Megan Ch. 14-15

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Chapter 14-Final

“Where is the stuff…” Megan spoke quickly, she was referring to the sample container they sent for her from the lab.

“On the kitchen table” I said, and she nodded confirming, quickly rushing out the door.

She did try to open the door using the doorknob, but in her hurry she simply tore the whole thing off, and then ripped the whole door off as well as she was opening it. Luckily the door frame was quite huge or she might have torn that off as well.

“Don’t you dare move a muscle while I do this, and get ready for you tiny…” she spoke sitting me on the second floor and kicking off the ladder. She was now almost three feet taller than the second floor, or in other word she was taller then I was while sitting on the second floor.

Using her new height she stood on her tiptoes and put over a hundred pounds of breast in my lap while bending over to give me a kiss.

“This is perfect tiny, when I put on my shoes this will be a perfect place to give you a tit-fuck.” And as if to reinforce her point she pulled my erection under her shirt between her breasts pushing them firmly together. Pushed together like that they were about as tall as my entire torso.

“Would my little man like to cum for his big girl.” She asked starting to move her breasts up and down. To which I could only nod.

“Would you like to shoot your cum all over my large… soft… massive… boobies… mhmm… tiny…” she spoke… her voice descending into a whisper. I nodded again more vigorously, grabbing a handful of breast on each side. I was way past ready to cum already.

“Then, you’ll just have stay right here. If you move I won’t let you cum for days. No crying or begging will save you this time.” She spoke tearing herself off and moving into the bathroom to take the sample.

My mind felt completely shattered for a second, I continued jerking off for a few seconds blindly trying to relieve the pressure to no avail. I reconsidered listening to her, but I was determined more than anything to see her destroy those body models before she fucked me into unconsciousness. So I quickly climbed down the wall and left her a note that she can find me in her weight room.

The place had a mixed smell of steel and sweat and on top of that an incredibly strong smell of Megan. She spent so many hours in this room it was literally saturated with her smell, all I had to do was step inside to get an instant boner.

The place was already prepared with a variety of human body models strewn about the place. I sat down in the end of the room. She could, if she so wanted simply ignore the dolls and walk past them directly to me, but I was hoping she wouldn’t.

A minute later I heard I heard the familiar click-clack sound of heels approaching. Except Megan’s heel had nothing in common with the normal sound of heels. Her heels carried over 10 times more weight and , this made the sound much different. Longer and heavier, something between a thud and a click, a much more ominous sound. Her weight room door was 11 feet tall, and this is the firs time that she had to bend in order to enter.

“I told you not to move, tiny. You know I really need you now…” Megan was saying, one of her hands was holding the concrete door frame cracking the solid material while she spoke.

“Come here tiny!” Megan said stomping hard on the concrete floor. Hundreds of pounds of muscles in her legs swayed for a moment, solidifying into a terrifying unison. The resulting impact cracking the concrete under her heel into a spider-web of cracks. I shook my head in disbelief at that display of power.

“Don’t make me come there and get you… ” Megan said interpreting the head shake as a no. She was incredible, each step towards me shook the tiny hut echoing in the silence. Each heavy “CLAAAK” of her heels followed by a deep rumble of concrete cracking at the impact.

“This time I will fuck you for days before I let you cum. I will flood your brain with so much pleasure that it will break.” she spoke quietly, but I could see a smile creeping up on her face. That’s when her foot encountered something soft and squishy.

“Oh, is that you tiny…” Megan spoke looking down. There was a body model directly on her way, and she stepped on it’s foot crushing it into a gory explosion of blood.

“Oh… did I step on your little foot. Sorry, here let me get off…” she said, and instead of getting of she lost her balance and ended up crunching the bones in both the legs and the pelvis while trying to regain balance. She didn’t actually crush the bones completely if she didn’t stomp, but I was certain there wasn’t a bone which could survive her weight unbroken.

“How clumsy of me, I seem to have stepped on you again. You should really antalya escort drink more milk, your tiny little bones are so fragile.” She spoke while the room echoed with the sound of the pelvic bones cracking under her weight. her voice was also getting noticeably huskier, this was really exciting her.

“Here, let me help you up darling.” Megan said crouching and taking the model’s hands in her own. Her hand were so huge they engulfed the model’s hands and most of the forearm. Surprisingly, instead of stepping off she simply stood up. For one painful moment, the model was stretched along Megan’s legs with it’s arms extended upwards and the pelvis stuck.

“Oh, hm…something seems to be stuck… wonder if I yank a bit harder…mhmm…” Megan moaned slowly extending her frame upward. The arms first dislodged in the shoulders, and than simply tore off. The torso slumped back to the ground as Megan stood up completely. She was already breathing very heavily, and I could feel my own cock throbbing like crazy in response to her own excitement.

“Oh, no what have I done…” she spoke in mock surprise shaking the lip arms in front of her. Her fists clenching together, the hand and forearm bones crunching in her grip.

“Are you OK, I must have yanked too hard… poor thing” Megan said, disposing of the arms, and kneeling down. As her knees came down on the models chest it caved in, the blood exploded through the model’s mouth.

“Please wake up little man, I never wanted to hurt you… My huge muscular body is just too much for you…” Megan said fainting a silly voice. She raised the model by the shoulder a few inches, and slapped it trying to wake it up. Her ham sized hand almost sheared the head straight off, and probably broke the spine, her hand meanwhile was crunching through the collar and shoulder bones.

“Come to Meg you poor thing. I’ll take care of you, come to your big strong girl for a hug.” Megan said bringing the head to her face, tearing it off the torso almost without noticing.

“I’ll just put you here where you can be safe, between my big soft breasts.” she continued pushing the tiny skull between her breasts. I couldn’t even see the skull when it disappeared between those two massive globes.

“What’s that you want me to hold you firmly… off-course darling my muscles would do anything for my little man…mhmm…” and almost moaning out-loud, Megan hugged her breasts with both arms. Her breasts were like a pillow in an explosion of muscles, arms and pecs bulging to obscene size.

“Oh… honey… It’s so little… It’s just like your head tiny… I love it…aaahhhh…” Megan begun screaming as her orgasm mounted. I couldn’t hear the skull being crushed, too much breast meat around them. But a second later when she released her breasts there was little river of blood and gore flowing from between her breasts over her tight stomach, and very tiny skull fragments fell out as she passed her hand between her breasts. I was unconsciously bucking into air, jerking off trying to cum with all I had, my own need becoming more urgent as Megan flooded the air with her own orgasm.

“Don’t you dare cum tiny… I told you nothing will help you… But, that was fucking amazing honey.” Megan said regaining her composure after the massive orgasm. Then she noticed the second model prone on a tree trunk in the centre of the room, turned head first to Megan.


“Thank you for doing this for me tiny, I just love how you take care of me.” She said walking towards the tree trunk. She looked both amazing and scary, her hands and legs covered in blood, and her entire 11 feet tall body pumped and sprayed in tiny drops of fake blood.

“How about if I ride your tiny little body until you explode inside of me. What’s that… you think my huge muscular body is too big to ride you. Nonsense, here let me show you” Megan says, tearing her drenched panties off and stepping over the model. She sits on the pelvis, her thighs clenching firmly onto the trunk beneath her. Grabbing one ankle in each hand she begins grinding her hips lightly against the doll.

“Oh… this is just like riding my little Joey, mhmm… except for the monster cock tearing up my pussy on the inside” Megan says and starts grinding her hips against the model. The doll looked like a tiny fragile twig between Megan’s enormous thighs. Each of her large heavily muscled thighs looked as thick as the tree trunk it was gripping. And as the thick cords of muscle started dancing inside, they looked even bigger. Every time Megan bucked the whole trunk would scrape along the floor.

Surprisingly the pelvis didn’t brake when she sat on it, but as she started grinding I wasn’t as convinced in its durability.

“Mhmm… this is so hot honey. antalya rus escort I just love you, my tiny man. I love how you take care of me.” She spoke suddenly, switching from grinding the little doll to bouncing on it.

“This week I will thank you for doing something like this for me… the whole week… again…” she spoke sexily looking deep into my eyes while bouncing her massive rear on top of the little doll.

“… and again…” she whispered while landing heavily on the pelvis and sounds of the pelvis cracking started echoing the room.

“… and again…mhmm… ” she whispered, the sounds of bone breaking echoing the room, not only from the pelvis but also from the ankles in her hands…

“… and again…mhmm… oohh, until there is nothing left of you” she spoke, crushing all the reamining pelvic bones and grinding through them with her mighty hips.

“Mhmm… and I’ll let my thighs play with you as well. They missed you so much…” Megan said while shifting herself backwards, placing her drenched bloody pussy over the little dolls head.

“You can play with my big horn pussy” she said very carefully grinding her pussy lips over the dolls head

“And my thighs will close around your head. They’ve grown bigger again, just for you. They are almost 70 inches of pure crushing power now.” her thighs clenched onto the heavy trunk with a vice-like grip.

“You’ve seen what they can do to a motor, you know nothing can stand in their way when they want to play…” she spoke whispering as the tree trunk was reduced to splinters. The model slumped down while the head was trapped between the thighs.

“The want you between them so badly…” she spoke taking the head and jamming forcefully inside her pussy, half of the head was completely swallowed by the large pussy lips. The rest of the body slumped between the monstrous thighs.

“To squeeze…mhmmm…ooooohhh” She moaned while rubbing her pussy with the tiny head. meanwhile her thighs ballooned with muscle converging on the torso completely pulverizing it in a moment. The rib cage collapsed, spine crushed and all the fake organs exploding around Megan’s thighs.

“Your turn tiny…” Megan said , dropping the body model and turning her hypnotizing eyes towards me. The models face looked completely broken from the forceful rubbing against her pussy. In two large steps she was right next to me.

After seeing this display of raw strength I reflexively flinched at Megan’s touch. But she was gentle, laying me on one of her lifting benches and straddling me on her knees. My cock was throbbing with need of release for a very long time already.

She gently guided my erection to her pussy, and ever so slowly mounted me. That first moment of connection between our bodies seemed to last for minutes. The slow slide of Megan’s large pussy down my erect throbbing shaft felt endless, but completely natural. There are no words to explain that short moment when our bodies connected. It was as if three months of passion were condensed in that one motion. It was at that moment that I was certain I was in love. Megan was also overwhelmed with emotion, she started crying.

I was too tiny for a kiss, but she kissed her banana sized finger, and brought it over to my lips. My hands were roaming the massive beefy muscles of her forearm, while her hand was caressing my chest. She continued slowly, gently grinding her hips against me while I tried to reach for her breasts. Seeing me struggle she leaned over holding onto the wall and bringing her soft breasts closer to my touch.

As the excitement was mounting her fingers started digging into the concrete wall tearing tiny chunks of the material, her thighs were bending the steel bench, but I never felt any pain.

“I love you…” we spoke in unison…

“Come inside me tiny, fill me with your love…” Megan whispered quietly, her own orgasm mounting. Then in one long magical moment we both came, I exploded an orgasm beyond any I had ever experienced. Megan’s entire body tensed, her toes curling and taking out chunks of the floor, her hand tearing at the wall. And amidst all that ballooning muscle, and destructive power I felt like I was in the eye of the tornado. Safe from any harm with my love.

That felt like the longest, most perfect sex we had ever had. There was no need for me or Megan to speak. She lay on her back on the floor and pulled me on top of her. We lay there in silence for a while before I spoke, breaking the silence.

“Will you marry me…” the words left my mouth before I even realised what I was saying. But even as I spoke I knew the words were right. There was no way I could live my life without Megan. I knew now that even if her massive antalya ucuz escort muscular body were to crush me to a pulp I would be happier than to spend a moment away from her.

“Joey…” Megan spoke after a long moment of silence. She sat up and faced me with her heart stopping blue eyes.

“Oh… Joey… Do you mean it… really” Megan spoke, shaking slightly, new tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

“Well I don’t have a ring yet. But I’m certain there’s no one in the world I would rather be with. And I…” I spoke when she interrupted me by covering half of my face with her lips and hugging me very tightly between her breasts. In fact she hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t even breathe, and she didn’t let go until I passed out.

“Yes… Joey I will. You crazy little man. I will marry you, and be yours forever.” Megan spoke to me as soon as I woke up.

Soon after that Megan’s sex drive returned to normal, and by evening of our first day together I couldn’t even walk.


Chapter 15 – Epilogue


When Megan came home after her absence she was 11’5″ tall and weighed in about 1600 pounds. Each of her breasts was about 80 pounds.

After not seeing me for 3 months and in the middle of a growth spurt she was the horniest she had ever been. To top it all of I asked her to marry me, so whenever she wasn’t horny she was crazy in love not letting me out of her mouth for a moment. I spent almost all of my time swimming in and out of consciousness.

Megan didn’t really need me conscious to have her way with me. Whenever I woke up Megan was either already bouncing on top of my erection, or she would be nearby waiting for me to wake up to pounce. I spent hours having my bones tensile strength tested between her mammoth 70″ thighs, my face nuzzled against her snatch.

Katey came to visit on the second day planning to stay for the afternoon, but after a session with Megan couldn’t walk any more. She remained until the end of the week, the same fate expected the policewoman from earlier, and both of the tiny nurses from earlier. Megan’s sexuality was like a bonfire, and we were like moths being burned up at the slightest contact.

Her house was filled with unconscious, exhausted people. She would switch between all of them and me as either one recovered. It took four people and a week to keep her passion in check.


I introduced Megan to my parents a few months before the wedding. My mom actually feinted, and my dad was shocked speechless. But after getting used to her size, they got along with Megan even better than I hoped. I met both Megan’s aunt and her father about the same time.

The wedding preparations were mostly revolving around adjusting to Megan’s size. It took some explaining why I wanted the ring to be 4 times the normal size, and the expression on the little tailor who came to take Megan’s measurements was a Master-card moment. Eventually we were married several months after the last incident. It was a small private ceremony, both Megan’s aunt and her father attended. My parents and younger brother were there as well. Katey had just broken up with her boyfriend, and I took the liberty to introduce the two, which proved to be a good idea for both of them. He shared my affinity for slightly taller chicks, and Katey still had a thing for tiny guys so they seemed to hit it off quite well.


About a year later Megan had her final growth spurt. Her final height was 13’4″ and she weighed slightly over 3000 pounds. I barely came up to her mid-thigh, and if she put on her heels, her knees were almost face level for me. Each of her breasts weighed about 300 pounds. I learned this the hard way by standing directly under a kneeling Megan’s breasts while she was unhooking her bra. I knew it was dangerous but I just couldn’t tear myself away from watching 600 pounds of breast flesh in motion. My curiosity earned me a concussion, but luckily nothing more serious. But on the plus side, Megan’s breasts were now big enough to fulfill an earlier promise. She could now trap me bodily between her enormous breasts, and carry me around. And there was no way for me to fall out from between two 300 pound mammoth breasts.

However, the actual growth period was significantly more dangerous. It was the shortest but most explosive one yet. That was the closes I ever came to being killed by Megan. Her passion period lasted for two days only but at the peak she barely had any control of herself. As a result I got seriously injured. I got a cracked pelvis, several broken ribs, a dislocated jaw from her nipple. My entire body was bruised and painful, and I had spend almost two months in recovery. But her growth had subsided, and she had full control over herself now.

Initially I was very angry at all the damage caused by Megan’s last growth spurt, but I cooled down after a few days. And as a result of those two days I got the greatest gift I could ever ask for. My wife Megan, was pregnant with our daughter. But that’s another story all together. 🙂

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