Lygon Street

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“Hi, it’s me,” said the female voice into my ear.

Standing beside a large bay window I rubbed the palm of my hand across the smudged glass and stared out at the dreary Melbourne morning. The landscape was misty and dew covered with droplets of moisture like a tiara.

Pushing the Galaxy into my shoulder I turned away from the tree line, trying to focus my thoughts.

“Did you arrive safely?” I asked into the phone.

“Yes,” the woman replied. “Everything worked out like you said it would. There was a bit of early morning fog in Sydney, but nothing else.”

A strange relief washed over me. “Well, that is good then, I shall look forward to seeing you today.”

There was a slight pause. I could almost hear the wheels turning; an undercurrent of mirth clouded her reply. “Yes, I am sure you will, Jason.”

I grinned broadly and went along with her lead. “Are you wearing anything special for me?”

“Tssh, handsome brother- all good things to those who wait.”

“Oh, that is not fair! You know that I cannot handle surprises.”

She laughed. “This surprise will have to wait until you see me.”

I licked my lips. “Mmm, I like the sound of that.”

“Oh, now who is being the rude boy?”

I feigned ignorance. “What do you mean, sis?”

She sighed and the line went quiet.

I waited a few moments. “Jenna…?”

Her voice was slightly husky when it returned. “Jason, I need to see you too.”

“I know that. I feel the same way.”


I cleared my voice and wondered why I needed to do that. “What time is the booking?”

“One o’clock. Don’t forget to bring Mum.” She laughed.

“No problem, Jenna. One o’clock it is. Love you. Bye.”


Dry autumn leaves whirred across my path as I moved along Lygon Street and towards the Italian restaurant. My hands were bunched deep in the pockets of my coat and my boots beat a steady cadence on the worn pavement.

My thoughts were as clouded as the weather above as I wondered what might transpire today.

Jenna had made the booking online from up in Sydney several weeks ago but I was still surprised to even have the chance to see her at all. Last minute plans with her job meant that it was doubtful that she would make it down to Melbourne this year, but I did have my fingers crossed that things would work out nevertheless. I was also glad that she made the effort. I was hopeless went it came to matters of technology and online bookings.

The clatter of a tram crossing sounded off to the side as I held the door open for my Mother.

“Thanks,” she said and stepped into the darkened interior.

The door swung shut and I waited a moment for my eyes to readjust. Gradually the room appeared before my vision, like the deep sea diver who returns to the air breathing world. Taking in a deep breath I looked around the tables.

My sister was nowhere in sight, but that did not cause me any alarm. The small tables with their close set chairs and green, white and red table cloths did not suit my sister’s style. She was loud and boisterous and the small enclosed space would not have suited her needs.

I smiled and took my mother by the arm. “Jenna is bound to be this way.”

“Yes,” she nodded and let my lead her over to the white side door with glass panes.

The outdoor area of the restaurant replaced the interior sound with the hum of traffic down Lygon Street again. The lunchtime shopping crowd was lingering and could be seen over the wall and the threat of dark clouds swelled to the south-west. Several small tables sat against the exterior balcony beneath an overhanging canopy.

The door clicked behind me and the woman leaning against the railing turned around.

“Mum! Jason!”

My Mother smiled and headed across to embrace her daughter.

I hanged back slightly and stared at her.

I had not seen my sibling for over a year since she had moved to Sydney for her career. At 25 years of age she was in her peak age bracket and was striking while the iron was hot. Modelling had passed her by and she had now moved into freelance online journalism and blogging. The last year had seen her build up her contacts in the harbor city. Jenna had spent most of her early years hoping to be a clothes model, but a bevy of taller girls had quickly put pay to that. At just over 5 feet 2 Jenna was always going to hit a hurdle in that industry.

The first thing I noticed was that my sister had put on weight in the last twelve months. To most people it would hardly be noticeable, yet to my trained eye it was as obvious as a fly in milk. She wore a dark flower-patterned dress and shiny black tights. The material caught slightly at arms, hips and calves in a manner that I had not seen before. My tongue clucked at the roof of my mouth as I stared in awe. She had rubenesque curves beneath that dress that really suited the burgundy tresses that bounced over her shoulders.

My kid sister had now developed into a lovely looking, independent woman.

“Hi, Jenna,” I said when she turned.

A set of ankle-cut beşiktaş escort boots carried her across to me.

“Jason,” she smiled and embraced me.

I breathed in the sweet fragrance of her perfume and felt dizzy as the world spun around me. I could hear her soft, female giggle play in my ears and I felt a kiss touch me dangerously close to my mouth.

“Wow,” I exclaimed and held her at arm’s reach. “You look fantastic.”

She glowered under my praise. “Thanks, Jason.”

I stared down at her womanly curves. “You really do! That dress looks great! What have you done?”

She smiled and stared down at herself. “It is just the Sydney lifestyle, Jason- restaurants, ice-cream on the beach and coffee in the cafes, late start and even later finish.”

I laughed. “Good to see a return on the expense.”

She punched me playfully in the arm. “Oww.”

“That is for picking on your kid sister.”

I massaged the wound as if it was shrapnel from the war.

Jenna took me by the hand. “Come, Jason, time for your surprise.”

I felt myself spun around and turned towards the table against the wall. A man stood up and approached me.

“Jason, please meet my fiancé, Anthony. Anthony, meet my brother, Jason.”

I stared in shock and horror. Fiancé. What was she talking about? The man who grasped my hand was only half my size and weight, with a balding crown and glasses and looked nothing that would suit her. He looked like a plastic surgeon or a solicitor. Somebody with soft hands.

“Jason, so nice to meet you. Jenna has told me so much about you.” His grip was cold and slimy.

I stared at my sister and then at my mother. I could see from the look on her face that see was in on the deal. “You knew?” I whispered in disbelief.

My Mother smiled. The crow’s nest bunched at the corner of her devious eyes. “Jenna told me to keep it a secret. She made sure I would not say anything.”

“Wow…” I said and turned back to my sister under a storm cloud of emotions. I was happy, of course that she had now moved along with her life. We had discussed this for many years prior to her leaving for Sydney and had both come to the conclusion that our ‘weird relationship’ was not healthy for either of us. But the realization that she had moved on hit me like a sledgehammer.

“Congratulations,” I said and wrapped her up in a loving hug.

Beyond me the bruised clouds rolled in across Port Phillip Bay.


The one thing I could not fault was the meal.

My chair was pushed beside my sister and we both enjoyed the chance to catch up on the missing twelve months. Jenna ate Scaloppine Gamberi e Peperoncino with unladylike manners while I sampled some Bistecca Alla Siciliana and washed it down with a bottle of Barbera Alba.

Her fiancé, Anthony, was indeed, a solicitor. They had met six months ago through a mutual friend and she was glad to find somebody that she could settle down with. He worked on conveyance jobs and I had great fun telling her that she was about to marry an imposter.

I have always loved my sister’s giggle and it trilled in my ears while she glanced at Anthony across the table. Unconsciously I slid my hand under the table and played with the short hem on my sister’s dress.

The action was something we had always done for years together. I loved to play with my sister’s clothing and she loved to touch the nape of my neck. It was our sibling thing that we always shared that no one else knew about. Moving my hand downwards I let it run along the top of her nylon encased thigh. The material felt as sleek and shiny as it looked and it ran through my greedy hands like fine gold. My fingertips stopped to stroke the contours of her shapely kneecap.

“You certainly surprised me, Jenna. I did not expect you to find yourself a fiancé so soon,” I whispered.

She popped her fork into her mouth and chewed down hungrily as she turned her face. I had a strong, desperate urge to kiss her mouth and suck her saucy tongue.

“Yes, I was really worried about what you might think,” she returned with a glance across the table. “I have not been able to sleep this week as it played over in my mind.”

My hand slipped down the inside of her nylon thigh. “You have done well for yourself, kiddo.”

Starting slightly my sister reached for her wine glass. She held it high to hide her expression.

Moving my hand I headed towards her short hem again. The sheer material slid through my naughty fingers. I noticed that she made no effort to shut her legs or push me away. A brief sigh escaped her lips as I stroked her inside leg and I felt tension ease from her body as she settled down into the chair.

“Mmm,” she murmured and relaxed her bottom. Her legs fell open slightly.

I smiled as my hand disappeared down and under her short dress. Touching paradise for a brief moment I teased a nail against the thin band of nylon that covered her cleft mound.

“Jenna-Marie!” Our mother called from the other side of the table.

My beylikdüzü escort sister’s legs snapped together and she sat bolt upright in the chair. My hand remained trapped at the entrance to the forbidden cookie jar. I left it there and enjoyed the harbor of warmth that locked me in on each side.

“Yes, Mum?” she asked.

Our Mother looked up from her own deep conversation with her future son-in-law. “What was the name of Sally’s husband? You know the one who now lives on the north shore?”

Jenna let out a sigh of relief. From her angle our mother could not tell what we were doing under the table.

“No, Mum, do not worry about that,” she replied while I rubbed my fingers between the nylon cliffs of flesh. “I have already asked Anthony if he knew him.” She took another quick gulp of wine.

“Oh, okay.”

“Sydney has a lot of people, anything could happen…”

Her Mother stared at her in confusion.

Jenna dribbled her wine. “Sorry, I meant that it would be hard to know anybody in such a large place.”

“Oh, okay, darling.”

Reaching across Jenna touched a serviette to her mouth. Her cheeks were flushed in a lovely high color. “I am going to the loo. I need to freshen up”

My hand departed from her legs as she stood up from the table. As she passed me I felt the brief touch on the skin above my collar and a wave of perfume washed over me as she moved away.

I glanced across and watched the lovely sway of her bottom in the tight hugging dress.


“What are you doing?” she asked when I pushed open the door to the ladies.

“I could ask the same of you,” I countered.

The room that we were standing in was barely big enough to swing a cat. It only contained a counter, mirror, a single toilet and a bucket and mop in a small cupboard. It was not exactly the place for a serious conversation. “Jenna, who is that clown out there?”

My sister turned away from me and stared at me in the reflection of the mirror. She sighed and then lowered her gaze so that her lovely brown hair fell from her fringe. “I love him, Jason.”

Reaching across I pushed the inside latch on the lavatory. I had already noted that the wooden floor boards would give some prior warning that somebody was coming. I also noted that she did not call her fiancé by name either.

“But why did you decide to get hitched so quickly?” I hissed.

She sighed. “We both decided to move on, remember?”

I nodded. “Yes, but I did not expect you to move on so soon. Did all those things we did together mean nothing to you?”

Her fingertips played along the edge of the basin. “We were just play-acting, Jason. It was nothing more than that.”

I moved in behind her. “Is that what you really think?”

She stared up at me in the mirror through strands of dark hair. Light and shadow played in stark contrast from the wash of fluorescent light. Her eyes were glassy beads.

“I will never forget those first times together,” I murmured and ran my hand along the flower dress. First teasing along the length of her spine and then rubbing softly at the side muscles that supported her posture. She felt tense under my hand.

Her eyes were still locked on me in the mirror.

I pushed in against her and moved my crotch into the sweeping curve of her backside.

“What are you doing?” she repeated. Her voice had suddenly become throaty and uncertain.

My curve met her curve and mouldy perfectly. “I love you, sis,” I whispered as I leaned over her back and into her fragrant hair.

“I am getting married soon,” she whispered.

“Soon is not today…”

She sighed and leaned forward against the basin. My cock was straining against the sheer fabric of her dress. I could feel it pushing in between her shapely arse cheeks.

Her legs opened slightly and she widened her stance. “We cannot do this.”

“I know…”

My hands followed the curve of her torso and reached down to cup her breasts that hung supported in her bra. Greedy hands squeezed and moulded the ample female flesh that swung there. “Why did you let me touch you at the table?” I asked.

She groaned deep in her throat and her lips parted softly. A bead of moisture played at the sweet opening. “I didn’t…” she moaned.

“Oh, yes, you did. Accept it, Jenna; you came to Melbourne because you wanted to recapture the past before it was too late.”

“No,” she grunted as she leaned forward and let her dress ride further up her backside.

“Jenna, I know you want me to fuck you here, right now.”

My sister moved again, wiggling her butt against my growing cock.

“I do…not,” she whispered.

I laughed and moved to the sweet curve of her breasts. I could feel the faint tip of an aroused nipple straining against the material as I rubbed it. Her mouth had become slack and I could hear the rush of the breath through her throat.

She looked down once and then straight back at me in the mirror.

“Please,” she said simply.

Smiling beyoğlu escort I asked. “Please, what?”

“Please fuck me, Jason.”

I laughed and kiss the side of her smooth neck. “Does your pussy need a hard cock inside it?” I teased.

She nodded. “Yes, Jason, fuck me now, fuck me hard and quick” Her voice was now insistent and needy. “Before…”

“Before, what?”

“Before anybody else finds out.”

I kissed her once on the shoulder and moved back to push the last part of her dress up over her hips.

Taking hold of the dark banding I stripped her tights from the sweet curve of her butt. The warm, pliable flesh jiggled slightly as the material strained to give up its treasure. Cupping the red, satin panties underneath I kneaded them in my hands.

A series of soft kisses followed. My tongue licked at the sweet valley between her legs.

Jenna trembled as her panties were also removed and the cool air within the loo teased her skin.

Lowering myself down onto my haunches I stared closely at the gap between her legs. Her little fluted flange guided my eyes neatly to her forbidden slit. I gave a soft sigh. It had been some time since I had last seen her pussy and it was still as delightful in appearance as ever. Licking a finger I ran it lightly up one side of the smooth and velvety inner surface of one cunt lip and stroked it back down the other side.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed in wonderment and slowly pushed one knuckle inside her. It made a delicious sloppy sound while the walls of her love tunnel moulded sweetly around my thrusting digit. Pulling it out a stared a moment at the juice that glistened on it before pushing it back it again. “You are so wet.”

Jenna groaned and moved backwards against my hand. “Mmmm, Mmmm.”

My cock was now straining in my pants and was tenting the front. I felt slightly giddy from the pussy aroma that drifted past my flared nostrils. Standing up I moved my finger across her mouth and let her taste herself. Her lips sucked my hand like a greedy piglet.

“Yes, baby girl, you like it don’t you?”

Reaching with my other hand I grasped my cock and pushed it towards the sweet, puffy petals of her hidden flower.

“Do you want me to fill you up?” I whispered into the mirror.

She nodded and rolled her neck. “Yes, Jason!”

“Just like the old days?”


Laughing loudly I slowly eased myself inside the loving warmth of her silken tunnel. l could feel her close around the sides of my cock. My hairy scrotum nestled intimately between her legs. “Fuck yess!” I cried happily and leaned over her in a doggie style.

“Mmm,” she moaned again and settled her body down around me. “Yes, it feels nice. Fuck me like that!”

I grinned at my sister in the mirror and pushed my cock into her with long and leisurely strokes.

Jenna closed her eyes and moaned through pursed lips. Her dark hair bounced on her shoulders and she rocked backwards and forwards against the counter. The delicate features of her face contorted into an expression of sexual rapture. Her pussy was amazing. It was so warm and silky and it was the perfect fit that only a sister’s pussy could deliver. I closed my eyes in happiness as I pumped slowly into her, enjoying every inch of the gripping walls of her sweet cunt tunnel.

“Fuck. Fuck,” I moaned.

Gradually, I speed up the tempo of my thrusts. Sensing a change coming over me Jenna moved her leg out to the side and rested it onto the toilet bowl, thereby helping my stroke reach the neck of her uterus.

“Ahh, fuck yeah!” I groaned as my cock tap, tap, tapped deep inside her womanly hole. My balls slapped loudly against her butt with each deep intrusion.

“Fuck you, Jason,” she hissed. “I love it, oh, goddam it…’s so good!”

“Is my cock better than your fiancé?”

Her eyes were wild and glassy with lust. “Yes, fuck it, more!” she cried.

Groaning in my throat I poured the coals on and slammed her with everything I had. My cock was not huge but I outweighed my sister by about thirty kilograms and knew how to use my size. Her hips and waist bucked furiously against me and hit the counter with each slap of flesh.

My sister squealed from the pleasure and her entire body broke out in perspiration and she started shaking like a leaf. Her hand had found her clit and she rubbed it furiously.

“OHH, YES, SIS, HERE IT COMES!” I cried and the first wave of vile sperm shot deeply into her womb. Working her climaxing vagina muscles I could feel the waves flutter along the length of my cock. A second and third round of slippery nectar disappeared, and I only had a brief moment to hope that my sister was on the pill at the moment. What if she wasn’t?

“Ahh, fuck!” I groaned and bottomed out my cock inside her again. Too late now! Several more climaxes rocked my body until I had nothing more to give.

Opening my eyes I found that my sister had half collapsed over the basin and she clutched desperately onto the counter. She was panting as bad as I was. Her face was covered in a thin sheen of sweat.

Sorry, sis,” I said and squeezed my cock several times inside her. It made a slippery, wet sound when I extracted it from her.

Jenna refused to look at me as she tried unsuccessfully to inch her dress back down and her tights back up at the same time. Her brown hair fell forward as she bent over to find her hand bag.

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