Long Time Crush

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Ava rummaged through her closet frantically in search of something to wear. Letting out a hopeless sigh, she turned to the fresh dry cleaning. With a smile of satisfaction she removed the pink leather skirt. “Great”, she said aloud. Tonight she had to look gorgeous, after eight long years she was finally seeing her girlhood crush again. Ava frowned as she thought of the last time she had seen Jay. It had been about two weeks before he’d moved across the state. They were in his car he’d been giving her a lift to her part time job, she had been waiting for him all day she remembered fondly. That day she decided to wear her favorite white denim skirt, the skirt was a size too small and rode far up her thighs. She had known back then, at 16, she’d wanted him. However, Jay was her father’s best friend. Ava had believed nothing would ever come from her fantasies, until that day in the car. Ava would’ve sworn he was eyeing her thighs, she had caught him at least twice sneaking a peek. Thinking she was finally getting a response from him, she asked him if something was wrong? He had assured her that everything was fine. The next Monday her father informed the family that Jay was taking a job upstate.

Ava had been heartbroken, but Jay had continued to plague her fantasies and dreams. Checking her reflection in the mirror, Ava liked what she saw. The pink skirt fit her like a second skin, the light gray blouse was sheer enough to make out her bra. Instead of stilettos, she wore three-inch pumps that made her legs look long and curvy. Her almond shaped brown eyes sparkled mischievously; Ava smiled at the sexy woman staring back at her.


Jay was nervous as hell sitting in the restaurant waiting for Ava to arrive. Although he had been waiting eight long years, he still wasn’t ready. When he’d phoned his old friends, Maggie and Dave, for a get together over his vacation, he hadn’t known they would be out of town that weekend. However, before he could curse his dumb luck, they said Ava would be happy to have dinner with him. He’d nearly sighed with relief at this news, his main reason for coming back was the thought of seeing the lovely Ava again. She had also been his reason for leaving all those years ago. Taking a long sip from his cognac, Jay thought back to that time. He had been so guilty about his feelings for his best friend’s 16 year old daughter. He, a 39 year old man fantasizing about a 16 year old was disgusting. In his dreams he had taken his best friend’s daughter in every imaginable way. The last straw was the day he had volunteered to drop her off at work. Ava had worn a blue tank top, that showed off her nubile breasts, with a white denim skirt that seemed to be two sizes too small. Her legs were exposed right up to the middle of her rich smooth thighs. When she sat down it went up another inch. Jay swallowed hard as his eyes feasted on the flesh of her upper thighs. He couldn’t keep his eyes off that part of her thighs where they begin to meet a little. He couldn’t resist the hope of them opening, for him. Jay had been too busy checking her out and trying to drive he didn’t notice her covertly watching him. When she’d asked if every was fine, he’d told her everything was just fine. He’d been too embarrassed to notice the hint of flirtation in her voice. That next week he had taken the job in Buffalo.

Jay noticed her as soon as she walked into the restaurant. It was funny, she was a grown up version of the beautiful young girl of yesteryear. Some how he’d thought, or rather hoped, that her attractiveness was just his imagination.


He stood as she reached the table.

“Ava, darling,” he smiled as he embraced her, she smelled of citrus blossoms. “You look sensational.” Jay hoped she didn’t hear the loud pounding in his chest or the twitch in his pants.

“Jay. It has truly been too long,” she said returning his embrace. “You look great, yourself,” Ava sat in the chair he held out for her, after waving the waiter away. Damn, he looks as good as ever, she thought giddily. Still tall, dark, and handsome. Everything a woman could want in a man. “Jeez, it is so good to see you again Jay,” she said again smiling.

Jay couldn’t take his eyes off the sexy young woman across from him. Her sexy almond shaped eyes sparkled in the soft lighting and her smile seemed to brighten the dim interior of the restaurant. Gathering his wits, “yeah, same here.” he replied. “You certainly have grown up since I’ve been away young lady,” Jay tried desperately to sound like her uncle.

“That’s what little girls are wont to do, eh,” she said in saucy husky voice.

Jay smiled at her; her luscious lips begged to be kissed, then frowned. “I’m sorry. Would you like something to drink?” he asked signaling for the waiter.

“Yeah. Um- let me get a cosmopolitan,” Ava responded.

Sheepishly turning toward Jay the waiter said nervously “I’m sorry sir, but I have to see mademoiselle’s ID,” his eyes darted quickly to Ava.

Reaching into her bag Ava quickly produced her driver’s license.

“I’m sorry Miss, but kartal escort bayan my boss…” the waiter began.

“No need to explain,” Ava assured him in that smoky sexy voice Jay was coming to adore.

“You handled that with poise,” he commented, “get carded a lot, do you?”, he said laughingly.

Joining in his laughter Ava admitted, “yes I do. When ever my friends and I go out I’m the only one to still be carded. At first I used to get angry, now I just take it as a compliment,” she finished with a sip of her newly arrived drink.

They laughed and talked over dinner. Somewhere between the appetizers and main course the conversation moved to sex and relationships.

“Are you seeing anyone Ava?” Jay asked as nonchalantly as he could.

“Not really,” Ava replied, thinking they were finally getting somewhere.

“What does that mean?”

Sitting her fork down, Ava leaned across the table said “Well, it means, I get fucked when I need to,” in a saucy whisper, her lips spread into a large sexy smile.

Smiling, “I understand,” he said. She had laughed softly at that. Damn, she was beautiful he thought as he watched her place a piece of baked salmon into her mouth.

The rest of dinner was spent talking about men, women and of course sex. As they chatted Jay noticed that, for a young woman, Ava was confident talking about sex. Not once did her voice waiver as she extolled the virtues of erotica and porn.

“Everything has its place in society. Some good, some bad, and some harmful,” she said seriously. “We should try to concentrate on those things that truly do harm, don’t you think so Jay?”

Definitely,” Jay agreed. He wanted to fuck her so badly he was beginning to ache.

All through dinner Ava had tried not to stare at Jay. However, she couldn’t help herself. He was still so very handsome, with his mahogany skin, deep onyx eyes, and thick lips. As they talked about life and things, Ava had sensed a change in their relationship. Jay had begun to softly touch her hand and he looked at her differently. The look was one Ava recognized very well, he wanted her. Finally, she breathed.

I could listen to her laugh all day, he mused as he told her the story of his weirdo coworker. Her laugh was a throaty one, that went along with the smokiness of her voice. Jay wondered what it would be like to kiss her luscious lips. They were standing in front of the restaurant, waiting for her car to be brought around, when he found out. It wasn’t the kind of kiss he’d craved but, it was beginning when she reached up on tip toe to briefly kiss his lips.

“Can I give you a lift back to your hotel, Jay,” Ava asked as she climbed into the car.

Still recovering from her tender kiss, Jay just nodded and muttered “hotel”, and climbed in the car. As he sat there he wondered what he should do. He wanted her. He looked over at Ava, the sheer blouse she wore barely covered her, and once again her skirt rose too damn high. Taking a chance, Jay did what he wanted to do all those years ago, he placed his hand on her exposed thigh.

Ava inhaled sharply at the feel of his roughened hand touching her bare skin. “Jay I have a confession to make,” Ava whispered, stealing a quick glimpse at him.

“What could a sweetie like you have to confess, especially to me,” he joked. His hand still lingered on her hot soft thigh.

Taking a deep breath, Ava allowed her eight year long secret to spill out in a rush. “I’ve had a crush on you since I was 14.”

Jay let her confession sink a few moments. He looked at her profile as she drove, this young siren had a crush on him. “Well,” he began “I have a confession of my own to make. I’ve had a crush on you since I was 39.” his hand squeezed her thigh gently.

Ava shifted a bit and looked at him, “Are you serious Jay?” she asked incredulously. Could he really mean that, she wondered? All these years they have pining for each other.

“Sure I am,” he responded truthfully. “Why do you think I left so fast? You were only 16, but yet you filled me with unspeakable lust,” he admitted. “Just as you do now.”

They both sat in silence for a few minutes. Jay had wanted her and still does. “Well,” she said, “now the truth comes out.”

“You could hardly expect me to seduce my best friend’s 16 year old daughter,” he commented. “Although, “ he began as he took nice long look at her supple thighs, “seducing his 24 year old daughter seems okay,” he concluded with a devilish laugh.

“Age discrimination is against the law,” she countered.

Not missing a beat, “So is statutory rape,” he fired back.

They were both laughing as they pulled in front of his hotel. “Umm- Are you goin’ to come up?” Jay asked as he opened the door.

Ava only thought for a second before she also climbed from the car and tossed the keys to the attendant. Ava took Jay’s arm and they headed into the building. She tried not to be nervous as they walked through the lobby. She knew people were thinking the worst, that she was a hooker or a trophy wife.

When escort maltepe they reached his room, he offered her drink. Jay fixed her screwdriver and himself a cognac before he sat next to her on the sofa. The dim light of the room made her look so young, this thought made him pause. She was so much younger than him, so full of vitality and something so sexual, he banished any thoughts he’d entertained of her being too young. “So my sweetness,” his hand caressed the softness her face, before pushing her hair back, “how far did this crush go?”

Never one to shrink from a question about sex, Ava was surprised when she got butterflies in her stomach before stuttering, “v-vvery far.” Maybe, finally being alone with her fantasy lover was too much for her. The warmth of his hand penetrated the thin material of her blouse as he rested it on her shoulder. Ava took a deep breath, she couldn’t mar this much anticipated moment by losing her nerve. Ava shifted on the sofa to face Jay directly, her dark almond shaped eyes stared into the deep blackness of his wide onyx eyes. “ Well for starters I always fantasized about you being the first to fuck me,” she said in a smoky whisper. Moving closer to him, till she nearly in his lap. “I imagined you picking me up from school , taking me to some secluded place and fucking me to exhaustion,” she concluded. Ava’s hand stroked the inside of his thigh, feeling the muscles jump slightly at her touch.

Jay swallowed hard at her words and the feel of her hand on his thigh. His mind filled with the delicious forbidden images of her naked teen body bouncing on top of him. Licking now dry lips, he probed her for more. “How many times did you get yourself off to your fantasies?”

Ava now climbed into his lap, nestling her firm ass against his rising cock. “Many times,” she responded. At least twice a week. I would lay in my bed and hump my fingers while thinking about you,” she admitted. She shivered lightly as his fingers touched her knee and began to work up her thigh. “I wanted you so badly I ached, Jay,” she laughed softly as she added “I hardly knew what my body craved but, I knew you could satisfy it.”

Not being able to hold back any longer, Jay devoured her lips. Ava quickly surrendered to his assault before responding with her own passion. Their two tongues entwined before retreating slightly. Jay sucked her full lips into his mouth, he felt her young tender body melt into his. His hand still massaged the creaminess of her upper thigh, as he kissed her.

Ava had been waiting forever to have him hold her like this. Her senses reeled from his closeness, the spicy masculine scent of her girlhood fantasies flooded the air she breathed. She didn’t want him to stop. Ever. Ava’s hungry mouth followed him as he pulled away to catch his breath. Jay had barely caught his breath before she was back on him, kissing and sucking his lips and tongue.

“Ah. My sweet Ava,” he moaned between kisses, her body was pressed tightly against his. Jay could no longer think to conceal his erection, and he didn’t want to, as her wiggled around his lap. Finally tearing himself away from her luscious mouth, between gulping for air and trying to gather his scattered thoughts he managed to tell her just how much she turned him on.

Getting up from his lap, Ava stood in front of the man that had brought her to so many fantasy orgasms. Wordlessly she began to remove her blouse, he watched intently as each button came undone and the sheer material drifted to the floor. Ava smiled at the expression on Jay’s face. Her bra was of the same diaphanous material of her blouse, she could see him eyeing her breasts. Feeling a sense of empowerment, she unhooked her bra and let it join her blouse on the floor. Jay let out a soft groan as her hands moved to the button of her skirt. Ava felt beautiful as Jay’s hungry onyx eyes followed her movement. She let the skirt hit the floor, after a bit of wiggling to get it over her hips.

Jay wasn’t able to tear his eyes from the vision of loveliness before him. Ava had watched him as he watched her take off her clothes. His cock had jumped at the sight of her bare breasts, her dark hard nipples resembled plump sweet raisins surrounded by the richest honey. She was gorgeous, he thought, then her skirt came off. Jay gulped and sat forward a bit. The sheer white panties left very little to the imagination. Jay could clearly see her neatly trimmed bush- and her wet spot. His mouth watered when he noticed her panties was buried between her juicy slit. Before she could do anything else he pulled her to him and pressed his face to her soft flat stomach.

“You’re truly a siren Ava,” his deep voiced whispered, “calling me to enjoy the forbidden fruits.” his voice was raw with the arousal she caused him. His hands ran the length of her soft naked back, before coming around to caress the fullness of her breasts. Ava shuddered as he placed a kiss on her belly. At least he wasn’t the only one on the verge of losing total control, he thought wickedly. His cock was straining against pendik escort his pants, with the thought of knowing her. Lifting his head, he stole a quick peek at her; her full lips were parted in anticipation, before turning his attention to his to her panty clad pussy.

“I can see your desire sweetie,” he crooned as his finger traced the outline of the wet indentation in her panties. “You know, I want you so bad, I can already taste you,” Jay moaned, his lips quickly followed the path of his finger.

Ava inhaled when he pressed soft kisses to her hot pussy. Her fingers gripped his shoulders as he began to suck at her panties and his nose nuzzled her clit gently. She had been waiting so long for this moment, for her sexual urges for and by this particular man to be eased. Ava knew, instinctively, she would give him every fiber of her sexual being. Her hands moved up his shoulders to caress the stubble of his shaved head, the rough sensation sent shock waves through her body. A small moan escaped her lips as Jay pulled her panties down, exposing her moistened pussy to the cool air. His lips trailed her panties down the her legs. Ava reveled in the firm pressure of his lips on her aching flesh.

“Jay, please,” she pleaded softly.

Standing, he towered over her, he pulled her close to him. Tilting her head back, she looked into his eyes. Her brown eyes were glazed with her arousal, he knew their would be no way of stopping the two of them at this point. The heady aroma and taste of her reeked havoc with his senses, he laid her down, on the sofa, on her back.

“Sexy,” he mumbled. Jay kneeled down between her thighs. His hands spread her legs wide, his eyes feasted on the sight of her, so many colors of coral and dark pinks. His hands slowly moved up her thighs, to rest on either side of her pussy. Using only his thumbs, he spread her plump lips wider for his inspection. His gaze devoured her glistening cunt, Jay had imagined doing this countless times. In his fantasies he’d stared, with lust, at the wet folds of her pussy for what had seemed like hour. However, nothing compared to the colorful reality of it all. His thumb lazily skimmed her clearly visible clit; Ava shivered and moaned at the brief but, electrifying contact, as it went down to her entrance. In silent worship he watched his finger draw circles around her seeping femininity.

“Please Jay,” she begged, “do something I’m on fire.”

Never one to let a lady beg for his services Jay slid a finger into her tight wetness to ease her ache.

“Oh yes, so much better. Yes,” she sighed with the pleasure of his thick finger moving in and out her.

“You’re so beautiful, Ava. So hot and wet,” Jay confessed, leaning forward to kiss her. Ava grabbed his head and shoved her tongue into his mouth as she humped his finger. “Mmm, you’re dangerous, little lady,” he said with a chuckle as he pulled away from her.

“No, just horny,” she growled softly. “I’ve been waiting a long time to have you touch me this way,” as she spoke her hips rose and fell in tune with the gentle probing of his finger.

Ava groaned with displeasure when he removed his finger from her grasping hot hole, but moaned in delight when he brought his finger, covered in her juices, to his lips and proceeded to use his tongue to remove all vestiges of her essence.

“Devil’s food,” he confessed with an impish boyish grin. Jay was still dressed, except for his jacket. Starting with his shirt, began to remove his clothes. He only hesitated a second, before removing everything. Like most men his age, he could stand to lose about 15lbs. But, at this moment he didn’t care.

Nor did Ava. He looked great, she thought to herself, all dark and thick. Her slender fingers lightly stroked his hairy chest, the crinkly hair teased her fingertips. Pausing a moment to fondle his tiny dark nipples, she smiled at his sharp intake of breath, before moving down his slight belly. Ava grasped his pulsing cock firmly, his thickness almost filled her hand, sliding her hand up and down the dark shaft. Looking at his hard cock, Ava couldn’t help the unbidden image of solid, polished mahogany. Ava looked up at Jay, her long lashes shading her glance, she placed a firm soft kiss on the tip of his cock. In response, Jay groaned with pleasure and tightened his grip in her hair.

“Oh, you like that, huh?” she teased. “How many times have you fantasized about this, Jay? Did you imagine your thick cock filling my hot steamy mouth?”

Jay watched in total ecstasy as her full lips first encircled the tip of his cock, before sliding down the entire length. “Oh yes, many times. Never-so good,” his voice a raspy whisper filled with arousal.

Her tongue instigated a dance so slow and sensuous on the sensitive head of his cock, he thought nothing could ever be as good as this moment. Ava moved her lips up and down, while her tongue continued to perform this dance of carnality on the head of his cock. Her soft warm hand cupped his tight sacs. Jay could only maintain his balance while enjoying the best cock sucking of his life. Ava let his cock slide from his mouth, looking, boldly, up at him, she slowly licked his swollen cock from the tip to his balls. Her wet tongue continued to lave firm gentle strokes to his sensitive pouch, before once again engulfing his shaft.

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