Long Weekend Day 01

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The weekend pretense is true. My college does give us a four day weekend after midterms, and fantasizing brought me to a lovely conclusion of what I wish I had been doing. This story is planned in several parts… one per day. This, part one, will be short, as I’m not starting until dinnertime Friday. Coming soon will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, with a possible short ending of Wednesday morning as my main character attempts to start classes without letting the entire school know what she did with her weekend. Feedback, please! ~A


What a horrible weekend it was turning out to be. It’s nice that the college wanted to give us a weekend off after midterms. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated it. But when they made it a four day weekend, all my friends disappeared. They lived close enough that four days was plenty to go visit friends and family. I assumed I’d be bored and lonely all weekend. Boy was I in for a surprise.

*Friday Night*

I looked at the clock, and sighed. My little nap had neatly covered the time when the dining hall was open, meaning I was out of luck if I wanted to get campus food. Either I had to come up with cash and go eat real food out somewhere in the cold, or I was going to have to survive on chips and EasyMac. My natural laziness took over… I reached for the EasyMac.

When the EasyMac beeped, I grabbed it out of the microwave and dumped the little packet of cheese-stuff into it, mixing with the plastic spoon I’d gotten out for that purpose… I nearly jumped when the ding of my email notifier went off. I clicked madly to get to my inbox… nope. Not him.

I had sent an email a few minutes ago to the guy I like, begging him to tell me if he liked me or not, mostly to stop myself from going crazy debating with myself if he liked me or not. I had a feeling he’d already left for the weekend, but I could hope, right?

Apparently hope was just a bad idea. I was jumpy and nervous when I knew quite well it could be Monday before he responded. With a sigh I pushed my laptop away, eating the macaroni and cheese to calm my growling stomach. If this was the way this weekend was going to be… damn I needed to find out where that mature toy store was. There’s one around somewhere, I know, but knowing it exists doesn’t help me any when I need a toy NOW.

I finished the EasyMac and dumped the bowl in my trash can, sighing as I noticed I needed to take out the trash. I just wasn’t in the mood for it, though. When my thoughts drifted to Paul again, I gave up and hopped in bed. Smirking a little to myself, I slid my t-shirt, pajama pants, and panties to the floor then lay back on my bed. One hand slid up to start gently teasing at the nipple, my other hand going between my widely spread legs to finger my clit. I could already tell I was wet, just from thinking about him too. I tweaked my nipple, closing my eyes so I could pretend it was his fingers not mine.

My fingers rubbing at my clit sped up as his face swam before my mind’s eye, making me moan as quietly as I could (making noise in a dorm where everyone can hear you is a rather bad idea). My hand left my breast to go down between my legs, spreading my pussy lips wider so my rubbing fingers could move faster, making me moan again.

Lost in my own pleasurable sensations, I didn’t hear the knock on the door, nor my name called quietly, followed by ‘Can I come in?’ Since I hadn’t heard it, I wasn’t going to respond… the moan was just a natural response as my fingers worked my clit feverishly. However, he must have thought it was a ‘mm-hmm’ or something, because he opened the door. That I heard.

I looked up, my eyes flying open as the door opened, and my eyes met Paul’s surprised blue ones for the split second that bursa escort it took for the shock of being caught masturbating to overwhelm my already-pleasured senses. My body bucked on the bed, my fingers diddling my clit as the orgasm rushed through me, completely incapable of doing anything to stop myself at this point. “Pawwwwwwwwwl…” I moaned as if wanting to apologize, but way too lost in the pleasure to do anything about it. My hips bounced once more, and then I lay still, spent for the moment. Realizing Paul had frozen in place, watching, I grabbed my blankets with one hand and yanked them up to my chest, one of my legs completely uncovered from mid-thigh down, but at this point he’d seen enough that I couldn’t care less. “My God…” I whispered, looking to where Paul was still frozen with the door half open. “I don’t know what to say.”

Figuring it best to enter at that point, he entered and shut the door before turning to answer, his eyes on the floor rather than me. “I’m the one that came in…” he whispered apologetically, but I shook my head and cut him off.

“That’s not what I meant.” I was quite sure that it was Paul’s eyes on me that had stimulated that particular orgasm, and I had a feeling he knew it too. “If it had been anyone but you…” I trailed off, looking up to his face… which was a bad idea. My eyes got stuck on the huge tent in his pants, and I had to forcefully tear my eyes away from the sign that he’d clearly enjoyed the show.

“I know,” he murmured, eyes rising to meet mine at last. “I was coming to kiss you goodbye, I got your email just as I was grabbing my things to leave.” He didn’t move forward now, though.

I closed my eyes. “It’s nice to know what you would have said, at least,” I murmured, about to ask if this had killed whatever chance we had, but when I looked up to ask him, his hand was pressed against his pants, eyes closed tightly as if hoping the I-can’t-see-you-you-can’t-see-me theory would work, and I wouldn’t notice. I did notice, and my body reacted almost violently. My half-open mouth, poised to ask the question, let my moan out quite audibly, my breath speeding up to little pants of lust as I watched him stroking himself. The moan caught his attention, and though he froze momentarily as he opened his eyes to see me watching him, he didn’t stop. “Oh, God…” I whispered. “Paul, don’t torment me like this, especially right before you leave…”

“I don’t think I’m leaving,” was his quiet reply as he removed his hand from his pants. He took a step towards me, then another, then practically leapt the last few paces to my bedside, caressing my bare leg with his hand and making me moan again, my eyes fluttering closed without my control. “Going home to family is not as important to me right now,” he told me, slowing down but not stopping as he continued his stroke up the inside of my thigh, hand reaching the blankets and continuing on.

It was like he pushed the “Fuck Me” button or something. My legs fell apart, I ripped the sheets away from my naked body, and in the same motion brought my free hand to his pants, rubbing at the lump there. I was going to order him to strip, but I didn’t get as far as the actual words before his fingers met the shaved skin of my mound, tracing idly for a moment before sliding a single finger down my slit. I was rather embarrassed that I moaned and humped his hand immediately, but it clearly turned him on, and I felt the twitch in his pants to prove it. “Get those pants off…” I finally forced out. “You got to watch, now it’s my turn.”

He looked surprised, eyes flying up to meet mine with vague question, but the sensual smirk on my face didn’t leave room for speculation. I think he shivered, that’s what it looked like to me, then pulled bursa escort bayan his polo shirt off, shoving down his pants as well. “Only if you help,” he told me, a request I was only too willing to agree to.

I sat up and slid off my bed to the floor, kneeling as I unceremoniously yanked his boxers down, letting his cock bounce free. I was shocked to find him already vertical, his shaft darkening as the blood pounded through it. I let out a quiet moan of my own as I saw it, having dreamt about fucking him, but not actually believing it would happen in the near future. Not bothering to start with a simple handjob, I leaned forward immediately and licked a long trail up the underside of his cock, which was facing me. I would’ve continued, but he pulled back shaking, turning to lock the door this time, then return to me, offering a hand to pull me to my feet.

He helped me up then sat me on my bed, smiling as he leaned back against my desk, his upright cock standing between us. “Does it turn you on?” he whispered, more to tease me than anything, moving one hand to slowly wrap around his shaft, starting to stroke himself, pre-cum immediately dripping as soon as his fingers touched skin.

“Did seeing me turn you on?” was my only reply. I tried to look up at his eyes (which were on me), really I did. It was just that I’d been dreaming about him for weeks now… and here he was, displaying himself for me instead of following his plans for the weekend at home.

I saw the shudder at this memory, and the pre-cum bubbled up out of him faster. He opened his mouth to say something, but had to wait as he panted for breath, his hand having automatically sped up as he thought of what he’d walked in on. “Hearing you moan my name…” he whispered, shaking visibly now, enough that I could see his hand slowing down as his muscles stopped paying attention to his brain’s commands. That I couldn’t have. I don’t think he fully registered the motion as I slid down to the floor again, reaching forward to gently unwind his hand and replace it with mine. He certainly noticed when my fingers touched him though, as he gasped and nearly lost his balance entirely, he was forced to catch himself against the desk as I gently stroked his throbbing member, which grew thicker as he groaned. “Jodiiiiiiie…”

My entire body jumped towards him of its own will. Now I knew what he meant about hearing someone moan your name. My lips were drawn magnetically to the tip of his cock, kissing along the ridge then dragging my tongue in the same circuit, cleaning up his pre-cum as I went. He shuddered and though I didn’t stop to agree, I could feel it too. Just touching this throbbing dick was driving me nuts, how would I feel if… WHEN he got around to fucking me?

Thinking about him fucking me drove me to greater efforts, probing his tip with the tip of my tongue as my hand started a steady pumping motion. I wanted to show him how much I’d been thinking about him, about this, lately. My hand pumped him while my tongue made love to the nerves at the tip of his cock, around the ridge, and in the little indentation beneath. His hands stroked my unbound hair, petting me with trembling hands as his hips shook, trying not to press forward and fuck my throat.

I heard him groan so I backed off, grinning up at him impudently. “I take it you like this?” I asked too slowly, stopping my hand strokes to drag one finger around his balls, tickling.

“You…” he started, about to grab me and likely fuck me just as hard as I was wishing for, but I stopped him with another hand stroke, forcing him to lean against the desk or risk falling over. “God Jodie… I’m going to kill you for this…” he gasped out, though there wasn’t much he could do just then. I leaned escort bursa in, blowing my warm breath across his tight skin and making him shudder. I followed it with a few fleeting kisses, not pressing hard enough for him to get decent pleasure from it, just enough for him to notice and groan.

I couldn’t help it. I didn’t want to tease him. I did want to give him every single bit of pleasure I could. I would’ve led him near orgasm and backed off a few times, but I knew I didn’t have the control, not just now. Not with his cock in my face and us both shivering with need. I kissed the indentation under his cock head, then dragged my lips and the very tip of my tongue down along the underside of his cock, pressing a fleeting kiss to his balls before pressing the flat of my tongue into his cock and dragging back up to the head.

His cock was throbbing so hard I was afraid it would burst… and I couldn’t wait anymore. So I purposely slowed down, wanting to see what that threat had been about, and if he’d meant it as I hoped. Whaddya know, he did.

He grabbed my arms and yanked me to my feet, hands groping at my chest as his lips found mine, both of us abandoning any remaining conscientious objections as we pressed together, nearly hard enough to bruise. I pulled him backwards until I ran into my bed, then pulled him with me as I fell backwards. He let me fall to the mattress, though he waited long enough to grab my legs and move them up to the bed, spreading them wide as he climbed between them. “No, wait,” I told him with a grin, getting a pout in return.

I wasn’t going to reject that pout, so I flipped over as fast as I could, drawing my knees up under me to present him with my ass, very wet pussy framed in the center. He froze, and for a second I thought he nearly passed out. But his recovery was enough to make me scream. He rose to his knees and slid into my waiting sheath all in one hard, swift motion. “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuckk…” I moaned around biting my lip, not wanting to scream. I knew the campus was emptying, but there were still people here. I wasn’t ready to scream… yet.

Neither of us were going to last here, and we both knew it. I had just had an orgasm, so I might last a minute or two, but I was well past halfway there, just having him inside me, and with me so tight after eight months or more alone. He didn’t need to ask what I wanted, my entire body had been straining for him ever since he walked in the door. So instead of gently making love to me, he started pumping in and out of me, balls slapping my clit with each stroke, furiously trying to cure the mutual need we were both feeling.

I could feel his cock throbbing within me, as well as every little tremor that ran through him. So I knew how close to orgasm he was as he started thrusting harder, faster. I forced myself not to moan loudly, trying to keep enough control over my body to use my arm. I reached down between my legs and stroked his balls as he thumped against me. His response was immediate: he shuddered and groaned brokenly, slamming against me as his cock erupted deep within me. The force of his last thrust was more than enough to send me over the edge of my climax, shuddering as I too groaned brokenly, trying to breathe while my entire body was shaking out of my control.

I finally took one good breath, stopping my panting enough to hear his panting ease off as well, as he came down from Cloud Nine. I slowly collapsed, bringing him down to the mattress with me, then pulled out from under him and lay at his side, sliding his arm around my waist. His lips pressed little kisses along my shoulder as we lay there, both still shaking slightly. “Damn am I glad I got your email,” he whispered, kissing my neck.

“Mmmmm,” was all I could answer.


Hope you liked this. More coming soon, though I’m sidetracking with another story idea before I start writing the next day’s worth of this. Please, send me any feedback, or suggestions to work into the next few days! ~A

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