Marie’s Senior Year Pt. 03

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Marie’s hand, with her fingers tightly wrapped around Jarrod’s cock, pumped up and down under the desk. She usually charged $20 for handjobs, but given that they were sitting in the back of Biology class during a lecture, she felt $40 was more appropriate. Jarrod groaned. “Shhhhh…” she whispered quietly. Jarrod ran his hand up and down her smooth thigh as he tried not to make a peep. Finally, he began to cum all over Marie’s hand. She quickly wiped it off on a napkin, took the $40 from him, and went back to taking notes while he sat back in his chair with his head in the clouds.

During class, Matt texted her. It read, “Hey, I was thinking about what you told me over dinner the other night. At first, I felt so betrayed. But then I realized that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. It’s just for money. And to be completely honest, I think it’s kind of hot for you to be hooking up with guys like that.”

Instantly she replied, “Really?!! Omg I’m so happy! Thank you! And don’t worry baby, I’ll still keep you satisfied ;).”

“Oh I hope so. And by the way. I had an idea. Your homecoming dance is coming up. There will be lots of guys there. Maybe we should take the chance to make some money.”

“Ooo,” she typed, “What were you thinking?”

“Well, I will go with you to the dance, as your ‘date’, and I will offer you up to other guys. I’m sure we could make a ton of money and then you and I can fuck like crazy after words.”

“That sounds like so much fun. I’ll find a really sexy dress. Thank you so much for not being mad! Gotta go.”

Marie honestly could not believe how well that went. The night she told him, she was expecting to get dumped. He drove away and she didn’t hear from him for three days. That didn’t stop her from working, of course. In those days, she had sold three blowjobs, two cream pies, and two handjobs. And now, she was about to get laid, get paid, and still keep Matt.

After school, Marie headed to the mall by herself to pick out a new dress. With all the money she had earned, she knew she wouldn’t have a problem. In fact, she just considered it an investment. After entering her favorite clothing store, she scanned the racks for anything that would make her look sexy without getting her kicked out of the dance. “It should be black.” She thought, “Black and lacy. Oh and I need dark red heels to match my lipstick.”

Soon after, a guy about her age walked in with what she presumed was his girlfriend. She pecked him on the cheek and said, “Okay baby, I’m gonna be working in the back for about an hour and then I will be on register to ring you up for that gift you are buying, okay? Love you!”

He smiled, and then sighed. Marie looked him over. He was roughly six foot three, muscular with a dark brown combover. She noticed his sleeve of tattoos; mainly because she had a thing for them. While checking him out, she noticed the bulge in his pants as he disappointedly looked through the rack opposite of hers.

“Hey, excuse me,” canlı bahis she said, getting his attention, “Sorry to bug you. Which dress do you think looks better? This one, or this one?”

“Oh, um,” he said, putting his hand in his pocket to hide his boner, “well I like the pattern on that one. But you can’t really be sure which is better unless you put them on right?”

“That’s true! You’re so smart. Can you do me a favor?” She asked, twirling her hair.

“Um, yeah, what is it?”

“Can you wait by the dressing room door and take care of my bags? The room is kind of cramped here and I don’t want to bring everything in. A big, strong guy like you, I’m sure you’ll take good care of them.”

“Yeah, for sure. Let’s go.”

“Thank you soooo much. My name is Marie by the way.”

“I’m Kevin, nice to meet you.”

“Ooo Kevin, nice to meet you too.” She set her bags down and walked opened the door to the changing room. “Back in a jiffy!” Upon entering. She stripped down to her lingerie, which she started wearing to school for obvious reasons. Putting on the frilly black dress, and the dark red stilettos, she left the back unzipped and slightly arched over the bench. “Oh, man.” she said loudly, “Kevin, can you come in here? The zipper on the back is stuck!”

“Oh.” he responded. “Yeah, I’m coming in.”

“Close the door behind you!” He came in, and quickly checked Marie out. Her ass was almost falling out of the dress. “Just, um, just try to zip it up.”

He pulled a bit, “Like this?”

“Yeah” she said, arching more. “Yeah there you go.”

“Okay I think it’s good he said.”

“Really?” asked Marie, seductively as she arched further to press her ass against his lap.

“Umm, what are you doing?”

“Don’t be silly Kevin. I saw you earlier. Girlfriend not putting out?” she asked.

“What? Of course she is. Well, I mean, that’s none of your business.”

“Oh, but it is my business.” she responded, guiding his hand to stroke her ass. “It’s a good business too. Pays well. Tell you what, you’re a cute guy. Pay for this dress and I’ll let you fuck me right here, right now.”

“Oh, fucking shi-.” he trailed, still stroking her ass. She lifted the end a bit to reveal a tiny white thong. “Oh god. Fuck it. Sure.”

“Yay. Fuck me, daddy.” Undoing his belt and zipper, he quickly took his cock out and slid it past her g-string. “Ooo, it’s so big.” she said as the tip parted her pussy lips.

Her gripped her waist tight, loving the sensation of feeling his thighs press against her soft, round ass. The mirror in front of allowed him to see as she pulled the top of the dress down to reveal her boobs a bit. Turning him on, he began to fuck faster. She took her phone out and snapped a picture in the reflection quickly, then started typing. “What was that?” he asked.

“It’s for my boyfriend.” she responded. He brushed it off and kept going. “Look who just got a free dress!! Miss you.” she typed.

“Fuck I’m gonna bahis siteleri cum.”

“Do it daddy. Claim your prize.”

With a final groan, he came deep in her tight pussy.

The Friday of that week, she got out of her boyfriend’s car and they walked toward the dance hall. “How was the road-dome?” she asked him.

“Fantastic. Ever since you started sleeping around, our sex life has been great.”

“I’m glad you are happy.” she responded.

Upon entering, Matt immediately walked up to a group of seniors who had been friends with him the year before. Marie stood off to the side, taking a look around. She then noticed all his friends were looking at her. She recognized a few of them from the football games she cheered at last year. Matt then walked towards her with two of the guys; George and Tyler. “Already?” she mouthed at him.

“Hey,” said Matt, “so these guys don’t have $120 each. But they both have $80. What do you say?”

She thought about the offer as she looked at these two eager boys. “Only if they let me do both at once. We need time for more customers.”

They looked at each other and whispered a bit. “Fine” Tyler declared. “Just don’t make our dicks touch please.”

Marie chuckled innocently. “Now why would I do that?” she asked, running a finger down his chest, finishing by lightly brushing his cock through his pants.

“I have the keys to coaches office.” said George.

“Perfect.” she responded. Then, looking at Matt, she said “I’ll be back soon baby.”

“You got it.” he responded

Within minutes, she was on her knees in the coach’s office with both guys in front of her with their pants around their ankles. She stroked Tyler’s cock with her left hand while sucking on George’s cock. She then planted her lips around Tyler’s cock, licking the tip and soon taking his balls in her mouth, lightly sucking on them. “Who wants my pussy first?” she asked.

She was then on her hands and knees. George penetrated her from behind while Tyler kneeled in front of her, thrusting into her mouth. “Mmmm. Oh my god this is amazing.” she moaned. Tyler then laid down on his back and Marie began to ride him, facing away from him. He dug his nails deep into her back and dragged them down towards her ass.

Meanwhile, George stood in front of her in awe of how great her tongue felt against his tip. “Fuck” he said. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Let me taste it, George. I want it in my mouth.”

“Here it comes!” he declared, pulling her head in closer, nearly shoving his cock down her throat. He then busted his load in her mouth, and she swallowed it all. Before George even backed away, Tyler began to cum in her tight pussy.

The three returned to the dance and she collected all $160. Matt already had a queue for her. Time flew by as she went through each guy. A blowjob for Steven in his car outside. A handjob for Ted in the alley. She rode Harry’s cock in the Principal’s chair (not even knowing how he managed to open the door.) bahis şirketleri Finally, it came down to the last guy; Ryan. She had a crush on Ryan on and off since they first met years ago. He was more of a skater guy, which was refreshing after all the jock-dick she had taken that night. “Hey Ryan. What’s it gonna be?” she asked, pulling in close to him, pressing her body against his.

“I just want one thing. Do you sell anal?”

“Anal?” she asked, “I don’t know, I have never done it before. Won’t it hurt.”

“No don’t worry. I have lube and condoms in my car. We can do it backstage.”

“I just, I don’t know. It’s kind of scary.”

“I’ll give you $200. Come on I really need this right now.”

“Okay, sounds good baby.” she finally confirmed. After much walking back and forth, they finally ended up back stage. He was in the theater department, so he took her to a spot behind the curtains where they store all the props for the Spring show. Feeling a bit nostalgic about her old feelings, she decided. To kneel after he pulled out his cock. “This part is on the house.” She took his cock in her mouth and began to suck passionately. About five minutes later, he interrupted.

“Alright I don’t wanna cum just yet. Let’s start.” He took the condom out and put it on, and then proceeded to put lube on it. She faced away from him; one hand on the wall, the other pulling one ass cheek apart to let her virgin ass show. He took a bit of lube on his finger and slid it into her ass.

“Oohhh.” she moaned.

“It’ll make it easier.”

After gently fingering her to apply the lube, he pressed his tip against her ass. She clenched the nearby curtain with a fist and closed her eyes tight. She felt his thick cock slowly begin to enter her ass. Although it hurt really bad, she wasn’t about to ruin her reputation. “Ahhhhhh” she moaned quietly. “It kind of hurts.” she admitted.

“Just wait” he said, now beginning to slowly thrust outward. He slowly picked up the pace, and before she knew it, it began to hurt less. Then, it began to feel good. Her squeals soon turned into moans.

“Oh, oh daddy.” she moaned. “Take my little ass and make it yours.” she asked of him. She was now in pure bliss. “Yes, go faster.”

He pumped his cock faster now. She felt her tight ass begin to stretch as his cock moved deeper each time it went back in. She could not stop moaning. Nothing she had ever experienced compared to this. “Fuck. Take the condom off!” she demanded. “I need to feel your warm cock.”

Without hesitation, he took his cock out, stripped it, and went back in. This time, he didn’t hold back. With a fist full of her hair, he slammed his cock into her tight ass. “You like that? Huh bitch?” he asked

“Oh baby. Ohh- oh my go-god.” she moaned “I’m cumming. Oh my god I’m cumming!”

With that, Ryan’s swollen cock began to blow loads of steaming hot cum. Each strand filled her tight ass. She moaned all the way through, never feeling anything like this before.

With $650 in her purse, she sucked Matt’s cock again on the ride home. Her parents weren’t home, and she asked him to spend the night. “I can’t wait to feel you cum in my ass too.” she muttered between gags.

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