Lovers Ch. 01

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Frustrated, I sit, pulling up a small table and opening my laptop. It’s been a hell of a day already, and I desperately need the coffee in front of me. Taking a sip, I open my email, and smile at seeing your name. Suddenly lighter, I open and begin to read.


We stand facing expansive plate glass windows that look out onto San Francisco Bay. The fog is rolling in over the hills towards downtown. The Golden Gate will soon be enveloped and the blinking red warning lights illuminate the white canopy from below in a steady throbbing pulse.

You sip your glass of wine with your back pushed up against my chest as we take in the view.

“I’ve always wanted to try this,” you say.

Behind you, I look down to see your beautiful hair and amazing body from a nearly vertical viewpoint. Your polka dot dress is one of my favorites—I love polka dots. Your long lovely legs are smooth and matched with a set of comfortable black heels that are simply smashing. From my vantage, I can see down your ample cleavage and marvel at how firm and full your breasts are. You are a beautiful woman.

I gently wrap my hand around the front of your waist and draw you close to me. I can feel my cock start to stiffen against the small of your back as we make contact. You feel it too and faintly smile knowing that it’s turning us both on. You shift your weight back and forth knowing what the friction will do.

The party in the room is in full swing. Well-dressed men and women mingle as the sun sets and the fog continues to gain ground, floating across the bay and towards us.

“It’s beautiful” you say.

I lean down and gently brush your hair to one side and kiss your neck while whispering in your ear that you look incredible and that I can’t wait for the evening to unfold. My tongue travels down a discrete section of your neck and I can feel your goose bumps spring to life. I look down to see your nipples jump to attention. The thought of them straining against your sexy lingerie, wanting to be free and attended to, makes me even harder. The head of my cock pushes well past the top of my shorts and grows wet with anticipation.

Diana Krall plays over the stereo system as the room’s energy builds in anticipation—it’s almost electric.

“Hi, I’m Peter,” says the dark haired good-looking man next to us.

We introduce ourselves, and begin to chitchat. Work, food, travel, the view; the conversation meanders as we sip our drinks and nibble at the trays of hors d’oeuvres that move about the room in the hands of the caterers.

The sexual charge in the room grows, and as the conversation continues we see small groups cluster and form, enjoying one another’s company. The music plays on, the wine flows and the horizon begins to darken as the last of the sunset fades away. izmir escort bayan The soft room lighting and the raging fireplace throwing off heat make the evening all the more magical.

The general din and noise of the room begins shifting—the level moves lower and the sounds begin to change. Conversation gives way to deeper tones, sounds of kissing, and sounds of passion.

“Jennifer,” says Peter, “You are a stunning woman, and Trevor, you’re a very lucky man.”

“Don’t I know it,” I say. “Jennifer is an AMAZING kisser—you should see for yourself.”

Peter catches my eye and we both smile. You look over your shoulder to me, “are you sure you’re okay with this?”

“Very,” I say. “I love seeing you happy and turned on. You are so sexy tonight – it would be a shame to keep that all for myself.”

You turn back around to face Peter. You’re now sandwiched between us snuggly, my cock in the small of your back and Peter’s pushed next to your torso. You reach up, draw his lips to yours, and slowly drag the tip of your tongue across his lips, before the two of you dissolve into a deep French kiss.

My hands move up your silk dress to cup your fabulous breasts. I can feel your breath getting deeper, your nipples practically popping from your bra, and my cock pushes into your sweet ass as you move back and forth in order to push back and grind into me.

I LOVE seeing you so turned on.

My hands drop to your waist as I guide your movements across my strained hard on, and I begin to gather up either side of your dress, hiking your hemline higher and higher.

Meanwhile Peter’s hands travel down your back, up your sides, and across your breasts. My hands finally come to rest with your dress gathered in my hands. My fingers slide their way inside between your dress and your thong, and I begin to roll them down and off your hips. Once past the curve of your hips, they lose any semblance of tautness and they drop to the floor.

I lean in and whisper in your ear, “You have no idea how beautiful you are. Amazing. You’re simply amazing….”

I nibble on your neck as you continue to French Peter and I can feel your pulse pounding as I lavish your neck with attention. You let out a sigh as you come up for air. You have goose bumps from all of the attention.

You’re about to speak when suddenly your breath is taken away. I’ve slid my right hand between your thighs from behind and my fingers are teasing your luscious opening, which is slick with desire. I simply love turning you on. You shudder and smile as you grab Peter for unexpected support.

“Oh God….that’s….oh, that’s good…”

“You really should sample her breasts, Peter,” I say. “They’re delicious, incredibly responsive, and magnificent.”

Behind us we hear increasing sounds of heavy escort izmir breathing and moans of delight. You look past your right shoulder to see a group of three couples passionately making out on the large couch, in various stages of undress, cocks at attention through the flies of pants, mouths engulfing members. You turn your attention back to Peter as he slips your shoulder straps down your arms and your dress top drops to your waste revealing your lace lingerie bra.

I drop to my knees still behind you, and slide several fingers deep inside you. You quiver as my fingertips fall upon your G-spot and begin to stroke that wonderful destination. Peter bends down and teases your nipples with his teeth, gently biting at your nipples. Your eyes roll back in your head as you moan and we brace you for support.

The smell of sex is in the air, and your scent is unmistakable. I imagine how good your drenched pussy is going to taste as I increase the speed and rhythm of the strokes upon your G-spot. Peter sucks in your nipples, each in turn and you start to quiver.

Both Peter and I feel your body tensing, quivering, wanting to release and at the same time trying to steady yourself so that when the inevitable happens, you won’t fall over from the force. We push in harder sensing it won’t be long before you explode…. and 30 seconds later, we’re right. We hold you as orgasms rip through your loins and crash through your body.

“Oh FUCK!!! It’s SO good! Oh God…I’m cumming!!” Wave after wave washes over you and your inner thighs are drenched with your musky fluid.

The tide passes and you slowly regain your ability to stand unsupported. I get to my feet and we turn around to see the evening’s activities are in full swing. There are groups and bodies everywhere; Some in states of undress, some dancing, some necking on the furniture. A beautiful blond is lying on a table in a black lace garter belt and stockings being wildly fucked by a well-toned black man. She holds a cock in either hand, stroking her attendants while heading to orgasm.

We watch, we stare, we kiss deeply and you press your body to mine.

“We’re not even close to done yet,” you say.

You turn, taking my hand and Peter’s hand in yours and lead us down a hallway into a dimly light room where there are plate mirrors along the side walls and thick wall to wall foam beds before us. Scattered about are stations with all sorts of lubes, oils and towels. Plugged into the wall sockets are a variety of vibrators for the taking. At the far end is a sex swing suspended from the ceiling. It’s occupied by a red head that is at the center of attention from 4 men. The room is full of muffled moans, shouts of climaxes, the low rumble of vibrators in use.

You lead us onto the beds, turn, and in succession strip us naked. izmir escort Both our cocks are moist with anticipation. We move towards you, our bodies pressing against you, and we finish removing what remaining clothes you have on. We slowly drop to our knees as we each feast on your breasts, your hands cradling our heads and pushing us to you.

You push me down, “lie down” you say. You straddle my waist, grab my cock, and guide it inside of you. Your body is amazing—delicious—sexy—fantastic. I groan as you ride me.

Without warning, you spin around with your back facing me, reach for Peter’s hand and guide him to stand over where my feet are. You pump back and forth over my cock while the momentum pushes his rigid cock into your mouth, over and over and over again.

You are in heaven—something you’ve always secretly wanted was to swing, and you don’t want the moment to pass you by. You move with increasing speed back and forth, our cocks taking turns being in deep inside you in alternating moments. You move the tempo faster and faster, sucking and fucking as you can feel our bodies tensing, wanting to release, moving towards climax. As if on cue, we both cry out with earth-shattering orgasms, which makes you move faster still.

Thank God I’m lying down! Peter instinctively steadies himself with his hands to your shoulders, and your well-toned pussy is clenching my cock for all its worth. You’re milking the cum out of both of us, and its simply indescribable.

Other orgasms continue to ring out around the room in random order as you slow down and come to a rest. You take it all in, happy to be here.

“Peter,” you say, “I want to feel you inside me”.

You turn around on top of me, move your knees between my legs, grab my cock and devour me, while Peter mounts you from behind.

Peter is nearly uncontrolled—driving his cock deep inside you in such frenzy that you can no longer continue to suck my cock without possibly biting me. You stop trying as you shift positions and move towards me. Peter is fucking you with reckless abandon and you’re loving every inch of it. Our eyes lock and I see the truly divine look of love in your eyes.

“Thank you for this! Oh My God, thank you for this!” you whisper…hoarse, almost unable to speak between gasps as he thrusts into you again and again and again.

I see the absolute pleasure and joy that radiate from you in that instant. I lean forward to kiss you long and deeply.

“I love you. I love seeing you so turned on, so sexy, so beautiful. We have to do more of this, don’t you think?”

Before you can answer, you and Peter explode in orgasm and finally collapse on the bed next to me.

“I don’t even have words…” you say as you lay there, spent, exhausted, and in between us once again.

“I can’t wait to get you back to the hotel tonight after we’re done here. I’m going to make love with you until sunrise.”

You take a deep breath, smile and cuddle up next to me, pressing against me with your hot, wet body. “I can’t wait” you say.

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