the feel of your hands and I never want this to end. From my toes to my head you sooth and Maltepe Escort Bayan smooth the oil into me, savoring the feel of my ass cheeks and rubbing the oil into the tender skin of my inner thighs. I part them hoping you will probe further and begin to satisfy some of the longings I feel. You brush you hand between my legs touching the moist heat of me. I beg you for more and you chuckle and turn me over on to my back with another long sensual kiss to remind me of what is to come.

The oil smells divine and not an inch of my body goes unattended by your hands. My nipples are taut little buds aching for your touch and your tongue and you save them for last, but oh, when you touch them they bring my lust to life. When your mouth suckles on my nipples, I feel that urgent need for more in my belly and I push my hips up against you showing my eagerness to receive your attention between my legs.

Your tongue and fingers move downwards in response, hands parting my legs wide to allow you to view my hot wet pussy now open and inviting you to sup of my nectar. I close my eyes as you lick and stroke my thighs; oh, you have found my tattoo, the one on my right inner thigh. Your tongue traces the outline of the hummingbird, so close to my core but you refuse to hurry; there is all the time in the world. I feel as if I am on the edge of a precipice waiting for the first touch of your tongue on my lips, tasting my essence for the first time.

The tip of your tongue touches my core and I jump in response, nerves taut – it feels Escort Maltepe so good; you lick again from my ass to my clit, dipping you tongue into me, sucking the juices that are flowing for you. I wish I could describe how good it feels… You find that little bud, my clit, small but the most sensitive of buds, waiting for your touch and you begin to flick it gently with your tongue and I groan with the pleasure of you. You begin to suck on it, gently though as it is so sensitive, and insert the tip of your finger into feel and me my muscles clench around it as if demanding more. And more I do want and I push your finger into me further as you continue to lick and suck me. I feel the tension mounting as the sensations you are giving me get stronger and stronger, there is a flash of pleasure, a slight indication of what is coming and as you keep on tonguing me and finger fucking me, that pleasure builds and builds until I cry out with the joy of it and ride the wave of sensation bucking against your face, out of control again and again until finally I can take no more.

But what I need now, more than anything is to feel your cock deep inside me stretching me, filling me and I pull you up between my legs, so you can plunge your hot silken shaft deep inside me. I feel complete now, and enjoy the sensations of you inside me, and the pleasure I can give you now. I enjoy wrapping my legs around you, pulling you into me and my inner muscles clench around you as you ride with me. I feel your tension mounting and rising and I hope you will cry out loudly as you orgasm. I love to hear it, to know I have brought you as much pleasure as you have given me. Your orgasm is as strong as mine and you fill me with your come and stay with me even as your cock softens within me. Sleep finds us easily but there are many more pleasure awaiting us when we wake…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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