Melanie’s College Break Ch. 01

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Melanie’s mum and step-dad have been married for several years, but they’d been together even longer. Dale had always treated Melanie like his own real daughter, not some excess baggage of her mum’s. He’d always said he hated it when Melanie would call him “Daddy”, but she knew deep down inside that he really loved it. He’d always treated her mum real good, too.

There’d been more than a few times over the years when Melanie had overheard them having sex. Mum always sounded like she was really enjoying herself. When Melanie got older, when she’d hear them in the other room, she started thinking what it would be like to be in the other room with them, to have sex with Dale. There were times when she’d hear them and she’d masturbate and she and her mum would cum at the same time. Then Melanie would lie there naked, dreaming of doing everything she could think of with Dale. It’s not like he was her real father.

Melanie’s mum had Melanie when she was quite young, just 17. She was, and still is, very beautiful. Melanie had just turned 19 and started college. Many people have told her that she looks just like her mum at that age. She and her mum can even wear some of the same clothes, though Melanie’s tits haven’t filled out quite as much as her mum’s. Mum’s 38 DD- 26- 36, while Melanie’s 34 C- 24- 33.

A few weeks ago, Melanie came home for a school break, to get some laundry done and spend some time with her family. She didn’t call ahead, there’d never really beeen any need to. When Melanie got home, her mum’s car wasn’t in the drive and neither was Dale’s. She collected her things from her car, walked up to the front door, unlocked the door and walked into a quiet house. She exchanged hellos with her pet cat and wandered upstairs to her room. Just as she turned the corner at the top of the stairs going to her room, Melanie heard a noise coming from the other end of the hall. She set her basket down by her bedroom door.

Then she heard the noise again. It was coming from Dale’s computer room. The door was wide open, so Melanie just walked in. There was Dale, sitting there in his computer chair, totally naked in front of the computer, checking out sex pages on the internet. It looked to Melanie like he was wanking, but his back was to her, so she wasn’t totally sure. Melanie tried to quietly back out of the room, but bumped şirinevler escort into the door and it made a loud thump and she ended up on her arse on the floor.

Dale whirled around in his chair and they both saw each other and both uttered an “oh, shit” and then Dale added “this isn’t what it looks like…”

Melanie could tell from Dale’s very large, very hard cock that he was ready to explode, and would have quite soon if she hadn’t interrupted. She was truly sorry that she had interrupted his masturbating. She certainly doesn’t like it when somebody interrupts her when she’s masturbating and close to orgasm.

It took a moment for Dale to remember that he was naked. He was actually more worried that Melanie had hurt herself. Then he remembered his hard on. He tried to cover himself but it was too late. Melanie looked around his computer chair to the computer screen and saw the very explicit, very sexy cumshot page he was looking at. She felt a familiar tingle deep between her legs.

She smiled wickedly as she got up from the floor. “You’re looking at sex pages on the internet, aren’t you?”

Dale quickly turned around and tried to log out, but she stopped him. “It’s ok, I won’t tell mum. If you want to have a wank looking at sex pictures, it’s ok…” She didn’t think he was quite ready for this, but came out with it anyway “…I really like to look at them, too.”

Melanie then stepped the few steps closer to him and his computer screen and his hard on. She told Dale how she and her college roommate would sit in front of her computer and look at the sex sites. How they would get naked and watch each other masturbate to earth shattering orgasms. She didn’t tell him that they’d had lesbian sex together, she didn’t want him to have a heart attack.

She placed her hand on the back of his chair. She was still dressed in her warm weather driving clothes – a small colourful bikini top and a pair of cut-off sweat pants with absolutely nothing underneath.

Melanie then confessed her fantasies about when she’d hear him fucking her mum. She told Dale about how she’d masturbate while he and her mum would loudly fuck in the other room and how so completely turned on she was. She reached up and kneaded her tits through her bikini top. Melanie could see şerifali escort that Dale’s cock was still very hard. He licked his lips as he stared at her cleavage that was right in front of his face.

“There’s nothing sexier than a hard cock spewing it’s hot, sexy spunk!” she smiled. “I’ll do anything if you let me see you cum… anything.”

Melanie untied her bikini top. Her nipples were standing at attention well before she took it off. She really thought Dale was going to choke when he saw her tits. She quickly slid off her shorts and stood in front of Dale completely naked. She watched as he slowly ran his gaze up her body, starting where her shorts landed on the floor. Up her tanned, shapely legs to her neatly trimmed pubes, to her flat belly up to her supple, 19 year old tits, to her neck, to her smile. When they locked their gaze, Melanie could feel her juices starting to leak out from her pussy and start to coat her inner thighs.

Melanie was barely 19 years old. Her mum and Dale had been together since she was 8 and this was the very first time ever that he’d seen her naked. She thought she saw tears in his eyes.

Melanie was so turned on she was ready and very willing to suck his cock right then and there, but she didn’t want to go too fast or scare him. Looking at it, she could tell why her mum was always so happy when he fucked her. Dale’s cock is so gorgeous! It has to be at least 9 inches long and 2 inches around.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t… we shouldn’t be doing this.” His hand was around his cock and he was slowly, unconsciously, stroking himself with his eyes glued to his lovely step-daughter.

Melanie felt so sexy.

“Don’t stop now, Dale,” she whispered as she slowly knelt in front of him. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you. A man wanking is so very sexy to me. Your cock is so big and so hard. I want to feel you cum on me. Show me you forgive me for barging in on you and cum on my tits. Please… Cum all over my tits…”

She cupped her tits and moved closer to Dale, lifting a hard nipple to her waiting tongue. He was stroking his cock faster and faster, his breathing becoming much more laboured. Watching him stroke his beautiful cock in front of her was turning Melanie on even more. She couldn’t wait to feel şişli escort his hot, sticky goo splash all over her waiting tits.

Melanie and her school roommate did far more together than look at sexy websites, watch each other masturbate, and have sex with each other. There had been many a time when the roommate’s well endowed boyfriend would visit and the three of them would suck and fuck for an entire weekend.

Melanie simply enjoyed sex. She really wasn’t too concerned if her partner was male or female, so long as they could both orgasm several times and she could get her partner to cum in her mouth at least once. Though, there was something Melanie found absolutely fascinating about a man ejaculating. She loved to see it as it spewed forth for his cock, spurt after hot, sexy spurt.

Dale sat forward in his chair and she leant in closer just as his cock hotly exploded all over her! Melanie was so turned on, so horny, that she came right along with Dale! Shot after hot, sticky shot landed on her beautiful tits. And with every shot from Dale’s spewing cock, Melanie shuddered in blissful orgasm. Dale had to shoot at least a half gallon on her. She rubbed it in as it landed. She licked it off of her fingers. His cum tasted so good!

Melanie stood up, Dale’s cum clinging to her beautiful body, slowly making a trail down between her soaked, cum smeared tits towards her neatly coiffed pubes. She kissed him and he slumped back into his chair. She bent down and took his deflating cock into her mouth, sucking out the very last of his delictable semen.

“I can’t wait to give you a proper blow job. Please don’t tell mum, ok?” she smiled. Dale just nodded his head and smiled.

Melanie went into her room and fell on her back on her bed. She rubbed Dale’s cum even more into her skin. Her nipples begged to be pinched as she played with Dale’s cum all over her tits and nipples. She eventually found her soaking wet pussy for a fast and furious finger session until she fell fast asleep.

Melanie woke up to her mum lightly knocking on her door. Mum opened the door and entered the room. Melanie was still nude and lying spread eagle on her bed, but made no attempt to cover herself.

Her mum inhaled slightly and then smiled. “Did you want supper just yet? Or would you rather me leave you to masturbate some more?”

Melanie sat up, smiled and cupped her breasts. “A quick wank and a shower, then supper, if that’s alright.”

Melanie’s mum crossed to the bed and kissed Melanie’s cheek. “Don’t you be too long, now,” she smiled as she exited Melanie’s room.

She wouldn’t. After the afternoon Melanie had had, she was starving!

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