Mom , Jerry Pt. 04

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This is part four of an ongoing day-in-the-life story of a mother and son’s sex life. Each part is a little, quick snippet of their life together.


Mom is not a morning person. Capitol NOT.

She’s groggy until she absolutely has to wake, and that doesn’t usually happen until she backing the car down the driveway.

Mom takes a shower most mornings. And on many mornings Jerry joins his groggy mom.

Mom lingers in the shower, letting the hot water run and run and run.

Jerry often enters the shower and starts by gently touching all the soft and vital parts. Mom says nothing. Mom rarely says anything in the morning. She barely opens her eyes.

He usually stands behind her, soaping her back, her butt, and her breasts from that direction. But mom likes hot water over all of her body so she often turns.

And that’s okay with him. With ample soap he washed her breasts thoroughly. He loves the soft rubbery feeling they get in the shower. He loves their weight. He loves their size. He loves their shape.

Many minutes are spent just washing her breasts.

He’s rock hard and beyond ready illegal bahis for pleasure and release. Mom is not the most sexual person in the morning, although she has her moments, but rarely in the shower.

Instead he begins to masturbate with a handful of shampoo. He comes fairly quickly and shoots his mom’s stomach with multiple streams of sperm. She’s not even aware. Her eyes have yet to fully open. Her mind has yet to fully engage. She defines groggy.

He rubs the sperm on her until the water washes it away. Then he grabs her razor.

Mom likes her bush. And mom likes to be shaved bare. And mom likes it tightly trimmed. And mom likes everything in between.

And it is Jerry who always shaves her. So he kneels and begins. He’s careful. And he’s slow. He’s good at this. And mom just stands there enjoying the hot water.

He shaves everything but a little triangular patch. Nothing special. Just an idea. Just a feeling of being artsy.

He leans in and shaves between her legs bare. Then, as he often does, he begins to massage mom’s fun parts. Mom wont orgasm. But he’ll feel her swell up. And even though they are in the illegal bahis siteleri shower he’ll feel her get quite moist. And even though she wont orgasm he’ll play with her with his fingers until the hot water runs out.

An unfortunately the hot water runs out sooner than later. And as if on cue, mom shuts the water off and grabs blindly for a towel. She’ll find it and begin to dry off.

She’ll mumble several thank you’s and several unintelligible things and sooner than later climb out of the shower. And sooner than later the towel lands on the floor and she’ll begin combing out her hair.

Jerry tends to watch all this. Although she’s his mother he is taken by her feminine ways. She wont dress. She wont dress until she just before she leaves for work.

So he watches her for a few long moments doing the simple, ordinary things a woman does. She does them all nude. All mindlessly nude.

She pays no attention to him whatsoever. She’s groggy and just going through her morning routine.

He too does not dress. But his nudity, especially his nudity around his mom, is not mundane in the sense of losing it’s edge canlı bahis siteleri and thrill and newness. His mom, on the other hand, is as causally nude as if she’s in leisure clothes.

He leaves the bathroom for a few moments but comes back when he hears the blow dryer. He likes this part. By the way she brushes out her hair with the dryer and throws it back and forth over her shoulder and side to side, her breasts sway and wobble.

Because she is groggy or because she almost always nude, she seems unaware, but to him it is a highlight. Her breasts are beautiful. And the combination of them being so feminine and so active makes the moment very erotic for him.

He stands near her, watching all of it in the mirror. His erection is firmly in his hand and he masturbates slowly. His eyes gorge on her breasts moving back and forth. He feels this is one of the best things in their sex life, watching her at length nude and the wholesale sexual freedom of masturbating twice around her in the morning.

He has his orgasm before she’s finished drying her hair. He often puts some of the sperm on her moving breasts. Mom pays little attention, but sometimes cracks a slight grin.

Soon she’ll be done. And soon she’ll get dressed. And soon she’ll be off to work. But he knows sex, and sex acts, and lots of nudity await him when she comes home at the end of the day.

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