Losing My Virginity In Germany.

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You know that life is unfair sometimes. My parents went on their first vacation without the kids in 20 years. My sister got to stay at her best friends house. My brother got to stay at his best friends house. Where do I get to stay? With Grandma and Grandpa in a neighbourhood devoid of friends to play with. Can you say BORED!

My Uncle Cam stopped by to pick up some clothes as he was on his way to see his Fiance in Germany. Seeing how lonely and annoyed I was he suggested taking me with him. A fare then cost next to nothing. Needless to say I was all for it and excited! ‘Only if your sister says it’s okay.’ my Grandma told him. Cam called my parents and asked them what they thought. ‘You’re responsible if anything happens to him.’ my Mom said. Little did she know just WHAT was going to happen.

I was leaving Canada, flying on a plane to a different country. I didn’t even speak any German but it didn’t matter. I was away from the old people and on an adventure.

We arrived in Visbaden, W. Germany and met up with Helga (the fiance) and her 19 year old sister Trude. Trude was a true blonde haired, blue eyed German girl with a figure that turned heads as she walked by. Beautiful curves, good sized and very pert breasts, long shapely legs! My cock got stiff just looking at her.

We settled into the hotel and did a bunch of sight seeing over the next couple of days. Helga did most of the talking since Trude spoke no English (a perfect match for my lack of German). It was also Oktoberfest time and there were many parties happening. On Friday we went to one of the celebrations and danced the night away.

Around this time Cam decided that I should be introduced to German Beer. The casino oyna Germans sure know about beer. It was smooth and a little sweet, didn’t taste bad at all. We all sat together and sang, ate, drank (a whole bunch) and had a blast. Finally the evening came to a close and we started back to the hotel….all of us EXTREMELY pissed! We wobbled our way back to our room to call it a night.

Cam and Helga made straight for the bedroom and in no time there were interesting noises coming from behind the door. We had a suite so I had the pull out couch in the living room. Trude and I sat on opposite ends of the couch not speaking, just listening to what was happening in the bedroom.

Needless to say, my cock started to come to life hearing all the moaning and groaning. There was no hiding it either, it pushed against my pants and made a wonderful tent in my lap. Trude noticed it immediately and moved closer to me. Gently she put her hand on my leg and then slowly moved it up until she was touching my hard cock.

I was stunned! I’d played around with girls at home, ‘show me yours I’ll show you mine’ but I’d never had a girl just boldly grab me like THAT! Trude gently stroked the outline of my cock with her fingers and I laid my head back to enjoy the sensations. Suddenly I felt my zipper being pulled down, my pants undone and pulled off of me. Trude grasped my cock in her hand and started to jack it. She got on her knees and sucked it into her mouth as well. I was shocked but the sensations of her mouth and hand on me was like nothing I’d ever felt before.

I decided to get a little bold myself and moved my hand down to the top of her dress. Bent over my cock like Trude was I had a great shot canlı casino of her breasts and I wanted to feel them. My hand snuck under her dress and bra until I felt the hardness of her nipple. Trude let out a moan of her own and I knew that I was doing something right.

Trude stopped sucking on me and stood up. Slowly she unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the ground. She then undid her bra, giving me my first real look at her gorgeous tits and dark erect nipples. Lastly, Trude peeled her panties down her legs and then stood before me, my first fully naked woman. She was beautiful! A light blonde bush covered her pussy, which Trude had already started to rub, her fingers moist with her juices. I quickly stripped the rest of my clothes off and joined her with my nakedness.

Trude came up to me, grasped my head and kissed me passionately. Her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth and I quickly learned about French Kissing. Trude took total control. Without a word she showed me what to do. Guiding my mouth and hands to her nipples, bringing my face to her sweet pussy and having me eat her to orgasm. Trude kept her hand on my cock gently stroking it, playing with it, sucking it.

Finally Trude couldn’t wait any longer, she wanted my cock inside her. Trude pushed me down onto the couch and then straddled my lap. Grasping my cock she rubbed the tip against her hot, wet slit. The precome that was at the tip of my cock was rubbed all over her lips. Gently Trude slid down onto me until I was buried to the hilt. I was no longer a virgin! WOW!!

Trude started to rock back and forth on me, sliding her pussy to the tip of my cock and then pushing it fully inside of her again. My hands grasped kaçak casino her ass, my mouth found her nipples, we looked ito each others eyes and saw the pleasure we were giving each other. Our pace started to get faster, I felt that funny feeling I had when I masturbated…the tickle as your body prepares to release. Trude closed her eyes, her hand was between her legs stroking her clit. Our breathing was eratic as we started to slam our bodies together. Trude moaned loudly and then came all over my lap. I felt her juices flow down my legs, between the crack of my ass. The warmth of it was amazing and the excitement of that moment took me over the edge. I pushed my cock as deep into Trude as I could and filled her pussy with shot after shot of my hot come. I don’t think I had ever released that much fluid before.

Trude continued to rock against my cock, slowly and gently as I began to go soft. Eventually I popped out of her and Trude scooped my come out of her pussy and spread it all over her breasts.

We cleaned ourselves up and then pulled out the bed. We snuggled naked under the covers and eventually fell asleep in each others arms.

I the morning I woke up to the sight of a hugely grinning Uncle Cam. There were Trude and myself, naked and sleeping together in the same bed. It wasn’t hard to figure out what WE had been up to!

The rest of our time in Germany was spent touring through the day and making love through the night. All good things must come to a end though and we found ourselves at the airport saying goodbye. I didn’t want to leave Trude ever. She had taught me so much about sex and love. But we said our goodbyes and flew away.

Sad to say, Cam and Helga never got married, the distance was just too much for the relationship. I never saw Trude again but I’ll never forget my first time. Not a word spoken. Just motion, touch and love. I’ll never forget you Trude. Thank you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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