Mistress Chronicles Ch. 04

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Background: The next three stories involve my only long-term on-line subject who I have named Nancy. This subject passed all of the tests I described in story two (“A Few Good Subs”), but before we were able to arrange an in-person session, he was offered a job in a town a great distance away, precluding any in-person meets.

We agreed to continue training via on-line sessions with the stipulation that they might be somewhat infrequent but that he would be required to maintain a high degree of diligence in meeting requests and maintaining a daily submission regimen. After working out some details we agreed to try it out and the relationship continued for over a year.

Nancy is a computer nerd. Brilliant at working with machines of all kinds, but hopeless with humans. He’s not terribly self-confident unless he’s writing software code, where he feels he’s ‘among the best.’ He’s early-thirties, slender, but not really physically fit. Scrawny is the word one might use. He admits to having little experience with women and that he has only had actual intercourse one time.

He told me in high school the good-looking ‘cheerleader’ types used to taunt him and tease him about being a sissy and he secretly loved their humiliation. He admitted to numerous jack-off sessions imagining various degradations at their hands and that their abuse, and the sexual thrill he took from it, is still essentially the basis of his sexuality.

Apart from female domination, his fetish is lingerie and forced feminization. Through our interactions he has gradually built up a sizeable collection of lingerie which he routinely wears to work under his outer clothes.

It’s interesting to note that in the course of our sessions Nancy has never actually seen me. I have sent him pictures that I have told him look similar to me, but never an actual face-shot photo. He has a photo of a vagina that I have told him he may assume is mine which he is sometimes asked to stare at and say devotionals to, but its not mine, just a photo I ripped from the net.

The on-line session
There are a number of different ways we do remote sessions. In this one, I have recorded my commands in a sound file which the subject has downloaded to his iPod. My commands total about thirty minutes with gaps between them. He will respond to my commands during those gaps.

To insure compliance, Nancy will record the session on video and e-mail me the compressed file which I can view at my leisure.

For this session Nancy is kneeling in front of a mirror dressed in sissy attire. His iPod is in a docking station off camera turned up loud enough that my commands can be heard on the video recording. The video is taken from behind him aimed at the mirror such that most of the view is of the reflection of what he is doing.


“Hello Nancy. Please begin by reciting my rules for being a good submissive”

Yes Mistress. The first rule is to listen carefully and obey all instructions to the best of my ability. Inattention to details or laxness in executing instructions will never be tolerated. A good submissive knows that failure will be punished and understands when he has failed.

The second rule is to always be respectful to Mistress and focus all attention on serving her. A submissive who is respectful and focused has the best chance to be rewarded.

The third rule it that a good submissive always knows his place. They only speak when spoken to, do not question or talk back and accept that mistress knows what is best.

The fourth rule is that Mistress and only Mistress controls the submissive’s sexual pleasure. My cock belongs to Mistress and she will decide when, if, and how I am allowed to achieve pleasure with it and release if I have earned it. A good submissive should expect violations to be punished.

The fifth rule is absolute honesty at all times. A Mistress – submissive relationship is based upon mutual trust which takes time to earn but can be destroyed quickly. The good submissive understands this rule is to be absolute and is one which will be given the least tolerance if it is broken.

The sixth is a good submissive will at all times wear at least one outward sign of his service and submission. I always wear a pink and red woven bracelet around my ankle as a sign of my service. I never take it off except to shower.

The seventh rule is that a good submissive will think about serving his Mistress even when she is not present. He will think ‘What would Mistress have me do?’ and “How does this action help me serve my Mistress better?’ At least once each day a good submissive will pay his respects to his Mistress without being prompted, even when she is not present.

This morning I kneeled next to my bed, head bowed and silently thanked my mistress for taking the time to teach me how to serve her and for allowing me ankara türbanlı escort to serve her and to become a better person.

Thank you Mistress for allowing me to recite these rules. They are a good reminder of what is important and what I must do to serve you well and earn your favor.

“You should know that your performance on your last remote session was satisfactory and has caused me to at least consider the possibility of granting you a release during this session. I hope that will motivate you to be appropriately enthusiastic during this session. Should I grant a release and this session prove slack, there will be consequences. Please think about this.”

Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress.

“If you are carefully following my instructions you should be dressed in a selection of sissy attire and kneeling in front of a mirror looking at yourself and just how submissive and pathetic you look. While I can see what you are wearing, please describe each of your selections and why you have made them”

Yes Mistress. I understand that I am meant to present as a sissy. I have chosen my frilliest pink panties with lace around all openings and lots of frilly ruffles on the bottom. I’ve also chosen matching pink ankle sox with lace on them and patent black Mary Jane shoes with a three inch heel. I am wearing a pretty baby doll top with flowers and lace at the sleeves. Underneath I am wearing a plain white training bra.
I have chosen these items to show that I am still just a sissy in training and I need your instruction to be a proper sissy. I hope you will find them submissive enough.

“Take a good long look at yourself Nancy. Do you like the person you see there? Does it make you happy to be a sissy for your Mistress?”

Yes Ma’am. I like to be a sissy for you. It makes me happy to serve you.

“Its rather pathetic isn’t it? A grown man dressed up in little girl clothes? Getting hard from dressing up like a little sissy boy? Is this what you like? Do you like to look all sweet and girly?”

Yes Ma’am. I like to look sweet and girly. It makes me feel good to dress this way. It makes me feel submissive to dress like this for you and be all sweet and girly. I’m not worthy to be a real girl. I can only be a sissy boy. Thank you for letting me dress like this for you. Thank you for training me to be your sissy.

“What would your boss say if he saw you like this? What about that girl that sits near you? The one you think is pretty. Do you think she would like you as a sissy boy? Would she make you her pet? Look at yourself in the mirror and think about her laughing at you. Laughing at her sissy co-worker. Just sit and look at yourself all dressed in your frillies and think about that.”

There is a 3 minute pause while Nancy looks at himself

“It made you hard didn’t it. Being humiliated in front of a pretty, intelligent, dominant woman makes you hard doesn’t it?”

Yes Ma’am. I admit. It makes me hard to think about being humiliated like that. Sherri is very pretty, and smart. She is like you. I get hard thinking about submitting to her just like when I submit to you. I just want to serve you so much and I feel so small and submissive dressed like this.

I know my place is at the service of an intelligent dominant woman but I know I’m not worthy as a man. I can only hope I will be worthy as a sissy.

“What would you do for her if she was there? How would you submit to your co-worker?”

I’d kneel before her and offer to kiss her feet. I’d beg to be allowed to give her a foot massage or be allowed to clean her shoes with my tongue. She has beautiful long red hair that she keeps in a pony tail, I’d offer to brush her hair or serve her any way she wanted me to.

“See if you can think of a way to serve her this week. Do something nice for her. Maybe get her coffee or something. Let me know what you come up with. Go ahead and look at yourself a little longer sweetie. I know you can’t resist it. I know it makes you feel good.”

There is 2 minute pause while Nancy looks at himself, his face is slightly red.

“I believe you had some homework to complete for this session. Please present your work.”

You asked me to read the book Lady Chatterley’s lover and dress like the female character. Each time I read the book I wore a long nightgown, although I’m sure its wasn’t as pretty as the one Connie (the main character, Lady Chatterley) wore. I didn’t think I deserved to dress as a proper English lady. Although some of the language was difficult, I liked the book.

I couldn’t quite imagine you as Lady Chatterley. She didn’t realize that since she was a woman she had the power to do what she wanted to do. She was smart and beautiful like you, but you know that you are in charge and can make men do what tuzla escort you want. She wasn’t like that and didn’t really know the power she had over a man.

I think of women as being dominant and intellectual and superior to men. She didn’t know she had those advantages so she actually felt guilty about taking an average working man as her lover. She didn’t realize how thrilled a guy like that would be to be able to serve a mistress like Lady Chatterley.

She made him do lots of things, but she could have made him do a lot more. He was in thrall of his Lady and would have done anything for her. Just like I would do anything for you.

I guess I related to Mellor (the lover) the most. He enjoyed being with her and making her happy. In the end he had more backbone than I would have though. He’s not as submissive as I am.

My favorite scene was the first time they made love in the woods. I’ve never done anything like that. It would be exciting – the chance of discovery. I’ve always liked it when you made me do things in public for that same reason. The chance to be caught adds an extra excitement.

I liked the book. Thank you for asking me to read it. I doubt I would have ever read it on my own.

There is a pause of about 1 minute…subject looks uncomfortable because he doesn’t know if he should keep going or not since he doesn’t know how much time he has.

“Thank you. I will consider what you have said. For your next homework assignment I have something special for you to do. I have considered your previous request to get a tattoo in my honor and I have decided that I don’t find that acceptable.

I am not obliged to give you a reason, but I will simply say that I cannot promise you that I will always remain your Mistress. As much as it might give me joy to see you mark yourself as a sign of your enduring submission to me, I will not allow you to do this.

You also suggested that you would get a piercing for me. This I have chosen to accept. For your homework, you will get your ears pierced, a single piercing in each ear for now. I trust this will not be a problem with your employer, if it is please let me know immediately and I will provide you an alternative.

You will have one week to complete your assignment and send visual evidence of your completion to me. Do you have anything to say?”

Thank you Mistress. I look forward to completing this assignment. Thank you for letting me mark myself as yours. Every time I see my earrings it will remind me of my submission to you and that it is my duty to serve you and to serve all women.

“Very well. As I said earlier, your successful completion of prior assignments has earned you the right to remove your chastity device and request permission for an orgasm. I’m sure you are familiar with the instructions for this, please begin.”

Please Mistress, may I have your permission to remove my device?

“Permission is granted to remove your device.”

Thank you Mistress for allowing me this freedom.

Subject remains kneeling, but bows deeply and holds his deep bow for thirty seconds. Subject then reaches for a key which is off screen and can be seen to remove a small padlock followed by pieces of a chastity device which include locking plates and a plastic tube (the device is CB3000).

Thank you Mistress my task is complete (subject returns to a deep bow with hands on top of his head awaiting Mistresses’ further instruction which comes about one minute later).

“You may begin your mantra requesting permission to achieve orgasm.”

Thank you Mistress. (Subject adjusts the stance of his kneeling so that he can press his face into the floor with hands extended forward in a position of supplication).

In a loud voice he says:

You are my Mistress, I am your servant
You are the owner, I am the owned
You are the provider, I am the needy
Your humble servant begs for release

I am weak and unworthy
I do not deserve your attention
I submit to your pleasure
Your humble servant begs for release

I await your permission

This is repeated a total of 9 times.

“I grant you permission to achieve release. I will stipulate that for this session you may not touch my property with your hand. You must achieve your orgasm by rubbing against something. Tell me how you plan to achieve your release.”

Mistress, with your permission, I will cum by rubbing my cock against my pretty Mary Jane heels. May I please cum that way?

“I’m not sure about that idea. What is your second choice?”

(A little flustered). Yes Mistress. Sorry Mistress. Ummmm, I could remove my panties and bring myself off into them without touching your property – only the panties would touch. Is that O.K. Mistress?

After a short pause, avrupa yakası ucuz escort Nancy looks uneasy.

“The first idea was better. Please do that. You may begin at my command and will have no more than five minutes to complete your task.”

A pause of 45 seconds

“You may begin.”

Subject reaches behind him and pulls off his shoe. He immediately thrusts his hard cock into the toe of the shiny patent leather Mary Janes and begins thrusting his hips into the shoe, rubbing his cock along the soft leather instep. From the camera angle it appears that he is fucking the shoe.

After a number of thrusts he pulls his cock out of the shoe and begins furiously sliding the shiny rounded toe of the shoe back and forth across the sensitive underside of his cock, right below the head.

This lasts for a little more than a minute when he lets out a low moan and cum begins to shoot from his cock. He collects the first large spurt on the toe of the shoe and then turns to aim his remaining blasts at the inside of the shoe towards the heel.

Subject returns himself to his original kneeling position, head bowed with the shoe placed on the floor in front of him. His cum is very runny and lends an additional shiny tint to the leather where it has slid down the sides on the front and slid down the instep on the inside to pool in the toe.

He has cum quite quickly, so he waits silently for over two minutes before mistress speaks again.

“I hope that was satisfying and you didn’t cum too quickly. Its no fun cleaning up after you’ve had a chance for your libido to cool down and your cum gets all cold and runny. You know what to do. Begin.”

Yes Mistress. Thank you mistress for allowing me to cum. I’m always happy to clean up when you give me permission. Thank you.

Subject picks up the shoe and begins licking his cum off the toe and side of the shoe. Where some has slid off onto the floor, he scoops it up with his finger and licks it off. Once he has the floor and the outside of the shoe completely clean he then tips the shoe backward so that all of the cum that has pooled in the toe again slides back into the heel where he can press his face into the shoe and reach out with his tongue to slurp up every last remaining drop.

When he has finished, he puts the shoe back on his foot and returns to his original kneeling position, hands on his head.

“You may now perform your chastity device cleaning ritual.”

(Note, for hygiene reasons this is performed frequently, so subject was fully expecting to be asked to clean his device even if he had not been invited to have a release)

Subject reaches off camera and pulls over a medium sized bowl with soapy water, a washcloth and towel. He puts all of the pieces of his device into the bowl and then thoroughly washes them and dries them.

He then uses the soapy water and washcloth to thoroughly clean all around his genital area.

He then picks up the pieces of his device and raises them up on the palm of his hand so they are clearly visible on the camera.

“Mistress, it is my honor to return myself to chastity as you have commanded me. I know that I am weak and that by locking myself in this device I remove temptation to pleasure myself. Thank you for putting me in your control. Without this temptation I can focus my energy on how to serve you best. Thank you Mistress.”

He then proceeds to fasten the cuff around the base of his cock and slide the locking plate over top of it. His member is about half hard as a result of the submission but he is still able to secure the tube over his shaft, join all the pieces together and re-lock the padlock.

With his device securely in place, he returns to his kneeling position, hands at his side.

About two minutes pass with subject in the resting position.

“I hope you have performed your duties diligently and enjoyed the little treat I have allowed you. I expect you to send your recording in the usual manner. Please end your session by reciting your “thankfuls”.

Good night Nancy, try not to get too hard thinking about serving me. It might be a long time before your next release. You may now use your phone to open the attachment on the e-mail I sent you. Please look at the photo as you give thanks.”

Subject reaches for his phone and quickly finds Mistress’ e-mail and attachment. The photo shows a male who is naked except for a black studded collar, his cock clearly in a chastity cage, kissing the foot of a tall blonde Mistress standing above him dressed completely in black leather from stiletto boots to bustier.

[The following were written by Nancy and submitted as part of an assignment several months ago. I liked them so well I incorporated them in subject’s daily rituals.]

“Thank you Mistress for allowing me to serve you today.”
“Thank you for finding me worthy of your attention”
“Thank you for taking the time to train me to serve you and all women properly”
“Thank you for punishing my weaknesses”
“Thank you for allowing me to wear girly clothes”
“Thank you for keeping me in chastity.”
“Thank you for bringing discipline and order to my life”

End recording.

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