Masterful At Midnight

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Midnight in Chino Hills meant that everyone stayed in their homes and practiced absolute silence. A tranquil nature settled in the suburbs. The heat from the afternoon still lingered, albeit toned down by the darkness. The middle of August had given the residents of Chino Hills (as well as everyone else in Southern California) a good reason to avoid strenuous activities. The heat provided by the late Summer would be difficult to ignore. Fortunately, the evenings still consisted of cooler temperatures. And that’s what Jeff liked about the late night. Not only was it quiet and cool, but people were barely aware of what could unfold in a time like this.

Jeff had nothing else to do but to concentrate on the package that stood near the front door of a two-story house. This had been a quiet suburban neighborhood. The street lights were distant, so the house had only been partially illuminated. Jeff took his time walking around the neighborhood to prevent any unwanted spectators. The 18-year-old Korean pedestrian walked past the house at least three times now. The night had kept him cool. His black tank top and brown cargo shorts didn’t do much to give him a cold feeling. He wasn’t bothered by that. He was only bothered by the fact that someone could easily catch him as soon as he grabbed the package and walked away.

The package was probably delivered in the afternoon and stayed there ever since. It enticed Jeff. He usually didn’t perform an act like this. But the package made him reconsider his original moral code. The package wasn’t very big, probably the size of a college textbook. It wouldn’t be heavy, anyway. So Jeff would take it and carry back to his own home, which was only a few blocks away. He couldn’t wait. He had to do it. He wanted that package. He didn’t care what lay inside the box. He just wanted to take it home with him.

Jeff didn’t spot any other pedestrians on the sidewalk. He took a deep breath. He started to walk toward the house. He didn’t know who lived inside, but he didn’t care. He slid his fingers across his short black hair. He had to be ready to flee if the resident opened the door. The young Korean man had reached the front entrance. Without making a sound, he slowly crouched down and grabbed the package. He didn’t find any surveillance cameras at the entrance. Even if they were hidden, he made sure that he kept his face lowered so the lens couldn’t catch it in time.

Jeff now had the package in both hands. But as he stood back up, something grabbed his arm. All of a sudden, a hand had appeared in his line of vision and forced him to halt his movements. He almost gasped. His eyes widened. He turned his head and stared at the man that caught him in the act.

Jeff didn’t recognize the man that caught him. He didn’t know anything about Marlin, a 37-year-old white man who had long brown hair and broad shoulders. Jeff could only decipher the appearance. Marlin was indeed a tall man with an overall muscular physique. He seized his package and pulled it right out of Jeff’s grip. Jeff couldn’t do anything. He just stood still and awaited the consequences of his actions.

Marlin whispered, bostancı escort bayan “You’re in big trouble, boy.”

Jeff tried to pull himself away, but Marlin kept a firm grip on the former’s arm.

Jeff still made a desperate attempt to flee. “Please let me go.”

Marlin wasn’t amused. “I could take you to the cops.”

“Please don’t. I won’t try to steal your package again. I promise.”

“Nice try.”

Marlin eyed the younger man from top to bottom. “You don’t deserve to be set free until I’m satisfied.”

Jeff was already frightened of his future. “What are you gonna do to me?”

Marlin pulled him toward the front door. “Come inside and I’ll show you.”

“I’ll just go home. I won’t bother you again.”

Marlin opened the door and pulled him into his own home. “It’s too late. You’re caught, and you deserve a little punishment.”

Jeff immediately regretted his decision to steal the package. “Please. I don’t want to get in trouble.”

“Well, I won’t send you to the authorities…as long as I get what I want.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Marlin set the package aside. His eyes had grown more solemn than before. In fact, a slight ominous stare made possible by Marlin’s new agenda caused Jeff to feel a little sick.

Marlin whispered, “I’m gonna take you upstairs, and you’re gonna take what I give you.”

* * *

Jeff had no other choice. He had to follow Marlin’s commands. He expected to return home with the package. Instead, he became a servant at midnight. He stood completely naked in front of Marlin in the master bedroom. There were no other inhabitants in the house, so Marlin must have been single. The older man examined the naked thief with silent glee. A little smile formed on his face. Jeff almost trembled. He had never shown his naked self to another man before. He began to feel weak. He didn’t want to imagine what would happen next.

Marlin had now taken off his own clothes. Jeff almost felt overwhelmed by the older man’s healthy figure. His physique resembled that of a man who had visited the gym many times before. Furthermore, the erection between his legs had already been straightened up. Jeff couldn’t feel more surprised. He couldn’t stop staring at Marlin’s hard cock. He instantly realized where that cock would be inserted into soon.

Marlin grabbed Jeff by the shoulders and pulled him closer. Jeff had already forgotten by the package completely. He could feel the tip of Marlin’s cock touching his own shaft. It was a strange feeling, but Jeff couldn’t bring himself to lose control of his feelings. He had to do what he was told without showing off his cowardly behavior.

Marlin kissed him on the shoulder. Jeff didn’t even try to flee. He was too afraid of Marlin’s other capabilities. Instead, he let Marlin grab hold of him and turn him even more subservient.

The older man whispered, “If you want me to set you free, then this is what you have to do.”

Jeff shivered. He waited until Marlin took full control of him.

Marlin pushed the thief’s shoulders downward. “Get down on ümraniye escort your knees.”

Jeff didn’t even try to make an objection. He just did what he was told. He got down on his knees. Marlin’s thick cock was just inches away from his face. For a moment, Jeff almost forget to breathe. He never had someone else’s cock right in front of him.

Marlin chuckled. “That’s right. Look at how long and thick it is.”

He pressed the tip of his penis against Jeff’s forehead. It felt so warm against Jeff’s skin. He almost had to close his eyes when the cock slid across his eyebrows.

Marlin ordered him to take the cock. Jeff grabbed the cock with one hand. He opened his mouth and just waited for the insertion. Marlin didn’t hesitate as he slid his cock deep into Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff was astonished at the approach. He now had a man’s cock inside his mouth. It slid in and out, with the tip hitting the back of his throat. Jeff looked up at the man who caught him in the act. Marlin seemed satisfied with the result. He didn’t stop smiling as he moved his hips back and forth. He grabbed Jeff’s hair and pushed his head further into the cock.

“That’s more like it.”

Jeff could only mumble his own words. His inability to speak didn’t stop Marlin from placing his ravenous dick in and out of his mouth. Jeff could only feel the shock that was attached to the actions in the bedroom. He had never done this before. In fact, he surely lost his virginity tonight. From his perspective, this wouldn’t have been the best place to start. But he had no choice. Stealing from another person led him to this. This was his punishment. The cause and effect of his lack of ethics.

Marlin continued to keep his dick inside the younger man’s mouth. The insertion had been accelerated. Jeff could feel the cock growing faster and warmer with each thrust. He had to seize Marlin’s hips to keep from losing his balance. He almost felt dizzy from the nonstop motions. He started to moan at a low volume. Marlin squeezed his hair even harder. There would be no other way to describe it. The thief that sought to steal from his distant neighbor now had been forced to be subservient.

Marlin growled. “Yeah, take my dick.”

The older man thrust his cock deep into Jeff’s mouth until he reached his climax. He grabbed Jeff’s head with both hands and thrust his cock as deep as he could. Jeff’s eyes widened. He could feel the warm cum spreading from within.

Marlin growled again. “Don’t even try to spit it out. Swallow it.”

Jeff obeyed him. He sucked the semen that infiltrated his mouth and swallowed it. It didn’t matter how much was given to him. He consumed it all until Marlin’s cock had stopped spilling it out. Jeff ignored the warm and sugary taste. He managed to make it all disappear by transferring them into his digestive system.

Marlin finally pulled his dick out of Jeff’s mouth. Not even a single little residue remained on the surface.

Jeff licked his lips. “Well, I did it.”

Marlin chuckled. “You’re good. You’re really good.”

A slight aftertaste lingered on Jeff’s tongue, making escort kartal him yearn for a glass of water. “So is that all?”

Marlin shook his head. “We’re not done yet.”

He brought Jeff back up to his knees and turned him around. Jeff grew more nervous than before. He suspected this specific procedure to be just as astounding. Marlin embraced him from behind. His cock pressed against Jeff’s butt.

He whispered in Jeff’s ear. “Don’t try to fight it. Just take it in.”

Jeff prepared himself for the raw movements. Marlin slid his cock into Jeff’s tight hole. Jeff gasped. The cock hit his weak spot. He moaned loudly.

“Oh, fuck!”

Marlin didn’t stop. He moved his hips back and forth. The cock moved in and out of Jeff’s hole. Jeff moaned every time the cock moved deep into his warm walls. The unusual sensation made him moan with astonishment.

Marlin never let go of the thief’s nude body. “Oh, yeah. Feel my dick. It’s big, isn’t it?”

Jeff squeezed his eyes shut. “Oh! Your cock is so big!”

“It sure is.”

Marlin continued to thrust his cock from behind. The aggressive gestures made Jeff take quicker breaths. His hole grew warmer because of the long dick that rammed it.

“Oh, shit!”

He moaned louder as Marlin picked up speed. Both naked men stayed close together in the bedroom. There would be no way out of this. Jeff’s obedience seemed to satisfy Marlin even more. The tall and muscular civilian made the younger man submit without difficulties.

Jeff just waited until this ordeal would be over. But there were no signs of Marlin ceasing his operations. He bent Jeff down above the bed and made him get down on his hands. His movements picked up speed once more. Jeff could feel his hole and his buttocks being heated up by the direct collisions. He stayed bent down above the bed and gave Marlin a valid reason to be the dominant one.

“Oh, your cock is so big!”

Marlin became a god in his own realm. He dominated Jeff his own way. The punishment had reached its pinnacle. Jeff understood the consequences of his actions. He silently vowed to never steal anyone else’s package again. In fact, he promised himself that he would be a law-abiding citizen from now on. The errors of midnight were enough for him to reconsider his principles.

With his ass experiencing higher temperatures, Jeff could feel the second climax approaching. Marlin’s last few thrusts were the most potent of all. Jeff could now feel the semen entering his narrow vessel. Marlin had finally ended his personal session. He pulled out his cock. A thin trail of cum slid down Jeff’s leg.

Marlin smacked the Korean thief’s butt. “Now you can see why stealing is wrong.”

Jeff took a deep breath. “Yeah, I can see it now.”

Marlin stepped away. “Good. Now go on. Get out of here.”

Jeff stood up straight. “Can’t I at least clean myself up?”

“Do it in your own home.”

Jeff didn’t complain. He just grabbed his clothes and put them on. He didn’t mind the semen that still slid out of his hole.

Marlin pointed his finger at him. “Always remember what happened here today. Or else, there’s no point in sparing you when you’re out there stealing again.”

Jeff just nodded. The 18-year-old man went downstairs and used the front door to leave the house. He was already on his way home. Midnight in Chino Hills had grown silent again.

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