Meghan’s Awakening Ch. 02

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Meghan went into the bathroom wearing only her bra and sweater. She was still a little shaky from the intensity of the whole experience, so she sank onto the seat of the john gratefully. The stark, fluorescent light of the room made the whole scene in the bedroom seem unreal, like some kind of fevered dream that couldn’t possibly be a real part of her carefully ordered life. Yet when she closed her eyes, she could still see Craig squirming on his belly, pleading with her to let him touch himself while he watched her jam her hand deep into her pussy.

When she released a strong stream of urine into the bowl it gave her an erotic thrill as it never had before and she imagined Craig watching her pee while he stroked his painfully erect cock without a possibility of orgasm. She got herself so excited again that when she reached down to wipe herself she felt a jolt at her own touch.

And there was something else that kept insinuating itself into her fantasy: lurking there in the shadows of her erotic dream world was another figure, a shady female presence in the shadows of her imaginary room, stroking herself and breathing heavily as she watched the scene unfold. The thought flashed through Meghan’s mind that the other woman came forward, squatted over Craig and began to urinate.

She opened her eyes quickly and brought her hand away from her genitals, feeling ashamed now in the brutal reality of the light. But that idea of the third party would not go away and, of course, she suddenly remembered, there was the reality of Craig, still bound naked to the bed, gagged with her aromatic underwear, his penis and his balls constricted in that tight, unforgiving strap.

Still half-naked, she left the bathroom and walked down the hall to check on him. Standing in the doorway, she could see the pleading in his eyes when he saw her there, although he did not even attempt to speak this time. She sighed and told him, “Not yet, sweetheart. I don’t think you’ve suffered quite enough.” But she knew the anger was gone now and there was nothing but the thrill of the game, the rush of control.

“Maybe I’ll have a little surprise for you soon,” she added before closing the door and going into the kitchen, where she poured herself a glass of wine and picked up the phone.

Of all her friends, Carla was the craziest. Her marriage to a local real estate agent had broken up more than a year ago and since then Carla had been known to make the rounds of the area’s singles bars. Every time they spoke for more than five minutes, the topic turned to sex. Usually this embarrassed Meghan and she had frequently told Carla so but Carla would only laugh and tell her she was secretly glad to hear those stories, that they were the only excitement in Meghan’s life. Once she even accused Meghan of going home and fantasizing about Carla’s exploits and despite her protestations to the contrary, it had been true on more than one occasion.

Carla answered on the fifth ring. It didn’t even take five minutes this time; the first thing she said when she recognized Meghan’s voice was, “Sorry it took me so long to answer, hon. I was busy with a great new dildo. Damn, I was so close, too. Now I’ll have to start all over. Oh well, at least dildos don’t lose their hard-ons like men. That’s why they’re so much better, don’t you think?”

Meghan hesitated, then decided to take the plunge. “I don’t know,” she told Carla, her own voice surprising her with its huskiness, “Craig’s been hard now for close to an hour, maybe more. Of course he has some help.”

Shock kept Carla uncharacteristically silent for a moment, then she sounded eager. “Honey, tell me about it!” she insisted. “What the hell is going on at your house? What’s gotten into you?”

Meghan told her how she had walked in on Craig and most of what had ensued, including the cock strap and her incredible orgasm.

“Don’t stop,” Carla said, “Jesus I’m about to come in my pants! This is amazing! What’s going on now? Where’s Craig?”

Meghan told him Craig was still tied up, still hard, still horny. Then she added, “The crazy thing is, I’m horny all over again, too. I can’t stop thinking about it. And the other thing is. . . well, in the porno movie there was this other woman, watching. . . “

She didn’t have to say anything more. “I’m on my way. Don’t do a thing until I get there,” Carla said. “But I’m warning you sınırsız escort right now, I intend to do a lot more than just watch!”

* * * * *

Carla arrived wearing a trench coat underneath which she sported only a black bra, black thong underwear and spike heels. She carried a shopping bag containing her full array of sex toys. To greet her at the door, Meghan had donned a robe but removed her sweater and bra. Carla immediately whipped open her coat to flash her friend but was surprised to be topped by the sight of the naked Meghan beneath the robe.

“All right, where is the victim?” Carla asked her when they were finished laughing at each other. Meghan led the way to the bedroom. She told Carla to wait outside and keep silent while she went in and set things up.

When she pulled the gag out of Craig’s mouth, he gulped in some welcome air and said, “Finally! Honey, please unwrap my cock. I think you’re permanently cutting off my circulation.”

“I’m cutting it off?” Meghan replied, slapping his penis back and forth roughly, “It wasn’t I who wrapped it up in the first place, remember?” But she was a little worried about him; his balls were turning a strange, dark color and his penis was purple. Carefully, she uncoiled the leather strap, revealing deep red overlapping lines at the base of the penis. Craig drew deep breaths and tried to reach down to hold his cock, throbbing now from the sudden exchange of blood, but his restraints wouldn’t allow it.

Meghan took Craig’s throbbing penis in her hand, cradling it carefully. Once released from its constriction, it lost that insistent hardness and a stream of lubricant escaped the tip, dripping through her fingers onto Craig’s immobile thighs. He groaned and took another deep breath. Meghan knew that she could bring the hardness back; she knew she had control. It was just a matter of keeping his arousal where she wanted it, just this side of orgasm. She didn’t need the strapping; she could stop him herself whenever she wanted to.

She held onto the sore and frustrated prick and called to her friend, who joined her now on the edge of the bed.

“What shall we do with this?” she asked, bouncing it in her palm. Then she turned to Craig. “Well, sweetie, this is like porno come to life, isn’t it? Two sexy women and your cock! But in real life, you’re not in charge like when you’re whacking off. In real life, we’re going to use this limp little prick for our own fun.”

Craig’s stopped breathing when he saw Carla standing there in her skimpy black outfit. He couldn’t believe his eyes and his penis jerked a little in Meghan’s hand.

“Turn him over,” Carla said, as she reached out to pinch one of Craig’s nipples hard between the fingernails of one hand while she slowly stroked her own breast with the other. Meghan complied and the two of them untied his wrists and ankles and flipped him on his stomach.

Carla told him to look her way and, to both Craig and Meghan’s surprise, she held up a tapered hard rubber device about five inches long.

“They call this a butt plug,” she told Meghan. “It was a present from a gentleman friend of mine. He liked to see it disappear up my ass but I’m thinking your hubby here might just be ripe for a little plugging of his own, what do you say?”

“I think that might be like the thing they were using in the porno this bad boy was watching when I caught him,” Meghan told her friend, taking the device and turning it in her hands. “He liked imagining it up his ass while he beat himself off but I wonder if he can really take it. It’s pretty damn big down here at the base.”

She put the plug up near Craig’s face. “What do you think, big shot?” she asked him. “What do you think it’ll feel like when we ram this baby up your ass?”

Craig started writhing on the bed again and Meghan knew he was turned on and, from the look on his face, she could tell that he was also more than a little scared.

“Why don’t you two use it on each other?” he whispered. “I’d like to see that. I’d really like to see you two play with each other, maybe fuck each other. How about it?” he said, his voice getting stronger and his hips grinding harder into the bed.

Suddenly, without warning, Carla leaned in, reached under his belly to grab his balls and cock together in a vise grip with one hand and slapped him so hard on his şırnak escort ass that it drove his face into the mattress.

“Are you writing the fucking script here, you cocksucker?!” she shouted as she wrenched his genitals back and forth, squeezing his balls so hard it brought tears to his eyes.

“Did you think this was some little game we were playing for you?” She spanked him again, raising a bright red handprint on his ass cheek.

“You are going to shut up while your wife and I play. All you’ll do is what we tell you to do. Is that clear?”

Craig could only try to nod into the bed. Meghan laughed a little in amazement. She got up onto her knees between Craig’s legs, putting one hand on each of his red cheeks, kneading them hard. “I can’t wait to fuck him up the ass,” she told Carla, “How do we do it? Just shove it in?”

“No,” Carla told her, “His fat virgin ass wouldn’t take it. It’s going to be too tight. First we’ll get some fingers up there to loosen him up, then we’ll use some of this to ream it right up there.” She pulled a plastic bottle from her bag of tricks. Meghan took it from her.

“Hmmm . . . Love Juice Natural Lubricant,” she read. “How would this feel on my tits, I wonder?”

“It’ll feel great, honey,” Carla told her. “Squirt a little on me, will you?” and she unhooked the black bra from the front, allowing her two voluptuous breasts to tumble free. Meghan popped the top off and squeezed a stream of the clear liquid onto her friend’s chest. Craig felt some of it fall, cold and slick on the backs of his thighs.

He turned his head to watch Carla rub the slippery lubricant over her full, heavy breasts, rolling the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as she let a little moan escape her lips and dropped her head back on her neck, closing her eyes.

His wife moved behind her friend, standing at the edge of the bed. She reached around and squirted some of the lubricant down Carla’s belly so that it dripped over the rise of her pubis and found its way surely as a stream into the crack of her pussy.

Carla let her legs spread wider and the lubricant flowed over her clitoris and through the triangle of the cunt lips. She let herself enjoy the teasing tickle for a moment before it became too much and she had to reach down with both hands, pulling the lips apart, massaging the oil into the inner folds of her sex and rolling her quickly engorged clit in its slippery embrace.

Craig watched it all. He watched as his wife drenched herself in the same liquid, rubbed her tits against Carla’s back, reached around to caress her friend’s breasts from behind. His cock throbbed and his mind was on the brink of orgasm even though his organ hadn’t yet recovered completely from the repeated onslaughts. Meghan saw that he was aroused and told Carla it was time for a little pay back fucking.

Meghan pulled Craig roughly to his knees and forced them apart. Carla joined her behind Craig and slowly dribbled a stream of the cool lubricant down onto his tailbone, where it found its way into the crack of his ass. The tantalizingly slow tickle of the viscous love juice made him squirm, but the two women held him down, pushing his head into the pillow.

“Get that ass up in the air,” Meghan told him and gave him a tentative slap on the buttocks.

“That’s not going to do the trick, honey,” Carla said as she raised her free hand high in the air over Craig’s quivering backside, then brought it down on his cheek with a loud clap that made Craig jump and cry out in pain and surprise. She raised the hand again, revealing a red welt in the shape of her hand, then brought it down with equal force on the other cheek. “Just to keep it all balanced, baby,” she told Craig, leaning in close to his ear. “Now it’s wifey’s turn to flex her muscles. Get ready big boy,” she whispered as she gave Meghan a look that said Let Him Have It!

If anything, Meghan’s blows were even harder than her friends’ had been. She spanked Craig with abandon, landing blow after blow until his ass was bright red and burning hot. She stopped only when her hands were both stinging from the effort and found herself sweating and breathing hard. And she knew it wasn’t only from the exertion. That urgent need had returned to the pit of her stomach and, reaching down, she felt her pussy was once again wet and throbbing, the clitoris nearly jumping taksim escort to meet her probing fingers.

“Let’s cool that ass down, now,” Carla told them. She squeezed a generous stream of the lubricant in Craig’s crack and across the fiery cheeks of his ass. Down through the crack, the liquid found its way to his balls, which made Meghan reach in and massage them, a little harder than needed, but the feeling of her hand moving on his genitals made his frustrated organ spring back to attention.

Meanwhile, Carla was massaging the lubricant into his buttocks, kneading deeply into the flesh. Then, without warning, she jammed her middle finger into his anus, scraping it with her long nail for an instant before sliding in suddenly and deeply up to the last knuckle. Craig made a noise somewhere between a squeal and a moan and tried to pull himself away from the intruding finger. But Meghan had him by the shoulders and kept him pressed back into Carla’s assault.

“Yes!” Meghan shouted, feeling the energy surge into her nipples and her cunt. “Shove it in! Finger fuck him good!”

Carla twisted the finger back and forth, rotating her wrist quickly and expertly while Craig grunted and moaned, the initial pain giving way to a sensation he hadn’t felt before, an exciting, burning charge that shot right through to his erect cock, making it twitch and sending a drop of pre-cum dripping onto the sheet below him.

She jammed the finger in and out half a dozen times then added her index finger, wriggling it in past his sphincter muscle before thrusting both slippery digits in to the second knuckle.

Craig wanted to protest, started to whine, but suddenly the two fingertips together found their target and his quick intake of breath and surprised expression made both women laugh.

“There we go,” Carla said, still chuckling. “That’s the prostate, the P spot. That’ll really get him going.”

“What do you mean?” Meghan asked, “What’s it do to him?”

“”Pushing against that little gland feels like nothing else to a guy,” Carla told her. “They think they’re supposed to hate it, so they pretend they do. But really it drives them crazy. Now hold him still and don’t let him touch himself. I’m going to milk this guy dry.”

“Milk him?” Meghan asked. “What do you mean?”

“Just watch,” Carla laughed, as she started moving her fingers in small, circular motions deep inside Craig’s anus.

The captive husband squirmed and squealed and tried to reach down to stroke his cock but Meghan kept a tight grip on his wrists. “Oh please. Please!” he begged to no avail.

“Now watch this,” Carla said to Meghan, an evil grin spreading across her pretty face. “The cum is going to come out, but it won’t shoot out like it does when he usually cums. It will just stream out like it’s coming from a faucet, or a short length of hose.” She laughed out loud at her own joke. “He won’t feel the release of an orgasm.; no rush; no release. Just dripping cum emptying his blue balls.”

Meghan was furiously rubbing her clit now, three fingers sliding down to her dripping hole, just the tips dipping in, then back up to rub fast little figure eights around her clit, poking out farther than she had ever seen it, almost like a tiny penis. She could feel her orgasm starting, deep in her gut.

Meghan’s attention to her pussy, however, freed one of Craig’s hands and as soon as he realized it, he tried to grasp his cock to make himself finally – oh yes, please! he thought – finally cum. But Carla was too quick. With her free hand, she grabbed his wrist as it descended towards his crotch and yanked it roughly behind his back. This made Craig arch his back and cry out in pain.

Just as the sharp pain hit him, his prostate started giving up his semen. It was the weirdest feeling Craig had ever experienced. He could sense the sperm pouring from the tip of his cock but there was no spasm, no moment of orgasm; just the steady dripping of his cum down onto the bed sheet underneath him. Tears filled his eyes.

There were tears in Meghan’s eyes, too, because she came with a vengeance watching this scene play out below her.

Carla finally slid her fingers from Craig’s ass and stood up, grinning. “Come on, sweetie,” she said to Meghan, “Let’s take a shower together. I know you just came, but I could use a good sudsing!”

“But what about me?” Craig cried as they left the room.

Meghan turned to answer. “Why don’t you just lie there in your puddle of cum and think about our new relationship,” she told him. “I think this is just the start of something beautiful.” Then, cupping Carla’s ass cheek in her palm, she left the room.

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