M Club Ch. 10

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The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.

* * *

Denby couldn’t wait for the boys to finally leave Lisa’s house for the night. It wasn’t that she didn’t like having them there — it was fun to check out their naked bodies and watch them act like fools trying to find ways to get her or Lisa to say more about what (if anything) they’d done together or were planning to do after the boys left. It wasn’t to get on with messing around with Lisa — she wasn’t even sure they’d do anything like that, though there was an undeniable vibe happening between her and her best friend. No, it was the complete exhaustion in juggling all the emotions and hormones and events of the day. She wanted them gone so that her mind could settle and focus and quiet.

After playing in the hot tub, everyone had dried off and retreated to the family room to watch a movie. No one had dressed, but there hadn’t been much more fooling around. She and Sean got very cozy on a recliner while Lisa and Andy cuddled on the couch. There had been a little semi-innocent touching and stolen kisses, but it seemed no one was comfortable pushing into full-on make-out sessions with the other couple present — especially while fully naked.

Lisa was the one who finally kicked the boys out, saying that letting them stay any later would get her into more trouble with her parents than would already be the case if they found out she’d had guests. The risk of losing future access to the hot tub seemed to sway them and both reluctantly agreed to call it a night. Denby gave Sean a long, heated kiss goodbye and promised she would let him know how the rest of her evening went. It had been particularly cute when he said that if she wanted to “play” with Lisa, he was cool with it. She believed him, but figured a good bit of that stemmed from her promise to share.

“Wow,” Lisa said, slumping back onto the couch while Denby reclaimed the recliner. “Those boys. I don’t think either one will be able to sleep tonight, wondering what we’re doing without them.”

Denby chuckled. “No kidding. Probably missed an opportunity to get anything we wanted out of them just for a little show.”

Lisa snapped her fingers. “Damn. Think we could’ve talked them into jerking each other off for us?”

Denby raised her eyebrows. “Now that would’ve been something. Can’t see either of them agreeing, but it might have gotten them to at least think about it for a moment.”

“Especially after they’d seen us lick their messes up.”

Denby still felt a little guilty about having started all that without asking Lisa if she was okay with it. Licking Sean’s cum off Lisa’s breasts had been a completely impulsive move and could have really ticked off her friend. Fortunately, the opposite seemed to have been the case, as Lisa had not only copied but did her one better by sucking one of Den’s nipples in front of the boys for a while.

“Sorry if I put you on the spot there,” Denby said. “It just seemed like a fun way to torture the boys.”

Lisa shrugged it off. “You warned me you’d do something to mess with them. And I sure didn’t mind.”

“Well, it’s one thing that we fooled around in private and something else to do it in front of the boys.”

Lisa nodded. “It’s fine. I trust those two and I’m okay that it’s out in the open.”

It. Just what was “it,” though? Denby wasn’t really sure and, after having been so confident all day, she suddenly felt very uncertain.

They watched TV in silence for a little bit before Den felt compelled to say something, anything. “Is there anything you wanted to do tonight?”

Lisa’s attention remained on the TV, but she bit her lip and seemed to consider how or what to answer. “Actually, I wouldn’t mind a shower after the hot tub and all.”

“Okay.” It wasn’t exactly what Denby had been asking about, but it was a reasonable answer.

Lisa glanced over. “You could join me, if you wanted.”

Denby immediately recognized the offer for what it was — Lisa wanted her along and wasn’t just saying it to be polite. If it had been the latter, she’d have offered to let Denby take a shower first. It felt like another stepping stone to something else between them, and Lisa had left it to her to decide whether to take that next step.

“Sure.” It hadn’t been all that difficult a decision.

Lisa turned off the TV and the lights behind them as they made their way upstairs. They said little, each dealing with the nervous tension internally. As they brushed up against one another in the hallway, however, their hands met and intertwined.

Denby stopped at the bathroom door, but Lisa dragged her on. “Shower?”

Lisa smiled. “Yeah, but the good one,” she said. “And as long as mom and dad are gone…”

“Oh, nice.” Denby casino siteleri had seen the shower in the master bath several years ago and vaguely remembered it as being a nice glass and stone affair, plenty large for two people to comfortably fit. Much better than standing in the narrow tub of the bathroom Lisa usually had to use.

Lisa paused only briefly to grab a couple fresh towels from the linen closet and then led the way into the master bath and got the water turned on. Standing together, the girls looked at their reflection in the massive vanity mirror. Denby was increasingly comfortable with her own naked body — a bit on the petite side with smaller breasts than she’d have liked and long brunette hair that she freed from its scrunchy. Lisa was of similar height and slightly heavier build, though it worked to good effect in making her appear womanlier in her curves. Den was also jealous of her friend’s red hair.

Lisa wrapped and arm around Denby and pulled her in tight. “Damn, we fine. No wonder those boys are always drooling.”

“You know it, girlfriend.”

They giggled, hugged, and made their way into the shower, now steaming hot. Bodies casually brushing against one another, they shared the stream of water. They had showered together at school and camp, but never quite as cozy as this.

“Up for a little Truth or Dare?” Lisa waggled her eyebrows.

Den rolled her eyes. It sounded like a polite way to ask some very personal questions or do some even more personal things. “Sure, why not. It’s a sleepover, after all.”

“Exactly. You ask first.”

“Fine. Truth or dare?”


Lisa answered without a moment’s hesitation and it took Denby a few seconds to even come up with something. “Okay, I dare you to wash my entire body.”

“Starting me off gently? Okay.” She reached for a bar of soap and lathered it up. “Let’s start with your back.”

Denby politely turned and stepped just out of the water stream. Lisa wasted no time in washing Denby’s neck and back and working her way down.

“As long as I’m busy with this, you wanna pick truth or dare so I can start thinking of something?”

Denby considered it and really didn’t care which way she went. The truth between them these days was more cathartic than embarrassing and any dare she came up with was likely to be fun. Well, she hoped the latter was the case.

“How about truth?”

“Truth, okay.” Lisa ran her hands down the back of Denby’s legs, her hands briefly brushing up against her butt and between her legs. “Turn.”

Denby turned and Lisa began working her way back up the frontside, legs first this time. As she reached Den’s crotch, she slowed and reached between the legs and hesitated for a moment as if to ask permission. Den parted her legs slightly and Lisa took that as permission to continue, her fingers sliding over the folds of her labia. That direct contact, the first time another had touched her there, sent a shiver through her body. It could be construed as nothing more than thoroughness in the cleaning process, but it was difficult to pretend there wasn’t a sexual vibe. Lisa lingered a little bit, but then withdrew and continued up Denby’s mid-section.

“Truth,” Lisa repeated. “Was it true what you said earlier, about your promise to your mom being specific to boys?”

Coming from her friend, who’d just run her fingers over Denby’s pussy, that question carried a lot of implied consent. Were they in the clear to do more than just kiss and play with one another’s breasts? Denby tried to remember exactly what she’d said to her mother some two years back when the whole matter had come up. It was harder to think clearly as Lisa’s hands began to lather the soap over her breasts.

“My mom did seem to be talking specifically about boys when we had that conversation,” Denby said, closing her eyes to focus on her friend’s touch. “She’d said that boys our age were driven by hormones over good judgment and I shouldn’t ever allow myself to be pushed into doing something I didn’t want to do and whose consequences I wasn’t prepared to deal with. And, to help in that regard, she offered the suggestion of my promising not to engage in sex, including all forms of touching the private bits, until after graduation. She said the promise would give me something of a shield against unwanted advances. I knew she was right and she didn’t force me to make the promise.”

Lisa’s hands, after lingering on Denby’s breasts for a good while, moved on to finishing up her arms and neck.

“But you did.”

“Honestly, at that point, I didn’t think it too likely I’d even have a boyfriend before graduation that I wanted to do anything like that with. And, for most of high school, I didn’t. Not until Sean. At least he’s been cool with it.”

“So, your answer then?”

Denby didn’t really know. “I think I said I promised not to let any boys touch me like that, or touch them in kind. I’m damn sure I wasn’t worried about touching any girls. So, yeah, I think by the letter canlı casino of the law or spoken promise, I’m in the clear when it comes to girls.”

Lisa stepped aside to let Denby step into the water and rinse off.

“Well, I don’t blame you for never expecting this,” Lisa said. “I sure as hell didn’t, either. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it. If I never touch you like that, it wouldn’t bother me.”

“But you’d like to.” Den gave her friend a pointed look.

“I’m seriously thinking about it.”

Rinsed clean, Den faced Lisa and nudged her around while taking the bar of soap. She lathered it up and began washing her friend, similarly starting with her back. “Next round? Truth or dare?”

Lisa sighed under Den’s fingers. “Well, since you’re already washing me, let’s go truth.”

“Truth. Okay. Who would you rather give your virginity to — Andy or Sean?”

Lisa sputtered. “Geez, ramping things up a bit, aren’t we?”

Denby gave Lisa’s ass a playful squeeze as she continued to work the soap down her legs. “Never promised I’d go easy on ya. Now, answer the question. Truth!”

Lisa hesitated for a bit and then finally answered, “Sean. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth.”

Denby nudged Lisa to turn around and looked up at a very apologetic-looking friend. “I already knew the answer,” Den said, winking. “I just wanted to hear it from you.”

Lisa gave Den a swat atop the head. “Why do that to me, then?”

Now the pressure was on Denby. “Let’s pretend I just said ‘truth’ for my next turn. Is that your question?”


Denby rubbed her way up Lisa’s legs and then tentatively into the gap of her crotch. The folds felt very familiar, yet the experience of breaking through this boundary with her friend lent a lot of weight to the act. Lisa sighed as Den ran her fingers back and forth a few times before retreating.

“The truth,” Den said, voice softening as she ran her hands across Lisa’s tummy. “I’ve been thinking a lot about sex lately. Go figure. Graduation is coming up soon, and I know I’ll be crossing that barrier as soon as I can with Sean. I know what a big deal it is and how special I want it to be.

“And I see you and Andy and I know you don’t have that same connection with him. But I see how you look at Sean. It’s…I don’t know…I guess I just want it to be as special for you as it is for me. I’d feel guilty if you settled when I could do something about it.”

Lisa seemed to stiffen under her touch. “What do you mean?”

Even Denby hadn’t been entirely sure where she was going with all this, though she had a vague idea. “I guess what I’m saying is that the thought of you and Sean together doesn’t bother me. If anything, it’s sort of this weird turn on. You’re my two favorite people and I like sharing. Maybe today was sort of a test for myself, to make sure I wouldn’t freak out about you two together, making out. Hell, even naked. The whole time, I never once worried about what you guys were doing other than to wish I could see it.”

Lisa smiled. “You know that’s fucked up, right? I mean, yeah, I didn’t pass up the chance, but Sean and I were both pretty worried about you maybe getting freaked out after the fact.”

Denby proceeded to soaping up and playing with her friend’s breasts.

“I know, I’m probably a mess who’ll pay for it later, but there it is. The truth. And, if you want Sean to be your first, then I’m okay with it.”

Lisa looked like she was on the verge of tears, prompting Denby to abandon playing with her breasts and instead pulled her into a hug. “You okay?”

Lisa blinked and composed herself. “Yes, I’m fine. You’re such a stupid good friend. I don’t know if I could do that, though, even if you and Sean are both okay with it. I mean, yeah, it’s him and he’s great and I’d love to do it with him, but I also have this picture in my mind of it being with my boyfriend. Mine. And, well, he’s yours. Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried about that and maybe if I think about it for a while I’ll say yes. I just don’t know.”

Denby got what her friend was saying. They were both turning themselves into pretzels trying to justify doing and not doing certain things. Most of the time, that was to avoid hurting themselves or someone else. Other times, like playing with Lisa, it was to get around the rules. At least they were being honest with each other, which made it feel less likely they would do any serious damage to their friendship.

Denby gave Lisa a quick kiss on the lips. “I get it. But if you change your mind…”

Lisa smiled. “We’ll see.”

“Would you at least give him a blowjob?”

Lisa’s eyes widened, but she just gave Denby a playful shove. “No fair, asking questions out of turn.”

Denby sighed. “Fine. Truth or dare?”

Lisa pondered for a moment. “Fine, truth.”

“Would you give Sean a blowjob? Right now, assuming he was okay with it.”

Lisa chewed her bottom lip for a bit before answering. “Yes. If you were good with it kaçak casino and he was good with it, yeah, I would.”

Denby felt a rush. She could almost picture it now — Sean standing while Lisa knelt in front of him, both naked, and his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. And Denby was there, watching and encouraging, jealous of them getting to play but happy they were enjoying one another.

“I bet he’ll be happy to hear that,” Den said. “Not that he probably doesn’t already know.”

Lisa eyes narrowed. “You aren’t going to tell him, are you? I thought this was kinda, you know, private?”

“Relax. Strict confidence.”

Lisa slipped back under the water and let the spray run through her hair and over her face. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Denby said without hesitation. She liked their frank, open talk, even though there were other things she wouldn’t mind trying with a dare. Time for those later.

“You and Andy,” Lisa said. “Where are you at?”

The question felt like a bit of a gut punch, almost accusatory especially after the talk of Lisa and Sean. After the episode in the band room and then again today in the library, Denby wasn’t sure what she thought about Andy. Lisa had been quick to pick up on there being something.

“What do you mean?” Denby stalled.

Lisa gave her a pointed look. “Well, you told me earlier that he got you pretty hot and bothered this afternoon. And you jumped at the chance to let him jerk off on your tits. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think you’ve got a bigger thing for him than I do.”

Denby sighed. The truth. “Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about him. When we’re alone, he’s got this way about him that gets me turned on like nothing Sean’s ever done. It’s this assertiveness, I think. He’s cocky and isn’t afraid to be blunt. Explicit, even. Now, is he like that just because he knows I can’t do anything about it? And maybe Sean isn’t that way for the same reason — so as not to tempt me?

“But, yeah, I like the way I feel when he gets like that around me. But it’s different with Sean. I like them both for different reasons.”

Lisa nodded. “The bad boy or the good guy?”

Denby agreed. “Not that I’d call Andy a bad boy or anything. But, well, I guess he doesn’t talk to his mother like that.”

“God, I hope not,” Lisa said, giggling. “Now, if you could switch Sean for Andy with no hard feelings, would you?”

Denby almost balked at the question, but was it really that unreasonable? She’d practically forced Sean on her best friend while she was off playing some rather intimate games with Andy. Hell, she’d just offered to let Lisa have sex with Sean and then confirmed her attraction to Andy. Was Lisa hoping for just such a scenario, where boyfriends got swapped? Suddenly, the ground underneath Den’s world felt a lot less certain.

“I already answered,” she said, trying to act calm. “Next turn. Truth or dare?”

Lisa’s expression made it clear she knew Denby was evading the question, but she let it go. “Let’s try a dare.”

Denby considered it and decided it was time to challenge her friend a bit. “Well, I already know you’ve tasted both Sean and Andy. So I dare you to try what’s behind door number three.”

Lisa raised her eyebrows, but the flicker of smile that crossed her lips told Denby her friend was game. Den backed up a little bit and lowered her hand to her crotch. With Lisa watching intently, she slid her index finger into a very wet pussy. She made a bit of a show of it, pleasuring herself and sliding it in and out several times. With the finger sufficiently coated, she held it up to Lisa who stepped out of the shower spray and leaned forward. Den half expected her friend to just give it a quick lick, but instead she took the entire finger into her mouth and sucked it clean in a move very reminiscent of what Andy had done under nearly identical circumstances earlier.

“Dare accepted,” Lisa said after releasing the finger and licking her lips clean. “You know, I did the same thing for Sean today. In the interest of full disclosure.”

Denby was only slightly surprised by the admission. “Oh really? Whose idea was that?”

“Mine.” Lisa didn’t blush.

Denby chuckled. “Funny, but I did the same thing for Andy. Only it was his idea.”

Lisa shook her head, smiling. “He’s totally infatuated with you, you know.”

That again. Denby was hoping her friend would drop it so she didn’t have to face that matter now. What if he was more into her than Lisa? It did muddy the waters.

Den shrugged and changed the subject again. “How’d it compare?”

Lisa countered with a shrug of her own. “Okay. Not my first choice, but I wouldn’t object to trying it again.”

“Noted,” Denby said, sliding her body across Lisa’s as she positioned herself to get back under the hot stream. “And, dare.”

Lisa considered for a minute. “Okay, totally not very original, but… I dare you to taste my pussy, but you gotta figure out your own way to do it.”

Denby felt a little thrill at the challenge. Even after their play, she didn’t think of herself bisexual. It was more…what was the term…bi-flexible? Curious? Certainly not averse to trying a new experience, especially with her best friend.

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