Love You, Daddy! Ch. 01

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“Hey, babe, whatcha doin’?” Karli asked as she sauntered into my bedroom. I smiled up at her from my bed, putting my book down. She knelt and gave me a kiss on the cheek, something one would expect from girls who had been besties for a long time.

“Namuch, just the stupid calc homework.” I replied. “I hate this shit.”

“Ugh, you and me both,” she agreed as she flopped down on the bed beside me, staring at the ceiling. “Absolutely the wrong way to be spending my summer, doing extra courses for credit.”

“So, you and Jer are not having fun anymore?” I posited, smirking at her.

“Nope, he turned out to be the dud you warned me he’d be,” she sighed. “I mean, his dick was alright, but he was turning into a little drama queen. Who’s got time for that crap? The fucking wasn’t good enough to make it worth putting up with.”

I giggled at her discomfiture. We didn’t have any online lecture classes on Tuesdays, so I’d elected to catch up on my studies in my room, rather than head across town. I frowned as I noticed her outfit. “What’s with the nostalgia?”

She half-sat up and grinned, waving a hand in front of herself as if I had never seen it before. It was our old high school dress uniform, complete with blue blazer and pleated tartan skirt. “I just wanted to see if I was still sexy in it, so I wore it around.”

I laughed. “You’re such a huge slut. And yes, you still look hella sexy in it.”

“You don’t think my boobs are too big for it?” she asked, indicating her bust, the top of which was swelling out of the tight white shirt. She clearly couldn’t button the blazer anymore.

“It’s only an improvement if they are,” I said soothingly. “Remember how baggy the uniform was when we first tried it on?”

“Yes,” Karli muttered somewhat darkly. “Took me forever to get a boy to fuck me because you couldn’t see my body underneath all the material.”

“Never stopped me.” I said softly, looking at her slyly.

“Well, you always were my favourite fuck all through high school…” she purred as she knelt in front of me, her eyes warm with desire. She gazed up and down my body- I was wearing a long shirt as a nightie, with some panties underneath. She took hold of the hem of the shirt and I lifted my behind slightly, allowing her to wiggle it up to my hips.

“Got some urges that need looking after?” I breathed, suddenly feeling the flush of warmth that accompanied arousal. Math could wait. Fucking Karli now took precedence.

“What can I say, you bring out the lesbian slut in me,” she replied, sidling closer on her knees. “I didn’t even plan to fuck you when I stopped by, but seeing you splayed shamelessly on your bed like this just got me going.”

“Well, who am I to trivialize your needs?” I moaned as she leaned in and kissed me, her hands on either side of my torso now. I was propped up on a few pillows, so we were face-to-face while she knelt. Lips parted and tongues tangled in an intimate and familiar greeting. The flush of warmth over my skin made me acutely aware of how wet I was quickly becoming. I could feel her breasts bump into mine as the confines of her white school blouse failed to contain them.

“God, I love your tits,” I whispered through our kiss as I reached up and cupped them gently through the material of her shirt and bra. “They’re so damn big now.”

“Just like yours,” she murmured back, pressing closer to me. “Remember sneaking into the developing room in the arts wing and rubbing them together?”

I shivered at the memory, grasping her breasts harder. “Shit, yes, but… do you have time to fuck? Don’t you have your weekly lunch with your mom in an hour?”

“We’ll make it a quickie,” she said, finally breaking the kiss as she reached down to lift her skirt. “It’ll gimme something to think about while she blathers on about work and whatever cute new boy in the office caught her eye.”

I loved Karli to death, but it was fairly obvious where she got her free and easy attitude concerning fucking from- her mom was, or at least would be if she took care of herself, a cougar, always on the prowl since her most recent divorce. The problem was, she was not working out or maintaining her body, so fantasizing was likely all she had left.

Not so with Karli. Her daughter was smoking hot and made me so damn wet. “So what do we want to do, then?”

“It’s been a while, but…” she murmured. She knelt close to me and pulled my hips close. She pressed her panties to mine and began rocking back and forth. There was already a small wet spot on our panties and they were growing.

“Mmmmm…” I moaned as she leaned in and kissed me again, taking her face in my hands. We squirmed our panty-covered pussies together, feeling our gooey lips meeting through the sticky fabric. We’d done this countless times before, something quick and easy to do with little evidence of our misbehaviour. We’d done it at school more times than I could remember, pulling one another into empty classrooms, pendik escort locker rooms or just the janitor’s closet, lifted our skirts and squirmed our cunts together until we came.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Karli whispered through the kiss. “Gimme your tits…” She hiked my nightshirt up even farther to expose my breasts, while I undid her bra and pulled her shirt off, freeing her tits from their confines completely. With a shiver and a gasp, we pressed together hard, nipples poking and brushing over one another.

I ground my hips in circles against hers, watching as the wet material of our panties clung together. I could feel her pussylips mushing against mine through the underwear, the sensation sending thrills through me as we fucked.

She reached under my behind and pulled me closer until I was in her lap while she knelt. I wrapped one leg around her waist, keeping my puss pressed against hers while we writhed. Our mouths met hungrily and tongues plunged as we kissed. My hands roamed over her back and down to her ass cheeks while she caressed mine with increasing fervour. It felt so good to be fucking Karli again, it felt like forever, even though it had only been two weeks, at most. We were never too busy to fuck one another.

She tossed her head back and panted as she ground and squirmed against one another, not trying to prolong anything. We just wanted to cum together, as quickly and as hard as possible. Warm sweat was forming on our bodies and we began to tremble, feeling the exquisite buildup.

“Fucking fuck…” she grunted through clenched teeth as she pressed her cunt harder into mine. “Gonna cum so hard!”

“Me too!” I panted, meaning it. My body was on fire and I would have to work hard not to scream as I came. “Cum with me, Karli!”

The floodgates opened and we kissed in a frenzy, screaming into one another’s mouths. We pressed our pussies together so hard I thought our hips would crack from the pressure. I could feel our warm cum soaking our panties and mixing together between us. We rocked and ground with abandon, desperate to feel every single sensation of delight crackle through us.

We both fell backwards, panting heavily, our legs still locked, panties glued to one another. I gently caressed my breasts, bringing myself down from the incredible sexual high. I could feel Karli trembling still. I loved watching her cum, since she always looked like she was having a seizure made of pure pleasure. My own orgasms, while equally powerful, were not quite so visually dramatic.

“Holy shit…” she said breathlessly, still on her back. “That was a good one. Panty-fucking always did give us amazing orgasms, didn’t it?”

I nodded. “I’ve tried it with other girls and it’s great and all, but never as good as it is with you.”

“Mmmm, good to hear,” she purred as she reached down and stroked our sopping panties. “God, I love that…”

We stayed like that for a few minutes more before getting up and cleaning ourselves off. Karli hadn’t brought any spare panties, so she borrowed one of my pairs, but not before insisting I wear them for a few minutes so I’d be with her during lunch.

I was putting on a fresh pair of panties when I noticed her looking out my bedroom window and into the garden beyond. Something seemed to have her attention.

“What are you looking at?” I asked as I pulled on a shirt, thinking it was time to get dressed for the day.

She had a pensive look on her face. “Is your dad okay?” she asked. I tilted my head in confusion before going to see for myself what she was talking about. Sure enough, my dad was sitting in a chair in the backyard, a book in his lap. But he had his fingers pinched over his eyes, as if he was lost in deep thought.

“I guess so,” I said uncertainly, still not sure exactly what she meant. Karli was a rather sensitive soul about other people and how they were doing. “I mean, he looks like he’s thinking about something. What’s wrong with that?”

“It’s not what he’s doing, it’s how he’s doing it,” she replied. “Or, well… more to the point, it’s about how he’s trying to not show it.”

“Okay, even for you that was pretty out there,” I pointed out. “Can you be a little more straightforward?”

“You’re mom’s been dead for just over a year now, right?” she stated. I nodded, since Karli knew as well as I did that it had been a year and change since mom was killed. I’d been devastated and she’d been my closest friend through that awful time, always at my side, consoling me.

“You’ve gotten over it mostly,” she said quietly, still watching him for something. “I… I don’t think your dad has.”

I considered that for a moment and then shrugged. “What’s he supposed to be acting like? Happy and bouncy?”

“No, I just think he’s hiding how hurt he really is, Evie,” she clarified. She was obviously concerned, because she never used my name or even a diminutive of it unless she was tuzla escort serious. “I think he is every bit as raw and agonized as the day it happened. Something in his eyes, something behind them. That man is so lost and lonely…”

I put my hand over my mouth and my eyes stung as the tears came. I’d cried plenty of tears for my loss, for my mother, but I don’t think I had recently considered how my dad was truly feeling these days. I mean, yes, he obviously missed her, but was he really that lost without her love in his life?

“He puts on a good show,” she continued. “He’s the same, helpful, cheerful guy he always was, at least on the surface. But I think it’s a show, a shield. He’s protecting himself, concealing the hurt from everyone.”

“Even me?” I asked, horrified by the thought.

“Especially you,” she said softly, turning to look at me and taking my hand. “You’re the only thing he has left in this world and he feels like his agony is weakness. He can’t be that in front of you. I’m no psychic, Eve, but I’ll bet if you watch closely, you’ll see I’m right. I don’t want to be, but I am worried for your dad.”

“How long have you been?” I asked.

“A few months,” Karli admitted. “But I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure I was right.”

“But.. if I’d known a few months ago, maybe I could have done something to help him,” I murmured, not mad at her but needing to vocalize the point. “I’ve had all my friends supporting me and he’s had almost nobody that way. What if I could have done something earlier?”

“What would you have done?” she asked softly.

“I… I don’t know…” I admitted, gazing out the window, down at my father.


“Hi, Mister Sturm!” Karli called out as we walked by my father, hand-in-hand. He took his fingers away from his eyes and focused on us for a moment and then smiled pleasantly.

“Hey, girls,” he said cheerfully, as was normal for him. “Karli, you staying for lunch?”

“Oh, no can do, sir, but thanks for the offer,” Karli chirped, smiling back. “Lunch with my mom, highlight of my week- not.”

“Now Karli, your mom’s a very nice lady,” my dad replied, rising and smiling at us. “She’s just… a little frisky once in a while.”

Karli raised an eyebrow. “Once in a while.”

“Well okay, only when she’s awake,” my dad said, causing us both to laugh. “Not that I intend to find out first-hand, mind you.”

“I like you way too much to sic my mom on you, sir.” Karli said before skipping up to him and giving him a big hug. To my dad’s credit, he wasn’t awkward about this unexpected display of affection from a girl less than half his age. He hugged her back for a moment and then released her. Karli kissed me on the cheek and waved goodbye as she skipped through the gate that led out of our backyard and onto a small street.

“She’s a nice girl, your friend Karli,” my dad said casually as he sat back down in his lawn chair. “She always has been.”

“Duh, you’ve known her most of her life, daddy,” I giggled as I knelt down next to his chair and took a sip of the can of soda on the little side table. I frowned as I tasted all the sugar. “You shouldn’t drink this crap, daddy, it’s bad for you.”

“One won’t hurt,” he said reasonably. “Not like I’m sucking back five or six of them a day, you know.”

“I know,” I said in a soft voice. “But you’re not in the shape you used to be, you’ve hardly worked out at all. Your metabolism won’t forgive you forever at your age.”

“Well, I guess I have been rather lax for the past while…” he admitted. I noted that he didn’t refer to a specific period of time, namely the fourteen months since mom had died.

“A while?” I declared in an overly exasperated tone, my hands on my hips. “When was the last time you even did a proper bicep curl that didn’t involve bringing a beer mug to your face?”

He sighed. “I guess I have been pretty bad about it, haven’t I?” he said finally. “I guess I am taking too much time with work to really think about it.”

It was a feeble excuse and we both knew it. I didn’t call him on it, though, I didn’t want to hurt him. Instead, I crawled into his lap and hugged myself tight to him, like I had when I was smaller and needed comfort, needed my big, strong daddy. But now it was my turn to hold him.

“Daddy, I miss her too,” I whispered, my mouth next to his ear. “I feel so bad because I wasn’t alone after she died, every one of my friends gathered around me. I don’t know if you got anything more than a few consoling pats on the back from co-workers.”

He said nothing but perhaps held me a little tighter.

“Our family was no help at all, I know that,” I continued. “They were all so distraught that they were useless and you had to be the person who held everything and everyone together. I can’t imagine how lonely you felt and I feel awful for not noticing.”

“You were busy, babydoll,” he said, stroking ataşehir escort my hair and sending chills down my spine when he used his pet name for me. “You’d lost your wonderful, beautiful mother and you weren’t even out of high school yet. If… if that… drunken bastard in that car…”

I put my finger over his lips, my eyes stinging with tears again, but I smiled. “Daddy, I’m fine. You’re right, it wasn’t fair, and I am always going to miss her, and the baby brother I should have had. But I had my time to heal, everybody made sure of that. What about you? I don’t think you have.”

“Evangeline, I…”

He closed his mouth and choked back whatever he had planned to say next. I didn’t know what to do, so I just did what came naturally and hugged him tight.

“Daddy, I love you and I need you, more than ever now. But not just you being my big strong wall, I need you to be happy and whole. I can’t bear the thought of you being lonely and sad, daddy.”

“I’ll be fine, Evie, I-”

“Daddy, you haven’t even tried dating,” I interjected, staring sternly into his eyes. “How long do you think mom wants you to wait before you allow yourself to be happy again?”

He didn’t really answer me, just kept stroking my hair dutifully, as if his non-answer was somehow sufficient.

“I don’t want you all used up making sure everyone else is okay while neglecting yourself,” I said firmly. “Do you have any idea how shitty I feel for not noticing earlier?”

He looked somewhat perplexed. “So why all this now?”

“Karli pointed it out to me,” I muttered somewhat darkly. “I mean, I always assumed you were sad, that just makes sense, but she told me that you were a lot more lonely than I was noticing.”

“Kid’s too smart for her own good,” he sighed. “She’s a good friend for you to have around.”

“I enjoy her company.” I said cheerfully.

“Believe me, I know,” he chuckled, starting to rise and letting me off his lap. He kissed my forehead and smiled down at me.

“I’m going to take a shower, so make sure that your assignments are done, okay?”

I hugged him tight before he retreated into the house. I sat down in the vacated chair and took a sip of his soda, perplexed at his statement about my friendship with Karli.

Could he possibly know?

Well, it didn’t really matter, dad knew I’d had sex before and I’m pretty sure he thought I was bi. Like mom, he didn’t care, as long as I was sensible about it and didn’t complicate our lives. Still, the thought of him knowing about Karli and I made me blush and giggle a little as I sat there. I noticed I was a little wet, but wasn’t sure whether this was left over from earlier or some new reason. I reached under my skirt and gently stroked a finger along my panties, making me shiver. Bringing my index finger to my mouth, I slid my tongue along the glistening trail.

It didn’t taste at all like Karli mingled with me.

So why was my body aroused?

The hell?


I was walking down the upstairs hallway of our house. I guess you could say we were well-off and my dad worked hard, as had my mother before she was taken from us. He made a high six figures a year, although I never asked. I was also aware of getting a rather impressive sum from mom’s life insurance policy, although I doubt dad spent this on our house. We’d been living here for about nine years now.

I walked by my parent’s bedroom and saw the door was open. Inside, my father was obviously taking a shower in the private bathroom they’d had. The door to the bathroom was open as well and I could hear the water running. I paused outside the door to the bedroom and listened for a moment. I could have sworn I heard my dad muttering or talking to himself.

I don’t know why I did, but I crept into the room and paused. I don’t have any clue what I was doing or thinking, but I felt compelled to sneak in and felt I was drawn to that inner door.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked myself, although I noted I was not exactly attempting to stop either, more like just finding a justification for the behaviour. I noticed his boxer shorts on the floor, along with the t-shirt and flip-flops he had been wearing outside. It occurred to me that this meant he was naked, but then, what else would he be if he was taking a shower?

What was I trying to do here?

I moved quietly toward that door, the thrill of an uncertain taboo making my heart race. What did I expect to see? The shower stall my parents had was large and the glass that made the door treated to prevent excessive fogging. I guess so they could tease and watch one another. My parents were pretty perverted when they were together. Every once in a while, my mother would tease me by giving me sex advice to try out on my boyfriends and she could guarantee they were effective because she’d tried it with dad.

I took hold of the corner of the door and subtly peeked around, inside the bathroom. Sure enough, there was the shower stall, along the back wall. Behind the misty, opaque glass was the imposing figure of my father. Even though he was in his early forties and hadn’t worked out since mom died, he still was an impressive figure- not as taut and chiseled as he once was, but still muscular and hunky. And he had a tight, cute butt.

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