Maddeline’s Revenge

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This is a sequel from my previous story, “The Smelliest Couple,” with the same characters. It might appeal only to people with a fetish for dirty unhygienic sex.


When Maddeline stepped her bare dirty feet on the street, she was convinced that would be a great day. It was warm as she liked, good to grow a nice sweating after only a few minutes under the sun. The heat also made the ground stickier and better for getting black soles.

Not that she needed it anyway. After more than a year without the “three terrible S’s,” as she called them –shoes, shower and soap–, she hadn’t much more room to get filthier, but even so she loved to hang around dirty places and to expose her filthiness to unwilling others.

The first couple that passed in front of her that morning made her proud. The woman, already in her forties, wearing professional clothes and lots of make-up, threw her a very bad look and grabbed the arm of his husband, instinctively searching his protection from the stinky disgusting figure that was coming in their direction. The man, on the other hand, was unable to hide his interest in Maddeline’s disheveled appearance. He examined her carefully from head to toes and she had the impression he had even leaned a little bit to catch a sniff from her smell.

He didn’t seem repulsed by her, quite the opposite. Probably he had a fetish, as Maddeline’s own husband. It was a relatively uncommon reaction, but it was not the first time Maddeline observed people looking at her with lust. Both the disgusted reaction from the woman and the horny behavior from the man made Maddeline feel a little wet.

She intended to rapidly get some food in her favorite little grocery shop (in fact, the only place where she was not barred from entering due to her unkempt aspect) and then go back home and spend the rest of the morning being fucked by Robert. It was almost a week already since the last time she sucked his cock, and by now it might be stinky and covered with smegma.

But she couldn’t get to the grocery shop. She had just raised her arms and was still savoring the stench from her armpits when suddenly a big man, wearing gloves and a surgical mask, blocked her way. Immediately, another pair of gloved hands reached her face from behind, holding a wet handkerchief.

“Hold her, take her to the car,” Maddeline heard a familiar female voice crying.

Before Maddeline could turn to see who was speaking, she felt her limbs heavy, her head started to spin, and she fainted. When Maddeline woke up, she was naked inside a bath tub, with her hands and ankles tied by a rope. In front of her, outside the tub, there was a girl wearing a long white T-shirt, spandex shorts, rubber boots, gloves and surgical mask.

“Good, finally you will become a normal girl again, Maddeline.”

It was the same voice she had heard in the street before fainting, but now it was talking in German. She could identify it clearly now: it belonged to her friend Sonja.

“Why are you doing it, Sonja? We are friends after all!” Maddeline complained, taken by surprise.

“That’s just the point,” the other girl answered calmly. “Last month, after I saw you in the street like a filthy scum, I was really alarmed. I called your parents in Germany telling them that you had gone crazy and was living like a beggar. They were horrified when I described your rotten smell, your greasy unruly hair, all this black grime sticking all over your body, from head to toes.”

Sonja stopped briefly and frowned disgusted at her friend’s naked and smelly body.

“They asked me to do something. So I rented this flat and hired a local man to help to catch you. I’ll now clean and shave you, you will put new clothes, and then Paco and I will take you to the airport, where you will board a flight to Germany. Your parents are waiting to take you to a psychiatrist and through rehab. Don’t worry, Maddeline, everything is going to be fine now. We are here to help you.”

“But I don’t want to be helped. I’ve never been happier in my life. I love to live in filth, I’m really proud about what I’ve become,” Maddeline protested.

“It’s part of your… your mental condition. It will pass, Maddeline. You will see how better you will feel after a good bath.”

Sonja took a bottle of liquid soap from the sink and spread it over Maddeline’s body, until the bottle was empty. The dirty girl screamed and struggled, but couldn’t free herself from the ropes. Her friend opened the faucet and cold water started to flow over Maddeline, who was horrified to see one year of efforts in getting filthier going literally down the drain, in the form of dark grey sewer water.

Sonja grabbed a long-handled brush and scrubbed as she could the desperate Maddeline, who was trying to protect those parts she most loved to keep dirty: armpits, pussy, and feet. Sonja, trying to dominate her repugnance, lifted her friend’s arms, holding them over Maddeline’s head.

That operation required pursaklar escort Sonja do keep her face less than six inches from the girl’s armpits, and the intense smell of rotting sweat eventually prevented her from continuing. She imagined she would throw up if she opened Maddeline’s legs, and imagined briefly the huge amount of different secretions that had accumulated there in the last several months — sweat, piss, menstruation, her vaginal juices, and perhaps even some cum, although she doubted any men would be interested in a woman like that. It was too much for Sonja.

She was content to spread water over Maddeline’s closed thighs, hoping that some of the water and soap would seep between her legs and clean her pussy a little bit. After about 15 minutes of scrubbing, Sonja was exhausted and nauseated.

“Well, I think it’s going to take several days of sustained washing for you to regain an acceptable state, but maybe if we put enough cologne and deodorant to disguise the remaining smell you’ll be able to get on board. Your hair is very tangled and needs to be cut, so we will apply some shampoo and conditioner. I also don’t want your parents to see you with those hairy armpits and legs. I’m going to shave you now.”

She had brought to the bathroom all the items she thought would be necessary to return her friend to life in society, but had forgotten the razor.

“Paco, bring me a razor blade!” she shouted.

“I don’t want a man to come in here and see me naked. You don’t know him well, we don’t know what he can do to me!” Maddeline protested.

Sonja reckoned Maddeline was right. She didn’t want to hurt her friend and, putting herself in her shoes, she would definitely be uncomfortable if a stranger saw her in this situation.

“Alright,” she answered at last. “I’ll get the razor myself in the kitchen.”

Maddeline remained quiet, pretending to be resigned, but as soon as Sonja left the bathroom she began to struggle again. The nylon ropes Sonja used to bind her began to loosen up after being wet, and in a few seconds she managed to free her hands, and then her feet. She quickly picked up her filthy dress, which had been left on the bathroom floor, climbed over the toilet, then over the sink, and was already throwing half of her torso through the narrow and high bathroom window when she heard her friend’s voice coming back from the kitchen.

“Paco forgot to buy the blade, I sent him to the market and he will be back in ten minutes. In the meantime, let’s start by cutting off your hair.”

As she entered the bathroom saying those last words, Sonja saw the soles of Maddeline’s feet, still dark grey despite the washing, escaping through the window. She trembled at the thought that her friend had killed herself, but as she approached the window and climbed over the toilet she saw that Maddeline had turned the dress into a sort of harness that she tied around a pipe running next to the building wall, and slid as carefully as she could along it.

The apartment was on a second floor, and the bathroom faced a dark, dusty pit. Maddeline felt some relief as she felt her feet touch a dirty surface again. But there was no time to have fun in that adorably filthy cellar. She put on her dress and searched her way out in the gloom.

With a piece of barrel she found on the floor, she broke a high window and managed to crawl out onto the sidewalk, just as Sonja, still wearing rubber boots and gloves, but no longer the mask, was leaving the building and coming towards her. Maddeline knew the neighborhood well and started to run toward her home.

Sonja was in disadvantage because of the heavy boots she was wearing, so she kicked them off and continued the pursuit barefoot. But neither so could she reach Maddeline. Her soles were thin, delicate, and in less than a block they began to burn. Maddeline, on the other hand, had her feet hardened by a year of attrition with all kinds of terrains. The hot sidewalks in the Spanish summer were no longer an inconvenience to her. Besides, Maddeline would spend her days wandering the streets to flaunt her filthiness, while Sonja lived a sedentary life attending classes at the university.

Maddeline was already a block away from Sonja when she reached the door of her building, rang the doorbell insistently, and slipped through it. Sonja watched from a distance and approached the building, trying to find a way in. Meanwhile, Maddeline ran up the stairs and threw herself into the arms of Robert, who by now was already worried about her girlfriend’s delay in buying groceries.

“What happened to you, Maddeline? You smell of soap, and are much less dirty than before …”

“I have no time for explanations now, Robert. Just do what I ask you, please.”

After two minutes, an old woman left the building dragging a shopping cart, and Sonja seized the open door and started do climb the stairs cautiously. The building was modest, poorly maintained, and rize escort the staircase had not been cleaned for some time. Sonja felt uneasy stepping barefoot on the dusty, sticky ground.

When she reached the third floor, she saw a door ajar, from which a strong smell of garbage, urine and sweat emanated. She thought it was some sanitary installation of the building, and that perhaps Maddeline was hiding there. But as she put her head inside to peer, she felt a blow that made her faint immediately.


What really made Sonja wake up was the powerful stench burning her nostrils. She struggled to move her nose away from the rancid smell, but felt restrained. Then she slowly opened her eyes and saw Maddeline standing in front of her. Sonja was lying in a dusty sticky wooden floor, tied by her ankles and wrists. It took her some seconds to recall all the facts that led her to Maddeline’s filthy apartment.

From her position, she could only see Maddeline’s bare feet and the lower part of her hairy legs. Despite all the scrubbing, she had now some new black stains from her scape to the dusty basement and the streets.

“Wow, Sonja, you finally woke up! I was scared as fuck that you had died,” Maddeline said. “Hope your head isn’t hurting a lot from the hit. Those cheap chairs we have aren’t very heavy, soon you’ll be good.”

She crouched to examine her friend’s head, and Sonja sensed that Maddeline’s smell was now definitely more tolerable than before her bath, but still quite notable when she was near. Sonja was still recomposing her thoughts when she heard a noise coming from the door, and she could see a disgruntled man entering. She was immediately taken by fear, as it seemed Maddeline was living in a dump that all kinds of beggars, junkies and lunatics could use as they wanted, and the disheveled stranger that had just come in could do many evil things to Maddeline and to herself. But the guy sounded to know Maddeline very well.

“Hi, Piggy! I’m back,” he said cheerfully to her. He was carrying a heavy plastic bag, which he left beside Sonja. Unlike Maddeline’s, his smell was highly offensive for her, as much as Maddeline’s before her washing. The guy was barefoot too, and his feet and ankles were completely black and crusty.

“Who are you? What are you going to do to me?” cried Sonja.

“Relax, Sonja. He is Robert, my husband.”

Maddeline blushed a little bit while saying this word, as for the whole last year they hadn’t worried about defining what they were one for another. Robert smiled.

“He is the guy who taught me that I shouldn’t care about what society expects me to do. That I can live my life in the way I really want.”

He opened the bag and started to pull a long heavy metal chain, and then three new locks with their keys. He carefully passed the chain around Sonja’s right ankle and closed one of the locks in it, while she was cringing at the idea of being touched by such a dirty man. He then repeated the operation putting another part of the chain around a heating tube that was near her, and finally used the third lock to attach the last stretch of the chain to a window handle, just to be sure. He threw the tree keys into a drawer in the other side of the living room, and them he and Maddeline moved a sofa to a position where Sonja could reach while chained.

“We’ll not do the same mistake as you did,” Maddeline remarked casually. “It was very easy to unknot those slippery nylon ropes you used with me. The metal chains will do it better.”

“You can’t do that!” protested Sonja. “You’re kidnapping me. It’s a crime! I will hand you over to the police when I get out of here.”

“Listen, dear,” Maddeline replied calmly, “you kidnapped me in first place, I am the one who should be calling the cops by now. There are witnesses who were on the street when you and Paco caught me, you did it just in front the only shop where I buy things, and there are cameras all over the streets. You, on the other hand, entered this building by your own. Who’s kidnapping who here?”

Sonja was speechless, as she knew Maddeline was right. She was no professional criminal, she simply hadn’t done a decent planning of her action.

“But we are friends,” Maddeline continued, seeing she now had the upper hand. “… Or we were, I don’t know anymore. The fact is that you wanted to give me a lesson by forcing me to wash. If that is the kind of argument you want to use, all right, let’s get into some serious discussion. Now I want to show you how glorious our filthy unhygienic life can be. Unfortunately for you, destroying a good amount of dirtiness and BO is much easier and faster than building it. You’ll have to stay at least some weeks with us before going free.”

Sonja was knocked out. She had no power to react, at least by now. The intense smell of the apartment and their inhabitants was nauseating her. The sofa that was assigned to her was completely disgusting for Sonja’s standards, light in color, ankara rus escort but with lots of yellowish and brownish stains and black prints of dirty feet soles. It smelled strongly of stale sweat, sex and piss, but she had no desire to stay lying in a hard floor that might be even dirtier than the sofa, so she moved to it, still without saying a word.

“Good, you’ll be more comfortable now. Listen, now some rules: the chain is long enough for you to reach the bathroom behind you. You can piss and shit there, but don’t try to use the shower or the sink, as we keep the water closed all over the apartment. We will open it once or twice a day to flush the toilet, as we don’t want the smell of shit and piss to dominate over our BO. We will give you all the food you need, and one and a half liter of water a day. Don’t dare using it to wash any part of you, or you risk being thirsty for the rest of your stay with us.”

Maddeline untied the ropes from Sonja’s wrists and ankles, as the chain would be enough to keep her from running away, and then used a scissor to tear Sonja’s spandex shorts and panties. Even though her long white T-shirt was kept in place, Sonja felt ashamed of being almost naked in front of Robert, and instinctively covered her crotch with her hands.

“Don’t worry about it, Sonja,” Maddeline said laughing. “There will be plenty of nudity around for you in the next weeks. But I promise nobody will touch your dull clean body while you are our prisoner!”


Maddeline and Robert left without saying anything to Sonja. The girl was feeling sick with the smell of the apartment. She shrunk her feet on the couch to avoid touching the sticky, dusty floor. Even so, she noticed her soles were already gray from the barefoot run down the street and up the dirty staircase.

The apartment was all closed, intensifying the smells that hung in the muffled air, and Sonja felt a cold droplet of sweat trickling beneath her newly shaved armpits. She took off the T-shirt, wrapped it in her hands and placed it under her nose, to try to filter the nauseating air she was breathing.

Her kidnappers were back at dusk. Hearing the sound of the door, Sonja hurriedly dressed again. The arrival of Maddeline and Robert made the air even more unbreathable, and Sonja tried to cover her nose with the collar of her shirt, and then she felt the smell of her own sweat. Not the stale, rancid odor emanating from the couple in front of her; it was a slightly sweet yet bitter aroma, which in general she would prefer to eliminate immediately from her body with a deodorant or even a good shower. But, under the current circumstances, she preferred to keep her nose clinging to her own armpits to dim the stench around her.

Maddeline and Robert looked euphoric. She was noticeably dirtier than when she left. Sonja didn’t say anything, but Maddeline sat down on the couch beside Sonja, who cringed. She stretched her feet toward her friend with a defiant look. But it was Robert who started talking.

“So you thought you would turn my wife into a dull clean girl like you? Well, look at the soles of her feet after just one afternoon out! What color is it?”

“Black,” replied Sonja, with the soles of Maddeline’s feet only a few inches from her face.

“Clean or dirty?” Robert continued.

“Dirty… Absolutely dirty.”

“Thick or soft?”

“Thick, calloused,” replied Sonja, disgusted.

“Yes, thick, full of calluses, crusty. Filthy, black from street dirt,” Robert said triumphantly.

Clutching one of Maddeline’s ankles, she licked her left sole four times from top to bottom. Maddeline was more and more fond of having her feet licked, and she let out a slight moan. Sonja watched with horror as Robert’s tongue turned black, and he wiped away the excess dirt by licking Maddeline’s hairy ankles, where there were also spots of dirt. He lifted her wife’s dress, exposing her thighs and buttocks, which were almost as black as her feet.

“Do you know how did she get so dirty? We went to fuck in an abandoned bathroom. It’s the dirtiest place in this city, we love going there once in a while. And after the shower you gave her, Maddeline wanted to dirty herself again urgently. It was quite an afternoon.”

“Maddeline, so that’s why you became that pig?” asked Sonja. “Just to please a mad man’s fetish!?”

“It’s not a mad man’s fetish. It’s the fetish of two mad people. Mad for the freedom to be as we are, to make our fantasies real without thinking about what others will say. Wanna see something?”

Maddeline pulled Robert towards her and opened his ragged short trousers, pulling his cock out.

“For a lot of people, this is disgusting.”

She pulled Robert’s foreskin, revealing a rich layer of smegma. Robert smiled in satisfaction as Sonja cowered further on the couch, containing her desire to throw up.

“But for me,” continued Maddeline, “this cheese-filled cock is paradise, the natural smell and taste of the man I love, the remains of our nights of love being fermented day after day.”

Maddeline admired lovingly that unwashed penis, let out a slight sigh, opened her mouth and stuck her lips in the stinking cock, which she only released after her mouth was flooded with cum.

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