Meeting At Last

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After all the time in the chat rooms, all the emails and secret phone calls, we would meet at last. I had rented the motel room and called to give you the room number. Your sexy, throaty voice had sounded excited.

You knocked, I opened the door, and we just stared at each other, both feeling the photos we had sent did not give nearly the true image. I stood aside and you entered and turned to face me. We kissed, gently at first, and then I felt your tongue slipping into my half-opened mouth and we embraced hungrily.

You stepped back and took off your coat, and I was amazed to see you had on a lace and satin garment that cupped your breasts just under the nipples, leaving them bare. It was crotchless, too, and I had my first glimpse of your shaved sex. We kissed again and my hand went between your legs and I felt how wet and open you were already. My cock got even harder, and you reached down to unzip my pants and lightly touch my erection.

You stepped back again and we both began to undress, but you stopped me and unbuttoned my shirt, loosened my belt buckle, and slid my pants down, followed by my boxers. My aching cock now stood free, a drop of precum glistening on the tip. You turned around and I unfastened the hooks of your garment Sinop Escort and peeled it off. I pressed myself against your back, my erection snuggled between the cheeks of your ass, and I cupped your breasts. As I played with your erect nipples, rubbing and pinching them, your breath quickened and you moaned softly.

We moved to the bed and lay side by side, smiling and exchanging light kisses as our hands roamed at will. You were so wet I easily slid two fingers into your pussy, my thumb pressing your clit. You lay on your back and spread your legs, never letting go of my cock. We kissed, more urgently now, and I kissed your face, your neck, your shoulders, down to your breasts. I licked your taut nipples and you gasped as I sucked first one, then the other. Your hands were in my hair now, pulling me downward, and I kissed and licked your belly and the insides of your creamy thighs. I was entranced by the sight of your soaking wet cunt, the outer lips open and the pink inside so filled with your juices that they spilled down the crack of your ass. I licked them up, savoring the sweet salty taste.

As I circled your clit with my tongue, you began moving your hips up and down and sideways, pushing your sex against my mouth. Sinop Escort Bayan Still licking your clit, I shoved fingers deep into your pussy. Your knees were bent and your ass completely off the bed as your passion grew. I took one of my moistened fingers and played with the puckered rosebud of your anus. You pushed against it and my finger slid into your ass, past the ring of muscle.

“Oh God yes, yes, yes,” you moaned.

Slowly fucking your ass with my finger, I moved up your body again and we kissed ardently. Your hand was pumping my erection, but you paused to play with my balls and finger my asshole, too. Then you pushed me onto my back and kissed and licked and bit your way down until you could take my cock on your mouth. You hummed, and your tongue made circular motions around my rigid penis. I did not want to cum yet, and I was too close, so I pushed you away, telling you I wanted to delay. You grinned and began licking my balls; but then you spread my legs and lifted my butt off the bed, exposing my asshole. First you licked around it, then suddenly plunged your tongue in as far as you could. It was an incredible sensation and I groaned and jerked on your hair.

It was time, and you moved up and, holding Escort Sinop my cock, rubbed it up and down your pussy, refusing to let it penetrate you, teasing, laughing softly. My hips bucked as my engorged member tried to gain entry. Then you lowered yourself slowly onto me and I felt your cunt envelop me in hot wetness. You leaned back and your pussy alternately squeezed and released my cock. I reached between us and found your now-hard clit poking out of its hood, and I began pressing it in time with your squeezes. Your breasts were swaying, and you leaned forward so I could take one in my mouth. I bit down lightly and you said, “Harder,” and when my teeth closed on the nipple you began riding me faster and faster, moaning and saying “Yes yes yes” louder and louder.

Now I was at the brink again, and I told you I was about to cum. You gasped out that you were too, and redoubled your efforts. We climaxed then, pounding at each other, yelling as the spasms wracked us.

You wanted me to stay in you as I softened, and I did, our cum dribbling out of your pussy. We hugged each other and murmured our satisfaction at being, at long last, together. Finally you rolled off me and we just lay there, quietly, our hands touching and caressing.

We both knew what else was coming. We had planned it, after all. You had some toys with you, vibrators and dildos. I had a Polaroid camera and some silk scarves. Nothing would be off limits during this day and night. Then we would go back to our boring spouses and empty marriages.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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