Miss Alli

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Alli woke up a little after noon and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. This wasn’t unusual as she’d been sleeping late ever since she got home from her first year at college. She didn’t have any responsibilities or appointments to keep so why would she bother keeping a normal sleep schedule. Alli poured a bowl of cereal but as she went to grab the milk she found a note taped to the fridge.

Alli, my computer’s been acting up lately,
please take a look at it and fix it for me. My
password is Password1* If you need anything
else to fix it, send me a text.

Alli rolled her eyes as she read it. Didn’t her mom realize she didn’t know enough about computers to actually fix anything? About all she knew how to do was check for updates and run the defragmenter program.

With a sigh, Alli decided she’d help her mom out without complaining. After all, it was a little thing and none of her friends would be ready to hang out for a few hours anyway. She grabbed her mom’s laptop and started it up as she poured the milk into her cereal and started eating. Her mom was right, it took forever to even get to the login screen.

Once she was finally logged in, Alli saw that her mom had over 500 updates pending. She probably hadn’t bothered to update anything since the last time Alli was home to do it for her. With another sigh, Alli got the updates started as she finished her breakfast and stuck her bowl in the sink. She checked the screen and saw that she still had plenty of time before the computer would be ready for her to do anything else so she went back to her room to get dressed for the day.

She stripped out of the tank top and shorts she always slept in and tossed them on her bed to wear again that night. She stood for a moment naked as she decided what to wear for the day. She planned on going out with her friends later but that was hours away so she didn’t need to be dressed for that just yet. After a moment, Alli decided that she’d spend a few hours out by the pool getting some sun and swimming for a little exercise. She grabbed a cute red bikini out of her drawer and quickly put it on.

As she returned to the dining room, Alli saw that the computer still wasn’t quite ready for her and decided to bring it outside with her to keep an eye on it. “Rover,” she called and waited for her lazy dog to respond. Rover was getting older but she thought he’d still like running around the backyard for a while. Alli positioned the laptop on a small table outside in the shade and then lounged beside it in the sun.

Alli could hear the neighbor kids in their yard as she arranged herself to get comfortable but luckily they weren’t too loud. Her Bluetooth speaker easily drowned them out. Alli untied her top and set it aside as she lay down on her stomach to tan her back. She brushed her hair out of the way and lay so that she could still see her mom’s computer screen. After a moment, Alli adjusted her bikini bottoms giving herself a wedgie but it was worth it to minimize her tan lines.

Her boobs really were too big to comfortably lay on her front but she knew it was a necessary sacrifice to make in order to get a beautiful tan. Just as she managed to find a relatively comfortable position though, she heard her mom’s laptop beep indicating that it was ready for her to restart it.

With a sigh, Alli reached for her top but then decided against it. After all, she was in her fenced in back yard. There was a slim chance a few of the neighbors might see her but since all the adults would be at work, there was really no one but the kids around anyway. Leaving her top on the ground beside her lounge chair, Alli went to the computer and restarted it. She ran the defragmenter and saw that it would take at least an hour to work before returning to her lounge chair.

Before laying down though, Alli stopped to think about being topless in her back yard. She’d never done it before but she had to admit that she was a bit excited about it. There was virtually no chance anyone would actually see her and it would allow her to get rid of her tan lines entirely… Before she thought too much about it and changed her mind, Alli quickly stripped off her bottoms and lay down to tan naked.

It was quite a rush for her. She got all the thrill of being naked outside and doing something naughty but without much risk. Even if someone did look over the fence, all they’d see was her butt. Alli could feel her nipples hardening at the thought anyway.

Half an hour later, Alli rolled over onto her back. It wasn’t until she moved that she realized just how turned on she was. There was a definite wet spot on the chair and her thighs were soaked. On her back, the pleasure just got better. Instead of just her butt, now her breasts and pussy were exposed as well. She could feel her whole body tensing up and had to consciously relax.

By the time the computer was finished, Escort Bayan Alli was so turned on she was struggling to resist actively masturbating. The idea was tantalizing but she wasn’t ready to masturbate outside yet. That was just a little bit too far for her. She got up and grabbed the computer to make sure everything was working. It was.

Alli was about to close the laptop when she got a new idea. Her mom probably wouldn’t know how to clear her browser history so she could find out what sort of porn her mom liked. A few moments later, Alli discovered that her mom spent hours every evening on a kink and fetish website. She looked through her mom’s profile and discovered something surprising.

Her mom’s profile made it abundantly clear that she was submissive and a lesbian. Or at least she was only looking for other women. Specifically young women. Specifically young dominant women around Alli’s age. And her profile said she was looking for a daughter-domme. Alli was shocked, she’d never even thought about her mom like that but it seemed like her mom thought about her quite a bit. The profile had several nude pictures and Alli had to admit her mom had a very nice body.

Alli’d had a few lesbian experiences in college and she knew she tended to be more dominant but she’d never even considered being with a woman so much older than her. Let alone her own mother. But even through her shock, Alli realized that her pussy was dripping wet. She couldn’t help but think about dominating her mother.

She began picturing her mother on her knees looking up at her. Alli imagined grabbing her mother by the hair and forcing her to service her pussy. She imagined spanking and slapping and using a riding crop on her mother…

Before Alli even realized what was happening, she found herself vigorously fingering her soaking wet pussy to an Earth-shattering orgasm. Alli collapsed back onto her chair panting as the realization of what she’d just done sank in.

She’d just had one of the most intense orgasms of her entire life while sitting outside, completely naked, and fantasizing about dominating her own mother. Alli blushed as she looked around half afraid she’d see people peering over the fence at her. Luckily there were no human faces. Just Rover looking at her confused trying to figure out if she were in danger or not. Had she screamed when she climaxed? She couldn’t remember. Suddenly self-conscious, Alli grabbed her bikini and the laptop and ran inside.

Alli realized that she was too wound up so she hopped in the shower to cool off and clear her head. But when she emerged from the shower, she still couldn’t stop picturing herself fucking and dominating her own mother. She knew it was a problem. Something had to happen. Either she needed to somehow forget all about it and go back to how she was before she knew…or she needed to act on it.

Alli was tempted to act on it and try to make her mom her bitch but she decided she should do a little more snooping before that. She decided to look around her mom’s bedroom for anything that might help her make a decision. She figured her mom probably had at least a couple of toys since she hadn’t dated anyone since her dad left years ago.

She started by checking under her mom’s bed but she didn’t find anything noteworthy there. Then Alli checked the closet and hit the jackpot. Her mom had a shoebox full of goodies in there including numerous dildos and vibrators as well as a large strap-on, a riding crop, and several clamps she thought were probably meant for her mom’s nipples.

The thought of using those toys on her own mother was the last straw. Alli knew she needed to act on these thoughts. She’d never be satisfied until she’d turned her mother into her little bitch. Now it was just a question of how to go about it.

After a few moments of thought, Alli decided that she’d need some supplies to make it work but she was pretty sure she could get everything she needed before her mom got home from work. If everything went as planned, by the time she went to bed she’d have total control over her mother.

Alli went to her room to get dressed before heading out. She decided on a light cotton top and miniskirt with no panties as she knew she’d just soak through any underwear she wore. Plus a nice cool breeze down there might be enough to keep her focused instead of daydreaming about what she was about to do. Alli slid on her sandals and grabbed Rover’s leash. The pet store was just a few blocks away and she could get him a treat while she was out.

Alli and Rover walked the few blocks to the pet store and along the way, Alli managed to calm down enough to at least get through what she needed to do without openly masturbating again.

Upon entering the store, Alli and Rover immediately went to the dog toy aisle and she let Rover pick out a toy to play with while she shopped. Next Alli found the dog collar section. She wasn’t really sure what kind of collar to buy, collaring Bayan Escort her mom sounded really hot in her head but most of the collars she saw would just be ridiculous on a person. Finally she selected a pink leather collar that looked like it would fit her well.

Looking around to make sure no one was looking at her, Alli made her way over to the dog tag engraving machine. Luckily, the store had an automatic one so she wouldn’t have to tell any sales people what she wanted it to say. She selected a bone-shaped tag and engraved it with “Mommy Bitch” on the name side and her own name and information on the owner information side. The machine even took her credit card to pay for the tag so she wouldn’t have to show the sales clerk at all.

Finally Alli made her way to the checkout where she paid for the collar and Rover’s toy. There were several other things Alli wanted to get for her mom but she reasoned that if all went according to plan, her mom would be the one paying for all the other accessories. Besides, she only had about half an hour to get everything ready before her mom got home.

Alli jogged home not even caring that her skirt was bouncing up and occasionally flashing everyone. She didn’t even notice and wouldn’t have cared if she knew that she was flashing people on the street. What had seemed so exciting and naughty to her only a few hours ago paled to utter insignificance compared to what she was preparing to do.

As soon as she got home, Alli poured Rover his dinner and then locked him in the spare bedroom. He’d usually sleep with her mom but Alli didn’t want him to get in the way or distract her from what she was going to do.

Alli attached the dog tag to the collar and positioned it on the kitchen table where her mom would see it almost as soon as she walked in the door. Then she searched through her mom’s computer again until she found a porn video of a daughter fucking her mom. Alli put the video on repeat and sat it down next to the collar. She was pretty sure her mom would recognize the video and know what it was about. She figured this way her mom would realize she’d been found out and understand her new role in the family without Alli even needing to confront her.

At least she hoped she’d understand and go with it. If her mom decided to fight back and refused to submit… Alli didn’t even want to think about the possibility of failure.

Alli stripped out of her clothes and put on the large strap-on she’d found in her mom’s closet and waited. She sat in the hallway out of sight so her mom would be confronted by the collar and video first. Alli grew anxious as the moment approached and mentally reviewed her plan a dozen times before she remembered something she’d forgotten. She’d made plans with her friends for the evening but a quick text saying she wasn’t feeling well took care of that. Once that was done, all she could do was wait.

To Alli, it felt like an eternity but really it was only a few minutes later when she finally heard her mom pull into the garage. Alli could feel herself sweating with anticipation and noticed a small puddle on the floor between her legs. She hadn’t even been touching herself, just the thought was enough to make her drip.

Finally she heard the door unlock and her mom walk in the door. She heard a few footsteps as her mom walked in normally…and then she heard a gasp as her mom noticed what was on the table.

Alli peeked around the corner and saw that everything was positioned perfectly. Her mom was standing with her back to Alli staring transfixed at the laptop and collar. Alli could see her mom’s firm butt- she’d never thought about it like that before- outlined perfectly in her tight work pants. She could even see some obvious panty lines. Alli smiled as she thought about what she was going to do with that ass.

Alli let her mom starred at the collar for a few minutes before emerging quietly from her hiding place. She came up behind her mother completely naked except for the large strap-on sticking out in front of her. Alli managed to get right behind her mother without her even noticing. She held her breath as she knew there was no turning back after this

Alli smacked her mother’s firm ass hard. Her mother jumped and spun around, her back pressing against the table as she tried to retreat and found she had nowhere to go.

“Alli! What are you…” she trailed off as she took in her daughter’s attire and the look on her face. In a sudden moment of clarity, Alli’s mother suddenly realized what was going on…

“What am I doing?” Alli mocked, “I think that should be obvious shouldn’t it Mommy Bitch? I found out your dirty little secret. I’m in charge now. You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do. Understand? You’ve always wanted to be my little bitch haven’t you? Well here’s your chance.”

Alli’s mother just stared dumbly at her daughter but slowly started to nod her head in agreement. Alli smiled as she saw her mom’s slow acceptance Escort of her new role in life.

“Good Mommy Bitch. Now strip naked. I want to inspect my new property.” Alli wasn’t sure her mom would respond at first. She was afraid she might be pushing things too far too fast. But to her relief, her mom slowly began unbuttoning her blouse in an almost dreamlike state. Alli couldn’t help but smile. It was working!

Alli watched as her mother slowly stripped down completely naked and stood waiting for her inspection. Overall, Alli was very pleased with what she saw. Her mother was starting to go soft around the middle and her breasts were starting to sag but overall she was still looked fantastic. Honestly, Alli had to admit to herself, her mother was still hotter than some of the people she’d hooked up with in college. She made her mom slowly rotate so she could see her from every angle. In fact, the only thing Alli wasn’t happy about was that her mother obviously hadn’t trimmed her bush in a long time. That would have to go soon but she could deal with it for the night anyway.

With a smirk, Alli put her hand on her mother’s bare shoulder and pushed her down to her knees. Her mother found herself on her knees with the large strap-on just inches from her face. Alli reached over her mother to grab the collar off the table and hung it like a wreath on the strap-on so her mother couldn’t help but look at it. “Do you want this Mommy Bitch?”

Alli’s mom nodded her head but that wasn’t enough for Alli. “No. I want you to say it. Tell me you want to be my Mommy Bitch. Tell me you want this collar.”

Finally managing to tear her eyes away from the collar, Alli’s mom looked up at her and said in a whisper, “Yes, please. I want to be your bitch. Please collar me.” Alli smiled as she took the collar off her plastic cock and secured it around her mother’s neck.

“Good mommy,” Alli said as she grabbed her plastic cock and moved it out of the way. “Now get to work.”

Her mom hesitated a moment too long so Alli grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face to her waiting crotch. Her tongue was like magic. Her mom had just barely begun tracing the outside of her lips when Alli began to moan and grind her pussy against her mom’s face. Alli had been so horny all day that even the slightest stimulation pushed her to the edge. The moment her mother parted Alli’s lips with her tongue, Alli had and earth shattering orgasm. She held her mom’s head firmly in place as waves of pleasure racked her body.

Once they finally subsided, Alli wanted nothing more than to collapse and sleep for a few hours. But she knew she couldn’t do that. She had to firmly cement her new place as her mother’s owner. And there was only one way she could think of to do that…

Holding on to a handful of her mother’s hair, Alli half guided half dragged her mother into the living room and made her lie on the couch. She grabbed her mom’s thighs and pulled them up and apart. Alli grabbed a fistful of her mom’s thick brush making her wince, “This is gonna have to go.”

She positioned the tip of the strap-on against her mother’s hairy cunt. “Ready for this, Bitch?” Her mom nodded. Alli grinned, “Good.” In one powerful thrust Alli shoved all 10 inches of plastic cock deep into her mother’s cunt.

Alli’s mother screamed as the un-lubed plastic cock was rammed its way into her cunt. Only her own abundant cunt juices from eating her daughter’s pussy saved her poor cunt from real pain.

Alli started thrusting in and out of her mom’s sopping cunt vigorously and soon her mom was a panting, moaning, mess. Alli grabbed her mom’s nipple and started pulling and twisting it to elicit more screams from her. Alli loved the sight of her mother’s new name tag bouncing against her as she was roughly fucked.

In that moment, Alli didn’t think of her as her mother anymore. She didn’t even think of her as her bitch. She was just a piece of fuck-meat with big, jiggling tits.

In a rush of animalistic passion, Alli increased her speed and brought her mother to a screaming, earth-shattering orgasm. Alli’s mother went limp as the orgasm subsided and Alli collapsed on top of her mother exhausted.

They lay like that for several minutes panting and coming to terms with the new order in the house. Alli’s mother felt waves of guilt wash over her as she realized what had happened. She knew she’d never be able to regain her daughter’s respect let alone control over her own house. Would she even be able to show her face at work or to her friends? What if someone found out?

Alli meanwhile ideally fingered her mom’s new nametag as she thought about all the fun things she had to look forward to. She’d defiantly be laying out a bunch of rules for her mom to follow. And she couldn’t wait until her mom broke one and she got to pull her over her knee for a spanking. Not to mention she’d be taking total financial control over her mother so she’d never have to worry about money again. “You know Mommy Bitch,” Alli mused to her mother, “I really like the way this looks on you. I don’t want you ever taking this off. Tomorrow I’ll get you a chain to wear it on in public and then move it onto the collar whenever you’re home. Would you like that?”

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