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This is a true story only the names have been changed. I am a property landlord and have a couple of small blocks of flats. Most of the tenants are middle aged and separated from their partners. Occasionally I have youngsters as tenants, one in particular Maxine. she was about 25 years of age blonde hair tall and slim with huge breasts Normally my rents are paid into my bank on standing order but because Maxine was paid weekly in cash I put a small floor safe in her flat with a slot in the top so that she could put her rent in and I let myself into her flat as and when to collect the rent.

I have to admit that I have a panty fetish and when I am collecting the rent I get the chance to delve through her panties. I have to say she has the best selection of panties you could ever want and to make life easier she puts her underwear into a separate laundry basket. I always go to her flat mid morning knowing she will be in work.

Digging in her basket I select a pair, the smaller the better, thongs bostancı escort bayan are my favourite.

And always masturbate while wearing them.

Every time I see her I wish that I was brave enough to make a move on her, but as a landlord this would be a risky move. I can’t afford a reputation for that kind of behavior.

She always smiles when I see her and I can tell she knows I fancy her but that’s as far as I dare take it

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I went down for the rent and the box was empty .I had my usual panty dip and left her a note asking where the rent was and asking her to ring me.

That evening Maxine rang me to explain that she had given some money to her mother because she had some unexpected bills and we agreed that she could make up the back rent over a few weeks.

Next week her rent was there and an extra ten pounds, but in her laundry box was the smallest thong possible a tiny triangle with thin straps I put it on but it ümraniye escort didn’t cover much so I masturbated with them to my nose thinking of her wearing them. I came in bucket

Leaving more than a few sticky marks on the panties I was holding and on some of the ones in the box. I cleaned up as best I could

The following week the box was empty again but she had left a note saying she would ring me later that day, that night she phoned to say the rent would be in the safe the next morning for me to collect.

I went down to the flats and let myself in to take the rent out of the safe, all that was there was a note.” The rent is in the bedroom on the bed “so I set out to her bedroom in the hall were a couple of pairs of panties which I picked up as I walked reaching her room I opened the door and stopped in my tracks. There was Maxine on her knees on the bed with her dress pulled up over her backside. The view was unbelievable she was wearing the tiny g string that I had used escort kartal yesterday .She didn’t say a word as I studied the view. My dick was harder than I have ever been, when I realized that she knew I was there I walked over and bent down behind her and put my nose to her pussy and sniffed

Wow! heavenly I don’t remember the last time I was this close to a tight little ass .

I eased my hands up her thigh till I got close to her pussy and then felt her wetness I untied the strings and removed the thong holing it to my nose

She said nothing as I used my tongue to tease her slit but soon she was pushing against me as she moved towards a climax. I took out my dick and ran it up and down her slit as she pushed back against me till my dick entered her, just an inch at first then she pushed back as I went right in. The next ten minutes were unforgettable as we fucked wildly till I shot my load into her, pulse after pulse till I was drained.

She didn’t say a word or acknowledge who was there, she just remained pussy in the air leaking my sperm. After a while I picked up her string and put it in my pocket said thankyou and left.

The rent is due again tomorrow I wonder if it will be there, I hope not the new arrangement suits me much better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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