Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1

Hank felt good and he had every reason to. This fall he would be starting his final year of college and he already had a full time job in his field. There weren’t that many jobs out there in his field; American History, Museum Studies but he got one with a good starting salary and a chance of advancement. His baseball season was going well. Even though he wasn’t going anywhere as far as a career, it brought him pleasure to be doing well in the summer league. Besides after college, it would most likely be the beer and pretzels softball league. As he drove down the Interstate, Hank smiled. Yes things were going good.

One other thing…Hank was in love. Not that brief moment of intense feeling or that line used by every guy who wanted to get laid. No, this was the real thing. On this hot July 4th weekend, he was going to make his feelings known.

Hank had met Amy during their sophomore year. They were taking the same US History course. As an education major she had to and he because it was his major. He wasn’t sure what it was about her, her auburn hair, her green eyes, her smile or what. Whatever it was, they hit it off right away. They had a lot in common. He played baseball; she had a brother who did too. She was an honor student and he was student. At first they never had an “official” date but met for meals, study groups or just to talk. They enjoyed each other’s company. Hank dated several girls but they never seemed right. Even the ones he had sex with left him with something missing. Amy also dated but had no steady guy. She claimed they all wanted to get into her pants and she wasn’t going to give in to just any one. Her first time would be with the man she loved.

By the end of their junior year, it was just the two of them. No one else. Though things got hot and heavy between them, Amy was true to her word. Oh sure, there was some pretty serious petting and a couple times Hank thought this night was the night but Amy wouldn’t let go. Hank left some nights with some pretty blue balls.

As he turned up the long driveway to her house, he had already decided he was going to tell her this weekend.

Hank had been invited to Amy’s family’s traditional 4th July picnic. It was a big deal. Amy’s father, Joe, was a big wheel in the State’s leading political party and this was his chance to mix business with family. A lot of big wigs would be there. Hank had met Amy’s folks when they came to visit her at school. Hank and Joe didn’t hit it off too well. Afterwards, her dad told Amy that she was too good for Hank and besides Ataşehir Escort Hank was going nowhere with that career choice of his.

Amy’s mom, Elsie, was a pure delight. She and Hank hit it right off and he could tell she approved of him. He knew where Amy got her auburn hair and smile from. They say look at the mother to find out what the daughter will look like in ten years. What Hank saw pleased him. Elsie was full figured. Not fat but curvy with just the right amount weight. Amy complained her boobs were too small and butt too big but her mom told her to wait, things will change as she was late bloomer herself.

Amy’s folks owned a large farm and as Hank drove towards the house, he could see that there were already a lot of people here. He experienced a moment of doubt to why he was even here but he told himself he faced tougher situations on the ball field. So he parked the truck, shut off the key, and closed the truck’s door. After seeing Amy he knew why he came.

Chapter 2

As Amy reached Hank, she put her arms around him and gave him a deep long kiss. She broke it long enough to say, “I missed you so!” and then kissed him again. This time grinding her pelvis into him so hard Hank staggered back into the side of his truck.

“Wow! Where did that come from? I could feel that all the way down to my toes!” Hank laughed.

Amy stepped back and gave him a sly grin. Taking his hand she said, “Come on, you need to meet the rest of my family.” With that they headed off towards the crowd.

Hank was impressed with the number of people attending a “family” picnic but then he remember that Amy’ dad was a politician so it wasn’t all family. As Amy pulled him through the mass, Hank could definitely tell who was with which group.

The first family member Amy introduced Hank was her older sister, Jesse. Jesse was 3 years older than Amy and was married to a contractor. She had a two year old daughter and was trying to corral her as Hank was introduced. Jesse was had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure like her mom, full breasts and hips. What struck Hank was her smile. Amy, her mom, and now Jesse had that same smile and a sparkle to their eyes.

“Pleased to meet you. I have heard a lot of good things about you,” Jesse said. “Hope to see you more of you around here.” With that she went off after her daughter.

“Only one more to go, my brother, Jim. You too should hit it off well. He plays baseball for our high school. Pretty good. He’s over there.”

Jim was standing off casually sipping on a beer Anadolu Yakası Escort and watching the goings-on. He flashed that same winning smile as Amy introduced him. After the usual small talk, Amy said that she had to help her mom and needed to go. She gave Hank a kiss and did something unusual for her. As she kissed him, she slid her hand under his shirt and rubbed his stomach. Hank was totally surprised. As she walked away she gave him a wink.

Jim offered Hank a beer and they walked towards the cooler. They found as they walked that they shared a common love, baseball, and so got quite involved in a discussion of it. They walked around the grounds talking and ended up at the horseshoe game. It seemed to draw quite a crowd. There Amy’s dad and some other guy were trash talking as they beat all challengers.

Hank asked, “Who’s that?”

“That’s Roger Perry. Just became a lawyer and is an up and coming guy in politics. One of dad’s favorites,” Jim replied with an air of disgust. “Dated Amy in high school even though he’s older than her. I think more for a connection than anything else. If Dad had his way, he still be dating her.”

With that comment, Hank said, “Whaaat! You can’t be serious?”

“I am. Watch out. He’s a real asshole!”

The game just ended with another win by Roger and Dad.

“All right, who’s next for a beat down? “yelled Roger, “Come on candy-asses!”

All the good old boys laughed but no one stepped forward. Roger eyed the crowd which started to break up. His eyes settled on Jim and Hank.

“Hey Jimmy! Want to try to take me and the old man down,” Roger exclaimed in a voice that made everyone and turn around. Roger slugged down a cold one. “Come on, get a pair! How about your friend? Does he got any?”

The crowd got quiet. It wasn’t funny anymore. It was getting personal. While Roger rattled on, Amy’s dad stood by, drank his whiskey and smiled. He was enjoying this.

“That’s Amy’s friend. You know the one I told you about, Roger.” Dad laughed. “I doubt if he got any. Some kinda Liberal Arts major.”

Hank felt his blood pressure rise and he began to say something stupid but stopped. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Amy coming closer. Her face gave away her feelings. She was scared about what was going to happen. Hank took a deep breath. “Come on, Jim. Let’s give it a go.”

As the two walked to the pits, Hank turned towards Amy and gave her a wink. It was going to be OK. Hank also talked to Jim. He reminded him it was just a game and besides he had Kartal Escort faced bigger and tougher opponents on the ball field.

Roger yelled down to Dad, “I’ll take the college boy. You get Jim.” With that the match started.

It wasn’t much of a match. Jim and Hank didn’t get much of a warm-up and lost 21-13. It wasn’t really that close. As Roger and Dad celebrated with a drink and more trash talk, Hank challenged them.

“How about another game? Two out of three?”

Roger turned and laughed. He walked up to Hank, “You want another whuppin?”

Hank stood about 6 feet and was built like a fine tuned athlete. Roger was at least 6’3″ and a former linebacker at State U until he blew out his knee. Roger knew how to intimidate.

Hank wouldn’t back down. “How about we make it worthwhile? Say 20 bucks per team.”

“You’re on buddy boy.”

The word spread pretty fast. Every man was there. Some of the politicos were placing side bets. There was plenty of pressure to go around. The match was back and forth with no one being able get ahead by more than 4. With the 18-17 Hank and Jim, Jim tossed a ringer which his dad was unable to cover. Games were tied 1-1.

The two teams took a short break and Amy came over to Hank. “Do you know what you are doing?”

“I hope so”, replied Hank. “A kiss for luck.”

The final match started just as tight but with score tied at 5, Hank and Jim threw 4 unanswered ringers and never looked back. Game, Set, Match, and 40 dollars. Also the joy of seeing Roger and Dad go down. The look on her father’s face was worth it. Hank offered his hand to Roger, who took one look at and walked away.

After the match was over Hank strolled over to Amy who beaming. “You won!” and she gave him a hug. Jim came over and shook his hand. “Thanks, man.” With that Amy and Hank walked towards the house. Hank needed to clean up. Amy showed him the bathroom then she followed him in. Hank removed his shirt and as Amy handed him a towel, she rubbed her hands across his chest.

Hank grabbed her and kissed her, deeply and passionately. Amy didn’t resist. She rubbed her hand across his back. He slid his hands under her shirt and did the same. Hank went for more. He slid his hands into her pants and began to fondle her ass. Amy responded by kissing him even stronger and grinding her pelvis into his crotch. Hank pulled her closer as Amy broke away from the kiss. She buried her face into his neck and began to take short shallow breath. Her hips began to move in response to his hands. They could feel the heat building.

“Amy! Where are you? Your mother needs your help. Amy!” It was her dad. From the sound of the voice, he wasn’t happy.

The moment was gone.

“Coming, Dad. I’ll be right there,” Amy answered. She kissed Hank lightly on lips and left him standing there.

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