Married for Third Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This one’s for you, NH.


As it got later that Saturday afternoon Brad tried to sit and relax for a few minutes before the party, but he was too nervous. He jumped up and checked the refrigerator for the umpteenth time-okay, there was plenty of beer and soda. The bowls on the dining room table and in the living room were filled with chips and pretzels, and there were more bags of munchies in the kitchen if they ran out.

Truth was, there wasn’t going to be much snacking if things went well.

He went into the bedroom. His king bed had clean sheets and spread. The bathroom and shower were scrubbed. There were fresh towels laid out in strategic places, lube, condoms and the small brown bottle with screw cap on the nightstand. He’d thought about not putting out the rubbers, but didn’t want to pressure the new guy if he wanted to play safe.

Walt and Sid, his married buddies, had arranged to bring a friend to make it a foursome this time. After their first hot three-way in a hotel downtown, Brad had been eagerly looking forward to their next time, and had suggested that they meet at his house now that they knew each other better.

His friends had been enthusiastic. “It would be great, meeting up at your place,” Walt said. He was a well-built man with salt-and-pepper hair and beard, whose outsize body and craggy face hid the gentle, funny personality inside. Brad had discovered with pained delight that first time in the hotel that all of Walt’s parts were in proportion. “And you have a backyard pool? Think of the possibilities.”

“Let’s hope it’s warm enough,” Sid said. “The weather sure has been crazy lately.” Sid was the younger of the two friends, clean-shaven, hairy-chested, with a football player’s build and sexual stamina to match. He could be prickly and possessive of Walt, but Brad had come to like him.

Walt had called him a few days earlier to ask if they could bring a friend. “Dwayne’s in town. We haven’t seen him for ages. We used to get together a lot, the three of us, until he got transferred. Could he join us? I think you’ll like him. He’s a great guy. Great looking too.”

“Sure,” Brad had said. “The more the merrier.”

“Great. We’ll see you Saturday. Looking forward to it, guy.”

He glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. Almost time. Brad squared his shoulders and went back into the living room. Just as he got there the doorbell rang. He hurried to the front door.

“Hey, buddy!” Walt threw his arms around him as soon as Brad let them in, clapping him on the back. “It’s been too long.”

Sid hugged him in turn. “How’re you doing, hot guy?”

Brad didn’t answer. He was looking over Sid’s shoulder at the third man who had walked in the door.

“Brad, meet our buddy Dwayne,” Walt said.

“How’re you doing?” Dwayne extended a hand, his teeth brilliant white.

Brad let go of Sid. He knew his smile was phony but he forced himself to keep it on his face. He shook Dwayne’s hand, dimly noticing the newcomer’s strong grip.

“Come on in,” he managed.

They walked into the house. Brad avoided Walt and Sid’s gazes, knowing that he’d give himself away in an instant if he met their eyes. He realized that he was shaking and his palms were sweaty. No way could he go through with this.

“Guys, could you excuse me a minute?” His voice sounded forced and unnatural to his ears. “Be right back. Help yourself to something eat. Drinks in the kitchen.”

He tried not to hurry too obviously as he headed toward the bedroom. As soon as he was there he flung himself into an armchair near the bed. He was panting and his heart was thudding a mile a minute. Get a grip, man. Brad leaned back, closed his eyes and willed himself to calm down.

Just as he was starting to feel a little calmer, there was a knock on the partly open door.

“Brad?” Walt’s voice called. “You okay?”

His heart sank, but there was no escape. “Yeah, I’m fine. Come on in.”

Walt’s face was creased with worry.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

“Not exactly. Sorry I’m being such a flake.” Brad looked at the floor. He had to say it. “Listen, guys, I’m not sure this is going to work.”

“What do you mean?” Sid asked.

“Well,” Brad said, “You didn’t tell me that-“

“What?” Suddenly Sid’s face darkened. “Are you saying you have a problem with Dwayne being black?”

Brad sighed. “It’s not that simple.”

Walt looked sad. “Brad, Dwayne is a good friend of ours. We thought you would like him.” He shook his head slowly. “If he goes, I’m afraid we can’t stay either.”

“Damn right,” Sid said. “We don’t truck with racists.”

At that Brad’s head snapped up. He glared at Sid. “Don’t be so quick to throw around that word. Take it from me, you don’t know what’s going on.”

“Then Brad, maybe you could clue us in?” Walt asked. “And Dwayne too?”

Silence. Then Brad nodded. “Okay.”

He followed them back to the living room, where Dwayne was sitting on the couch. His smile when they walked ataşehir escort bayan in was a little strained.

“Everything okay?” he asked.

Brad sat in one of the other chairs. “Not exactly.” He looked Dwayne in the eye. “First, I owe you an apology for running off. That was rude.”

Dwayne nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“I’m going to try and explain.” Brad heaved a sigh. “Okay, here goes. I was kind of thrown when I saw you.” He held up a hand as Sid opened his mouth to speak. “Hold on.”

“In college I had an African-American boyfriend.” Sid made a noise and Walt shot him a glare.

“It’s true,” Brad said. “His name was Maurice. He was a great guy. Hot as all get out, too.” He grinned at the memory. “We met in an intramural basketball game. Maurice-Maurie’s team just blew us out. Totally worth it, though, when I saw him in the gym shower after.”

His face clouded. “At that point I had no problem dating a black guy. None at all. Maurie was not only a stud, he was sweet. I still feel bad about how it all went down.”

“What happened?” Walt asked.

“Some of my friends weren’t as open-minded as I was.” Brad sighed. “They didn’t use the N-word or anything like that. They bad-mouthed him to me, said he was cheating on me, that kind of stuff.

“I wasn’t that strong. I started believing the trash they were talking about Maurie. Finally found an excuse to break up with him.”

Brad looked down at his hands, which had clenched into fists. “Maurie took it really hard. We never talked again, even at graduation. But that’s not all.”

“A nice guy like him had plenty of friends, gay and straight. Some of them were even on the football team, big strong guys. They didn’t take kindly to some white guy treating their brother like dirt, as they saw it.

“One night I was walking home from the library and four or five of Maurie’s buds began following me, talking trash. They caught up to me, started pushing and shoving. I fell down and the kicking and punching started.

“It was just dumb luck that a campus patrol car came around the corner before they had a chance to do real damage. Even so, I was pretty banged up. Broke my nose and a rib. Spent a night in the infirmary. Told the cops it was too dark to see who they were.

“Maurie must have told his friends to back off, because nothing like that ever happened again. Still, it made the rest of college pretty scary. I was fucking glad to graduate and leave that place forever.”

He found he was trembling. “Even now I sometimes wish I could talk to him. Tell him I’m sorry.”

“You could still do that.” Sid’s jaw was set.

Brad shook his head. “Maurie died only a few years after college. HIV. Still not sure why I’m around when so many guys I knew back then aren’t.”

He looked Dwayne in the eye. “I haven’t dated any black guys since then. So seeing you today freaked me out a little, I’ll admit it.”

They sat in silence. Then Dwayne got up and came over to Brad, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry about what happened to you, man. Maybe this isn’t the right time.”

“Thanks,” Brad said. “No reason for you all to leave. You enjoy yourselves. I’ll just go out for a while and come back.”

“You can’t do that,” Walt protested. “We’re not going to kick you out of your own home, for gosh sakes. Listen. Why don’t we just get ourselves some drinks, relax, just talk. Heck, we can watch TV. No pressure.”

Brad considered this. “Well, we decided to meet here because I had a pool. We could go out there. It’s a nice warm night. It’ll be safe. I put up a nice high fence.” He smiled. “We could sit out there, have a few drinks. Watching TV’s kind of lame.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Walt said.

A few minutes later they were headed out the back door, drinks in hand. They settled into the deck chairs by the pool. Brad noticed that Sid had pulled out his phone and was checking it.

“Sid,” Walt said. “Put that thing away.”

Sid shot him a look, but clicked the device off and put it down. By now darkness was beginning to fall. Brad went back into the house and came out with a spray can of insect repellant.

“In case anyone needs it.”

“There’s another way not to get bitten,” Walt observed. “Get in the water. Do you mind, Brad?”

Brad laughed. A bit of his good mood was returning. “Mind? That’s why I invited you guys over here. Be my guest.”

Walt twinkled. “Okay if we go in our birthday suits?”

“Sure. I won’t turn the lights on out here. Just don’t make too much noise or the neighbors will wonder what’s going on.”

Walt stood up and quickly peeled off his few clothes. Brad felt his cock stir at the sight of his nakedness-memories were coming back in a rush.

In a instant his friend was splashing into the pool, whooping a bit at the initial chill of the water. He dived under then surfaced, shaking water out of his head and beard. “Guys, you gotta come on in. It’s great.”

Sid and Dwayne rose from their lounge chairs escort kadıköy and followed suit. In a moment Brad was gazing at the three friends splashing about naked in his pool. In spite of everything he felt a stirring in his crotch.

Walt waved at him from the water. “C’mon, Brad!”

Brad hesitated. Finally he stood up and stripped.

“Hot!” Walt called out.

Brad put a finger to his lips in a warning gesture, but he was pleased. He slid into the pool, gasping a bit at the coolness of the water. After a moment it began to feel good. He stroked to the deep end, turned and came back. Walt, Sid and Dwayne were all there, in the shallow end. He joined them, wiping the water out of his eyes and slicking back his hair.

The four of them stood in a loose circle.

“This is great, Brad. Thanks for inviting us over,” Dwayne said.

“No problem.”

Brad sensed movement under the water near him. Walt was reaching for Sid’s cock. That left him and Dwayne. Awkwardness returned. Dwayne seemed to sense this as well. He walked to the edge and turned his back on them, his arms propped on the edge of the pool. That made Brad feel bad. He waded through the water to where Dwayne was.

“Can I join you?”

Dwayne turned and nodded. “Just thought they might want a little privacy,” he said.

Brad cast a glance back over his shoulder. Walt and Sid were shadowy forms against the rippling water. They were in each other’s arms, kissing. “Yeah,” he said, and stopped. “Listen,” he began, “I’m sorry about all of this.”

The other man shook his head and smiled. “No worries, man. I’m having a good time. Except I’m just a bit chilly.”

Brad nodded. “Yeah, unless you’re moving around the water will suck your body heat right out of you.”

Dwayne lowered his voice. “You could come a little closer, give me some of yours.”

“Some of my what?”

The grin flashed again. “Body heat.”

Their eyes locked. Dwayne reached out toward Brad.

“C’mon,” he said. “Live dangerously.”

Brad’s breath was coming quick and shallow. Without really meaning to he found himself moving toward Dwayne. In a moment they were so close that Brad could feel Dwayne’s warm breath on his face. They looked intently into each other’s eyes as Brad felt the other man’s arms encircle him. He put his hands on Dwayne’s broad shoulders, massaging his massive delts.

“How’re you doing?”

“Good. You?”

“Nice and warm now,” Dwayne said, and then his lips were on Brad’s. Brad stiffened, then relaxed. His own lips parted in response to the urgent tongue pressing against them. Soon the two men were making out frantically, mouths grinding and clashing against one another, hands roving down over each other’s bodies, finding their hard cocks underneath the water.

After a while Dwayne hoisted himself out of the water and perched on the edge of the pool, his cock jutting up from between his thighs. Brad’s eyes widened at the sight of the dark rod, its conical purplish head glistening. In a flash he was between Dwayne’s legs, taking it in his mouth.

As he began to suck he heard Dwayne sigh with pleasure above him and strong hands caress his head. To his surprise Brad felt other hands surrounding his chest, pinching his nipples.

“Looks like you gentlemen have worked things out,” Sid’s voice said in his ear, just before his tongue snaked into it.

“Mm hmm,” Brad replied, continuing his labors, slurping up the salty precum flowing out of Dwayne’s cock. He felt hard flesh bumping up against his butt as Sid embraced him from behind. He let go of the cock he was sucking long enough to say to Sid, “Get up there and let me do you too.”

As Sid clambered out of the pool Brad felt another pair of arms take hold of him from behind.

“Can I have Dwayne while you work on him?”

Brad turned and looked into Walt’s smiling face. “Be my guest.”

A moment later both Dwayne and Sid were on the edge of Brad’s pool, their legs in the water, watching their two friends at work. Brad and Walt’s cock sucking styles were different, though they were both experts. Brad sucked slow and deep, frequently deep throating Sid’s cock and holding it until he had to come up for air, gasping and his eyes watering. Walt’s mouth was more playful and teasing, his tongue flicking into Dwayne’s leaking piss slit and around the base of his dick head. Their hands were in constant motion, pulling on ball sacks, rubbing thighs and forearms, fondling and pinching erect nipples.

After a while Brad put his arms under Sid’s calves and lifted his legs into the air, getting him onto his back on the pool deck. He was aiming for the tender asshole hidden in the wet, hairy crevice between Sid’s butt cheeks.

Sid moaned, “Oh shit,” as Brad’s tongue found its target. Brad’s strong hands kept his partner’s butt cheeks apart, his asshole fully exposed as he ate out the tender flesh for all he was worth. Sid moaned and tossed his head on the concrete deck, his eyes closed in ecstasy. Dwayne and Walt bostancı escort stopped what they were doing to watch, both jacking on their stiff cocks.

“Fuck,” Dwayne said to Walt, “Your buddy’s hot.”

Brad paused in his labors to grin at him. “You ain’t seen nothing yet. I want your cock in my other end too. Real soon.”

“Shall we take things inside, gentlemen?” Walt suggested, his eyes twinkling.

Soon the four of them were in Brad’s bedroom after hastily drying themselves off, clothes and cell phones abandoned outside, all their cocks still rock hard.

Brad flopped onto the bed on his back, holding his arms out to Dwayne, who knelt between his legs and guided his cock into the crack between Brad’s cheeks.

“Bareback okay?” Dwayne asked.

“Fuck yeah. I want that hot load of yours inside me.”

Brad grabbed the bottle of lube he had earlier placed on the night table and greased Dwayne’s organ. He unscrewed the brown bottle and took a hit of the poppers before raising his ass into the air. The next moment he moaned with mingled pleasure and pain as the cock he had sucked earlier broke through his resisting ring. “Oh fuck, yeah.”

Dwayne raised his head, closing his eyes and opening his mouth as he felt the tight heat of Brad’s asshole squeezing his prick. “Nice, buddy. Fucking nice.”

The rush of the poppers began to ease the pain. Brad smiled and grabbed the back of Dwayne’s neck, pushing his face down toward his. They kissed for long moments before Brad released him and whispered, “Now fuck the shit out of me.”

“You got it, man,” Dwayne replied. His hips began to move back and forth. Brad raised his head to watch the thick, glistening shaft slide in and out of his almost unbearably stretched hole. Then he fell back onto the bed and closed his eyes, letting the sensations flood through his body as Dwayne took charge.

“May I?” Brad opened his eyes to see Walt’s hand grab the bottle of lube. Sid was on the other side of his king bed, also on his back, Walt kneeling in front of him. Sid’s eyes were on Walt’s cock as the older man greased himself up. Brad thought Sid looked a bit worried. He didn’t blame him. He handed Sid the poppers and got a grateful look in return.

Dwayne must have read his mind, because he bent down and murmured in Brad’s ear, “Ever see Walt fuck Sid?”

Brad shook his head.

Dwayne grinned. “I have. You don’t want to miss this.”

Just at that moment a sound that was half a growl, half moan of pain issued from Sid’s throat. Walt’s massive cock had broken through his ring and was sinking into his innards.

“Oh fuck,” Sid cried.

“That’s it baby,” Walt murmured. “Good boy. Take Daddy’s cock nice and easy.”

“Jesus, you’re tearing me apart.”

Walt grinned. “I haven’t ruptured you yet. You know you can take it.” His hips began to move and Sid’s head fell back onto the bed with another tortured cry. Brad shouted with surprise as Dwayne began to plunge into him again with renewed energy, turned on by the sight of their buddies fucking.

After a while Walt said to Dwayne, “How about we switch off?”

“Fine with me. You guys?”

Brad nodded, his heart pounding with mingled lust and nervousness at the thought of taking Walt up his ass again. The first time it had happened he had been sore for days afterward. Still, he knew he wanted it.

The two top men pulled out and changed places above their buddies. Walt handed him the brown bottle. He smiled into Brad’s eyes as he bent down to kiss him. “So here we are again.”

“Go slow,” Brad said. He took another hit of the poppers.

“I will, but you should be okay.” Walt winked. “Dwayne’s pretty hung himself, isn’t he? Oh yeah,” he grunted as he slid into Brad’s stretched and lubricated hole. “Perfect.”

“You’re telling me.” Brad let the poppers go. He relaxed onto the bed and closed his eyes. There wasn’t any place he’d rather have been at the moment than bent double, his knees pressed to his chest, with his good friend’s massive organ buried up to the hilt in his tender ass. He reached up and squeezed Walt’s pecs, making sure his thumbs tweaked the sensitive nipples.

“Just as nice as I remember,” they heard Sid say across the bed, as Dwayne settled into his fucking rhythm, his thick cock shaft now sliding in and out of their buddy’s butt hole, making Sid’s balls shake with every thrust.

Brad looked up at Walt as he continued to fuck. The bearded man had a slack-jawed expression of pure pleasure, his unfocused eyes staring off into space. He saw Brad looking at him and smiled.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m wondering which one of you hot men gets my load tonight,” Walt said.

At that moment they heard rapid, hoarse grunts at their side. Brad and Walt turned their heads to watch as Dwayne’s thrusts speeded up to fever pace. One looked at his upturned face, eyes tight shut and mouth open, told them all they needed to know.

“Yeah,” Sid said. “Give me that fucking load, baby. Every drop.”

Dwayne stretched his body to its full length, stiff as a board, then collapsed on top of Sid, gasping. “Oh man,” he breathed.

“Looks like Sid got the first one,” Walt observed.

His friend smiled. “Hey Walt, I’m in the mood for it tonight. Want sloppy seconds?”

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