Maria Returns

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After returning from our holiday, we both agreed that we had to return the following year. Jack told me, he enjoyed watching me get fucked by Marcus so much, which was a relief. The following day, after my intimate massage, I had felt a little guilt. I’d never been turned on like that before, but I knew I wanted more. Our sex life had certainly improved, with my new found confidence in my body. Any sexual inhibitions I may have held, were completely gone now.

Jack bought me a 9 inch black dildo, which we used often during sex. He’d fuck me with it, asking how much I wanted black cock. It would drive me wild, and Jack would finish me off by sucking my clit, while shoving the dildo deep inside me. He then would fuck me, until he came, which happened pretty quick.

I wanted more than a dildo, I wanted the real thing.

“Jack, how would you feel if I meet another guy for sex?”

He told me that it would be perfectly fine, so long as I told him. We agreed that there’d be no secrets. I told him that if he wanted to experience another woman, I’d be more than happy for him to. This was the start of our open relationship.

I started buying more sexy clothes, to go with my new image. Jack always loved them, when I showed them to him. We also started going out to clubs again, which we hadn’t done in years. I always attracted plenty of attention, when we went out.

Tonight we were going to a new club, that had recently opened in town. I started getting ready, desperately wanting to fuck a guy tonight. My new black halter neck top, showed my almanbahis adresi tits off to perfection. There’d be no bra tonight. I put on a black thong, then put on a black PVC mini skirt. With my 5 inch high heels on, it made be feel so sexy. Jack certainly liked what he saw.

We parked up and headed inside. I was certainly getting plenty of looks tonight. Jack told me to get us a table, and he’d get our drinks. I managed to get us one, in a nice secluded corner of the club. It was a lovely place to relax and enjoy ourselves.

It was my turn to get the drinks. I went up, and the girl behind the bar took my order.

“Let me pay for those,” a young guy said to me.

He was about 6 foot tall and very handsome. How could I refuse, I thought to myself.

“That would be very kind, why don’t you join me and my husband?”

He agreed, and we headed back to our table.

“Sorry, I should have introduced myself. My name is Maria and this is Jack. “

“Mine is Mike, pleased to meet you both.”

He was sat opposite us, and we had a lovely chat with him. I started rubbing my foot against his leg, and he seemed to be enjoying it. Jack got up to get the next round of drinks for us.

“Do you want to fuck him?” he whispered before he went.

I nodded yes to him, and he kissed me on the cheek.

“Fancy a dance?” I asked Mike.

He said yes, and we headed for the dance floor. We started dancing, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. A slow number came on, so I put my arms around his neck. He put his strong almanbahis adres arms around my waist, and I moved tight into him. He had a hard body, and that wasn’t the only thing that was hard. I could feel his hard cock pressed against me.

“Hope your husband is OK with me dancing with you? You are one sexy lady,” he whispered in my ear.

I looked into his eyes, then gave him a kiss, my tongue touching his lower lip. His hand moved to my butt, pressing me even closer into him.

The song finished, and we headed back, holding hands. Jack smiled when we returned, our drinks waiting for us. Instead of sitting next to Jack, I instead sat beside Mike. We started chatting again, my hand resting on Mike’s thigh. He put his arm around my shoulder, his hand not far from my tits. I took his hand in mine, and moved it onto my right boob. It felt great feeling his hand there, then he started groping me. My nipples where getting hard with his touch.

“Your wife is gorgeous Jack.”

“She certainly is Mike, and it looks like she is very keen on you,” he replied.

“Why don’t we head back to our house?” I asked.

Mike agreed, so we headed home. I sat next to him, in the back of our car. We started kissing, our tongues exploring each other. My hand started rubbing his cock, loving how hard it felt. He told me how much he wanted my hot body.

We arrived home, and Mike couldn’t keep his hands off me once inside. I held his hand, and led him upstairs. Once in our bedroom, he started removing my clothes slowly.

He started almanbahis adresi kissing me all over, telling me how fucking hot I was. It felt great again, having this kind of reaction from another man. My pussy was nice and wet, as his fingers slid inside me. Jack was sat in the corner of the room, playing with his cock.

I told Mike to remove his clothes, and I sat up and watched him. His body was very hard, obviously he looked after himself well. He removed his trousers, then his boxers, exposing a nice big cock. It was about 8 inches long but was very thick.

I went down on him, enjoying the taste of his cock. My hands were playing with his balls, as I managed to get most of it in my mouth. He was moaning, enjoying me giving him head. I lay down on the bed, so he could go down on me. His tongue felt great inside my pussy. I was ready for his cock. With my legs opened wide, he slowly entered me. It felt great, being stretched by his thick cock. He then started to fuck me hard and fast, bringing me to an orgasm. My whole body was tingling, but I wanted more.

I got on all fours, my ass in the air. Mike moved behind me, but before he put his big cock inside me, I told Jack to come over, as I wanted to suck him off. Jack wasn’t far off coming, as Mike entered my wet pussy. His cock felt amazing, as he started to fuck me hard. I started to feel a massive orgasm coming, when Jack came in my mouth. His cum was nice and thick, and I wanted more. Mike was really hammering me hard, his big cock stretching my pussy again.

“I’m coming Maria,” he shouted.

He pulled his cock out, so I could start sucking him off.. His cum was mingled with my husbands, as he exploded inside my mouth. I could feel it dripping out, so i swallowed as much as I could.

It was a wonderful evening, and the first of many, I hoped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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