Magic Fingers Ch. 02

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Yes, life was good.

I was on my way back from Atlanta, when I started to think about Alice.

I couldn’t think about her, unless I thought about her tits, and sex. The next thing I knew, I was pulling into the parking lot of one of the many adult video stores along the interstate.

I bought two new videos, on sale and figured, I might as well call it a day and park here for the night and watch one of the videos, then I’d call Alice and we could have phone sex. Yeah, that sounded good to me. Two hours of a dirty movie and a half hour of dirty phone sex and I’d be ready for a good night sleep.

As it turned out, I never did call Alice. The DVD that I got wasn’t what I thought it would be. This was more of a tutorial on how to get a woman to have a female ejaculation or, “Squirt,” as they called it.

For some reason, watching this guy stick his fingers into a woman’s pussy, have her writhe in pleasure and suddenly have an orgasm. One where she shot a stream, several feet out of her. Not only did it turn me on, it really got me interested and thinking.

Was this really possible. Could a woman have an orgasm that strong and squirt a liquid, supposedly not pee, out of her? Could she have an ejaculating climax, just like a man. Only in larger quantities and shoot further, lots further than a man could, or was this just a bunch of porn hype.

Personally, I had never seen it happen, but then, I have not had a lot of different partners, so, I guess it might actually be possible. Time to check this out, I thought.

I grabbed my lap top, wifi card and hit the internet. Two hours later and blurry eyed, from looking at pictures, reading material and stories, I felt I was beginning to understand that, yes, women could ejaculate. I was still left with more questions than real answers. Answers that I wasn’t going to get in one night.

Over the rest of that week, I devoted all my non-driving time to looking up information on the internet about female ejaculation.

There was over two hundred thousand hits on Google. Most of them, I came to find, were so ridiculous, that it is easy to see why people have overlooked or scoffed at this area of female sexuality.

When I did come across sites that seemed to have credibility, the “How To” information and explanations, why women could ejaculate, seemed tainted, either because of the writers agenda, or they were trying to sell something.

In my gut, I felt I was on to something important, at least important in the area of sex, and let’s not sell that short.

So it was that I began my journey, in search of specific knowledge.


I arrived home late Friday night. That Saturday morning, I talked to Alice and she scoffed at the idea that women could ejaculate. I then put the DVD in the player and we watched the how to video. It didn’t convince her, but it did get us hot and even before the video ended we were naked on the floor, my dick buried in her pussy, not thrusting into her, just keeping it pressed deep in her as I happily sucked on one nipple while I played with the other breast and listened to Alice sigh and moan over my ministrations.

Alice, as I mentioned, was not timid and had no problem telling me what she wanted, this morning was no exception.

“John, fuck me. Make me come first and then, when you’re going to come, let me suck you. I want to taste us both.”

Just hearing her request was enough to motivate me into action.

I wanted her to be really wet. When I was done with her, she would have no trouble finding her own separate taste. I began to rub her pussy lips against her clit by pinching them together and pulling them back and forth, making her come. I could feel the contractions in her as she raised her hips, pushing against me.

I didn’t stop masturbating her, as she put her hand on top of mine, in an effort to stop me. I kept the motion up, even as she began to cry the complaint that it was to sensitive.

She squirmed, trying to move away from the intense sensation, until the beginning tingle of pending orgasm reached her. The new urge, caused her to begin thrusting, in an effort to get more, to get over the edge and come.

With a high pitch, yeee, yesss, she came. Her breathing was irregular as she tried to take in more air. Her hips dropped and there was a relaxation in her muscles.

I brought my wet fingers to her lips and let her taste her cum, as I moved between her legs. My other hand sliding my dick between her outer lips, coating my dick from its tip to my balls with the lube from her dripping cunt.

Once she had licked her wetness off my fingers, I aimed my prick and thrust into her, making sure I was pounding against her over stimulated clit.

Sharp intakes of air on each thrust told me I was doing a good job, good enough to coax a third orgasm out of her before pulling my dick out and getting it into her waiting mouth, just as I began to cry, “Oh yeah, suck, Suck It!”

I exploded with only the head of my prick between her illegal bahis lips. The sudden gush of cum caused her to open her mouth for air.

My cum began to run out from between her lips, down her cheek and chin, down the shaft of my prick.

She quickly closed her lips, sliding my cock deeper into her mouth. As my throbs subsided, she sucked, licked and swallowed the last remaining drops of both our orgasms. It was an incredible rush, knowing she was sucking and savoring the taste of our hot mingled fluids.

We were both spent, for the moment and moved to the sofa where we lay. Her head on my chest as we watched TV and I played with her tits.

Later that night, when we went to bed, I asked if I could just look at her pussy and feel inside it. I wanted to see if I could find the spongy spot that was supposed to be there.

Alice said, “I don’t care if you make me cum again, so long as you don’t touch my clit, it’s so sore now, I can hardly walk.”

I slide two fingers into her and instead of pumping away, like I usually did. I started to slowly feel my way around. I tried to make a mentally record of what I felt in her and where inside her I felt it. It wasn’t the round hole, I had always thought of it as. I also started to notice even her smallest reactions to everything. I found it fascinating and exhilarating at the same time.

Alice was laying there on the bed, legs spread, a slight arch in her back. Her eyes were closed and her arms crossed her breasts, squeezing them together. Her breathing was slow, as if she were concentrating on every little nerve ending.

I felt the individual muscles of her vaginal wall, and as I pushed against them they seemed to push back or contract and then become slack. Next the pads of my fingertips came in contact with a small bump, at least that was how I envisioned it. At the very first touch, Alice’s body gave a small jerk, as her every muscle seemed to suddenly tense and then untense, if there is such a word.

Shit, my mind shouted, that must be her G Spot and a thrill of success washed over me.

My so-called scientific study of her vagina was now forgotten, over ridden by the sudden rush of blood to my dick and the desire to make her cum.

I started to push against it with my finger tips and as I did, her legs snapped together, her knees came up and her back arched high, clamping my hand in place. After only a moment of panic on my part, seeing that my hand had not been snapped off and that I still had control of at least the two fingers that were inside her. I began to push and rub my fingers over this spot. Alice squirmed and began a mantra, “I’m going to come, I’m going to come!” Followed by severe thrashing of her body.

Once again, I had a quick bout of panic as she clamped down even harder on my hand, twisting and my wrist moved to angles it was not meant to.

Devoted to her pleasure as I was. I kept rubbing and pushing on that very same spot. The truth be known, I really wanted to see how much I could make her come, because, this was the most wild orgasm I had ever seen her have.

Her first orgasm must not have completely faded, because she was still thrashing when she yelled, “Shit, I’m Cumming again.” Her eyes were wide open and had a wild feral look in them.

I kept playing with that one spot and she kept coming. Her pussy was now so wet from her juices that I had to push my hand against her to keep it from sliding out and she was still coming.

Finely, with a chocking groan, her muscles just seemed to give out and she collapsed. Her eyes closed and her entire body seemed unresponsive, except for the nonstop trembling.

Let me tell you, that scared the shit out of me. What had I done to her. I covered her with a sheet, started rubbing her shoulders and was desperately calling her name. When her eyes finally opened and she looked at me, a weak smile came to her face, flushed as it was.

“Oh, that was wonderful,” she said in a tired quiet voice. “I must have come more times than I had in the past year.”

Hearing this, brought sudden relief to me and a renewed hard on. Alice must have felt it on her side and looked down, then back up at me and said, “Give me a minute and I’ll show you how much I appreciate what you did for me.”

Alice was as good as her word, rubbing my cock between those beautiful tits of hers, then letting me bend her over the bed and fuck her ass, not one of her favorite positions, but one of mine.

We slept like babes that night and Sunday morning we went out and had a late breakfast. I told Alice, I wanted to go to the book store. Alice, not big on books, wanted to be dropped off at SafeWay. She said, she needed a few things and she would call her friend and told me that they would probably go to the Mall and not be home until late.

I told her, I had to leave with a load to Houston around 3:00 pm. and she said she would probably still be at the mall.

I dropped her off in front of SafeWay, kissed her good by and drove to Barnes & Nobel.

I illegal bahis siteleri was surprised to see over a dozen different books about the G Spot and Female Ejaculation. I bought two of them and headed home. Alice was still out with her girl friend, so there was no reason for me to just hang around the apartment. I got my cloths and headed to the truck.

It wasn’t even noon yet, so I had lots of time to kill. I opened one of the books and began to read. By the end of three hours, that seemed to pass in a flash, I was getting a better understanding of why Alice had that tremendous session of ongoing orgasms. I began to wonder if all that juice from her cunt was more than just lube from being turned on.

I couldn’t explain my fascination with female ejaculation and now the G spot, but I could feel it quickly turning into an obsession.


By the time I got the load off in Houston and got reloaded to go to Atlanta, I had consumed both books. I couldn’t wait to get back to Alice to practice what I had learned.

I didn’t get to leave Houston until late, so I stopped at the first rest area just outside the city limits, I called Alice just like I did every night, except tonight we couldn’t talk long, as she had to go with her friend to one of those cook wear parties.

I laid back in my bunk and let my mind be consumed by all the things I had read, on how to make a woman have an ejaculation.

A knock on the truck door brought me out of my meditations. “Shit.” I said, loud enough for the person outside to hear me.

I knew by past experience that it was either another trucker who needed help, and that wasn’t likely, a trucker would knock loudly and holler out, even before you got to the window. No, this was no trucker in need of help. The telltale dainty tap, could only be a lot lizard or a woman looking for a hand out.

The lot lizards, I had no compassion for, but the hand outs were different. I was a sucker for a sob-story. I knew, some where on my truck was a big sign that read, “this guy will hand over money for any sob-story.”

Sure enough, there she was, a tall skinny brunette with shoulder length hair, red puffy eyes and she was rubbing her left arm. She was probably in her mid to late twenties, but she looked to be warn down by life and appeared much older.

I rolled my window down, expecting to hear, “I just ran out of gas and my Mom’s on her death bed and I only need ten dollars for gas so I can get there.” I fully expected to reach into my wallet and hand over the ten.

What I got, between sobs, was, “I need, seventy dollars, for my boys medicine. Sob… Please, I’ll give you a blow job or even let you fuck me.”

Her voice trailed off and there were more tears before she found the courage to continue.

“I need the money,” sniffle. “The other guy said he’d pay me for a blow job but after I did it for him, he grabbed me by the arm and threw me out of his truck. He said he was going to call the state police on me.” More tears. She looked like she was going into hysterics.

I told her to climb up and sit in the drivers seat and she didn’t have to shut the door if she didn’t want to. She climbed in and sat, still keeping the door open. I reached in the refrigerator, got a cold bottle of water for her and handed her my box of wet naps, to wipe her face. It took a few minutes, for her to compose herself, before she started again, “Please,” she wailed. “I’ll do anything for the seventy dollars.”

I hate to see people abuse others, so I reached in the overhead compartment for my wallet. As I did, she shut the door and moved to the back bunk and sat there, looking up at me. I opened my wallet, there was a one hundred dollar bill, a twenty and a few ones, I removed the hundred and the twenty, and handed them to her.

She seemed shocked for a quick minute, then said, “What do you want me to do for this money?”

Normally, I’d have said, “Nothing for me, but just pass the favor along when you get the chance.” However, today, I did need something from her. As I spoke, I felt shame, because, I knew I would be taking advantage of her situation.

“I need to see if I can make you ejaculate,” I told her.

She looked at me as if I were speaking in Latin.

I continued, “No, I don’t want a blow job, or to have intercourse with you. I just need to insert two fingers in your vagina, press on a certain spot, to see if you will climax and have a real ejaculation. I promise it won’t hurt and I don’t even need you to take your top off.”

She looked at the money, tucked it into her bra and without looking at me said, “What do you want me to do?”

I told her and she got out of her jeans and panties and lay on the bunk. I got several towels, place one under her butt and spread the other out, from her crotch to her ankles.

She was really nervous and I could see tears forming in her eyes. She tried to focus on one spot, on the roof of the truck. I realized how degraded she must feel at this moment. canlı bahis siteleri Part of me wished I had just given her the money, with no strings attached, but the other part, needed to know if a woman could squirt and she was a willing subject.

I knew that she would be dry and that I would need some kind of lubricant. I used the hand cream I kept in the truck and applied it heavily to my fingers.

I tried to get her to relax and I told her, in as soothing a voice as I could muster, “Close your eyes and relax, — pretend you are in a previous time when things were good. — Feel your muscles relax. Your body feels so good as you let it relax. — Let go of yourself, feel how good it is to enjoy these sensations. Let yourself go.”

With a deep exhale her body did begin to relaxed, her eyes closed and I began.

When I first touched her labia, her body tensed, then slowly relaxed as my fingers worked between the folds and moved up and over her clit. Once again she tensed, until she allowed herself to surrender to the sensation of her now growing bud. I took my time, sliding my fingers between the lips of her labia and over the swelling head. I could feel her lips getting puffy and her clit was now large enough for my fingers to easily slide on each side of it.

I stopped my rubbing, with her clit between my fingers and my palm on her mound of curly dark brown hair, I began, squeezing my fingers together, pinning her engorged clit between them, while rocking my palm on her mound and I heard a short sharp intake of air.

She felt like she wanted to respond and enjoy the feeling but I could sense her fear.

“Relax and breath,” I told her.

In her own time, she did. Slowly, very slowly I inserted my two fingers into her vagina. The palm of my hand was now pressing against her clit and I began to rock it back and forth ever so slowly and she began to respond. After a few minutes, there was a slight arch in her back. This was what I needed her to do so I could reach further in and touch her small and soon to be enlarged button.

The first touch brought her out of her fantasy and into the present. Her eyes opened wide and the arch of her back became more pronounced. I gave the button several strong taps and withdrew my fingers, pulling them up to tantalize her clit, only to push them back in and repeat the sequence.

She was raising her hips in an effort to keep my fingers from sliding out.

When I felt she was ready, I slid my fingers back in and applied pressure against her cunt as I rocked my hand to and fro, while rubbing my fingers hard against the now enlarged peritoneal gland. She was raising her hips while she tried to bring her legs together. I told her she had to keep them apart.

That was when, in almost a begging tone, she spoke. “I need to come, but I can’t, because I have to pee.”

I tried to reassure her it was ok, but she kept on saying “I can’t go, cause I have to pee.”

Finally, with a slightly sharp tone, “I paid you money for this, now let go!”

That was all it took, she bucked so high that my fingers came out of her and she started to squirt in copious quantities. While she was squirting all over the truck and screaming, “Oooh Nooo.” She began furiously rubbing her clit and that cause her spurts to fly in every direction. Even after the squirting stopped she kept up the frantic rubbing. I wasn’t sure if she was having trouble getting over the edge for her orgasm or if she was on a nonstop one.

When she was done and her mind came back to the present, she saw the liquid dripping off the roof and walls of the truck. She got red faced and started apologizing in a nonstop sentence, “I’m so sorry but I told you I had to pee and you told me to do it and once it started I couldn’t stop it…”

I handed her a towel and she started to wipe the walls, “No,” I said. “That’s for you.”

She looked a little surprised to see she was still naked from the waist down and her arms and legs were wet.

As she dried her self and pulled on her pants, I said, “I’m the one who should apologize. I should have told you how it was going to feel.”

She looked at me and asked, “You knew it would be like this?”

“No.” I replied, “I did not. This was the first time I had ever tried to make a woman have an ejaculation and I must say, it turned out better than I thought it would.”

She paused as she scooted into the drivers seat. “I guess I should tell you then, I have never come like that before in my life. From the second that I started to pee or ejaculate, I began a climax unlike anything I have ever felt. It lasted until the time I stopped. Don’t ask me to explain the feeling, I couldn’t, because I’ve never felt anything that I could use as a comparison. I can say, I liked it, I liked it a lot.”

With that she opened the door and ran towards the information building.

This was heady stuff, I couldn’t wait to get back to Alice and show her what I learned. But now, this very minute I had a situation that needed immediate attention. I pulled my dick from my pants, grabbed the hand cream and let a vision of Alice’s tits pop into my mind and another one of her squirting from her pussy and that was all it took for me to add my cum to the walls of the truck.

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