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The four of us had been lying in bed naked for about an hour, just relaxing and enjoying our post orgasm highs. I heard a sudden gasp and sigh from Tim. I looked over and saw that Wayne had started licking Tim’s cum filled asshole. I heard a chuckle behind me as I felt my own ass cheeks being spread. I moaned loudly as I felt Bruce’s warm breath on my asshole. I then felt Bruce’s warm wet begin to probe and lick my own cum filled ass. I briefly wondered if he really enjoyed the taste of cum soaked ass. But considering how I first met him, I guess that question is adequately answered.

I just decided to lay there and enjoy my deep rimming. I knew that soon I would have another hard cock shoved up my greedy asshole. I then considered all the attention my ass had received tonight. I had been fucked hard up the ass by 4 hot guys, shared a big double dildo with Tim, and then been fucked hard by Bruce. This was as much as my asshole had ever been used. I couldn’t wait for more. I started to push my asshole back into Bruce’s tongue, seeking more depth.

Bruce chuckled against my asshole as he forced his tongue deeper and deeper into me. He then started to lick up and down, and side to side. These new motions were driving me crazy. I started to moan louder. Tim added his own moans, as Wayne licked his asshole. I was lost in the pleasure of it all. A burly bear was hungrily eating my asshole, as I watched Tim enjoy the same.

I then began to beg, “Please fuck me again Sir. Fuck me hard.”

Tim again echoed my pleas as he said, “Me too. Fuck me deep and hard. Please Sir.”

Wayne and Bruce laughed at our degrading begging. With his tongue still buried in Tim’s asshole, Wayne began to spank and massage Tim’s ass cheeks. Bruce did the same, when her heard the slapping sounds. Tim and I were moaning and groaning as our ass cheeks were spanked red and our assholes were licked clean.

Bruce then stopped licking my asshole, but continued my spanking as he said, “Well your asshole is nice and clean again. I do love a tasty twinky ass. Hey Wayne, why don’t we teach these two boys how to properly lick an asshole. That’s a skill they need to know here.”

Wayne stopped licking Tim, but smacked his ass cheeks again hard as he agreed, “Sure thing. Always good to pass on new skills to the boys.”

Bruce and Wayne then both bent over the bed on their stomachs. Wayne then said, “Ok boys. Time for you two to lick some man ass.”

I knelt behind Bruce and Tim knelt behind Wayne. I then pulled apart Bruce’s ass cheeks and stuck my tongue deep into his asshole. Bruce moaned as my tongue began to slowly lick his puckered asshole. I drove my tongue deep and plunged it in and out in a fucking motion. Bruce was moaning deep and gutturally, telling me I was doing a good job. I heard similar moans coming from Wayne, apparently Tim was doing the same.

I was not new to licking asshole, so I had no qualms with what I was doing. Luckily Bruce’s asshole was nice and clean. Apart from a tart taste of sweat, I had nothing to worry about. I heard a kissing sound and looked over Bruce’s ass cheeks, with my tongue still buried in his asshole, and saw that Bruce and Wayne were kissing deeply. I saw the top of Tim’s head as it was still buried between Wayne’s ass cheeks. Both Wayne and Bruce were moaning loudly as they kissed.

I decided to really go deep. I plunged my tongue as deeply as I could into Bruce’s asshole. I started to move my tongue up and down, and then side to side. I knew how much I loved it when a guy did this to me, and judging by the way Bruce’s asshole quivered and clinched around my tongue apparently he loved it too. My cock was rock hard and leaking precum now. I wondered what position they would fuck us in next.

I put that out of my head, as I continued to pleasure Bruce’s ass. I went back to a fucking motion of pushing my tongue in and out of Bruce. I then reached forward and slowly stroked Bruce’s semi hard cock. I heard a deep moan of “Fuck” come from Bruce as I continued my work on him. I felt his cock twitch in my hand and grow to full hardness. I smiled as I continued to bury my tongue deeper and deeper into his asshole. I even brought my fingers all the way to his cock head and used his own precum as lubricant to better stroke his hard cock.

Bruce then stood up and turned around. He looked down at me and said, “If you keep that up, I’m going to cum way too soon. Now lay down on the bed on your back.” I did as I was told and laid down. I saw that Wayne had also stood up. Wayne then said to Tim, “OK Timmy, climb up on the bed and straddle his head.”

Tim did as he was told and placed himself on top of me in a 69 position. His hard cock was now touching my lips. I gently ran my tongue over his piss slit and was rewarded my hearing him moan. I then brought my head up and took his cock head into my mouth and started to gently suck. Tim did the same to me, but engulfed my full cock as he sucked me greedily.

I suddenly felt Tim’s head being pulled off of my cock escort ataşehir as I heard Wayne say, “No. No. No. both of you stop that. We are in charge here. We tell you what to do.”

I let my head fall back onto the bed releasing Tim’s cock from my mouth. I looked up between Tim’s legs, wondering what I was supposed to do.

Bruce then pushed Tim’s head to my asshole and said, “This is what you will focus on. I want you two to lick each others assholes. Go on. Lick that boy ass.”

I readily complied and brought my head to Tim’s asshole and plunged my tongue in deep. I felt Tim’s tongue begin to tease my asshole’s puckered outside. I moaned. I wanted his tongue inside me, not outside. I plunged my tongue in deeper and deeper, as if to tell him what I wanted him to do. I was soon rewarded by feeling his tongue plunge deep into my own ass. We were both moaning into each others assholes as we enjoyed having our assholes rimmed deep. I began to move my tongue up and down and then left and right. Tim did the same. We were both shoving our faces deeper and deeper between each others ass cheeks, as we really pushed our tongues deep into the asshole in front of us.

Wayne and Bruce began to egg us on saying, “Yeah get your face all the way in there. Eat that boy ass. Love that asshole. I could watch this for hours. Look at these two twinks licking each others assholes.”

All this talk made Tim and I really horny. We started to really push our tongues as far as we could get them into each others assholes. Having someone talk dirty to me is a surefire way to make me super hot. I could tell the same was true for Tim. His moans into my asshole made my ass muscles clinch and quiver. I began to really tongue fuck Tim’s asshole deep and hard. I figured that the best way to earn Bruce’s and Wayne’s cocks back into our asshole was to put on a good show and get them so horny that they needed to fuck us.

I was not wrong. I felt a hard cock slap against my forehead. I looked up and saw Bruce standing above me.

I kept eye contact with him as I continued to tongue fuck little Timmy.

Bruce then said, “Ok Now you tow can suck each others cocks. Wayne and I are going to fuck you just like this. You two can cum as much as you can. But you both better suck twink cock until we tell you otherwise.”

I then moved my head from Tim’s asshole and deep throated his hard twink cock. I heard Tim moan as I started to suck deeply. I still had eye contact with Bruce as Tim’s cock was now buried in my throat. I felt Tim take my cock in his mouth and begin to suck me deeply. I saw Bruce as he positioned his hard cock against Tim’s spit wet asshole. I felt Wayne press his cock to my asshole as well.

Then both Wayne and Bruce shoved their cocks all way into our assholes. Tim and I both moaned around the cocks in our mouths as Wayne and Bruce began to fuck us roughly. I was rewarded by having a close up view of Bruce’s hard cock as it battered in and out of Tim’s asshole. I had never been so close to this before. I was mesmerized as I watched Bruce’s cock disappear into Tim’s asshole.

Wayne was fucking my asshole just as deep and hard. Tim and I were both being shoved in opposite directions as the force of the cocks in our asses plunged deep and deeper. We were all moaning. Tim and I were moaning, but it came out muffles as we continued to suck cock. Wayne and Bruce were moaning loud and deep as they enjoyed fucking our boy asses. I felt my cock twitch as Tim’s expert sucking ability brought me closer to cumming. I double my effort to make Tim cum soon too.

The force of Wayne and Bruce’s hard thrusts, caused Tim and mine’s head to be forced forward engulfing each others cocks until they were in each others throats. I was glad that Tim suffered form the same lack of gag reflex as I did. We didn’t even have to bob our heads onto each others cocks. We could just let Wayne and Bruce push us onto the cock.

Tim and I continued to suck the hard cocks in our mouths as our assholes were roughly pounded. I decided to give little Timmy a treat. I deep throated his cock. I took it all the way until his cock head was resting in my throat. I then began to swallow as fast and hard as I could. I felt Timmy’s whole body tense and begin to shake. I heard a loud muffled moan from him. I actually felt his moan on my hard cock. Every time I swallowed, Timmy gave a jerk.

I continued swallowing, allowing my throat muscles to massage his cock head. I then felt Timmy’s whole body tense up completely. I heard Bruce moan and say, “Oh yeah. Little Timmy is about to cum. His asshole just clamped down on my cock. Cum for me boy. Cum for daddy.”

Tim was eager to comply and I was happy to help. I began massaging Tim’s cock shaft with my tongue as I continued to swallow his cock head. Tim’s sucking of my cock had subsided a bit as he suddenly thrust his cock into my throat deeper and let loose a stream of his twink cum right down my willing throat. I continued to swallow, enjoying my snack. kadıköy escort I worked my tongue up and down his cock shaft as I milked him of all his cum. Tim stayed still for a second, not including the body movements caused my Bruce’s hard thrusts continuing into his asshole, as he enjoyed his orgasm.

Tim was finally able to start sucking my cock again. I guess he wanted to return the favor, because he started to really suck my cock harder than ever. The constant ass fucking I was receiving from Wayne and Tim’s mouth sucking my cock, finally sent me over the edge. I was slowly sucking Tim’s entire shaft slowly as I felt my own orgasm getting close. Tim continued to suck me harder and faster.

I felt my legs shake and my asshole tighten as I released my own cum into Tim’s mouth. I heard Tim moan as he swallowed all my hot cum. I heard Wayne moan and chuckle as he said, “Oh yeah. I think my boy just came too. His asshole just got real tight. Did he cum in your mouth little Timmy? Do you like swallowing that cum, boy?”

I heard a muffled affirmative moan come from Tim. Both Tim’s and my own cock was softening, but still very sensitive. We kept sucking each others cocks, but started a slow and steady pace. Wayne and Bruce were still viciously pounding out boy assholes. I had to admit I was really enjoying the show of watching Bruce’s cock as it continued to thrust into Tim’s asshole. Tim’s bubble butt was really getting slammed as Bruce continued his deep anal rampage of the twink’s asshole.

Wayne and Bruce were still enjoying nailing us deep and hard. Tim and I had settled on a nice slow pace as we continued to suck each others cocks. Bruce was beginning to moan louder and louder as he fucked me hard. I heard Bruce chuckle as he looked down at me still sucking Tim’s cock. Bruce smiled as he continued to fuck little Timmy as he said, “Get ready boy. It sounds like Wayne is about to give you his cum again. And I won’t last long either.”

I began to clinch my asshole around Wayne’s cock as I was being fucked. I was rewarded by hearing Wayne moan louder than ever. He then picked up the pace of his thrusts into my asshole. My whole body was being pushed forward as the force of Wayne’s thrusts would hit my ass. I began to moan along with Wayne. I began to really work on Tim’s cock again. Bruce appeared to really like what he saw, because he began to really pound poor Timmy. Tim was able to take everything Bruce gave him. Tim also began to work my cock again. Bruce and Tim added their moans.

We were one big mass of sucking cocks and assholes being pounded roughly. I experimented with clinching and then relaxing my asshole around Wayne’s cock, then I tried just clamping down as hard as I could with my asshole. I judged by Wayne’s moans that he liked it when I kept a steady clinch on his cock. I was happy to oblige. Wayne then gripped my thighs roughly and began to pound my asshole even harder and deeper. I could tell he was trying to cum as soon as possible.

I couldn’t wait. I wanted to feel every spurt of his hot man cum as it sprayed into my insides. My body was really being rocked by the force of the ass pounding I was receiving. I continued to suck on Tim’s cock for all I could. Tim continued to suck my cock deeply. Bruce then winked at me and smirked as he grabbed Tim’s hips and began to drive his hard cock deep and hard into his twink ass. Watching Tim’s bubbly ass cheeks shake as Bruce would slam into his asshole was a real turn on for me. I had never realized how hot voyeurism cold be. Of course, I was having my asshole similarly fucked by a burly bear and my cock sucked by a cute twink.

Wayne began to moan and groan louder and louder. He started saying, “Fuck! I’m gonna cum up this boy’s ass. You hear that boy? I’m gonna shoot my load deep into your asshole. You want that, don’t you? You want to feel my man seed in your twink asshole.”

I could only moan an affirmative as I continued to suck Tim’s cock. Bruce got into the conversation by saying, “Yeah you know he wants it. Fuck asshole! He wants your cum inside him as much as my bitch does. Isn’t that right Timmy. You want my cum too. Sucking cock is never enough for you. You want to feel man meat in that twink ass of your’s. You love it when a real man cums inside you.”

Tim moaned out an affirmative as he was roughly fuck, but continued to suck my cock. Wayne’s thrusts had worked up to a peak. I knew his cum would soon be sprayed into my asshole. I clinched my ass muscles as hard as I could. Wayne let loose a loud moan and then slammed into my asshole so hard I felt it actually move my body forward on the bed. I then felt a jolt of cum spray into my asshole. I moaned around Tim’s cock as I clinched and relaxed my asshole, trying to milk Wayne’s cock of all his hot cum.

Wayne continued thrusting in and out of my asshole, shooting our spurt after spurt of his cum. Then he slowed down, but continued to work his semi hard cock in and out of my asshole. I moaned in pleasure around Tim’s cock. maltepe escort bayan I then looked up at Bruce and smirked around the cock in my mouth. I reached up and spread Tim’s ass cheeks, as if to say to Bruce “Fuck him harder.”

Bruce smirked at me and said, “Yeah hold that twink’s ass cheeks while I fuck his asshole.”

He then started to really pound Little Timmy hard and deep. Tim was moaning and groaning as he enjoyed the fucking he was receiving. I continued to suck on Tim’s cock. I began to really work it deep into my throat, sucking as hard as I could. I wanted Tim to cum again. I heard Tim’s moans grow in volume and reach a high pitch. I felt his whole body tense up. Bruce knew what was about to happen just as I did. Bruce upped the pace of his deep anal rampaging of Tim’s asshole.

Just as I felt the first spray of cum shoot down my throat, Bruce slammed his cock deep and hard into Tim’s asshole and shouted, “Fuck!”

Bruce then sprayed all of his hot man cum deep into little Timmy’s asshole. Tim continued to cum down my throat, as I continued to suck his cock of all his twink cum. All the while, Wayne had continued to slowly work his softened cock in and out of my cum filled asshole. Bruce shot all of his cum into Tim’s ass, then set a slow and steady pace in and out like Wayne. Tim had finally gotten over the initial shock of his orgasm and having Bruce cum deep inside him. Tim started to suck my cock harder and deeper.

I moaned as Tim worked my cock. Wayne and Bruce began to egg Tim on. They knew Tim had cum and they me to shoot my load again. They had decided to fuck us slowly until their cocks revived. I heard

Bruce say, “Yeah suck that cock, boy. I want to see you swallow all that cum. He made you cum, it’s only polite to return the favor. Besides you love sucking cock and swallowing cum. You remember when we first met him, Bruce? We had him show us to our room, then made him suck both of our cocks at the same time.”

Wayne laughed as he said, “Yeah. His face looked so cute, with two cocks stretching his mouth so wide. And he was a good little puppy too. He swallowed every drop. He even thanked us afterwards.”

Tim was really moaning now. I guess he liked all of those memories. He began to pick up his pace sucking my cock. I moaned loudly as I felt my own orgasm building. Tim deep throated my cock until his nose was buried in my balls. I then felt my whole body shake as I began to cum right down his twinky throat. I moaned around his cock as I enjoyed my orgasm.

Wayne and Bruce laughed at this. Tim moaned as he enjoyed swallowing another load of my cum. Both Tim and I then went back to slowly sucking each others softened cocks. I reached up and massaged his balls. I felt Tim do the same to me. I then felt Wayne’s cock give a slight jerk as it began to harden inside me. I briefly wondered how he had managed to get hard again so fast, but considering he had continued to slowly fuck my asshole I suppose that had helped.

I heard Bruce say, “Oh yeah. I’m getting hard again. How about you?”

Wayne answered with a “yes” as I added my own affirmative moan, I could attest to a hard cock inside me again. Bruce chuckled as he said, “Well then, let’s switch again. I want to see how good these boys are at setting the pace.”

Both Wayne and Bruce then withdrew their hard cocks from our assholes. They then both laid down on their backs on the bed. Bruce then beckoned me to him as he said, “Alright boy. Climb on up on this thing. I wan to see you ride my cock.”

I happily agreed and climbed up on top of him. I straddled his hips as I lowered my asshole down onto his hard cock. I moaned as I felt my asshole engulf his full length with ease. Cum is such a good lubricant. I sat down completely on his lap and began to rock back and forth. Bruce then moaned and grabbed my hips as he enjoyed how I worked his cock with my asshole. I heard Tim moan and saw him lower himself onto Wayne’s hard cock.

Both Tim and I set a slow and steady pace. I wanted this to last a while. I wanted to draw this out and really enjoy my cock ride. I moaned deeply as I felt Bruce’s cock fill my ass completely. I loved the squishy feeling of two loads of cum in my ass as Bruce’s cock slid in and out of me. I put my hands on Bruce’s chest for added stability as I rocked forward and back, taking Bruce’s hard cock in and out off my asshole.

Tim was using his thighs in a squatting motion to raise himself up and down on Wayne’s cock. I smiled at the sight, it looked like the hottest exercise routine I had ever seen. I also knew from personal experience that Tim would not be able to keep going at the pace he had set for very long. That position burned out your thigh muscles fast. It wouldn’t be long before Tim was in the same position as I was. Poor inexperienced puppy.

I brought my attention back to the hard cock in my asshole as I felt Bruce begin to thrust his hips upwards to meet me, driving his cock even deeper into my asshole. We both moaned at the new depth that was reached. I leaned forward more and started to really slam my asshole down hard to make his cock slam into my harder and deeper. Bruce moaned again louder. He still had a hold of my hips and would pull me down to meet his upwards thrusts of his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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