Love is Crazy

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It all started with a kiss. Then, everything went black. No memory of anything from the bar to the bedroom. She drugged me and took advantage of the situation . Now, I’m in love with her. Sounds crazy right? Well, that’s love for you. So, let me tell you how it all went down.

It began at a night club like any other night. I see her like I do every time I come here. I want her, but I’m too nervous to say anything as always. It’s been too long since my wife passed away and it’s about time I move on I suppose. I’ve been out of the game for a hot minute and I’ve no idea what I’m doing. I’ve been here a few times now and still haven’t worked up the nerve to even say hi. She’s hot, sexy, young and I’m not old, but I’m not a young kid anymore. What do I have to offer such an attractive girl anyway?

My heart races as I see her approach me with a drink in her hand and she speaks to me. “I’ve noticed you in here the last few weeks now and I figured since you weren’t going to say hi, that I would. So, hi. “She said it so cute and innocent like and she kissed my cheek. I’m speechless.

“You can start by saying hi you know.” She twists her body side to side, batting her long eye lashes, staring at me with a smile so bright that it blinds my mind into blankness. I feel like a teenager again.

“Hi.” I smile like an idiot. I’m so nervous. I pound my drink she gave me.

She’s smiling at me as I finish my drink. “Thirsty?”

“Nervous is more like it.”

“Don’t be. I don’t bite…” she whispers in my ear “…unless you like it.”

With her hands on my face it all began with a passionate kiss. I remember being so turned on. So hot. Then, blank. Nothing.

I wake up moaning to an incredible blow job! I see her sucking my dick. My head hurts. Body aches. How did I end up here? God, she’s so amazing. This feels so…mmmm! I cum long and hard. How long was she doing this? She’s staring up at me.Cum fills her mouth and she swallows it all. Some of it is still on her lips so she licks it up slowly. Watching me with a grin and giggling. I’m left shaking.

“Mmmm! Yummy! Good morning my lover. Did you have a good nights rest? What little you got that is. You were simply amazing! You animal you. What you did with your tongue…” She pauses, eyes closed in remembrance. “Let’s just say I never squirted before. How did it taste?” She’s talking a mile a minute. Not even giving me a chance to speak. “You drank it all up. It felt incredible. By the way you were my first and second and hopefully after I get you hard again my third.” What!?! My mind is racing with questions galore. A virgin? Are you kidding me? What the fuck is going on here? “What do you say my sexy man?” She Leans into me, scrunching up her face and smiling like we’ve been a couple for a long time already.

She spoke so fast and my head is spinning. I don’t remember last night at all. I ask the first question that pops into my brain. “Where am I?”

“My place of course.” Right, like that’s so obvious. “I know you have a lot of questions, so let me explain my lover.” Lover? The fuck did I get myself into? “We got a cab from the club. Don’t worry I’ll take care of my sir. I got your car parked outside. Had it towed her last night. You’re safe with me sir.” She’s massaging my balls and kissing my cock as she’s talking. I’m getting a bit hard again, but I got some serious questions first. “I’ll do anything for you sexy.” Her mouth hugs my cock. Damn, it’s hard to concentrate like this. “You want some breakfast?”

“Wait a second stop.” She listens, but my dick is still in her hands. Got me by the balls. Literally.

“Did I do something wrong baby? I’m sorry.” She looks upset. “I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

I find it hard to concentrate. Partly my headache and partly a hot girl who has my cock in her hands. God, I’m so horny. “What happened? The last I remember bursa escort was that kiss and…and… Nothing. Blank. I don’t remember drinking that much.”

Then, it hits me. Did she… No… Maybe… But… “Did you put something in my drink?” Do I even want to know? What if… I wanted her at the club and she clearly wants me, but.. what if… What if she did? She’s amazing. Hot, sexy, blonde, young with a killer body and maybe a killer mind too. A bit psycho, but with bug tits and a matching ass. More importantly, she’s fucking me! Me! Of every guy in there, she chose me. It’s what I’ve dreamed of since… since.. she passed away. Love. I never thought I’d find someone else to love or be loved by. But… What if she did it?

The answer is stunning. “I’m sorry.” Her eyes are downcast and filling up with tears. “I put a little something, but only to loosen you up a bit. I never thought it would do this to you. I’m so sorry. I’ll never do anything to hurt you ever again. Let me make it up to my sir.” The whole speech she’s fondling my dick and balls. It makes it kinda hard to be mad and hard in general. You know I never realized before now that it’s really hard to be mad at a girl when she’s making you horny.

“I just wanted you so badly.” She looks frustrated. “I figured you weren’t going to talk to me so I spiked your drink. Only to get you to talk to me that’s all. I was betting I could get you to fall in love with me once you got to know me.” Tears stain her cheeks. I’m a sucker for a crying girl. “I’m really sorry and I hope you’re not mad at me.” Her puppy dog eyes are killing me. “I’ll do anything for you. Anything you want or ever need sir. I promise.” She raises her right hand up like swearing on a bible. What’s with the sir thing? “And just so you know, you are my first, second hopefully my last. I am, or rather I was a virgin. So, no worries about getting anything from me and yes I used protection. “That’s one less worry I guess. I scored a virgin? “I’ll never hurt you again. I swear.”

“Wow! That’s a lot to take in all at once. “I stare at her and contemplate what the Hell I’m going to do next. Tell me about yourself I guess.” My curiosity is getting the better of me. Or is it my hornyness?

“Yes, sir.”

“Stop.” She freezes on command. “What’s with the sir thing? I’m not that old.”

She laughs at that. “Sorry. You’re not old. I’m just into older guys. Just never found one till you. As for the sir thing, I always wanted a dominant man. If that’s ok with you sir? Oops! I mean…”

I interject before I upset her. Why do I even care? “No. Don’t be. It’s ok. It’s just a bit weird is all and I’ve been… away from dating and it’s just all new to me again. You know, after my wife passed away I just…”

“I’m sorry to hear that si… I mean… My love. Maybe I can help fill in your loss. Not that I can replace her or anything like like, but just fill in your heart that’s missing a piece.”

I find myself smiling at the thought of loving someone again. She sees it as an opportunity.

“So. About me. I’m 19 and I don’t care you’re older, but, I love you so much. The first time I saw you at the club, I knew it. I waited for you. Hoped you’d talk to me. Dreamed of you. So I tried to loosen you up. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad please. I’m sorry and I’ll do anything to please you.”

She starts to suck me again. She swallows me whole. Fuck! I want her to stop. To think this through. It’s wrong. But… I don’t stop her. I just…enjoy it. It’s wrong… But.. I don’t know. Everything is spinning in my head. My cock grows in her mouth. My breaths quicken as I moan holding her head down.

This is bad. Wrong. It has to stop. “Wait. Stop.” She obeys me reluctantly. “I can’t believe this is happening. Why? I mean, I hear you, but… I don’t understand. I just… I gotta go. I got to clear bursa escort bayan my head. And not that head either. You are fucking amazing at that just so you know. Fuck!” I’m angry and frustrated and confused and really fucking horny.

Panic sets into her. She frantically begs me. “Please don’t go. Just hear me out. Please.” I never moved off the bed. Naked as she’s naked. A weird argument at best. I can’t believe I’m entertaining this… This… I don’t know what this is. But.. I’m drawn to her somehow. She’s beautiful and she reminds me of her and I’m so lonely. What’s wrong with me?

“I want you. I love you. You don’t have to love me back yet, but I hope you will. I have money. My father passed away and I inherited his fortune. You won’t have to work. I’ll cook and clean for you. Fuck you anytime, anyway, anywhere. I know it’s love I feel for you deep down inside my heart. I wanted you to be my first and last. Unfortunately, I can’t get pregnant because of medical problems. I had to have emergency surgery. If you want kids we can adopt. No condoms. No others before you. No worries of stds. Only you. Only you. So please, just think about it. What more could you ever want?” She manages a smile. “I’ll do and give you anything. Just don’t leave me.”

She touches me again. Her hands running up and down my body. Oh God! What am I doing? I know what she did… But… I… Want to be loved again. She’s a virgin or was. Her first. Can I believe her?

She sees me thinking. “I have medical records for proof. I see you thinking. I’m not lying. I’ll never lie to you. I’ll never hurt you. I love you too much. I waited for you for all those weeks. Dreaming of you. You’re better than my dreams. If you leave me, know this. You’re my first. I don’t want another. You’re older and will take care of me the way only a man can. Boys my age are just looking for sex and money. I’ve watched you. I know you’ll love me eventually. I googled you too. I know. Stalker, right? Just doing my homework is all. I’m sorry about your wife. I hope I can be just as good as she was.”

I’m stunned. Silent. This is surreal. But… She’s right. I want to be loved. She wants to be loved. We’ve both lost a loved one. It maybe wrong… Hell it is wrong. At least the start of this is. This… Relationship? What am I doing?

“Please stay with me.” Tears well up in her eyes. I wipe them away. Pull her naked flesh up on top of me. I feel my dick flat on my belly pressed against her flat tummy. Her tits pressed against my chest. Her nipples are so hard. My hands hold her face. Her arms wrap around my neck.

We kiss passionately. Wild like. As I stop the madness I tell her, “This is how it all started. With a kiss. This time I don’t want to forget. “I make her smile. God, she is adorably cute. “I’ll do this, but on one condition.”

She shaking, smiling. Melts my heart that smile. I feel love once again. Love I thought was lost to me forever more. “Anything for my sir. “She reaches to put my throbbing cock deep inside her wet pussy. God! She’s incredible. I gasp as I enter her. She moans.

“No more drugging me OK?” She sits up. Rubs my chest and leans back, bending my cock. It hurts for more. I can’t help but to stare at her perfect tits bouncing in rhythm. That pussy clamps down on my dick in ways I never even thought of. She’s so much like her in the way she looks. I’ll always miss my wife, but maybe this was meant to be. I need her as much as she needs me. So much loss in our lives. Me, losing my wife and her loss of her father at such a young age. This crazy thing called love just might work. No matter how crazy our beginning sounds.

Looking down at me, she leans in for a kiss she answers. “Never again my love. My everything. My sir. I’m yours to do with as you want. Use me. Teach me. Love me!” She screams as she viciously bounces up and down on top of me. escort bursa Fucking shit! She rocks my world. Head is still spinning, but I’ll never forget my first time with her. Well, the one I’m not drugged for at least.

Slowing down so i don’t cum too quickly as if she already knows just what she’s doing, she lays down on me and we kiss. Then on my neck and ear she nibbles, giving me the chills, she whispers in my ear. “Besides, I don’t need to. I got what I want.” Saying it full confidence. Her hands holding my cock as she slides off me for a moment. “Everything I ever wanted right…” She squeezes my dick and my balls, making me both moan and groan. Pleasure and pain. “…here.” Letting go of her tight grip, she slams herself down on me with her full weight, making me gasp out all my breath. Oh fuck me! Virgin my ass. If she was one before this, she sure as Hell must of watched and read a lot about sex. She seems to know just how to please me.

“Damn it girl! You sure you were a virgin before all this?”

With a devilish grin she comments. “Yes. Why? Don’t you trust me?” Giving me those puppy dog eyes, I grin right back at her. She continues happily adding, “I’ve watched and read lots about sex. And I masturbate every day. You know us christian raised girls. No sex before marriage right? Just trying to stay pure. Plus, my imagination is rather dirty.”

I love it! I don’t care how crazy this is. And it’s really, really crazy. Well, life is crazy. I flip her over onto her back and tease her clit with the tip of my cock. She pouts as I tease, but she moans begs me for more. “Good. Remember this. You said I’m your sir. I do the fucking around here. And don’t you forget.”

I turn her on her side and slap her ass. “That’s for the drug.” She lets out a surprised “oohh” sound, followed by an “oh, yes baby.” I force her on her back again, twisting her hard nipples. She moans in a cat like purr that just turns me on. “That’s cause I wanted to.” I slide back inside and kiss her repeatedly, speaking in between each kiss of her sweet lips. “That’s… That’s cause… Cause..”

“Cause what baby?” She moans as I go in and out slowly, gently.

I kiss her passionately and I fuck her hard! Her legs wrapped on my back. Arms holding me tight. Harder and faster I pound her into submission. “Cause why?” She’s moaning each word. I hear and feel her cumming. She is screaming, moaning. “Cause why?” She’s shaking after we both cum. Moaning into her ear and shaking, I kiss her yet again. My dick stays deep inside her. It feels so wrong yet so right.

“That’s cause.. I love you too.” Then, it dawns on me. She said she needed to wait till marriage. What the fuck happened last night? “Wait. Are we…?”

Her smile widens ear to ear as realization covers my face. “Married? Yes. Did I forget to mention that to you?” She’s really good. She’s got me hook line and sinker.

“You’re… You…You crazy…” Again. What the fuck!

“Wife. I know.” She speaks with that devilish smile upon her angelic face. “And you’re my husband. Look at your finger.” Holy shit it’s huge. Married and I don’t even remember any of it. “I recorded it for us to watch. You want to see it now sir?”

“No. Not right now. Later. Maybe. I’ll have to get used to this sir thing. And somehow I don’t quite feel in charge here.”

“So dominate me, my husband.” She commands me. Who’s really dominating who?

I’m done fucking, but I need to show that I can at least take charge in bed at least. So I stick my two middle fingers right up her cunt, pressing down on her clit. Pinky finger teasing dat ass and I go fast as I can. I penetrate her body and her mind forcing my way in control. She moans, groans and purrs for me all the while begging me for more. I’ll need to rest after this, but so will she. Then, well, our new lives begin. I’m sure she has an insatiable thirst for sex, being young and all. Good. I’ll be ready for her. I pray. Ha! Funny thought that.

This is crazy. I’m crazy. She’s crazy. Life is crazy. So wrong or so right, fuck it anyways. I’m staying. Forever.


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