Long Hot Summer

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Scott Barrett envisaged his summer break would be non-stop partying and lying in bed all day. Scott was due to start at university in September but that seemed a long way off, as it was currently June.

Scott was twenty years old, just over six feet tall and was also skinny. Scott referred to himself as lean as he hated the skinny tag. Scott was not an unattractive young man with dark hair and blue eyes. Despite his looks Scott was sexually inexperienced having only had one previous sexual partner. Not wanting to appear naive in front of his friends he joined in their banter and talk of sexual conquests.

Scott thought the summer might provide a chance for sexual high jinx, which it was but not how Scott would have suspected.

Scott’s mother had arranged for him to work over at an acquetance of hers in the coming weeks. Sandra Butler was married but her husband worked long hours and had no interest or time to manage his garden. Sandra owned a detached house set in a large garden. The work would keep Scott busy for some weeks. Scott was aggrieved but the promise of financial reward soothed his initial annoyance.

On arrival at Sandra’s house on the first morning Scott was greeted with a cheery good morning from Mister Butler as he was just leaving to go to work. Sandra invited Scott into the house and offered him breakfast but he politely refused. She explained what she wanted him to start with and opened the shed allowing him access to the tools.

Scott started with the mowing and soon removed his T-shirt due to the hard work, which was new to him and the warmth of the day. Sandra took various opportunities to ogle the half-naked young man at work in her garden. She liked what she saw.

Sandra was a forty-one year old woman. Her and her husband had no children or immediate family. Sandra’s dark hair was cut in a bob style. She liked to keep fit and she was happy with her size twelve figure. Her smooth ebony skin was almost unblemished.

Scott completed his task of mowing and went to tell Sandra he was leaving for the day. He knocked on the open patio door and called her name. On getting no response he entered the sitting room and again called her name. He heard a door open and Sandra came into view, wearing only a skimpy white thong. Quite unashamedly she asked if he had finished. Scott thought he should gentlemanly avert his gaze but he stared at Sandra’s large breasts as she walked towards him. He regained his composure as the near naked woman moved by his side. Scott mumbled about coming back tomorrow and quickly left the house.

In bed that night Scott’s thought of nothing but Sandra’s attractive and fit body. He had seen almost everything but she didn’t seem to mind. He felt embarrassed at so openly ogling her body but felt aroused when he recounted the image of her.

The following day Scott returned to Sandra’s just as her husband was leaving for work. They exchanged greetings and Sandra then met Scott. She offered him breakfast but he politely refused. Sandra explained what she wanted Scott to do that day. Scott left to start work in the garden. Nothing had been mentioned about the previous day and Scott began to wonder if it had been some sort of dream.

Scott finished his chores and went to tell Sandra he was leaving, secretly hoping he may catch her undressed. He was about to knock on the patio door when he saw her in the living room; fully dressed. She invited him and Scott entered the room.

“I have a cold drink for you,” she said holding up a can. She held the can making Scott walk over to her and collect it. He took the can, Sivas Escort stepped back and opened it. He thirstily drank down most of the contents of the can. Sandra moved in front of him.

“You must be hot,” she said. She stood in front of Scott and started to unbutton his shirt. Scott put the can down on the table beside him. Scott could clearly see the pink material of Sandra’s bra as her blouse was low cut. Sandra fully unbuttoned Scott’s shirt and pulled it off him. Scott could smell the fragrant perfume as Sandra moved in front of him. She slid her hands over his smooth chest. Scott felt his heart beating faster and faster. She he stop her? He did not want to stop her. Sandra guided her hands to Scott’s jeans. She unfastened the button and slid down the zip. She knelt down and slowly eased Scott’s jeans down around his ankles. Scott’s erect cock strained against the material of his white underwear. A damp patch of fresh pre-cum stained the front of his briefs. Sandra slid her fingers up Scott’s thighs before guiding them under the material. She quickly pulled down his underwear. Scott gasped and gulped in one motion as his cock was exposed.

Scott had very little body hair and even his pubic hair was sparse. His throbbing cock stuck straight up and must have been about eight inches long and had a reasonably thick girth. Watery pre-cum oozed from his penis tip. Sandra complimented Scott on the size of his cock as she looked admiringly at the view.

Sandra stood up and took Scott’s cock in her hand. It felt hot and she could feel it throbbing as she pushed his foreskin back as far as possible. Scott began shaking and his body seemed to jerk uncontrollably. Sandra looked down as Scott spurted a thick jet of cum over her fingers and hand. She held his stiff cock as he continued to ejaculate hot, white spunk, which flowed over Sandra’s fingers and dripped onto the carpet. Scott’s body continually jerked as his pent up sexual energy came to the fore and he ejaculated several more jets of cum. Scott’s torrent of cum eventually subsided and droplets of cum dripped from his still erect cock. Scott regained some composure – he quickly pulled on his underwear and jeans. He grabbed his shirt and made his way out of the room. He heard Sandra call after him as he left the house but he did not hear her words.

Scott didn’t sleep well that night as he continually replayed the afternoon’s event.

Scott arrived at Sandra’s house the following morning feeling varied emotions – fear, trepidation and excitement. He exchanged pleasantries with Mister Butler as they passed on the driveway. Scott was filled with an irrational fear that Mister Butler would know what happened just by looking at him.

Sandra met Scott at the front door wearing only her dressing gown. She said nothing as she took Scott’s hand and led him to the bedroom. She unfastened the gown and slid it off. The gown fell to the floor revealing Sandra’s completely naked body.

Scott ogled Sandra’s nakedness. Her dark skin still glistened from the shower she had taken that morning. Sandra took Scott’s hands placing them on her breasts. Scott ran his thumbs across Sandra’s dark nipples. She moaned slightly and her nipples lengthened and stiffened at his touch. She pushed his hands downward. Scott allowed his hands to slide over her flat stomach and to the top of her thighs. Scott stood open mouthed as if about to speak but seemingly unable to. Scott ogled the thick black triangular pubic bush and Sandra’s shapely legs. Sandra moved close to Scott, put her hands around his neck and pulled him close as Sivas Escort Bayan she kissed him. He responded and their tongues explored each other’s mouths. Sandra ended the kiss and told Scott to remove his T-shirt. As he took the garment off Sandra knelt in front of Scott. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down. In pulling his trousers she also took down his underwear in one motion. Scott’s cock was erect and rock hard as it protruded straight out.

Sandra fumbled eventually taking off Scott’s shoes, socks, trousers and underwear. She remained kneeling complementing Scott’s body as she slid her hands over his legs and stomach. Scott looked down as Sandra took hold of his throbbing cock. His cock felt hot in her hand. Scott could feel the softness of her mouth as she slid the tip of his cock into her mouth. He felt he would squirt his load immediately but managed to hold back. As he looked down Sandra was sucking his cock and gradually taking more of his length into her mouth. Scott’s head was spinning as he watched Sandra take the full length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat.

Scott could hold back no longer and felt his legs almost buckle as his initial thick jet of cum spurted. Sandra didn’t gag or choke but greedily and expertly swallowed Scott’s thick salty cum. Scott could feel his cum gushing in spurts as Sandra continued sucking and swallowing. Sandra tasted his full load as she continued to suck him dry.

Sandra slowly withdrew her mouth. The full length of Scott’s shaft glistened with saliva. Sandra looked up at Scott and smiled. Scott could see some droplets of his cum lolling in her mouth. Sandra took hold of his stiff cock and slid it across her face before kissing the penis tip.

“Lick me,” Sandra said. Scott had done cunnylingis only once before. Sandra moved and lay out on the bed. Scott took a few moments to ogle her. The approval on his face flattered Sandra. Sandra asked Scott what he was waiting for. Not wanting to tell her of his inexperience he moved onto the bed. Sandra spread her legs. She was extremely wet and pussy juices were already oozing. Scott positioned himself between her legs. Sandra eased apart her pussy lips to allow him easy access. He inserted his tongue randomly and could taste her pussy juices for the first time. Sandra guided Scott’s head as just seemed to be licking aimlessly. Sandra’s moaning became louder as Scott found the spot!

Sandra’s breathing became more rapid and shorter. Sandra’s juices flowed readily into Scott’s mouth. He allowed the juices to trickle down his throat. The taste of Sandra he could not describe but he enjoyed it. Sandra’s moaning had become louder and louder. Sandra was a noisy cummer and the moaning had turned to screams of delight as she climaxed for the first time. Between her yells she demanded Scott continue to probe and work her clit. Scott continued using her tongue and was almost slurping on her juices as she gushed. Sandra’s body jolted and spasmed as she orgasmed again and again.

Sandra’s screams gradually lessoned in volume as she told Scott to stop. She was breathing heavily and felt light-headed. She looked down at Scott; his face glistened with her pussy juices. Scott was concerned that Sandra had not enjoyed it as she had asked him to stop. “That was fantastic,” Sandra announced. She told Scott to lie down. He moved and lay down on top of the bed. Sandra looked at Scott as she sat up. She reached across and stroked Scott’s semi erect cock. His cock twitched and began to stiffen again under her touch. “I haven’t seen such a big cock Escort Sivas before,” Sandra commented. Scott felt flattered but did not say anything.

Sandra leant across Scott and he could feel her breasts and stiff nipples pushing into his chest. Sandra took a condom from the bedside cabinet. She opened the packet and took out the condom. She eased the condom over Scott’s now hard and throbbing erection. Sandra moved and sat astride Scott ensuring that she could see his face. She suddenly grabbed hold of his balls. Scott gasped as Sandra squeezed slowly before easing her grip.

She took hold of his stiff cock and teased herself by rubbing the tip of Scott’s penis against her clit. Sandra’s moans had become louder again as she was in total sexual abandonment. She slid Scott’s cock into her soaking pussy and impaled herself on its full length. She started to get into a steady rhythm continually pushing herself hard down to experience Scott’s full length.

Sandra arched her back and tweaked and pulled her own nipples before lurching forward again. As she lurched forward Scott could feel Sandra’s erect nipples brush against his face. Scott was sweating profusely and he was gasping and moaning in what was an amazing sexual experience for him. Sandra moans became yells as she urged Scott to fuck her. The bed springs creaked noisily as they began thrashing even more wildly than before. Sandra was screaming as another orgasm swept through her. Scott called out and with one final thrust shot his cum into the condom tip. Sandra lunged forward and kissed Scott.

Scott’s body continued to jolt as he ejaculated another thick spunk load. His jerks began to subside and Sandra summoned enough strength to roll off him and they lay side by side on the bed. They were both panting and breathing heavily. Sandra and Scott’s bodies glistened with sweat and the sheet beneath them was sodden. They both lay there for some time each of them coming down from their sexual high.

“You’re amazing,” Sandra commented. She sat up and slowly slid of the used condom. She threw the used condom onto the floor. Sandra’s touch aroused Scott’s cock and it began to stiffen again. Sandra took hold of his cock, impressed that it had become erect again and it throbbed in her hand. She started to slowly masturbate him. Scott’s moans showed the enjoyment he felt.

Sandra slowly pulled back his foreskin. She eased it back as far as possible before pulling it forward. She started to wank him faster and faster. Scott’s moaning increased in volume. Sandra continued to masturbate him wildly. She used her free hand to squeeze his balls. Scott was squirming on the bed but Sandra did not lesson her grip.

Scott shouted that he was about to cum. Sandra continued to wank him furiously. A steady stream of spunk spurted from his penis tip. His cum was less thick this time as it ran across Sandra’s fingers. Scott threw his head back against the pillow as Sandra continued wanking him. She then leant forward taking his erect cock into her mouth. Spunk still oozed from his penis tip. Sandra tasted and swallowed his remaining cum load. Sandra sat up and looked at Scott. “Wow all that spunk,” she said. Sandra licked the rest of his cum from her fingers.

They both showered and dressed. Sandra kissed Scott before he left for the day.

The gardening job lasted a further two weeks, as did the sexual games between Sandra and Scott. Sexually Sandra was very demanding and Scott was only too happy to succumb to her demands. After the two weeks Scott felt his cock was sore due to over use and his balls ached. The happy memories lasted.

Scott was puzzled and still is to this day. When he collected his final pay on a Saturday morning Mister Butler shook him warmly by the hand and thanked him for everything. Mister Butler emphasised the word everything. Sandra just winked and smiled at Scott.

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