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(Author Note: This story contains references to male-on-male intimacy. Editing and feedback kindly provided by EditingAlix.)

This isn’t a story. Well, it is a story in the strictest sense of the word. It has a beginning, it has a middle but then I don’t really know how it ends. Because it’s true. This actually happened. Or is happening. It’s difficult. So, this is a story of how I got into sex toys and discovered the joy to be found in my backside. Before we get into that though, we need to talk about Horatio.

Horatio is my wife’s vibrator. He’s six inches long, pink and is the standard rabbit shape that most vibes seem to come in. I christened him. Horatio seemed like a dignified name for a piece of dignified hardware.

We brought him together five years ago. At the time, my wife, Laura, was going through something of a sexual awakening. Her libido, which was always high, had kicked into overdrive as she turned thirty. At the time I was working a lot of night shifts, and a solution needed to be found to satisfy her needs. She had had bullet vibes before, but they were just foreplay tools. She needed something that could satisfy her.              

So we went, hand in hand, to a high street lingerie shop which had an alcove of sex toys at the back. After a brief, Goldilocks style selection process (“this one is too small, this one is too big, this one is just right”), we picked out Horatio and took him home for a test drive.

We slunk into bed and, while I fired up a porn site, Laura lubed up her new, silicone husband substitute. As we watched a video of a bosomy brunette being fucked from behind by some tanned stud, Laura pushed Horatio into herself. She had been worried in the store that he would be too girthy for her. That was clearly not an issue. Her fluttering eyelids and gasp told me he slotted home nicely.

She pushed the power button and Horatio burst into life. A long, contented sigh mixed in with the faint buzz emanating from under the covers. She kept it on the lowest setting to start with. But that was enough. Her breathing got shallower and more ragged fairly quickly. It didn’t take long before the video had lost our attention entirely.

Her first orgasm from Horatio took her by surprise. With no warning, her eyes clamped shut, her back arched and her mouth formed an ‘O’ of pleasure. Watching my wife fuck herself with her new rechargeable friend was incredibly hot. I felt torn between wanting to carry on watching her take charge of her own pleasure and wanting to take Horatio’s place deep inside her pussy.

As she came down to earth, she clearly understood what I needed from her. She reached out with her right hand, still slimy for lubing Horatio up, and grabbed my cock. It felt wonderful. She had given me handjobs before, but this was different somehow.

With one hand she roughly pulled back and forth on my dick, and with the other she held the dildo. I climbed on top of her so I could kiss her neck and shoulders and squeeze her breasts. It felt animalistic. At some point she thumbed the power button once more and the buzzing from Horatio became even more intense. Her moans became full-on screams, while the tugging on my cock became even more rough and rapid.

As the second orgasm ripped through her, I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I felt myself fly over the precipice and shoot rope after rope of cum onto her gently vibrating stomach. The buzzing down below stopped. Laura raised a trembling hand and slowly began to smear my outburst across her belly and tits. We stared into each other’s eyes, and both started to laugh. Horatio would do just fine.

And that remained the situation for a long time. While working night shifts, I would often get messages from her telling me that she would be spending some quality time with Horatio. Sometimes I would even get a picture. On a couple of occasions, she video called me so I could watch her face as she climaxed on its soft, pink silicon shaft. Everyone was happy.

Now, part of the side effects of doing so many night shifts was that I was often at home, alone, during the day. One morning I was lying in bed horny and looking for a release. The night before, my wife had sent me countless texts about what Horatio was doing to her and how she wished it was my cock six inches deep inside her. By the time I got home she was asleep, and when I had woken up that morning she had already left for work. I was frustrated, to put it mildly.

Horatio’s entrance into our lives had got me thinking. How come it was fine, even admirable, for women to have sex toys but men with sex toys were usually classed as hairy-knuckled deviants? Surely devices designed to get your rocks off should be free of judgement and shame. A vibrating silicon buddy for all that want them. I also remembered how, when I was younger, I would sit in bed with a vibrating video game controller in my lap and how good that felt.

Feeling in the mood to experiment, 1xbet yeni giriş I fished Horatio out of my wife’s bedside drawers and decided to put him to work. I turned him on and held him against the shaft of my dick. It immediately felt good. A pleasant itching sensation, different to the normal sensations I would have when interfering with myself. I moved his soft body around my shaft, trying different angles, positions, and pressure. As I did so, I hit the mother-load. As I held him lust below the head of my dick, slightly to the right of my frenulum, I felt the strange itchy, tickling sensation become much more intense. I remember letting out a quiet “Fuck!” to no one in particular as I hit that spot.

I held the vibrator there for a while, enjoying the sensation. Normally I would have shot my load not long after starting, self-control not being one of my strong points. Horatio forced me to slow down. I slowly started to stroke him across that spot, causing the pleasure to pulse in me. I began to leak a little pre-cum, something that I couldn’t recall happening before when I was flying solo.

Eventually, I could feel the muscles that went from my crotch to ass begin to tighten, as well as the odd sensation in your dick that signals that you were about to cum. I clamped Horatio to the sweet spot and let him do his thing. Within moments, the tickling sensation got too much, and I shot a massive load of semen, spraying my belly and crotch with it.

I turned Horatio off and lay there, content. At that point I knew I had to get a sex toy of my own. I shouldn’t and wouldn’t carry on missing out on this.

I spent a long time on the internet trying to find something suitable for my needs. All the toys designed for dicks were deeply underwhelming. I had no desire to buy a fake rubber vagina or a cheap and nasty cock ring. Where dildos and vibrators for vaginas were all gentle curves and soft bulges, toys for penises were all aggressively gynaecological. Just when I was on the verge of giving up and just buying myself a rabbit vibrator of my own, I found a winner.

It was a male vibrator: a black plastic shell containing a soft, supple, silicon ‘pocket’ with a vibration function built in. Mercifully it looked nothing like a disembodied sex organ. Neither did it look like some sort of medical apparatus. It wouldn’t have looked out of place in a spa, or as part of a physiotherapists kit.

It arrived a few days later and I eagerly went to work testing it out. I fired up my porn site of choice and worked a generous dollop of lube into the toy’s pocket. When I was suitably hard (which didn’t take long), I applied a second squirt of lube to my dick. I spread it around to get good coverage, and then felt ready to give the toy a whirl.

I slowly impaled the device onto my gland. The abundance of lube made it simple; I just slipped right into it. It felt good even without the vibration. An all-encompassing pressure on the head of my cock. Almost like a mouth.

After taking a moment to become acclimatised to the sensation, I pushed the power button. The toy leapt into life, and I almost leapt off the bed. The vibrations were similar to Horatio’s, but the big difference was that they were everywhere. The entirety of the head of my cock vibrated in the toys slick pocket. It was like a blowjob on steroids.

I was glad that no one else was home as I must have been moaning like crazy. I eventually knocked the power setting up a gear, and the sensation got even more intense. I could feel my legs begin to twitch and shake as the toy vibrated my manhood. As it did, I could hear the squelch of the toy from all the lube I had used.

I once again felt my balls tighten and the muscles in my crotch and dick begin to tense up. With a loud gasp I shot my load into the toy — so much that it began to leak out the side and onto my pubic hair. The orgasms I had with Horatio and my new, unnamed toy were so different to the ones I had had using just my hand. They felt slower and were more of a gentle build up. They took time to get there, but when they did, it was far more satisfying.

The new toy, which was and is still nameless, was a hit. A few days later I introduced it to my wife and Horatio. She was surprised that I had ordered myself a toy, but certainly wasn’t offended. It was only fair that we both had our little pals for solitary playing.

That evening we had another session. My wife fucked Horatio while I fucked my toy. We didn’t even need any porn, we just had to watch each other. At one point we swapped; I held Horatio deep inside her snatch, while she held my toy down onto my cock. It was a wonderful feeling as she looked deep into my eyes as she held a vibrator down onto my dick as far as it could go. The feeling of cumming into a toy that your partner is holding in place for you was so strange and pleasurable. Almost as if I were subbing and domming at the same time.

My toy satisfied me 1xbet güvenilir mi for a while. I used it once or twice a week, and it would frequently make a cameo appearance when my wife and I were getting in the mood. But as with all things, eventually I wanted more. Earlier that year, I had finally came out as bisexual to both myself and Laura.

With this new-found personal honesty, my curiosity got the better of me. What exactly was it like having something or someone inside you? What does it feel like to bottom, when you’ve spent your whole life topping? Millions of men around the world were big fans, so it seemed silly not to at least give it a go.

I once more logged onto my online sex shop of choice and browsed their wares. The range was bewildering. Even bigger than the choice of male vibrators. They had tiny little butt plugs all the way to dildos the size of elephant trunks. How an arsehole could hope to fit them in escapes me even now. There were anatomically accurate ones, minimalist functional ones, psychedelically patterned toys, and dour, subdued ones. A multitude of things to shove up yourself.

I erred on the side of caution and bought a butt plug. While my heart yearned for something as close to ‘real life’ as possible, I thought it best to start small and work my way up. You couldn’t just jump in at the deep end, after all. The plug was small, blue, and had a vibrate function. Because after all, why not? I also popped some extra thick lube into my cart and checked out.

When it arrived, I was apprehensive. I had never had anything inside me before, not even a finger. The butt plug itself was the smallest on the website but seemed huge in real life. It was about as long as my thumb and a bit thicker around the middle. It also had a flanged base to make sure that it didn’t go wandering off anywhere it shouldn’t.

After holding it in my hand and thinking I had made a big mistake, I summoned up some courage and decided to give it a go. I started off by getting hard and slowly working my dick. I had read somewhere that being aroused already made the process of putting something into your anus easier. When suitably engorged, I reached for the plug and the thick lube. It was a lot different from the one I usually used. It was much thicker and more viscous; it seemed to stick to the blue silicon skin of the plug rather than drip off. For some reason, working the lube onto my new little friend turned me on even more. I felt naughty and raunchy for possibly the first time ever. Not for the first time I wondered what it would be like to feel another man’s cock in your palm.

Suitable greased up, I hitched my legs up and smeared the excess lube around my virginal butthole. With a deep breath, I placed the tip of the plug against my hole and began to gently push. At first, I didn’t think anything was happening. Maybe my subconscious had seized control of my sphincter and declared it an ‘Exit’ only?

But gradually it began to happen. I felt the plug begin to push forward and stretch me out. It didn’t hurt, but I could feel a tension in my muscles as it invaded me. Eventually, I cleared the widest point of the plug, and after that it guided itself home. Right down to the base.

I lay on the bed with the plug embedded in me and laughed with pleasure both at the sensations of having it inside me and the sense of achievement I felt at getting it there at all. My arse felt pleasantly full, rather than it feeling intrusive. In a strange way it felt like a part of me that had been missing.

I put my legs down and went back to working my dick with my hand. The plug changed the entire dynamic of my self-pleasure. Every time I stroked my cock, I could feel the muscles clamp down onto the plug. The firmness of it somehow made the sensation even stronger and didn’t let the pleasure resolve itself. I could feel the excitement building quickly. Rather than waste the moment, I thought I had better try the vibration function. I reached down between my legs and pushed the button on the base of the plug.

The vibrations started and I felt a sensation, a pleasure that I had never before experienced in my life. The vibrations, deep in the core of me were pressed up against my prostate and I felt electricity shooting through every nerve in my body. I’m not normally a verbal person when it comes to sex, neither with others nor on my own. But with the plug vibrating deep into my arsehole, I was moaning, groaning and writhing in my bed sheets. I honestly didn’t know why people would fuck without a plug.

The sensations were completely separate from the type I got from just working my cock. They felt more profound somehow, more teasing and delicate than the blunt force enjoyment of tugging myself. I looked down at one point and, despite not touching my dick at all, once the vibration started, my cock was dribbling pre-cum. That got me even hornier.

After what seemed like an age, but could only have 1xbet giriş been a few minutes, I could take no more. I reached down and stroked my rock-hard cock once more. It didn’t take much work before I fired my load across my belly and bedding. As I came, my ass clamped down on the buzzing toy and added something else to the sensation of climaxing.

In a post orgasmic glow, I reached down and turned the plug off. I lay there panting on the bed for a while. I knew at that point that I needed something more. The plug was brilliant, but I wanted something more. Something that would fill me up completely. Something bigger to fuck my arse with.

And that leads us nicely to Peg, the only toy of mine that I have ever given a name too. After experimenting with the butt plug a few more times, I got a much better understanding of what I wanted. It needed to be longer, to start with. The butt plug was a petite three and a half inches. More than enough to tickle my p-spot, but I wanted something to go deep inside of me. I needed to be fucked by it, frankly. I also needed it to be no wider than the butt plug I already had. I was, at that point at least, still something of a virgin in the backdoor area. I was nowhere near ready for an anatomically accurate dick in me.

A quiet afternoon internet browsing, a modest fee and then three to five working days later, Peg arrived. Peg was a slim, black silicon dildo. Five inches in length and three in circumference. Not intimidating at all, but more than long enough to make its presence felt. When the nondescript brown box arrived, there was no hesitation this time. I unpacked it, popped my phone on mute and slunk off to the bedroom.

After getting myself into the mood with a few stories on Literotica, I was ready to give Peg a go. I had considered warming myself up with my plug, but my excitement had gotten the better of me. I doused Peg in a huge amount of lube, and then slowly smeared it across the shaft of the toy like I was jerking the silicon schlong off. The action made my own cock twitch in excitement. Even now lubing up a toy to fuck myself with gets me more turned on than anything else. Once Peg was suitably treated, I reached down and gently touched the tip of it against my hole. With a deep breath, I slowly began to push it into me.

Initially, it felt no different to my plug, but as more of the dildo worked its way into my arse, my eyes a bulged and my mouth dropped open. It was so far inside of me. For the first time, I knew what it meant to be penetrated, to have something pushed inside me for the sake of pleasure. It felt strange, intimate and wonderful. I felt the base of it push up against my perineum. It was all the way inside of me now. I could feel the tip of it deep inside my guts. Despite only being five inches, it felt like it was five feet long.

I wiggled my backside against the sheets and felt Peg move inside of me. My movement caused me to involuntarily clench, and I felt my sphincter squeeze against the length of the toy. A jolt of pleasure shot through my body.

When I felt suitable ready, I reached down between my legs and began to fuck myself with Peg. I very slowly pulled it almost completely out, before tenderly pushing it back into me. My stroke was slow to begin with as my ass was still new to the action, and at that point I hadn’t overcome my urge to clench. Every time Peg bottomed out inside me, I groaned. It felt so deep that I was almost scared the tip of it would come out my mouth.

Slowly, my ass began to loosen up and unconsciously so did my thrusting with Peg. I was now fucking myself with a bit more speed and power. My delicate manipulation of Peg stopped. While I wasn’t absolutely hammering my arse, I certainly wasn’t being gentle with it. The pleasure I was feeling wasn’t just physical, although that was certainly part of it. The feeling of violating myself, of being held in place by something embedded inside me was all-encompassing. It made we wish that Peg was a real dick, attached to a man. To have soft flesh instead of plastic, to have the slap of his balls against mine and, of course, feel him pumping me full of cum.

The sensation was too much; I needed to cum, and soon. I managed to roll over and onto my knees. The pressure of my weight forced Peg even deeper into my butt. As I was now in something like the cowgirl position, I couldn’t fuck myself with Peg. But I didn’t want to. The feeling of having it inside me was more than enough.

I grabbed my cock with the hand that had been working Peg and began to jerk myself off. My hand was already slick from the copious amount of lube I had applied to the dildo, and my cock was as stiff as the fake one lodged in me. As I ran my hand down my shaft, I could feel the muscles in my lower half contracting around Peg. The sensation was both pleasurable and teasing. I knew what was building up inside me was likely to be the biggest climax yet. I began to shake and twitch from the stimulus I was feeling from my cock and arse. With a roar I came. I shot my load across the bedding and my fist. My semen gushed out of me. It flowed over my knuckles and dripped down onto the sheets that were already smeared with lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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