Maid for Cum

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The first thing one notices is the spent condom. This would normally be a very odd thing on a kitchen counter. However, I am not only not surprised, but I expect it. Next to the condom is a list of cleaning chores. And there I am, alone in a slutty french maids uniform getting ready to clean the house.

How did this turn of events happen?

Well, one night, after spending the evening eating my wonderful wife to orgasm after orgasm, she says to me, “Honey?”

“Yes?” I reply.

“Emily was complaining today about how hard it was to stay on top of cleaning her house and that she felt she couldn’t pay for a cleaner at the moment,” all the while rubbing my chastity cage through my panties.

“Uh, ok.”

“Well, we talked about how much fun it used to be when you cleaned her house.”

My wife knew how much I enjoyed it when she took me to her cousin Emily’s house to clean for her and pamper them both. I’ve written about that before on Literotica actually.

“Yeah. It was fun.”

“And it’s too bad that with her new job she hasn’t had time for us to get together isn’t it. I bet you miss it don’t you.”

“I do. It was very fun.”

“So anyway, I suggested that you could go up there regularly and clean her house. Even if we can’t get together you could still go up and clean while she is at work.”

“Ok, I guess,” I replied while feeling my chastity cage seemingly tighten on my cock.

“Well, Emily felt like she needed to pay you in some way.”

“That’s silly. I don’t need her money.”

“That’s what I told her! Anyway, she kept insisting that she needed to pay you in some way.”


“I came up with the great idea that she can pay you in cum”


“Yeah, I know. Great idea right. Perfect for a sissy maid! She gets her house cleaned ataşehir escort bayan and you get a sissy’s favorite treat! Semen.”

“Uh, I don’t know,” I tried to protest but the ever growing bulge in my panties was giving me away.

“Oh come on. Now that you are locked up all the time you haven’t gotten to regularly swallow semen like you used to. I bet you miss eating your cum don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. I do miss eating my cum out of you but I don’t think that’s happening again soon.”

“Duh! Since I have learned how much better my sex life is when you never orgasm, those days are over buddy. But wouldn’t eating someone else’s cum be even better anyway? Oh man, I can’t imagine how submissive that would make your feel. Anyway, Emily loves the idea!”

“She does?”

“Yeah, very much so actually. Emily says the thought that by being fucked she can also get her house cleaned really does it for her. She found the whole idea to be a perfect win win for her. She was quite excited.”

“How would you guys even make that happen?”

“Simple sweetie, she says that she always insists on her men using condoms. You know how condoms are, they always end up in the bathroom trash. She will just get it out later, put it into a baggie and freeze it for your treat.”


Grabbing my bulging chastity cage she says, “I knew you’d love the idea! So, plan on staring tomorrow.”


So now, nearly every Friday I am standing in this kitchen, wearing a maids uniform and reading my list of chores.

Oh yeah, the uniform. There is a regime to getting into the uniform which really helps get me into the subspace for cleaning. I first put on the thigh high stockings and high heel shoes. I find it much easier to get into the shoes before putting on the corset. escort kadıköy The corset goes on next and is tightened enough to show off a good hourglass figure. The maids uniform is next and it always clings tightly to the curves formed by the corset.

The garter on the uniform is attached to the stockings and lastly I put on my ruffled maid panties. One might think that the panties should go on first but my mistress often wants quick and easy access to my ass and genitals and this way the panties can be removed without undoing the garter.

I have to arrive at Emily’s house ready to serve and that means ready in my outfit. Of course driving there in this outfit isn’t really possible so I put on loose sweat pants and shirt to try and cover up the uniform. I must remove all this covering outerwear though before entering the house.

So, there I am, all dressed up, standing in the kitchen, reading the chore list.

This is a typical chore list: * Vacuum everywhere. * Clean all the bathrooms. * Clean the kitchen. * Clean all the baseboards. * Wash and change all the bedding. * There is a basket of laundry downstairs. Everything in the basket needs to be ironed and pressed. * Most importantly, enjoy your treat when everything is done!

Of course the treat Emily is referring to is the cum filled condom. Emily really seems to love that part of the exchange. Apparently she has told my wife how it just adds a little something extra to sex. Knowing that she will be getting her house cleaned by a sissy maid simply by collecting a spent condom apparently adds a special bit of excitement to the feeling of her man’s ejaculation.

Anyway, today, like most times lately, I am in the house alone. However the first time I cleaned Emily’s house under this new arrangement both my wife and Emily were maltepe escort there to supervise. Well, when it came time to “enjoy my treat” my wife made sure to emphasize how lucky I was.

“Oh sweetie. Look what a big load Emily has collected for you! You are sooo lucky.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I know how much you miss eating cum. Why don’t you thank Emily and tell her how much you enjoy eating cum.”

“Umm. Thank you Miss Emily. I have missed eating cum very much,” I said not completely convincingly.

“Oh come on, you can show more excitement than that dear.”

“Thank you so much Miss Emily. I am so lucky to have you to do this for me. I am very grateful that you would collect this delicious treat for me. I will clean your house all the time for such treats.”

“You are very welcome slave.” Miss Emily says with joy. “I certainly enjoyed collecting it for you,” she giggles. “He was a very good fuck. I just know you will love eating his cum like a good sissy.”

“Now, open your mouth and say yummm,” my wife says as she squeezes the condoms contents into my open mouth.

The cum is salty and thick. I can’t believe what a big load it is.

“Mmmm,” I say trying to contain my nervousness and insecurity.

“Lick your lips and show us how much you enjoyed your cummy treat.”

I lick my lips and say “Mmmm. Thank you Mistresses, that was tasty. I can’t wait until next time.”

Well, the next time has come and come again, pardon the pun. And even though I could simply rinse out the condoms that are left for me, I know better. Embarrassingly enough, I actually don’t want to.

My wife often asks me to describe the taste when I am home after cleaning. “How was cleaning today? Was your cummie treat tasty?” Every single time she does this I find my cock straining in its cage.

Anyway, I could bore you with details of cleaning Emily’s house but suffice it to say I worked very very hard to please her. And when it came time for my treat I made sure to suck the condom clean and silently thank my wife and Emily for allowing me to serve them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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