Miracle Cream Ch. 03

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Miracle Cream Book Three

Thanks to WAA01, Killerarmyguy, Taco.


Chapter One.

Wednesday afternoon, four days after the car show,

“Man, this car is going to be so sweet?!” Mike, Michael, his given name, he just preferred to go by Mike, said from the depths of the interior of Cory’s 1969 Mustang R-code 429 Cobra Jet.

“I know, right!” Cory agreed as he stood out of the way, fetching tools for his friend as he worked to install the radio Mike had gotten him at a discount. Knowing two and a half more weeks were left before he could get the cast removed. He was already growing extremely bored sitting at home with only Cassy, on most days, to talk to, and most of that was her either texting or talking to his sister Zoe when she was in-between classes. His eyes ran down the hood of the car. He didn’t like the flat black paint that was on it. Hoping Greg, the man they bought the car from, could paint it.

“You know,” his voice grew as he eased out from under the dash, “you’re so going to have all those girls drooling over you,” Mike teased as he sat on the floor of the car given how the seats were still being reupholstered. Smiling up at his friend as he carefully applied the epoxy to the inside slot where the post of the radio knobs would slide onto. He didn’t want to put too much on there for it to ooze out and ruin the interior of his friend’s car. Also, he didn’t want to put too little and have the knob come off either. He was glad they had already taken out the carpet so it wouldn’t be a chore in wrangling it out with the power cord for the amp he had installed in the trunk along with a twelve-inch subwoofer and another box that held four more speakers he wired up given how the two door speakers wouldn’t be enough to get a good sound in the car given the loudness of the car itself.

“Yeah,” Cory mused, “just not what you think they will be drooling over,” he quickly added to himself.

“Okay, let’s let the epoxy cure then test it out,” Mike stated as he went to work on wiring up the door speakers. “I got to say, man, I’m a little jealous,” he admitted as he screwed the speaker down after hooking up the wires.


“You know what I would do to have a Mustang?!”

“Oh? Do tell?” Cory rolled his hand for his friend to continue.

“Well…” Mike’s voice trailed off; he so wasn’t about to tell Cory he would be the star of a glory hole for the night just for the chance to own one. Not that he was gay, he just really, really wanted a Mustang.

“Oh, it’s like that, huh?” Cory uttered with a shit-eating grin on his face as he peered down at Mike.

“Shut up,” Mike grumbled, hearing a vehicle stopping in front of Cory’s house. Noting how his friend was looking out the open garage door. Seeing the confusion on Cory’s face, “Is there supposed to be something coming today?” he asked, gazing up at his friend. Biting his lip when Cory cursed when he smacked himself in the forehead with his cast hand.

“Yeah,” his right hand rubbed his forehead, “totally forgot that the new carpet was supposed to come today,” Cory answered.

Easing out of the car as he heard the front door of Cory’s home closing. Mike just couldn’t take his eyes off of how Celeste’s — Cory’s mother — 32D breasts bounced or how her ass moved beneath her jeans as she raced out to greet the UPS man. What he wouldn’t give to have one night with her. His mind was in a state of mass drooling as Zoe came rushing out a few minutes later, her sandy blonde hair flying behind her as Celeste stood at the end of their driveway as the man handed her a rather large box before heading back into the rear of his truck. Rolling his eyes at Cory when he was lusting after those two delicious backsides. Watching how Zoe’s ass bounced and moved beneath her shorts as she rocked on her feet.

“Cory, you’re louver came!” Zoe shouted as she peered back at the garage.

“A what?!” Mike asked, perplexed as he glanced over at Cory.

“Goes on the back window; Greg’s going to put it on since it’s going to take more skill than I have to install it,” Cory stated factually.

“You two seem to be getting along better these days. Did something happen?”

“Alright, I’ll admit they’re trying, but, well…”

“You aren’t totally convinced,” Mike said, finishing Cory’s sentence to which Cory nodded. “You know, I know what they did was wrong on so many levels, yet you’re going to college soon. Then, well, you never know where your life will take you. This might be the only time you have to put this all behind you, not saying you have to, just might want to consider it.”

“You sure you want to leave this wonderful city for Alabama State?” Cory asked with an arched eyebrow.

“Oh yeah, have you seen the girls there?!” Mike said with a wide grin. “Just because I’ll be a few states away doesn’t mean our friendship is going to end. We haven’t been friends since middle school for something like distance to adiosbet yeni giriş stop us,” he stated, his hand lightly bumping Cory’s upper left arm. “And you know Jessica is so going to be badgering us on Skype when she gets to SoCal. With Biff going off to school in the north, I’m sure you feel like you’re going to be all alone. So ain’t going to happen, I won’t let it,” Mike stated, walking around the rear of the car to install the right door speaker.

“That wasn’t as heavy as I thought it would be,” Zoe said, leaning the box that held the louver against the wall of the garage that butted up against the house.

“What do you think, honey? Tomorrow we four put this new carpet in?” Celeste asked as she leaned the box that contained the new carpet against the one her daughter had just placed. Smiling at her son when Cory nodded in agreement. “So, Mike, how does the radio sound?”

“Don’t know yet, haven’t tested it out, Mrs. Miller,” Mike answered, putting the speaker’s faceplate on.

“Well then, we’ll just wait; I bet it’s going to sound great,” Celeste said with a warm smile. She couldn’t wait to sneak off with her son or husband in it. Biting the inside of her lip, daydreaming what it would be like riding her son’s monster in the backseat. She could feel her pussy throbbing just at the thought of having that beast filling her up.

“So Cory, when are the seats supposed to be back?” Mike inquired, peering over his shoulder so not to ogle his friend’s female relatives.

“By the end of the week or Monday, at least that’s what the man said,” Cory replied, noting how his mother scurried to his side when he fished out the keys for the car from his coin pocket.

“Here, let me do it, baby, no sense in aggravating your staples,” Celeste said, leaning in as her left hand covered his right. “Don’t worry, honey, I won’t harm it.”

Celeste’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when she started up Cory’s Mustang. Feeling the vibrations of the engine and exhaust playing along her mound so enticingly. Wishing Mike wasn’t sitting beside her so she could rub her pussy against the floor to quench her horny little peach. Yet, as it was, she had to restrain herself. She so didn’t want Mike running off at the mouth that she was masturbating openly. Watching how he was fettling with the knobs of the radio as he cycled through the menu as he set it up. Seeing him surging up from his spot and walking towards the rear of the car.

“Have to tweak the amp a bit,” Mike stated before ducking his head into the trunk.

“You know, soon this car will be put back together, and you’ll be out there terrorizing the streets,” Zoe said, wrapping herself around Cory’s right arm. “Don’t forget about us, you hear?” she whispered, resting her chin on her brother’s shoulder.

“Ah-ah!” Mike exclaimed when the subwoofer came on with a deep thump.

“The same thing could be said to you; I’m not the one going out four or five times a week with her,” Cory countered, peering out the corner of his eye at her.

“What?! Cassy’s hot!” Getting a ‘Damn right she is!’ from Mike. “You expect me not to feel that ass of hers against me when we go clubbing.”

“I think it’s something else you want to feel,” Cory said, chuckling when his sister shoved him.

“You’re just jealous because she hasn’t ridden you around the room in a few days,” Zoe stated, crossing her arms below her 32D breasts. Her eyes flickered over to Mike when he bumped his head on the hinge part of the trunk when she said that.

“Wait… what!” Mike stammered, peering back at Cory.

“You’re just mad because I can make her scream louder than you can,” Cory taunted, getting an eye roll from his sister.

“You two fuck, we make love; there’s a difference,” Zoe huffed.

“Still, who knew Pixies had murderous death screams,” Cory mused, smiling wickedly at his friend, who was just staring at him like he didn’t even know him.

“God, I hate you,” Mike mumbled before returning to his task.

“And for your information, I’m not, if we don’t, we don’t, sis, not going to break my heart not seeing her on top of me anymore,” Cory stated with a shrug of his shoulders.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Zoe asked in surprised shock.

“Yeah, it’s not like I like being the third wheel,” Corry said, his eyes flickering over to his sister. “You got the girl; it’s probably good as any time to cut my losses and seek greener pastures as it were.”

“Cory,” reaching out and taking hold of his upper right arm, “you sure about this?”

“Yeah, it’s time for me to make my exit and back away, plenty of other women out there,” Cory said, pointing his thumb over his shoulder. “Me constantly being in you twos relationship will just drag it down. If it’s going to fail, I don’t want the blame thrown on me.” He was not expecting Zoe to hug him tightly.

“I’m sorry, I knew you liked her,” Zoe whispered, squeezing her eyes tightly, burying adiosbet giriş her face into his shoulder as she felt that indifferent pat on her back. It felt to her that this was as far as the two of them would ever get. If she had known this was what would happen, she would have never made a play for Cassy, knowing that in doing so, it would drive a wedge between her and her brother. Her lip trembled; her eyes watered as Cory moved away from her. Running into the house, she was not going to let anyone see her cry.

“What was that about?” Celeste asked, sticking her head above the roof of the car.

“You might want to go check on her,” Cory said aloofly. Nodding along when Mike explained how to tweak the amp if it wasn’t working right or the bass was too much for him after he set it up for Cory.

“You sure you’re alright?” Mike asked once they were alone.

“Yeah, just not used to losing the girl to another girl, you know what I mean?”

“Umm… nope,” Mike hummed, lightly patting Cory’s left arm as he went to set up his radio for him.

Dayana’s head shot back, her eyebrows rose as she stood in the middle of their driveway, watching what she could only describe was her brother’s and his friend’s attempt to tear open the time-space continuum. Tilting her head to the side as she watched her brother dance behind his car as it idled. She did have to admit, at least to herself, Cory’s ass did look good in those jeans. Pressing her lips together when Cory and Mike stopped in their tracks like a deer caught in the headlights. It was so amusing. Laughing behind her hand as she walked towards the front door. Bursting out in laughter at the sound of Cory’s groan.

Stopping in front of Zoe’s room as she heard her sister’s and mother’s voices from within as she went to put her bookbag away after getting home from her last class of the day. The words she heard stilled her hand as it neared the door handle.

“I just fuck everything up!”

“Calm down, Zoe; it’s not the end of the world.”

“But Mom?!”

“Zoe, listen, maybe this is just Cory’s defense mechanism. I’m sure this has bruised his ego, having been outfoxed by his own sister. Give him some time to come to terms with it. Then see if what you think is real or just something your mind dreamed up.”

“But I didn’t mean for this to happen…”

“Honey, no one is blaming you. There are just times when things are meant to be and times when they aren’t; this just happens to be one of those times for you and your brother. I bet in a few weeks, Cory will find a girl that will banish this episode from his mind.” Dayana’s face instantly grew hot at that. Her fists clenched at her side to contain her anger at the thought of Cory finding someone. She knew falling for her brother was wrong on so many levels, yet the time they had spent alone, at least to her, was magical. The nights she would lounge in his room, laying on her side facing him. Reading to him, knowing how his eyes were always on her as they just now started Alice’s adventures through the looking glass. Her brother did not need some other woman! She was going to make damn sure that Cory never did.

“Have you noticed how much time Dayana is spending with Cory?” Zoe’s voice stopped her from storming off to her room.

“Yeah, I have. What about it?”

“Don’t you find it odd?”

“Maybe. Yet, they aren’t doing anything except reading.”

“But don’t you see the look on Dayana’s face?”

“Hmm… wait… are you trying to infer that your sister has a crush on your brother?”

“Mmmhmm.” Dayana rolled her eyes at the sounds of giggles that were coming from the heart of Zoe’s room. Although, she couldn’t deny it any longer. She did have a crush on Cory. Her head thumped against the back of her door as she leaned against it. Wondering what she was going to do. Sucking on her lip as she stared at the picture of her brother that sat on her desk taken a few years ago. A time when she wasn’t the most kindest of sisters to her brother.

Her fingertip ran down the cleavage of her breasts as her mind took her back to the time they shared in that gazebo. Recounting the feel of her brother’s tongue on her pussy as he finally tasted her hot sex. The way his cock glided through her folds as her pussy sought to milk that seed of his. Humming in contentment as she remembered how satisfied she was when she rested on his lap. The feel of his hand on her 32B breasts when he fondled her. Feeling her cheeks heat hearing the words she spoke when they were at the beach at the fact he liked them better than Zoe’s or their mother’s. Her bookbag fell from her shoulder and, in one fluid motion slinging it onto her bed when she heard her brother entering his bedroom.

Opening her bedroom door, remembering how good the two of them were together at the car show. Feeling her body heating as she neared Cory’s room. Ignoring how Zoe’s bedroom door inched open. Kicking Cory’s door adiosbet güvenilirmi closed with the heel of her foot, seeing the confusion on his face when he turned towards her. She didn’t give her brother time to gather his thoughts as her fingers weaved through his hair as she passionately kissed her brother with the urgency of the sun. Feeling him gradually succumbing to her embrace, loving how his hands roamed around her back as she slyly led Cory to his bed. Her hands slipped beneath the hem of his shirt, running up the sides of his chest so not to irk the injuries he had sustained in protecting her and Zoe from those three creeps on the beach that night.

Tossing his shirt to the floor behind her. “Day…” Her lips once again cut off all thought to his brain as her tongue rolled in his mouth. Wondering if he could feel the heat that radiated off her mound as she sat on his lap. Nodding against his lips as his right hand fondled her left breast just like she wanted him to. After all, she was his girlfriend; Cory could feel her up as much as he wanted to. Kissing along the uninjured part of his chest, her lips sucked on his nipple. A smirk formed in her dark hunter green eyes as those deep lime ones peered down at her.

“What the hell has gotten into you?” Cory hissed; however, his eyes couldn’t look away when Dayana sat up, reached down, and took hold of the hem of her own shirt. Her blonde hair feathered out and swayed against her back as she pulled her shirt off.

“What does it look like, Cory? I’m making out with my boyfriend,” Dayana said, mouthing the last word when she knew they were being spied upon from the door. Seeing how his eyebrow inched higher and higher when she mouthed that word.

“Come again?”

“You heard me,” Dayana cooed, leaning forward; the sound of her hair brushing along his comforter filled her ears as it cascaded out around her. “I’m making out with my sweet, adorable, goofy boyfriend,” she whispered so as not to be overheard. Feeling his body tensing when she slipped her hand into his jeans. “You like that, don’t you, Cory?” Dayana asked in a husky tone as her hand gently worked to awaken the dragon. While her other hand snapped loose the button of his jeans and lowered his zipper to make room for it when she fully got it aroused. “You don’t need any other girl doing this for you. Your sluts don’t count; you had those before us. But from now on, you don’t need anyone other than me taking care of this big, fat, hard cock,” she purred heatedly into his ear as she continued to stroke him off. Moving down his body without a word, yanking his pants lower freeing that magnificent beast from its imprisonment. Kneeling down between his legs on his floor as she licked up the back of his cock.

Her eyes glanced up to his face as a moan escaped Cory’s lips as her lips sank down the length of his rod. Elation played along her mind at the fact that she could give this to her brother. The one man that hasn’t failed to give her orgasm after orgasm like so many men have. This wasn’t foreplay leading up to sex; this was just her giving something back to the man who’s given her so much pleasure. How her eyes fluttered as his warm seed erupted in her mouth. The way his cock sat on her tongue, the feeling of his crown swelling as the flat of that pink muscle moved along the meatus of it. Running her nose along its length as she rose, she would never grow tired of it, not in this lifetime. She was going to make sure of it.

“Now you just relax and think back on that fantastic blowjob your hot, fuckable girlfriend just gave you,” Dayana said in a whisper after getting a quick kiss in. Winking at him before pulling away, grabbing her shirt from the floor. Humming as she walked out of Cory’s room with her hands behind her back with her shirt dangling from her fingers like an ancient triumphant warrior marching off the dueling grounds after slaying his opponent. “You know it’s not polite to spy on others,” Dayana stated from her doorway as she peered at her gawking mother and sister. “People might find that intrusive,” she uttered before stepping into her room.

Celeste and Zoe stuck their heads around the doorframe, watching how Cory was silently talking to himself as his arms moved all about before falling to his side as he sighed loudly. Sharing a look between the two of them, then peered at Dayana’s room and back at Cory. Biting down on their lips as they silently snuck away back to the ground floor where they could speak amongst themselves about this intriguing turn of events.

Chapter Two.

“Hello?” Dayana answered her phone as she changed out of her clothes into something more comfortable and more accessible for Cory. She saw no reason not to have her boyfriend’s hand down the front of her boy shorts. His fingers lodged deep within her cunt. After all, her boyfriend should take every opportunity to touch her intimate parts.

“Hey, it’s me.”

“Oh, hey, Ann, how’s it going?” Dayana asked as she slipped out of her shoes.

“Bored as all fuck studying for this test in my dorm. What about you?”

“Oh, you know, just got done milking the beast,” Dayana answered, grinning madly into her phone.              

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