Losing Control

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Author’s note

I was, and still am, quite confused whether this story belongs here or in non-consent. I have, however, decided to post it under Erotic Coupling based on the overall tone of the story. I hope I made the right decision.

The little bit of non-consent that is in the story is nothing too rough. But if that’s definitely not your thing then…

The story also has a bit of a slow build-up, where the atmosphere is set in the first part. But it definitely builds up to a lot of sex as the story progresses, so I hope you will read it till the end.

This is only my second story and I would love to get feedback on what I am doing right and what I need to work on, so if you like it, love it or hate it, do drop a line.

*All the characters in the story are 18 years of age or above.*


Lisa set the model she was carrying on the table and took a couple of steps back to admire it. She compared it to the models kept on either side of it and permitted herself a little smug smile. It looked better, at least, than the two right beside it.

Her team had been working on the project for over a week now. In fact, Lisa with a lot of persuasion had got permission to stay late and deliver their model herself to the lab. The professor had given her the keys in the strictest confidence and she felt a flicker of pride as she locked the lab doors and pocketed the keys.

She stepped out into the corridor to see the clouds gather and start to drizzle.

She thought to herself, ‘If I hurry, I might just make it home before it starts pouring heavily.’ Lisa didn’t like getting wet.

But as she stepped into the rain, her resolve wavered. It’s not the rain she objected to, but the sticky, wet feeling you had to put up with till you changed out of the wet clothes and dried yourself.

‘But,’ she thought, ‘I am going to go straight home, which is hardly a 15 minute walk from the school.’

So she indulged herself. She walked as slow as possible to the next building, and by the time she reached her empty classroom, her t-shirt and skirt were damp and stuck to her body, curving across her breasts and ass. Lisa tugged at the skirt self-consciously and quickly stuffed all her things into her bag.

She turned towards the door to leave and stopped.

There was someone already standing at the door. Lisa’s heart started pounding as she stood and looked at him, hoping that her face would not reflect what she felt at seeing him there. Alone.

It couldn’t really be Jack standing there and looking at her like that? Could it?

Lisa blinked a couple of times to check if he was real.


Lisa had an inherent respect for rules. She understood them and therefore she could work with them. She knew the hidden rules and codes of a high school and understood the perks if you worked within the system. She put in the work and did what she had to do. Her planning had been meticulous and now in her senior year, she had everything.

Her grades were exactly what they should be to get her into an Ivy League school. She was a dancer and had enough extra-curricular activities on her resume to impress anyone. She had enough friends to have an active social life. And to top it all off, she had the perfect boyfriend. Star Quarterback in the school’s football team, Jeremy was the dream of almost every girl in school. Tall, handsome, smart, funny, caring; he was the ideal boyfriend.

Lisa’s high school life was perfect except for one little thing.


The first time Lisa saw him was when she was walking to the water fountain. She bent over to get a drink when she got a peculiar feeling at the back of her neck, a feeling that someone was looking at her. She turned to see him standing near a locker a few feet away from her, staring at her.

She looked at him and took in his scuffed shirt, frayed jeans and shoes that cried for a polish, her eyes slowly rose to meet his to sneer at him and she was taken aback at the intensity of his gaze.

When he saw her turn, he lifted his gaze up to meet hers and Lisa was surprised by the raw desire she saw in his eyes when they locked on hers. It hit her like a bolt of lightning and she felt as if every nerve end of her body was on fire. She felt heat rise up to her face but was unable to break away from his gaze.

“Jack!” She heard a female voice scream over the noise of the crowd, shattering the moment and Lisa saw him turn. He looked at the girl who had screamed his name and smiled at her, quickly changing his expression.

The girl walked up to him and put his hand around his waist and said something. He smiled and started walking away with her.

Lisa kept following them with her eyes, but he never turned to look at her again.

She later found out by very careful and guarded questioning that the girl’s name was Mindy. She was Jack’s girlfriend. tuzla escort Both of them were seniors too, but did not participate much in the school activities. Not surprisingly, no one in her circle seemed to know much about them.

Lisa was careful in keeping her questioning to a minimum to keep any curiosity from arising in anyone’s mind. She didn’t want anyone, not even Jeremy, especially not Jeremy, to find out about this incident. She had worked very hard at creating this life for her. She wasn’t going to let something this small jeopardize everything.

But she was surprised to note that she disliked Mindy.

Lisa didn’t believe in wasting time in liking and disliking people. According to her, there were people who mattered and people who didn’t. You keep people who matter to you close and disregard people who don’t.

Lisa was afraid to ask herself why Mindy mattered. She was afraid of finding out.

This disturbed her. But she was careful enough to not let anyone find out about this.

After that incident, she seemed to run into Jack a lot more often. He never came up to her to say anything, never acknowledged her presence with any sign but just looked at her in a way that was highly intrusive. It always sent a thrill of fear and excitement down her spine.

She found herself thinking of him as she dressed for school in the mornings. And when he looked at her, whatever she wore, seemed to feel shorter, tighter and more revealing than what was in the morning when she had picked out her outfit.

When she thought maybe she ought to feel guilty about what was happening, she told herself it was nothing.

Technically, it was just another guy looking at her.


Blinking didn’t help. He was still there at the end of it.

Lisa just stood there, caught in his stare, unable to move.

She saw his gaze flicker down to her chest and she looked down at herself. Her nipples were hard and were showing through the wet T-shirt sticking to her body.

Lisa quickly put her bag in front of her chest and tried to walk past him at the door. He moved a little and blocked her way.

“You are blocking my way.” She pointed out to him, making her voice a bit stern to cover up the loud beating of her heart.

“We need to talk.” He stood his ground.

“Sure. We’ll talk tomorrow, at lunch? I really need to go home now.” She tried to keep my voice steady, desperate to get out while she still had some semblance of control over the situation.

She tried to squeeze past him when he put a hand up at the side of the door and blocked her way completely. She banged into his arm with her shoulders and immediately stepped back.

“No. I’d rather we talk now.”

“About what?”

“About us.” He took a step closer as he said this. She took an instinctive step back. When he said ‘us’ in his deep voice, a fire erupted at the pit of her stomach, Lisa couldn’t tell if it was nervous excitement or plain stark fear.

“What about us?” she asked him, hoping he didn’t catch the wobble in her voice.

But she already knew…


Kelly was Lisa’s lookout as she changed into her costume for the solo dance competition in the empty classroom at the end of the corridor near the dumpster.

It was a lot of hassle dragging Kelly along, as all the classrooms, as per some stupid and nonsensical school rule, had no blinds or bolts on the door. But Lisa had chosen it after giving a lot of consideration to all the other options.

As she explained to Kelly, she couldn’t have changed from home. The costume that she was planning on wearing was a little too provocative for even her liberal parents. Changing in the girl’s room was out, she didn’t want the entire school to know what she was going to wear even before the competition started.

And that left them with an empty classroom.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Kelly sat with her back against the corridor window and started chattering about what she heard the other girls were wearing. “I don’t know what Cameron is going to be wearing but I heard it’s pretty daring. But she can’t dance to save her life, so she must compensate for that somehow.” Her voice trailed away as she saw Lisa put on a long skirt that came down and covered her feet, over the mini skirt that she was already wearing.

“That, is provocative?” she asked, her eyebrows raised.

“I am going to take it off on-stage. It’s part of a dance move.” Lisa winked with a smile.

“Hot”, said Kelly grinning.

“And this is what I am wearing on top.” Lisa held up a skimpy piece of cloth which looked like it’d barely cover anything. “It’s stretchable, but of course I can’t wear anything underneath it.” Grinning openly now, peeling off her bra and letting it fall on the floor.

“And here I was, thinking that Cameron’s trying to over compensate with her costume.” Kelly tuzla escort bayan teased.

Lisa snarled and threw the top she was holding towards Kelly and took a step towards her, stepped on her skirt and heard it rip.

Lisa gasped. “Kelly!” she cried in a strangled voice.

“Don’t panic. I am sure we can fix it”, said Kelly, laughing hard now. “Stand still and let me check.” She kneeled in front of her.

Lisa covered her bare breasts with her hands awkwardly and wished Kelly would hurry up. She would have tapped her leg in impatience, but that would mean earning the wrath of the girl who was going to be doing her make up later. She bit her tongue and looked out the window. And her breath came up short.

Jack was standing in the corridor. He looked straight at her and as soon as their eyes met his eyes slowly dipped lower. Lisa clutched her breasts, frozen. If she moved, Kelly would look up and see him.

She just stood there, not daring to move, and strangely not wanting to move, letting his eyes ravage her.

His eyes took in everything. Her bare arms, the slender curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts over her hands, the way her fingers covered her breasts, her small waist, with just a little hint of baby fat, her belly button just over the waistband of the skirt. He took it all in before he looked up at her again. Her face looked flushed and she was breathing hard.

“There. I’ve pinned it up.” Kelly’s voice sounded as if it was coming from very far off to Lisa.

He turned and started walking away as he heard Kelly’s voice.


“Us? There is no ‘us’.” Lisa was blabbering. He kept walking closer towards her and she kept backing into the wall. “I already HAVE a boyfriend for your information. And I –”

“Boyfriend?” He interrupted as her back hit the wall. “Who said anything about a boyfriend?”

He put one hand on the wall right by her neck, caging her on one side and grabbed her hair at the back of her head with the other. He yanked her head so her face was upturned towards his.

And he kissed her.

Lisa saw fireworks, as a thousand different emotions erupted inside her as their lips met. She had imagined countless times before how it’d feel to be kissed by Jack. He evoked highly intense feelings inside her by the simplest of actions.

Jeremy was the only other guy she had kissed. Jeremy’s kiss was gentle and sweet and just like him. But this was Jack. The only guy in school who could turn her on by simply looking at her.

She had fought and struggled against the feeling he created inside her in vain.

But as he kissed her in the empty silent classroom, the pouring of the rain outside muffling all other sounds, she was lost in the kiss. It overpowered her senses and for a second she melted into it.

But the moment she felt his tongue on her lips, her mind woke up with a jolt.

This was not good. This could kill everything she had so carefully built up. She dropped her bag and pounded on his chest with her fists as she struggled to breathe against his insistent mouth.

And just as suddenly as it had started, he broke away from her. Lisa staggered against his arm gulping air by the lungful through her mouth.

Her head was swimming. Her hands were now placed on his chest, trying to keep the distance that now was between them.

He relaxed his grip on her hair and rested it lightly at the back of her neck and brought his other hand to her face. His hand cupped her cheek and lifted her face up to him and he whispered, “Don’t pretend like you don’t want this.”

His let his left hand slide the length of her body and circled her waist. Lisa placed her hands flat on his chest and as if to push him away, and struggled weakly to break his grip on her.

‘Choose Lisa, dammit, Choose!’ her head screamed inside her.

He smirked at her feeble efforts, pulled at her waist and pushed his body against her at the same time. She felt his erection hard against her and before she could stop herself, she moaned. She wasn’t even really surprised to realize that she was wet. That even though her mind was resisting, this was exactly what her body wanted.

He smirked as if reading what was on her mind and said, “You can’t.”

And Lisa thought to herself, ‘I can’t…’


A while back, the school had arranged for a road trip for the seniors. It was on the night ride on the way back that the bus broke down. Right in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but trees and forest on either side and with no sign of any civilisation as far as the eye could see.

The bus driver however assured the accompanying teacher that this was one of the prominent highways and that they will soon see someone come along with the tools that the driver needed to get the bus running again.

‘A minor repair’ he called it.

The students sat inside the bus and waited. escort tuzla There was nothing else to do but sit around and wait for another vehicle to pass by. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes right?

An hour later, there was still no sign of another vehicle passing through the woods. The teacher let everyone out of the bus, with strict instructions to not go wandering around far from the bus. Many students started exploring the surrounding forest area.

Lisa broke off from her group, and went into the woods on her own; she told Jeremy she really needed to find a private spot to pee. Kelly offered to come with her when she said no to Jeremy’s offer, but Lisa still declined. Both of them laughed at her for being weirdly shy about these things, but Lisa was glad to be alone.

‘Some things are just NOT group activities.’ She thought, smarting inwardly at their teasing, walking into the woods.

When Lisa had walked in so deep into the forest that the gaggle of the students sounded muffled and far off, smothered by the silence of the forest, when she thought she heard a moan.

Her heart stopped as fear surged through her for a moment but as she turned to run she realized that someone could be hurt, in pain and in need of help.

She stilled her heart and cautiously walked a few steps towards the direction the sound was coming from and lifted a branch that was blocking her view.

She was able to make out Jack’s profile from the faint moon rays falling on him, filtered through the trees above.

She heard him moan again and realized with a shock that it was not in pain. Heat rushed to her face as she saw that he was not standing there alone.

A breeze flew overhead and rifling through the branches, spilling more moonlight on Jack and she could see better now. Him and the girl kneeling in front of him, her head moving against him in a rhythm.

As the scene in front of her became clearer, she could make out sounds of slurping, sucking and even moans from the girl.

Lisa didn’t want to stand and watch this, but her legs were rooted to the spot. She looked at Jack’s face, eyes half closed, transported in ecstasy, and felt a strange ache inside her. Why did this guy have this effect on her?

Then as if he heard her thoughts, Jack turned and looked directly at where Lisa was standing.

The shock of that returned all feelings to her legs. She scrambled to get away as fast as she could from there. It was dark, where she was standing, but she couldn’t be sure he hadn’t seen her. He knew of course someone was watching, but did he know it was her?

Damn, damn, she thought to herself as she almost flew from there, why did she always get into such situations around him?

An hour later, Lisa was talking to Kelly when she saw him climb into the bus, and he didn’t look at her.

Lisa knew she could never tell Jeremy about him. If anything happened to their relationship, Lisa’s entire social life would come crashing down around her. Jeremy was central to her life at the High school. Her social circle was in reality Jeremy’s. Even Kelly, the closest she had come to having a friend in school, was Jeremy’s best friend’s girlfriend.

Lisa sat next to Jeremy on the bus, not participating in the group chatter, her one hand in Jeremy’s and her face turned away, towards the window.

Jeremy turned towards her and asked her in a low voice, “Are you alright?” This was safe, this was perfect. This was her life, simple, uncomplicated, with everything a girl could ask for. Then what was the problem?

“Yes, I’m fine. I just have a headache.”

And her head WAS aching from trying to deal with the fact that she was wet throughout the entire ride.


“Don’t pretend like this isn’t something you wanted. You can’t.”

‘But I have to.’ Lisa tried to get a grip on herself. She realised both of Jack’s hands were loose on her waist and neck.

She ducked under the hand on her neck and tried to make a run for it.

But she wasn’t fast enough.

His arms tightened around her the moment he sensed flight, and he grabbed the side of her neck so hard that it hurt and pulled her back into his arms. He slammed her into the wall, pressed up roughly against her with his whole body and kissed her again.

There was nothing soft or sensual about this kiss. It was an assault. He bit her lips and pried it open. His tongue darted in and sucked and explored her mouth with complete domination.

Lisa was stunned by the sense of urgency and dominance of the kiss. She couldn’t even move, every inch of her body was pressed up against his. She had no control of how her body was reacting to his kiss. She knew she should shrug his arm and make a run for it. But trapped in his arms, and strangely mesmerised by the unusual effect this physical nearness with him was having on her, she stood rooted to the spot.

Because deep inside a part of Lisa craved his touch. Touch her in way she would never even ask Jeremy to touch her.

Because this was not what she had planned, this was not something she controlled.

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