Max’s Halloween Revelation

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I’ve had a crush on Emily since I met her, but I never knew really how she felt about me. Not until Halloween. I was invited to a costume party that she and her roommates were hosting at their townhouse. It was a large sprawling space, enough for twenty people, comfortably, with a large living room and kitchen downstairs. The upstairs had several bedrooms, including one that they treated as a guest bedroom, though I had only slept in it once, after one long night of drinking that I certainly wasn’t in any position to go home after.

Emily and I had been close friends for a while now, ever since I had moved to the city and she had offered to show me around. We had never been more than that, but we always had time for each other. It didn’t matter how busy I was with work, I had time to take her to lunch. It didn’t matter how busy she was at the theater, she always had time to go out for a drink with me. We were often reading the same books, and both had an affinity for horror movies and comic books. I enjoyed every minute I had to spend with her, but never shared how I felt.

I spent a few weeks trying to decide on exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween, with so many different options calling out to me. I considered everything from Indiana Jones to the Raven, an homage to both Vincent Price and Edgar Allen Poe. I finally decided on my favorite character, a villain of course, The Joker. I didn’t want to be too realistic, as my favorite Joker sounded an awful lot like Mark Hamill. So instead I decided to try my best to look like the cartoon character.

I spent even more time putting together a costume, since I wasn’t just going to buy one. I had no problem finding the green vest, but it took me a while to find a purple dinner jacket. The rest was easy, including the white face, but I still had no clue what Emily was going to be. She is always an enigma, no matter how well I think I knew her. She always surprises me, and I knew that this Sinop Escort year’s Halloween costume would be no different. I figured she would stick with her more wholesome costumes, as she had gone as Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz. She did surprise me last year though, deciding to be Carrie, a far cry from her normal roles.

When I arrived at the party, I was greeted by a young woman in a short red skirt and a very tight red and white top, her long brown hair hanging past her shoulders. “Max!” She called me, giving me a hug as I entered. I had been friends with Alexis for a while, since before she and Emily moved in together. I was barely in the door before I was greeted once again, this time by Parker and Henry, Emily’s other two roommates, dressed as (Judi Dench) M and (Pierce Brosnan) James Bond. I was pretty impressed by their costumes, but didn’t ask about Emily because I didn’t want it to be too obvious.

I moved around party, talking to Thor and a Bengal, another Alice and a Snow White. The kitchen had plenty of food, all of it good. They had cookies and candy, but the real treat was Emily’s homemade pizza. I knew the taste of it instantly, but was confused as I still hadn’t seen her. As I moved through the other rooms, I enjoyed moving around the dance floor rather than staying in the room playing Hocus Pocus, a favorite of Alexis’. I was just turning around when I caught a glance of her coming down the stairs; she was just stunning.

At the top of the stairs stood a 5’1″ angel, every inch of her making my mouth water. Her blonde hair was done up in pigtails, with small white bows and a tiny black top hat. She had white face paint, but black face paint around her eyes. She complemented her look with dark lipstick and the deepest stare I had seen her give me in a long time. Hanging off her generous curves was a red satin blouse, almost a corset with straps. The black lacy skirt Sinop Escort Bayan fell to just above her knees, with knee high socks and black flats over her shapely legs. She descended the stairs slowly, then made her way over to me. Taking her hand in mine, I tried to play with my voice, but she only laughed when I asked “Harley my dear, how about a dance?”

We moved around the dance floor, for the most part pretty quickly, but we did share a slow dance or two. After the last dance, I went to move into the room with the movies playing but I didn’t get far before she grinned and shook her head. She took me by the hand and led me upstairs, towards her bedroom. “Won’t somebody notice if we just disappear?”

“There are so many people here now; they’ll think we’re just in another room…” I grinned, not willing to argue with her as she pulled me up the stairs even faster. When we walked into the red room, I knew I had entered sacred space.

Emily walked in behind me, closing and locking her door in one swift motion. Turning around, I placed my hands on her hips and leaned on, kissing her neck just below the facial paint. I couldn’t find the words to tell her, a rare instance for me, but there wasn’t much time for words with her actions. She took the chance to push me back on her bed, then pulled out a pair of handcuffs from her night stand drawer. Wrapping them around the rod of her bed frame, she placed them around my wrists, leaving me completely at her mercy.

I had been waiting for a moment like this for longer than I could remember. I didn’t want to bother her, didn’t want to scare her off. Every moment with her was full of energy and excitement. None, however, had ever come close to this one. I was at her mercy, and I was enjoying it. The vision of beauty that I had been drooling over was about to show me something, and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

As she struggled to undress me, I suggested Escort Sinop she uncuff me, at least for now, so I could help her with the task. After pondering the consequences for a moment, she let me free. I took my chance, and sprung up, grabbing her around her waist and pulling her back down onto the bed with me. Kissing her quickly, I pressed our bodies together, enjoying every touch of her luscious body against mine. Emily almost growled as my hands pinned her wrists against the bed, but it changed to a purr as I whispered into her ear. “I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time…” I leaned back, my knees still straddling her waist, and shed my jacket and the costume shirt and tie. With only my purple slacks remaining, I smirked at her. “As gorgeous as you look in that ensemble, I think we need to get rid of it…”

Emily nodded, then suddenly took control back. She pushed me up against the foot of the bed, and straddled my thighs with her shins. She reached down and pulled her satiny corset top over her head, revealing an equally satin, equally red, bra. My siren then reached down and unzipped her skirt, and let it fall to the bed. Running my hands over her amazing curves, I knew that I was in heaven. I leaned forward to catch her lips in a deep kiss, but she had other plans. Pulling away, she continued to tease me, until I moved off the bed to catch her. Pushing her up against the wall, I cooed into her ear again, this time holding her by her hips. We made eye contact for a brief moment, but I smiled at her and kissed down her beautiful torso.

I shed my costume pants before I rose, so that each of us stood there in only our underwear, hers admittedly much sexier than mine. Soon we shed even that though, and she had me pinned on the bed. Her control was short lived though, as soon I had her under my full weight, thrusting slowly into her at first, then harder as her moaning increased. I used one hand to brace myself as I explored her delicious body with my other, trying every trick I knew to increase her pleasure. Soon I was rewarded with her moaning my name loudly, and from then on I knew how sweet the sound of my own name could be, if called out by an angel… “Mmmmaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxx!”

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