Lunch Break

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Big Dicks

This story is dedicated to one of my best friends, Jim. Thank you for some wonderful lunch hours, both now and to come.


We’ve been friends for ages. Well, it’s seemed like ages, when in reality, it hasn’t been but about two-and-a-half years. Weekly lunches, chats, emails, phone calls… Celebrating good times. Mourning over bad. Venting about work. Enjoying off times. All of it has gone in to making a rich friendship that, like good soap, just gets better, more mellow and longer-lasting with the passage of time. It’s hard to remember there was a time when he wasn’t in my life.

James had found me online and revealed he was local. A couple of weeks later, he found me in person, successfully seeking me out at a craft market. (That evening I took that information off my website. I mean, I’d gotten lucky with James, but there are some crazies out there.) The first meeting was pleasant, ending with a hug. I was nervous; he was sweet. I remember thinking, He looks darker in his pictures.

Beautiful blue eyes sparkled behind burgundy-framed glasses. A shock of sandy blond hair – now bearing subtle hints of grey a few years later – capped his head. He was tall and, well, geeky. But sexy geeky. After all, how many geeks ride a red and black Harley? This sexy geek also came with long denim-clad legs and an ass that frankly made me envy his bike. As I said, I’d gotten lucky. It didn’t hurt that I’m a bit geeky myself, as well as having a thing for motorcycles.

Standing together, we look rather like Mutt and Jeff. Standing at 6’2″, James dwarfs my 5’3″ frame. He’s light to my darker coloring. He’s a complete math and computer whiz whereas I can rip apart and analyze the written or spoken word in a matter of moments, but have to have his help to create formulas. He’s ultra laid-back; I’m rather obsessive. Our most obvious point of similarity is our shared enjoyment of eroticism. Yet, we can talk for hours about anything and everything, not just sex and erotic literature.

Our friendship had been moving along very well for years. After my most recent breakup, James had suggested helpfully that I needed some new cock to get over the old. Even through digital print as his words scrolled across the screen in the instant messaging window, I could hear the hope in his words: “I want to be that new cock.” I disappointed and flattered him when I agreed it was a good idea, but stated, without him ever having asked, that he couldn’t be the new cock. The frowning emoticon told me I’d guessed what was on his mind. I didn’t want him as my new cock, because new cocks eventually become old cocks, and no way did I ever not want him to be a part of my life; he’s just too good a friend.

A series of shocks ripped through James’s life soon after that. He found out his ex-wife was moving out-of-state and taking their children with her. His girlfriend of three years dumped him. Then, a few weeks ago, he got the word that his ex-girlfriend had tried to kill herself. He needed a place where he could just be, could just talk and emote however would be most helpful. Our usual lunch spot was out; I sensed he wouldn’t be comfortable expressing himself most freely there. So I invited him over for lunch.

He arrived early, catching me in the middle of putting my makeup on. In all the years we’d been friends, he’d never seen me that natural before. As I opened the door to him, something shifted, changing a dynamic that had been stable for months into something new and potent. He closed and locked the door, his very presence filling the tiny entry way. He reached out to hug me, but the dark storm lurking behind his enchanting blue eyes warned me that this would be different. Trustingly I went into his arms, not knowing what would happen, what portent the storm bore, but certain that James would never hurt me. As we hugged, I looked up at him, and that was all the invitation he needed. As his lips met mine, the storm surged around us, pummeling us canlı bahis with heat and fury. Tongues, mouths, hands… Every touch brought a sigh of surrender, a growl of conquest. Fingers tunneled through hair, grasping and pulling, claiming kiss after kiss. Standing on tip-toes, my body was pressed fully against his, and the evidence of his arousal behind the fly of his jeans ground into the softness hidden behind my linen pants.

We broke apart, stunned by what we’d just shared. Years we’d been together and neither of us had ever imagined that passion that hot ran between us. He went over to my computer and began working on debugging a problem while I fixed lunch. My hands trembled as I plated our food. Yet, I couldn’t help but be struck at the domesticity of the scene.

Lunch wound down and we sat on the floor, looking out at the colorful riot of flowers and verdant green trees in the back of my townhouse as we talked softly, not wanting to intrude on the fragile peace of the moment. After a while, we both knew he had to get up and return to work, either on my computer problem or for his real boss. Our eyes caught and held. Edging towards me, James said, “You are beautiful.” We kissed again, yet this time we could take it further. Hands and mouths were free to explore warm, bare skin. Clothes were left in a pile on the floor as we tangled together, savoring that first feel of each other’s naked body. My fingers found his golden nipples hidden among the light sworls of hair on his chest. My teeth nipped at it and my tongue laved it as my hand caressed down his body, over his belly, until I found his turgid length lying against his hip.

My questing hand wrapped around it, eliciting a moan from James. I hadn’t really looked at it as he was getting undressed, hadn’t really been paying attention. But now, as my small hand struggled to encircle his girth, my head jerked up from where I’d been teasing his nipples and looked with awe at the treasure I’d discovered. “Holy shit! You are thick! I had no idea!”

James raised his head long enough to give me a saucy smile. “I’m glad you approve.”

“Oh, I definitely do,” I replied as my mouth lowered for a taste. A dew drop of precome glistened on the tip and as I took that first lick, I was struck my how familiar, yet, how new his flavor was to me. My mouth enveloped him, testing the size and the fit, glorying in the taste and smell of his musk. “I’ve fantasized about doing this for you for a long time, honey.”

“Will I get to watch you swallow?”

“Uh huh,” I replied around his length.

I worked his cock with my hand and mouth, stroking up from the bottom as I drew deeply on James’s tumescence. His hand found mine and our fingers interlaced as I pleasured his cock, creating a new kind of intimacy. I could feel his legs begin to tremble as his orgasm approached, and finally my efforts were rewarded with the erotic taste of his hot come in my mouth.

I crawled back up his body, wanting to share his taste with him in a kiss. As his hands roamed over me, kneading and caressing my full breasts, tantalizing me to new heights, his whispered words sent delicious shivers down my spine, “Do you want to be licked?”

With a cheeky smile I responded, “Like you have to ask? I never turn down oral.” As James situated himself between my legs, his mouth found my throbbing clit, gently sucking on it and giving it the occasional nibble. My back arched up off the floor and our fingers interlocked as he drove me ever closer to my peak. “You do that very well,” I said (understatement of the year). A soft chuckle against my center was his only response.

Suddenly my entire body tensed as my orgasm swept over me, my hips bucking against his mouth as our hands tightened together. At long last I floated down while he just sat back on his heels and watched me, listening to my contented sighs and admiring the post-coital rapture on my face. He settled beside me to take me in his arms and kiss me, bahis siteleri allowing me the erotic “after experience” of tasting myself and him combined. Eventually, duty’s demands required he return to work.

A few weeks passed, and our schedules didn’t allow us the opportunity to meet for lunch. By the time we were able to get together, I was craving him. Each night I fell asleep remembering the taste of him in my mouth. I fantasized about how amazing his cock would feel inside me, the width stretching me and the succulent curve arching against my g-spot better than any vibrator ever could. His deep voice on the phone lit my nerves, causing delightful shivery sensations to slide down my spine before settling in my womb. Once I was asleep, James filled my dreams, each one leaving me aching and hotter than before.

Once he was inside, I wasted no time in plastering my body to his and tilting his head down towards mine for a much longed for kiss. He tasted new and familiar all at once, and something in his kiss brought back the sweetness of teen romantic kisses when kissing was still novel. When we finally came up for air, he suggested we go ahead and go get lunch. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my purse.

“If it were possible to die from horniness, I’d be terminal,” I quipped as I opened the door. James’s hand slammed against the door above my head, closing it again. His other arm came around my waist as he began to nibble and bite my neck.

“Is your life expectancy getting shorter?” he rasped in my ear, his warm breath tickling the swirl.

“Mmm, yes.”

“How about now?” His hand found a breast and began to tease the nipple through my silk blouse and I could feel his hardness against my bum.

“Oh, yes,” I sighed, grinding against him.

“Bet it’s getting really short now.” Long, agile fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans while his other hand continued to torment my breast. I gasped as his fingers found my throbbing clit through my now damp thong.

James gently pushed me until I was bending over at the waist. He pushed my jeans and panties down and told me to grab the doorknob. I heard the soft rasp as his zipper slid down. “And what about now?” he asked as his cock slid over my exposed cheeks. The air from the vent above us cooled the precome where it trailed against my skin.

“Oh god, yes! I’m dying here!” I almost begged as I felt his member slipping between my cheeks. A pause at my virgin pucker made me wince (Surely not in my untrained ass!), but I relaxed again as his swollen head found my slit. Still he denied us both, resting his head just inside the opening, barely stretching me. I tried to rock back to take his length, but he held my hips steady, not letting me gain control.

Finally, at long last he slid it home, burying his cock in my pussy all the way to the base, filling me fuller and deeper than I’ve ever experienced. With one hand I was holding the doorknob, and the other was bracing against the doorframe. Even as he pounded me, ramming his thick penis into my juicy cunt over and over again, I rode him just as hard, rocking backwards to meet every thrust. My calves were screaming from the torture as I stayed on my toes and my breasts were swaying inside my blouse, the soft material teasing the hard tips. His tight sac smacked my clit with every thrust until finally… “Oh god James! Oh fuck, yes! Come with me honey!” I felt his body tense behind me as mine went taut in that moment before exultant pleasure swamped us both. His hot come exploded inside of me as my cunny squeezed and milked his cock, claiming every bit of his essence as mine.

I collapsed against the door, letting it bear my weight and his. His rapidly deflating member slowly slid out, dragging a trail of come with it. A solitary drop tickled as it made its way down the inside of my thigh. James held me close against him as we waited for our breathing to return to normal. After several long moments, he asked, “Shall we bahis şirketleri go to lunch now?”

Lunch was a rather hurried affair; the chemistry still zapped between us, making each of us acutely aware of the other. There was the silent understanding that after lunch we’d be picking up where we’d left off. Returning to my place, we rushed inside, anxious to feel each other again. We kissed as we stumbled down the hall to the bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes in our wake. Naked and yearning, we fell together onto the bed, his weight welcome upon me. Of their own volition, my legs spread, cradling his hips between my soft thighs and granting his cock entrance into my channel, still wet from our earlier lovemaking. Even after the hard fucking he’d given me earlier, his thick member still stretched and filled me. And… Ohhh my! Long into many a night I’d fantasized about what his penis would feel like, how its curve would massage my g-spot perfectly. Even as good as my imagination is, nothing could have prepared me for the reality.

My head spun with each thrust, the intensity of the sensation taking my breath. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I wrapped my legs around his flanks, meeting each thrust with the arch of my hips. Our fingers were interlocked and his eyes stared down into mine, shutting out everything but us in our own little microcosm of pleasure. His pubis ground against my throbbing clit, giving me that extra stimulation I was craving. With a gasp, a cry, a scream, I came, whimpering his name over and over. Yet still he kept on, plunging in and out of my hole, knowing he’d take me to another one. Again, his cock rubbed my g-spot, firing nerve endings throughout my body, all centered around my feminine core. I continued to ride him from my position beneath him, wanting him to share in this pleasure and yearning to feel his hot come exploding inside me.

Panting, gasping, crying, whimpering… I kept riding the intense sensations of James’s lovemaking. As they built, I was begging for release again, but he maintained the same rhythm, meant only to drive me to a fathomless, mindless ecstasy. I was nearly there. Then he stopped. He released my hands long enough to reach into the drawer in the bedside table and pull out my large butt plug. My juices, now flowing copiously from our lovemaking, provided plenty of lubrication as he slid the thick toy into my bum hole. With it securely in place and set to a seductive speed, James once more took my hands and continued his thrusts. Once more the pleasure built, though this time it was higher and more intense than it’d been before. We released each other’s hands, James to pinch my nipples and me to hold on to him as I rode out the ecstasy.

His thrusts started coming harder and faster. He ground his pubic bone against mine, catching my clit in the middle, rubbing and pressing it hard. “Oh gawd! Fuck!” I panted out. Then the euphoria overtook me until I was out of my mind with it. I clawed, I bit, I scratched. I screamed, my passionate cries echoing off the vaulted ceiling. That’s the last thing I remember.

When I came to just a few moments later, James was up on one elbow, looking down at me and smiling. He pushed my hair back off my face as he said simply, “Beautiful.” I said nothing with words, just looked up at him, a satisfied smile on my face, and ran my fingers through his thick hair. Vaguely I was aware of his deflated cock slipping out of me in a puddle of our juices and the plug still hummed in my back door, now feeling rather invasive and uncomfortable. I winced when I saw the damage I’d done. Red welts covered his back and chest, some of them oozing a little blood. Fingernail marks peppered his body, red quarter moons against his pale skin. A bite mark graced his left shoulder, a very dark hickey danced with the pulse at the base of his throat.

I kissed him deeply before untangling myself from him and removing the plug. I went into the bathroom but came back a couple of minutes later with a warm washcloth and some balm for the scratches. I cleaned and doctored each love mark, helped him dress, kissed him good-bye and sent him back to work. There would, after all, be other lunch breaks.

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