Miss Me?

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Charlene held down her cotton skirt as the insistent wind threatened to expose her. In response to an email from her boyfriend Mark, she stood in his backyard wearing – quite literally – just a cotton dress. She was naked underneath and was beginning to have second thoughts. But his email had been quite specific.

‘Wear my favourite dress, no underwear. Wait in the back yard’.

It was a miracle her creepy boss, Ronald Kemp of Kemp’s Real Estate, wasn’t standing behind her when the message came in.

Charlene sighed, irritated but curious. Her bare thighs brushed against each other as she wandered towards Mark’s back gate. She strained to listen for the deep Harley Davidson motor over the thin stream of traffic noise coming from the chain of passing cars. Then she returned to the back door of his house and tried the handle again. It was definitely locked.

Charlene stood back and regarded the small house that she found for Mark a few months ago. He had swaggered into her workplace in search of a rental and, unintentionally, helped her keep her job. Her pudding-waisted boss had been making advances since she started.

“Shoulders tight again?” – Mr Kemp’s favourite line. He gave a low chuckle every time he massaged Charlene’s shoulders and stroked the back of her neck with his thumb. He did it every single day of her working week. Before Mark (a perfect stranger) walked in; Charlene had decided to quit.

At morning tea time on the seventh week of her employment, Creepy Kemp had his usual possessive hand squeezing her cringing shoulder. She tried to keep a straight face as shivers of disgust rode the length of her spine. For distraction, Charlene was watching a shiny, black and brown Harley Davidson cruise into the car park outside. The rider climbed down, removed his helmet in a leisurely way and then shook his hair out till it settled around his face in shiny, black layers. Charlene was staring directly at him when he headed towards the glass door of Kemp’s Real Estate and pushed it open.

The motorcycle rider’s leathers creaked as he sauntered up to the desk and regarded Mr Kemp and Charlene with magnetic blue eyes. Charlene blushed hotly at being seen in the hands of Mr Kemp as though they had a special relationship.

“Good morning,” said Charlene. “How can I help you?” The man winked at her, then offered his hand, past her shoulder, to Mr Kemp.

“Hi, I’m Mark Crisp,” he said with eyes flickering over the badge above Charlene’s left breast. He shook the boss’s hand. “I’m Charlene’s boyfriend.” He gave Mr Kemp a level stare. “She really hates when you do that.”

“I’m not-… What do you-? How dare you!” said Mr Kemp huffing and puffing. Charlene watched with interest, the ridiculous sight of her boss’s wobbling double chin and indignant noises as he attempted to defend his actions. “I shall leave you with Charlene,” he said and retreated to his office and shut the door.

“Thank you,” Charlene whispered. Mark gave her a lush smile exposing a good set of white teeth. She wondered what he would be like to kiss.

“No problems,” he responded. “Hey; I just need something small and simple to rent because I travel with work.” He checked out her cleavage this time. Charlene wished she could fan her face.

“We have a place that backs onto an old lot,” she said clearing her throat. “It has a lockable shed; perfect for your bike.” He gave her a warm smile.

“I think you might be my favourite person,” he said. “I’m Mark. Can I take you out to the movies some time?”

Mark had told Charlene he’d give her a key to his place when they’d been dating a while longer; but it had been four months, and still no key. Still, Charlene thought, we must be getting close if I follow without Sivas Escort question the request to stand partially naked in his backyard.

Charlene heard the roar and burble of the heavy engine as it slowed and took the turn across the old parking lot, then headed for the gate. She crossed her arms and stepped out of the way with a smile. Mark cut the engine, kicked down the stand and slid off the bike.

“Hey sexy!” he called as he pulled off his helmet. His hair settled round his face and his eyes shone as his irresistible grin stretched his lips. Friends said they looked like opposites; Mark’s pale skin and coal-black hair complementing Charlene’s golden, shoulder-length hair, and tanned, willowy legs.

“Hi Babe,” she said. Her pulse thudded at the sight of his stocky five-foot-nine frame; wide, leather clad shoulders and tiny waist in black denim jeans. Being apart had freshened-up her already strong attraction to him. Mark held out his arms and gave her a wicked wink.

“You get my message?” he asked. Charlene nodded and wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Uh huh,” she said. Charlene was pulled up onto her toes as Mark cupped her buttocks. He found her mouth with his and gave her a deep, firm kiss before he set her down. He fondled her bare ass beneath her knee-length skirt.

“Good girl,” he said.

“Mark, someone will see us!” protested Charlene. Mark chuckled, reached for the dress strap over her shoulder and then pulled it down her arm. He leaned in and kissed the bare skin. Charlene tried to pull it back up.

“No!” said Mark. He pushed her hand away. Charlene let her hands drop to her sides as goose flesh rippled over her skin.

Mark kissed the curve of Charlene’s neck. She did not resist. Then he pulled the fabric off her shoulders completely until her heavy breasts sat out in the open like soft fruit. Mark then began smoothing circles around both nipples with his thumbs. Charlene’s nipples hardened and set off bands of arousal through her body. Her pelvis throbbed as her pussy tightened and squeezed fresh cum onto her thighs.

“Mark,” she said softly. “Let’s go inside.”

“How much did you miss me?” Mark teased, tonguing her earlobe then attacking her mouth. Charlene felt his tongue search her mouth and accepted his offering, sucking on the textured probe and clutching his waist for balance. When Mark drew back, her lips were wet. She took a deep breath.

“How did the trip go?” she asked.

“Sold ten new Cross-Trainers,” he said nibbling on her ear. His hands fell from her ripe nipples and cupped her butt cheeks under her dress, pulling her pubic bone against his straining erection. He began to grind his cock against her while his hands massaged her bare ass.

“Congratulations,” she murmured feeling delicious and slippery between her naked thighs.

Mark released one buttock and found her clit with the pad of his thumb. She moaned as he brushed back and forth against it till it stood up like a tiny, fleshy nipple.

“Are we really going to do it out here?” Charlene asked with quickened breaths. She watched Mark unbuckle his thick, black belt.

“Undo my jeans,” Mark instructed as he kept up his steady rhythm with her bum and her clit. Charlene moved her hands down, unbuttoned and then unzipped him. She slid her hand down the front of his silky black boxers and gripped his hard, humid shaft.

“Ahh,” breathed Mark, as Charlene pulled it free of his clothes. “That’s better.”

Mark pulled Charlene till she was sandwiched between a hard, thrusting cock and his possessive hands. Charlene widened her stance and bit her lip. She willed him to push it up inside her to release her from the building internal tension. She Sivas Escort Bayan was so aroused now, she could imagine them doing it right here in the open with her dress yanked up and Mark’s jeans round his knees.

Mark released Charlene, grinned and lifted her skirt revealing her smooth pussy. Mark directed his cock between Charlene’s legs then took her hips and rocked back and forth. Her thick juice soon coated his shaft.

“Missed me too huh?” he teased.

Charlene gripped Mark’s tight biceps as his cock dragged back and forth along the flesh around her opening. She gasped as, without breaking his rhythm, Mark dipped his head and licked a wet line across one nipple. Then he lathered it with his firm tongue and sucked it inside his mouth.

Just when Charlene thought she could take no more, Mark bent down and grabbed the back of her knee and pulled her leg tight round his hip. She leant against him for balance while he wrapped one arm around her back and nudged at her slippery entrance with his erection.

“Ohhh,” Charlene moaned feeling him slide inside her.

“Oh Baby,” said Mark closing his eyes. A deep flush covered Mark’s cheeks as he began to thrust in and out; his leather jacket creaking in time; his belt buckle jangling around his ankles. Charlene rested her head on his shoulder and enjoyed the hard friction as he propelled his large member back and forth inside her small pussy. Her pelvis tightened as she ascended the steady rise to climax, but then Mark shifted his weight, breaking the momentum.

“Climb up,” he said suddenly. Charlene gave him a drunken gaze. “I’ll carry you in.”

He hitched as she lunge-jumped up, wrapped her other knee around his hip and ended up in his arms. She moaned her exhalation like a pierced tire deflating.

With Charlene wrapped around his waist, and hampered by the jeans piled around his shins and riding boots, Mark began a laboured walk towards the back door. Charlene began to giggle when each step caused his cock to bump in and out.

“Hmm, that feels great,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” Mark leaned Charlene against his back door. “Want a little more?” Charlene bit her lip.

“Uh huh,” she murmured. Mark used the position to hold her in place while he pounded himself inside her. Charlene moaned, feeling each vertebrae of her spine press against the wood as Mark thrust strongly in and out.

After several minutes of being fucked against the door, Charlene felt Mark pause and reach around her. He took her weight as he unlocked then pushed the door open. She opened her eyes to find her lover’s face red and glistening with sweat. She clung to him as he entered the musty-smelling house.

“Aren’t you going to close the door?” asked Charlene, squirming on his cock. Mark shook his head.

“Get down baby,” he said. “I’ve been dreaming of taking you from behind.”

Charlene climbed down off Mark’s cock. It was rigid and shiny with cum.

“Oh,” she whined. “I was just getting close.”

In her peripheral vision, Charlene saw a car whizz past on the road beyond the car park. She wondered how she would look to a curious passer-by: half dressed with her lover pumping against her little, bare ass. The thought of being watched caused a surge of heat inside her.

Mark turned Charlene by the waist till she faced his tiny lounge room. He lifted her skirt, pressed his sticky cock against her ass and reached forward to cup her bare breasts.

“I hate being alone in hotel rooms,” he said beside her ear. “I get so horny thinking about you at your desk with these inside your shirt.” He gave her breasts a squeeze. Charlene let her head drop back to rest on his shoulder.

“Maybe I should move in and Escort Sivas wait on your bed naked next time,” she said. Mark moved his hands to Charlene’s waist then walked her forwards till she came up against the velour couch.

“I have a better idea,” he growled. He grabbed the furniture either side of her body and thrust his pelvis forwards, jamming her hips against the backrest. “Bend over and spread your legs; I’m going to fuck that sweet pussy from the back.” A thrill ran down Charlene’s spine before, obediently, she leaned forwards over the couch. Her uncovered breasts hung like full water balloons. She widened her legs and felt him move back.

“Now open those tight cheeks so I can see your honey pot,” growled Mark in low, lust-filled voice.

Charlene reached back and spread her ass cheeks with both hands. Evening air from outside, caressed her sap-smeared pussy.

“You’re so fucking hot Charlene!” he said.

Charlene tuned into the sensations grabbing her attention one after another. First she felt Marks fingers dig into the soft flesh of her thighs, then his tongue, warm and eager, licking her outer pussy lips. She trembled as Mark explored each contour of her outer lips with fervent attention then lapped at her slippery nectar.

“No more,” Charlene panted. “Just fuck me!” But Mark was relentless. He licked and probed till she was ready to grab his cock herself, back up and force it inside her wet, throbbing pussy.

“Please Mark,” she appealed, with her head hanging down into the couch cushions. “Just fuck me now Babe; I’m so wet. Please!”

Charlene looked back and caught Mark’s smug grin. He stood looking at her splayed pussy and ass and slowly wiped the back of his hand across his lips.

“Now play with your breasts,” he instructed. “I want this to be the best welcome back fuck we’ve ever had.”

Eagerly, Charlene let the furniture take her weight and rubbed her breasts; pressing her firm nipples between thumb and forefinger. She felt Mark’s thighs against her ass, then the hard probe of his cock as it found her opening.

“Ohhh,” Charlene moaned as his hardness stretched her open and filled her up.

Mark gave a strong thrust and ground into her, the force lifting her onto her toes. Then he grabbed her waist and held her over his thrusting cock, lengthening her narrow passage to fit his demanding member. Mark grunted as flesh slapped against wet flesh as he pounded his wide shaft deep inside Charlene, the base straining her petite opening to its limit.

Somewhere in the working part of her brain, Charlene knew that if someone was to walk up to the open door now, they would see Marks long cock buried between her ass cheeks and wonder if she had been forced over the couch and violated. But if they stepped closer, they would hear her purring like a sex kitten and know she was willing.

Charlene was well beyond caring how she looked. Her internal muscles tightened and prepared for orgasm as Marks thrusts grew more frantic; getting faster and harder as he hammered her against the couch.

“Ohhh God!” Charlene moaned as her pussy channel gripped Mark’s cock, drawing him deep towards her core. Mark emitted a guttural groan and Charlene clutched the couch for support and felt his release. He gave a final thrust, pumping her full of cum in several spurts. Spunk oozed out and ran down between her thighs.

Mark draped himself over Charlene’s back, trapping beads of sweat between them.

“I’m so nuts about you Charlene,” Mark panted. His cheek rested against her spine until his reducing cock began to slide from her soaked pussy. Charlene listened as her breaths slowed.

“I got something for you today,” said Mark.

Charlene turned her head when she felt his weight lift. Slowly she stood so her dress skirt slid down and covered her naked ass. Mark pulled his jeans up. He fished around a front pocket, pulled out a shiny silver key and then gave Charlene a sheepish grin.

“This is yours,” he said. “Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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