Losing all Control

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Jeremy woke with a start, on the slippery edge of peeing in his pants.

His bladder was about to burst.

Glancing up, he noted the seat belt light was lit just as the captain’s voice came over the speaker informing them of possible turbulence. He moved restlessly in his seat. It didn’t help. He looked across the isle to the busty blond sleeping against the window and he groped himself in the dim light of the night flight. Thank God he was sitting near the back and the rows around him were empty. Except for her.

He squirmed and pinched himself off with his fingers. The pressure only increased and pain shot like lightening through his cock and hit the wall of his thumb and index finger. His cock jerked with the restraint and piss fought to squirt out of his dick. He tried to bite back the groan of pain, but it passed over his lips. Nothing else passed though.

He was still bone dry. Or should he say his bone was still dry, he thought with an attempt at humor.

His bladder contracted painfully. He squeezed his shaft fiercely and his legs began the dance of moving in and out rapidly.

As if that was going to help.

Surely the light would go off soon and he could dart into the toilet. God, it hurt to hold back like this.

The hell with it. He started to rise…

“Sir. Sit back down. It’s against Federal Regulations to leave your seat when the fasten seat belt light is on. And it’s on.”

Jeremy slowly sat back down, still gripping his dick like a guy at a keg party to drunk too realize what he was doing. Jeremy knew. He just didn’t give a shit. Closing his eyes, he tried to think of something else. Anything else but the dam trying to burst in his pants.

He held his breath as his dick moved like a pissed off snake in his pants, his pee forcefully breaking through his thumb and finger. Pee shot out in a quick burst inside his jeans. He pinched it even harder, groaning in pain.

The pressure was unbearable.

Panting, he worked to lower his zipper after glancing around furtively. It wasn’t easy with one hand still pinching below his cock head.

He recklessly jerked his dick out of his pants and watched in dismay as his piss forcefully hit the back of the seat in front of him, sounding like water from a fire hose as it hit the floor and kept kartal escort on going. Running toward the empty seats behind him.

Like a man doomed, he saw the younger of the flight attendants walking down the isle towards him. Piss was still shooting out of his cock in what appeared to be a never ending torrent. He felt like a fireman holding onto a powerful hose. A hose he couldn’t turn off. And couldn’t hide.

He was semi-erect, his considerable length jutting away from his groin like a thick iron pole.

She was getting closer…he grabbed his cock and started jacking it. Hard. Fast. His stream slowed, but didn’t stop. She reached his seat and stopped, watched as his cock now shot his pee out in bursts like he coming.

And if he kept stroking it, he realized he was going to. After he finished his seemingly never ending piss.

“How big is it?” she whispered.

“Eight and a half,” he said hoarsely.

“I want it.”


“I want you to fuck me with every inch. Hard and deep.”

Jeremy watched as she slid in beside him and quickly removed her panties.

“You’re serious,” and he reached in his back pocket for his wallet, pulled out a condom and sheathed his still dribbling cock. “Hurry-or I’ll be peeing again.”

She straddled his lap. “God, it’s beautiful-like as a summer cucumber.”

She lowered herself down inch by agonizing inch. She was tight as a virgin and Jeremy felt each pulse as she adjusted to his size. He grabbed her hips and held her as he thrust upward and impaled her with his last few needy inches. He felt the top of her womb rub against his swollen head and she moaned.

Jeremy needed to move. To fuck. With his teeth clenched and gripping her hips with a death grip he waited, sweat rolling down his forehead into his eyes. Waited for her to stop tightening around him as she adjusted to his size.

She jerked off of him.

Jeremy gasped and tried to pull her back down.

“No. I can’t. It’s too big,” she whispered, and pulling her skirt down she picked up her panties and finished her stroll to the back of the plane.

Sweat now rolled down the sides of his face and his heart was racing like the seconds before a bomb ignited. He stared at his engorged cock with its purple head. He realized he maltepe escort bayan was panting like a dog left tied in the sun. He slowly rolled the condom off and damn near lost control doing it. He didn’t know if he was going to piss or come. He just knew something needed to happen. Now.

“Come here.”

Jeremy met the sultry eyes of the now wide awake blonde beauty across the isle. “I can handle it,” she assured him, and she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing big firm breasts with erect nipples. She squeezed them together with her hands.

“Come suck on my grapefruits.”

Jeremy sat down next to her and had her nipple in his mouth in seconds.

“Suck them hard.”

Without taking her from his mouth, Jeremy picked her up, found her hot wet opening with his swollen head and impaled her all the way down to his groin. She moaned in pleasure, and rising up on her knees on either side of this thighs, she slid back down again, moving faster and harder up and down his pole, her ass kissing his balls with each stroke.

“Oh God, yes. Yes. So fucking hard. So huge,” she moaned.

With a shuddering groan, Jeremy pushed her off his lap, jerking his cock out of her hot wet pussy. He blew like a primed water pistol against the window where her head had been resting just a short time ago.

The first streams were piss and ran down the window like a summer rain.

Jeremy groaned when he felt his load barreling down his shaft. He stood up facing the back of the plane, his hips turned toward the dripping window. The first shot hit the glass with a resounding thud, followed by another, then another. Still his cock shot out violent streams like a paint gun in a game of warfare.

The window was no longer simply wet. It was quickly being covered in a creamy sauce.He knew he wasn’t near close to being done, but he wasn’t going to find out just how much more he was going to unload.

Because she leaned forward and unexpectedly took his exploding head in her mouth.

She sucked. Hard.

A loud guttural animal sound escaped from his lips. His hands clenched in her hair as he fought the powerful urge to push her head down further on his shaft. To fuck her mouth like it was a hot wet pussy.

Because it damn sure felt like one.

As if escort pendik she’d read his thoughts, her lips slide further down his shaft and she started sucking him rhythmically, drawing his still sensitive shaft in and out of her mouth. Different than before. But no less powerful in its seduction.

“Jesus Christ,” he whispered, his voice breaking, raw.”I’m gonna blow again…ahhhh.”

His sac drew up tight to his ass as his balls squeezed and emptied themselves of every last drop of cream they had. She pulled her mouth off of him and rubbed her face with the cream still oozing out of his head.

Jeremy caressed her breasts as his hips moved imperceptibility in the rhythm as old at time. His body shuddered. “I can’t stop coming.”

“So I see…and tasted,” the woman said with a soft laugh.

The overhead speak clicked on. “We’ve passed through the turbulence so I’m going to shut off the “fasten your seat belts” sign. You’re free to move about the cabin and use the restrooms. Well be preparing for landing in just a few minutes.”

Jeremy dropped down in the seat next to her and grabbed his cock. He slowly squeezed it from its base to its plump head, cum flying through the air as he shook the cream from his hand. Then he carefully tucked it back in his pants, the damp spot barely visible now, his semi-erection grossly obvious. If one was looking at his groin.

He turned to her and grinned. “Thanks.”

She smiled as she wiped her face with a kleenex. “I couldn’t just leave you with that huge hard “problem” standing rigidly in your lap now, could I? Besides, I got off watching you pee. You’re hung like a horse and you pee like one.

“And slowing your stream by jacking it… Very, very hot,” she finished in a voice husky with rising arousal.

“When are you flying this route again?” Jeremy asked.

“Friday. I travel every week.”

He gave her a wicked grin. “Me too. Meet you here Friday? Same night flight?”

She smiled. “Only if you drink a couple of beers before you board the plane. And don’t pee.”

His dick twitched in his pants and he reached over and kissed her. “You liked watching me lose control, didn’t you?” he asked huskily.

She nodded.

A slow wicked grin creased his cheeks. “What the lady wants, the lady gets.”

And he reached in the overhead bin and pulled first hers, then his carry-on luggage down to the floor. Picking his up, he walked down the isle, stopped and looked back. She winked.

Four nights until he would see her again.

And he’d be tanked when he got the plane.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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