Mayor’s Ball

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Ashley’s first entre into exhibitionism was during college, when she encouraged her boyfriend to take advantage of her fallen spaghetti strap at the movies. It was a small slip – but the thrill of exposure and the sensation of his lips and tongue circling her exposed breast were forever etched in both her mind and sex drive.

Soon thereafter she began taking advantage of windy nights and short dresses – she never seemed to have enough free hands to keep the wind from exposing passers-by to her long legs — and more. She played the shrieking, embarrassed part well, all while channeling others’ looks of disapproval or lusting interest toward her own excitement.

Later, after she met Frank during one of those short-dressed evenings during college, she was thankful for their SUV – and their emergency brake – during their monthly ritual at the local throwback drive through. She smiled, thinking of the beginning of their relationship and how many ways they took advantage of folding third row seats.

After ten years of dating and marriage, Ashley and Frank loved each other for all of the right reasons. And perhaps it was because they knew their love and dedication were never in question that they had such sexual energy, cohesion, and a willingness to try new things. Frank mentioned early in their relationship that their libidos coordinated while they slept, and the notion certainly rang true years later – a) because they had amazing morning sex, and b) well, they always had great sex, period.

Frank knew just what to do and when to do it; when to move slowly and sensually and when to take take charge, when to move tease and when to slap her ass. He knew when to reach for toys and which vibrator settings best teased her nipples, energized her clit, and teased her entrance. Similarly, based on Frank’s eye-rolls, grunts, and bursts of short breath, Ashley was confident that she glided her tongue, looked up at him innocently from her knees, and rode him while arching her back just like he liked – and in ways he didn’t even know he did.

Their sexual sync and her interest in pushing the envelope had led to riskier behavior during the past year. Like the time she had “accidentally” dropped her fork after an evening dinner on their balcony, and had remained on her knees to pick it up far longer than necessary. They had taken it to another level a few weeks later while visiting her parents. Her parents’ house abutted a golf course, and they snuck out to the 18th hole late one evening after midnight. She smiled as she thought of how the smell of freshly cut grass masked their scents while their mouths pleasured each other, although she eventually had limited success keeping her mouth focused on his shaft while his tongue slowly teased her clit, explored the entrance to her pussy, and circled her ass. No one caught them that night except for the 3 a.m. sprinklers, and Frank had finally stopped mentioning his “69” on the golf course.

She finished applying makeup and walked into the hotel suite, where Frank and his expertly tailored tuxedo were waiting. Frank was tall, decently athletic, and instantly charming. His eyes coursed over her black and silver dress that flaunted her legs, and necklace that highlighted her long neck. Frank loved the heels she was wearing and how they lifted her ass: “defying gravity” was the term he always used.

“I just finished my make-up and put this on, and as much as you want me out of it, I love my new dress too much for you to take it off already” Ashley flirted as he kissed her fresh lipstick.

It was December, the peak of the holiday social calendar, and they were downtown for the annual Mayor’s Charity Ball. They had splurged on a top-floor suite for the evening’s festivities, and they marveled at the interior view their suite afforded. She caught Frank shifting his view from the 600 foot expanse to her cleavage and she feigned an eye roll and pushed his head away on their way to the elevators.

The elevators felt like a something out of a sci-fi movie: futuristic glass capsules offered views of the hotel’s cavernous interior, each floor, and other elevators during the long ride down. During their nearly minute-long descent, they saw throngs of other attendees, as the night brought out the City’s Who’s Who and with them their best fashion, biggest diamonds, fake boobs and fake laughter.

Frank and Ashley always enjoyed the evening, even if the pleasantries were often forced. Throughout the cocktail hour, dinner, speakers, award ceremony, and dancing, Ashley and Frank gave hugs, handshakes, and the obligatory “What a Dress” and “How are the Kids?” remarks to dozens of business and community acquaintances. After saying hello to half the city, they ended the evening at the hotel bar with their closest friends Denise and Andre.

Ashley and Frank were both objectively attractive, but each knew and accepted that antalya escort Denise and Andre were the most stunning couple they had ever met. Tonight, both had eschewed their typical modest tastes for attire that suited their figures.

Denise had dark hair, olive skin, and had retained all of the muscle from her all-conference volleyball days. Her emerald dress floated on her toned curves, and even less was left to the imagination when she leaned forward in conversation. Andre was a former shot-putter, and as Ashley said the first time she met him, his muscles had muscles. He was a sculptor’s perfect model, a quiet soul shaded in dark chocolate. Despite its tailoring, his tuxedo looked like it was about to burst, and just as she had caught Frank’s eyes darting toward Denise’s chest earlier, Ashley couldn’t help but stare at Andre’s arms and ass.

Ashley and Denise had long been close friends and shared everything, and Denise was well aware of Ashley’s exhibitionist tastes as well as what she thought of Andre’s physique. There were no hard feelings – she knew her husband was a visual marvel, but she too was envious. Despite his physique, Andre was a gentle giant and cautious to the point of vanilla in bed. Ashley’s balcony blowjobs and golf course escapades made Denise yearn for her own exhilarating sex acts. Denise and Ashley had always been more willing to explore than their partners – especially Andre. Ashley remembers once drunkenly mentioning a foursome to Denise – and then nervously looking at each other and laughing it aside, each wondering how much the other was actually joking.

It was getting late, and most of the evening’s attendees had either found their ride or retired to their room. Ashley was now on her 6th cocktail, which numbed the pain from her heels and fed a growing energy between her legs. Frank put his arm around his her and then slid his hand down her back, grazing the high-end fabric of her dress. His hand continued down her back and then circled around and between the curves of her ass, and finished with a teasing pressure on her upper inner thigh.

Her breath caught and the energy between her legs increased to a quickened pulse, as he gave her a fleeting grin. She had seen that look many times, and her mind raced with the upcoming pleasures that always followed.

Denise caught their exchange and gave Ashley a mischievous glance and Andre a squeeze on his muscular glutes.

With his scotch having quenched any semblance of political correctness, Frank announced to their friends, “It’s been a wonderful evening, but I can’t wait to get my wife out of her stunning dress.”

Ashley blushed – part genuine and part forced – and they said their goodbyes and headed to the elevator toward their top-floor suite.

As they entered the elevator, Ashley was looking up at the mesmerizing view of 50 similarly stacked floors, when she felt her dress rise. What she thought was Frank playfully tugging her dress with his hands was actually initiated by his face. He was kneeling in front of her, his back to the glass, using his face to push her dress up and gain his tongue access to her thong and what lie beyond. Ashley shrieked in a mix of surprise, pleasure, and thrill. Frank was taking their risky behavior to the next level at the city’s most iconic venue after the year’s biggest event.

Soon surprise gave way to purely pleasure and thrill. Despite the exposed setting and the confines of her dress and thong, Frank was solely focused on pleasuring her – and succeeding. By floor 20, she and Frank were in their zone, as his hands hand found her ass, grinding her clit and pussy into his face. By 35 she was moaning and by 40 her legs were weak enough that she had to forcibly grab the railing to remain standing.

She tried to remain relaxed and enjoyed the elevator and tongue ride. The late hour meant few people were wandering the hotel or were too drunk or tired to notice. By the 45th floor, her legs were shaking and she was convinced they were home-free to their room on 50. Her thoughts began shifting to returning Frank’s generosity, when suddenly they passed a hotel staffer on the 49th floor who saw them as they eased past. Ashley saw the man whip his gaze toward them, pull out his radio, and track their path. She gasped and backed away from Frank. They stood and then darted to their room.

Once inside their room, they caught their breath and bolted the door. Frank hadn’t seen and didn’t care about the the man, and knelt down to continue, but Ashley was momentarily distracted. It took Frank’s focus, and a surprise slap on the ass for her to relax and realize the threat had passed.

They moved to the bed, where he positioned her on all fours, lifted her dress, removed her thong, aimed his face at her curved ass, and then used the combination of his fingers and tongue to dance around her clit and her soon-to-be kemer escort dripping entrance. Her low steady moans jumped to a sharp crescendo when he simultaneously pressed directly on her clit with his fingers and circled her ass with his tongue.

Then, just as she peaked, they heard a sharp knock at the door followed by a muffled “hotel security!”

They froze. Frank whispered that Ashley should hide in the bathroom since his face was masked on the elevator, as it were. He briefly wiped her scent from his face and then opened the door, feigning a tired look.

His eyes widened and Adams Apple dropped as he was greeted by hand-cuffs and two imposing figures.

Denise entered the room with the handcuffs, followed by Andre and said, “surprised?”

At the sound of Denise’s voice, Ashley emerged from the bathroom. Her jaw dropped and brow furrowed as she tried to reconcile why her best friend was holding handcuffs in their hotel room. She looked at Denise, looked at Frank, and then back at Denise, and her mind drifted to her long-past drunken foursome conversation.

“We saw everything in the elevator and caught the next one up – you two were too…”busy”… to notice us watching from 8 floors behind you.”

“And the handcuffs?” Ashley stammered, more excited than she was willing to let on.

“I got these for Andre and I tonight, but when the opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t resist surprising you two instead.”

It was then Frank’s turn for his jaw to drop, as Denise then smoothly brushed her left, then right dress straps off, letting gravity carry it over her perky breasts to the floor.

Ashley didn’t care about Frank’s ogling; she was too busy marveling at her friends’ now-naked physiques, as Andre had now taken his shirt off, and trying to suppress her excitement at what Denise’s actions suggested.

As Ashley processed and stared, she felt her feet lift off. Andre effortlessly carried her across the room and then pressed her against the wall with her feet dangling in the air. His typically reserved eyes burned with a fiery passion, as if he had flipped a switch when entering the room. He held her up with his body, his right hand, and the wall while his left hand caressed her breast with a gentle strength she had never experienced and his lips enveloped hers. While she was enjoying the last minute’s events, her thoughts turned to Frank. They had had sex in public, but this was a new level – would he be jealous?

Any potential for Frank’s jealousy was interrupted by Denise, who sat him on the bed and straddled him with her naked body. She leaned back, arching her neck up and away from him while lifting her breasts toward his face. Frank loved Ashley, but had long fantasized about this impossible moment, and the suddenness overwhelmed him. He pushed her breasts together and alternated kissing and sucking them rapidly.

Ashley was still between Andre’s muscle and the wall. She could feel Andre bursting out of his pants and she desperately wanted to see all of and pleasure him. She wanted her dress off and Andre inside of her mouth. Between Andre’s passionate kisses she managed to utter “Your cock… my mouth.” He got the idea and eased her down after which she immediately unzipped his pants. She started to face him and kneel down when Andre said, “let’s flip the script.”

He picked her up and inverted her such that her feet were above his head, her dress fell to reveal her thong by his face, and her head was in line with his waist. She pulled his boxers down while upside down and was granted a uniquely intimate view that confirmed his cock was as thick and beautiful as the rest of his body. She held his balls with one hand and less than half of his shaft with the other, guiding it into her mouth, as he kissed her inner thighs and teased, then sucked on her clit through her thong. Normally she employed considerable foreplay with her blowjobs, but the last 5 minutes and the blood rushing to her head resulted in her being anything but slow and sensual. Upside down, she licked and sucked with all of the passion and energy she could employ, fueled by the room’s moans, smacking lips, and other sounds.

Denise had pushed Frank down on his back and smirked as she thought of all of the quick glances he had stolen toward her chest over the years. She rewarded his long-standing interest by leaning over him, pushing down hard on his shoulders, and dipping her breasts over and into his mouth. She let him explore each nipple with a few flicks of his tongue and lips before switching breasts, flattering herself with his interest. After several dips into his mouth, her nipples were hard with electric arousal and Frank was begging for more access to her body. She crawled forward forward along his body toward his head, and positioned her now very wet pussy just below his nose. Delighted konyaaltı escort to have access to his second clit and pussy of the evening, Frank calmed to slowly explore hers’ with his tongue and slide his hands along her abs toward her hard nipples. Denise’s thoughts quickly shifted from flattery to pleasure – the skill of Frank’s tongue matched the magnificence of her husband’s physique – she had never been pleasured by a tongue like this before.

Meanwhile, Ashley was fully engaged with a cock unlike her mouth or pussy had ever known. She was now right-side-up, kneeling, Andre deep in her mouth, her hand cradling his balls, and her eyes fixated on his. She rarely took a blowjob all the way, but she knew this opportunity would likely never present itself again. She was stroking half of his shaft with one hand, pressing near his ass with the other, and swirling her tongue over his smooth head and sucking with all of the intensity she could offer. Andre began emitting guttural moans, his massive legs shaking as he focused on her eyes announcing silently what they both knew was cumming. She ran her lips down his shaft and under his balls and back one last time and as her lips made their return to his head, she felt his balls tighten and his shaft rapidly contract. She maintained eye contact and continued sucking as – Denise’s moans pierced the room. Frank’s focus and skill realized her newfound appreciation for this means of pleasure. She had never climaxed like this before, but Frank was masterful – why had Ashley never told her about what he could do with his tongue?

Frank and Ashley had both just given orgasms, but had yet to climax and would have fucked anything that moved – much less their spouse. Frank held the handcuffs up to his wife, motioned her toward the bed and pushed her flat on her back with her arms over her head. He handcuffed her hands together and then blindfolded her with his tie. He started moving toward her thighs, but saw that Denise had beat him to them.

Denise motioned a finger to her lips and winked at Frank as she knelt between Ashley’s legs. Denise had never done anything with a woman other than drunkenly kissing a girl and cupping a boob in college, but this was a night of many firsts: her best friend’s husband was the first person who had ever made her climax via tongue, and Ashley had just given her husband a knee-shaking blowjob.

Ashley felt a cautious tongue exploring what she knew must be a dripping wet pussy. It was smoother and gentler and less…certain than Frank’s. The face was also extremely smooth. As she was trying to decipher whose tongue was pleasuring her this time, she felt the bed moving, knees locking in on either side of her, and hands massaging down from her shoulders along her breasts. Blind to the world with her hands locked above her, she felt a finger tease between her lips that she attempted to suck. The finger was then replaced by a familiar longer and thicker member. She instantly recognized her husband’s rock hard shaft and his distinct scent. She could feel it throbbing, yet to climax after what seemed like an eternity of pleasuring others, a symphony of moans, and two orgasms in a room that was now saturated with sex.

As Ashley was maneuvering her mouth to pleasure her husband, she heard the distinctive slap of ass on skin: Andre had recovered from her blowjob and was now deep inside his wife…who Ashley realized had been face-deep on her clit until Andre’s thrusts had distracted her. Ashley’s blindfold and her husband blocked the surreal image of Andre and Denise, paragons of sexual prowess, engaged in their full throes of passion: Ashley’s toned ass engulfing Andre’s cock until it could disappear no further, muscle, sweat, and sex interwoven as one.

The energy in the room quickened everyone’s pace; Denise screamed Andre’s name as they came together, she bent over on the bed, inches from Ashley’s pussy, he deep inside her own. Frank ripped Ashley’s blindfold off, moved to stand at the edge of the bed, placed her ankles on his shoulders and pushed deep inside of her. Ashley had yet to climax that evening, but the past hour’s events combined with her husband’s unique deep angle meant that she could hardly last. Motivated by Denise’s orgasmal cry, she screamed as her orgasm built from deep inside her. As her’s continued, she felt Frank’s begin, both lasting longer than they any they could remember like aftershocks on a massive earthquake.

Everyone collapsed and looked around the room. It looked and felt like a sexual tornado had blown through, reverberating their primal sounds off the walls.

After a few minutes Andre and Denise began putting their clothes on to head to their room. Denise looked at Frank and said “So, are you going to tell her?”

Ashley raised her eyebrows and said “What’s going on?”

Frank smiled sweetly at his wife and said “Merry Christmas, Honey, I hope you enjoyed it.”

“Wait a minute…” Ashley said quizzically.

“Yup. Frank approached me months ago and we’ve been planning this for awhile,” Denise said. “Was it a good surprise?”

“The most pleasurable – I’ll never look at that elevator the same.”

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