Lookin’ for Love

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There were a lot of things about him that captivated Julia. He had dark skin, bronzed almost. His hair was always slightly mussed, his tee shirt usually inside out. He wore those thick, Buddy Holly glasses that made him look curious and smart and cool all at once. Maybe he wasn’t typical… but it wastypical of Julia to fall for the Unattainables, at least that’s what her roommate Lacey called them.

His shoulders suddenly rolled and he turned his head back toward her. He smiled wide. Oh God, did he smile at me? Did he catch me staring? Is there something in my teeth?Unsure, but unable to resist she smiled back noncommittally, just in case.

Just then, the professor wrapped up class and there was a mad flurry of back packs and voices. Julia stayed seated for a moment, gathering her things quietly. A shadow passed over her and suddenly, dropped down in front of her.

“Hey,” he growled good naturedly.

“Oh, God, there is something in my teeth isn’t there?” Julia burst out. She blushed, instantly.

He laughed. “I don’t know, why don’t you give us a smile?” he kept grinning, and extended his hand to her. “Spence.”

Julia took it, gingerly, as though afraid to break it. “Julia,” she did allow a shy smile. “Is there something I could do for you?”

He chuckled again, still with the boyish grin. “Well, you’ve all ready given me so much. I just thought I might like to meet you, that’s all.”

“That’s all, huh?” Julia asked, suspiciously.

“All right, you’re a tough egg to crack, I see. I actually make it my duty to find the prettiest girl in class… especially those with whom I share a lab… and ask them to be my partner. I find that standing next to such great beauties fortifies my hideous visage.”

Julia blushed madly again. “Lab? I didn’t see you last Wednesday. Are you sure we have it together?” she stammered, hoping to cover her embarrassment.

“Well,” he grinned, obviously loving every moment of her torture, “that’s why I need a favor. Maybe you could tell me what lab youhave.”

Julia smiled, “We’ve only just met, and all ready asking for favors. Why didn’t you just choose a lab partner from your lab?”

It was Spence’s turn in the hot seat, but he took it in stride. “Okay, you caught me. I just registered for class. I’m of the mind that you have to be a good judge of character to properly choose a class.”

“And you want my lab because…”

“Any girl who still blushes is a girl worth talking to.”

“Okay,” Julia riffled through a folder and extracted her schedule. “Wednesday, 1-5:15.”

“Sounds, good. I’ll see you in lab, pard,” he said, standing.

Julia merely chuckled and watched him leave. “Unattainable, huh? Wait ‘til Lacey hears this!”


“What?” Lacey yelled over the noise of the shower.

“I said I talked to the guy!” Julia answered.

“I know. Don’t you know incredulity when you hear it.” Lacey responded. “Throw me a towel!”

The bathroom quieted down as Lacey turned off her shower and she joined Julia in the bathroom. “I just mean… he came up to you?”

“Yes, for the fiftieth time. Is that so hard to imagine?”

“No.. it’s just that… you aren’t a walk up to kind of girl. Usually, they have tits out to here, and a thong up to her.” Lacey said, demonstrating with her hands in unrealistic areas. “But, hey, it’s cool. When are you guys going out?”

“Wednesday at one.”

Lacey blinked. “You’re going to skip class? I am so proud!!”

“No,” Julia smiled, “we have organic lab together.”

“Oh, gosh. What is he’s just using you for you brain?” Lacey groaned.

“Would that be so bad?” Julia huffed, standing, “Jeez, Lace, have a little faith. I’m not a total dog.”

“That’s not what I mean, Jules. You’re totally hot. You just don’t flaunt it enough,” Lacey said, as though she was an authority. “Why don’t you come out with me and Teeny tonight?”

“I don’t know, Lace…”

Lacey moaned and tugged on Julia’s arm. “You’re coming, and that’s all. It’s at Ph Sig. You’ll love it!” With her mind made up, Lacey sashayed to her closet and pulled out a skimpy black halter dress and tossed it to Julia. “This is yours.”

Julia held it up in disgust and doubt.

“You’re wearing it… and that’s all.”

And with that, the unstoppable one-woman show that was Lacey began painting and polishing Julia.

*************************“I can’t believe it! You’re a miracle worker!” Tina exclaimed over Julia’s new make-over.

“Geez, guys. It’s just eye shadow and mascara. You act like I’m nasty.” Julia whined, giddy to be playing along.

“Babe, you’re not. It’s just everything. It makes you look a hundred times sexier. I can’t wait to show you off! It’ll draw men to us like bees to shit.” Teeny bubbled.

“Uh… I think it’s… oh never mind.” Julia bubbled and giggled along with her friends, excited more than she imagined.

She did happen to glance in the mirror, suddenly bursa escort more aware of her breasts than usual, and happy for all the compulsory sit ups she’d done during the past months. Julia’s skin was tanned from the summer before, her arms toned from swimming. Lacey had curled her long, brown hair and made it look full and touchable. Julia had to keep herself from running her own fingers through it. She giggled, suddenly, anxious to leave.


The Phi Sigma Sigma lawn was all ready covered with an overflow of people. Tonight, the were hosting a beer pong tournament. It was the place to be.

The girls entered through the crush of people, attracting attention of a few guys they hadn’t seen before, and of course, some of the regulars. They made there way to the bar and grabbed a few beers. As usual, it was the cheap, tasteless kind that only served to trash you for the least amount of cash possible. Julia was beginning to doubt the trip, when she saw him. Spence. She tried to run in the other direction, but he was all ready moving through the crowd toward her. Julia wasn’t surprised that the people parted like the Red Sea before him.

“Hey, Gorgeous! What’re you doing here?” he asked, leaning in close.

“Is that any way to greet the girl who’s about to save your QPA? And do you only call me gorgeous, because you can’t remember my name?” she rebutted.

“No, Julia, I don’t. And besides, how do you know I’m not here to save your QPA? I mean, I made it all the way to O Chem, didn’t I? And on my very own… and you’re a biology major, so how are you going to help me anyway.”

“Done our homework, have we?” Julia answered, hiding her surprise and pleasure. She took a sip of the too-hoppy beer, and grimaced.

“You like it, huh?” Spence laughed. “Come on. I’ve got some good stuff stashed away.”

Against her better judgement, Julia followed him. He went to a battered staircase away from the noise and took Julia up to a hallway crowded with doors.

“You’re a brother, huh?” Julia asked as he opened a door at the end of the hall.

“Yes, among other things.” he answered, escorting her inside.

Julia surveyed the room, surprised by it’s tidy appearance. She went to his computer desk and sat down while he rummaged around in a cabinet above a small refrigerator. He withdrew two bottles. “Martini?” he asked.

Julia just nodded and fiddled with some odds and ends on his desk.

“So, what’s Spence short for?”

“Spencer Allen Varicalli, the Third.” he replied with mock formality. “I come from a long line of stuffy individuals.”

“Varicalli? Hmmm… that’s funny. My dad works at a place called Varicalli Studios, in Beverly Hills.” Julia replied, not the least bit interested in whether or not it was indeed funny. In fact, she’d happened upon a photo album that showcased a younger Spence and a lot of old people on a lawn. But, Spence did think it was funny, however. He paled, suddenly, while stirring Julia’s martini. He moved towards her, and handed her the glass.

“You’re from Beverly Hills, then?” he asked, wary.

Julia glanced at him, smiling, “No, not originally. I grew up in New Haverford, New Jersey. It’s podunk-ville. My dad was a casting director for Broadway, until he was noticed by some big shots and they asked him to move to L.A. and be a casting director for Varicalli. Why? Is your dad Mitch Varicalli, or something?” Julia said, her voice almost mocking.

Spence nodded, attesting to the fact that he was the son of one of Hollywood’s most well-known producers. He commandeered Julia’s drink and took a mighty swallow. Julia looked skeptical.

“You can’t be! Why would one of the richest kids in L.A. come to some school in Connecticut? I mean, it’s not even Ivy League. It’s barely Grass League!”

Spence chuckled. “I didn’t want to go somewhere were I’d only be who I was thanks to my dad’s money. I worked and saved up for college, moved out here when I turned eighteen, then applied for financial aid like everyone else.”

Julia still looked skeptical. “I thought his kids all went into acting. That’s what my dad told me.”

“Not all of them. I have two brothers, Mitch Jr. and Michael. They think they’re fine thespians, but they couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag.” He replied, smiling for the first time. “I just try to keep my profile quiet, blend in. I usually don’t even cop to being my father’s son.” Spence said, once again with a cloudy expression.

“Then why tell me?”

“Because… I don’t know.” He stood, and walked to the window. Then he turned with a flourish of his arm, “Because you’re Julia. A beautiful biology major who needs a charming boy to help her with o. chem.”

Julia smiled. “I’m helping you, remember.” she sipped her martini, thoughtfully.

“So, mistress Julia, why aren’t you on Broadway?” it was Spence’s turn to ask questions.

“Because it was never appealing to me. My mom was an actress… and my bursa escort bayan dad… well, he had more connections than you can imagine… or, I guess, not.” she laughed, draining her drink. “So, with all kids of big, important people, I had two choices. I could either use my parent’s names and ride it out, ala Lisa Marie, or I could blend in, and be studious, dowdy Julia Logan of Middlebridge High.”

“Dowdy, you are not. But… you’re mom was an actress? What happened?” he handed her another martini.

“Well, remember podunk-ville? I lived there with her parents. My grandparents are quiet people, and I love them. My mom met my dad over a heroin needle… and that was eventually her death. She OD-ed in our beautiful Manhattan apartment when I was five. I found her.” she shivered. “I think that’s when I began my disappearing act.”

Spence slid a consoling arm around her. Julia felt like he really understood. He was the first person she told since her best friend in high school. A tear slid down her cheek.

“You know, Julia, you’re the only person on the East coast who knows who I am. I mean, really who I am. I’ll admit, I originally brought you up here to get you drunk and hook up, but I don’t think I can do it, now.”

Julia slid away, “Uh, thanks.”

He followed her, and folded her into a hug. “No, that’s not what I mean. I mean, I really, really like you. I don’t want to use you.”

Julia lifted her head up and moistened her lips. Spence watched as her plump, pink tongue slicked over her bare mouth. He instantly jumped to life. And instantly wished Julia’s leg wasn’t so near his crotch. Before he knew it, though, his eyes slid shut and he was dipping his head to hers.

Their mouths met, soft at first, tentative. Their kiss grew more impassioned, and Julia’s arms twined up Spence’s back, and her fingers found the shaggy curls at the nape of his neck. As she twisted her fingers into the mess of curls, and pulled him closer to her, she could feel for the first time the large organ hidden behind the folds of fabric between them. Her heart jumped in time, and she was aware of pressure in her chest and the sudden heat rushing to her extremities.

Spence’s hands moved to the delicate groove in the small of her back, inching ever downwards until he was fully cupping her smooth, round derriere. Forgetting earlier embarrassment, he pulled her roughly to him, hearing a small moan, and deepening the kiss. Their tongues became locked, lashing one another in passionate heat. His heart was pounding and he needed to have all of her.

As one, they stumbled backward, spilling out onto the bed, still kissing with heady delight. Spence’s hands again moved for another target, and were soon cupping Julia’s full breasts. He dipped his head away from her mouth and moved his roving tongue and lips to the hollow of her throat. Being pinned and having her senses assaulted all at once was entirely knew to the shy Julia, and somehow, Spence was aware of this.

Julia still managed to let her hands rove into his hair and about his back, moving under the material of his shirt and feeling the heat of his back and chest against her. Spence quit her neck and hovered above her face.

“Are you… er, have you ever…” he stumbled. Julia shook her head to indicate the negative. “But I want to.” she said, looking him full in the eye. It was all that Spence needed.

He lifted her up against him, and settled her against the pillows of the bed. Julia reached behind her and unzipped her dress. Because it was a tight, sleeveless dress, she had no need for a bra, so when she pulled the dress down, her full, white breasts tumbled out. Each was pert, but still round. It was tan, with a triangle of white, showcasing a hard, pink nipple. Spence let out a ragged breath, and hurriedly discarded his own shirt. Not able to stand much more, he moved to taste her mouth again, but she shook her head.

Smiling, shyly, she lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her dress off, completely. She revealed that she also hadn’t been wearing panties. Spence’s erection almost leapt out of the confines of his pants. Julia’s mound was covered with a tasteful thatch of golden curls, shaved on the sides to look like a triangle. Her pink center practically dripped creamy dew onto Spence’s bed. He moaned audibly at the sight. Julia laughed at his face, one of awe and surprise. She reached out her hands to remove the last bit of his clothing that was stopping them from coming together, but Spence stopped her.

He laid down, positioning himself between her legs. “If you take off my pants, I don’t know how long this will last. I want to make it good for you.” he said, looking so wide eyed and honest, that Julia laughed again.

He resumed his position, kissing her lips, and then her neck. His hand snaked up against her bare skin, kissing it with heat. His fingers finally found a taut nipple, and barely had caressed it when Julia moaned out loud. Spence smiled against her escort bursa neck, and took that as a sign to move south. He dropped a few more kisses against her collarbone, and made sure to nibble a bit on her shoulder before he dipped his head down and faced Julia’s firm breasts. He blew softly on one nipple, while still gently tweaking and twiddling the other. Julia body shivered slightly and goose bumps raised all along her flesh. Her nipples also perked up, becoming hard and deeper in color. Julia’s hands moved to Spence’s curly hair and pushed his head to her breast. Again, Spence smiled against her skin, completely turned on by how unabashed she was. Finally, he moved his mouth to her nipple and took it into his warm lips. Julia moaned again, her breath becoming ragged. Spence’s own arousal reacted with a throb. Still careful, he rolled that hard pink nipple against his tongue, almost to the point of nibbling her flesh. She moaned again. When he moved for the other one, she stopped him. He looked at her. Her face was aglow, but earnest. “Please, Spence. You’re tormenting me… there’s only one thing I can think of to fix it…”

Before he could ask her what that something was, she’d unbuttoned his fly, and was working on the zipper. He just groaned something like a yes. She made quick work of his pants and barely hesitated at his boxer shorts. This was something she’d wanted for a long time. He took a deep breath and pulled his boxers down, revealing his long, thick cock, bouncing out a thatch of black curls. Julia’s breath became ragged again as she encircled his member with tentative fingers. Bravery overtook caution and she got onto her knees. Spence almost cried when he realized her intention. She dipped her hungry mouth down to his engorged cock, and took him into her satiny, warm mouth. His knees weakened and he used the wall to help himself stand. She took him as deep as she could, then slid carefully back. Her talented tongue licked away the precum oozing from the head. She was like an expert. Before long, he had to push her away from his cock, for fear that he was going to loose control.

“I thought you said you’ve never done this before.”

She smiled up at him and bit her lip. She looked so innocent, with her blonde curls spread out on the bed, he wanted so badly to pour his cum onto her face. But, he wanted other things more. He slipped down over her hot skin to that island of flaxen curls. He breather in her scent. It was a heady mix of hot sex and a clean soap smell that sent shock waves to Spence’s sex. Without further adieu, he dropped his head down between her spread legs and let his hot tongue slide against her hot, pink center. Julia arched and cried out. Spence could feel her slippery juices run down past his lips and onto his chin. He used a one hand to open her slit to him, where he proceeded to move his expert tongue in and out of her heat, while with the other he cupped her deliciously smooth bottom to hold her still. Julia was writhing on the bed, her impending bliss son to take over. Her fingers found his curls as her ravaged her clit with his sharp tongue. Soon, his diligent mouth sent her over the edge, tumbling with wild abandon into the abyss.

Before the waves of pleasure subsided, Spence rose to his knees and positioned himself at her dripping opening. Waiting for her to give him a positive indication, his cock pulsed and quivered against her. Julia put her hands on his hips and spread herself to him. Spence eased into her tight opening, stroking her face and watching her, waiting for her to wince in pain. He inched closer, barely holding on to sanity. He didn’t want to rush her, but his balls were aching for release. He found her maiden head and Julia moaned something like a yes, and he broke through the thin membrane. Julia cried out and Spence cradled her in his arms, letting her get used to his size inside of her. Before too long, her felt her hips move against him. Her legs moved and encircled his waist. He pulled her close, “I’m sorry Julia… but I…”

Julia whispered into his ear, “I need it… please, Spence… give it to me.”

Spence, after holding out for so long, took these words to mean what he’d hoped to hear. He moved, shallow at first in and out of her. Soon, Julia was matching his rhythm, stroke for stroke. She watched as his face went from serene to dark and sensual. His eyes were cloudy as they stared into hers, her breasts heaved against him and she felt him pump into her. His pace quickened, his strokes elongated. His member touched her very core, and soon Julia was panting and feeling close again to bliss. The tempo increased until Spence felt almost at the breaking point. A few more strokes and… Julia cried out, biting into Spence’s shoulder. He took his cue and slid his cock into her, burying himself to the hilt. He erupted inside of her, feeling her tight walls close around his cock, rapidly milking every drop of pent-up cum out of him. They shared the moment, clinging tightly to one another, barely able to move.

Finally, Julia sagged against Spence, her energy waning. Not wanting to let her go, he slipped out of her warm folds, now soft. He turned her to face him, and she looked at him with a beaming smile and clear, glad eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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