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This story was kindly edited by Zebra thank you so much

He heard a click then the sound of music started to flood the room as Tim’s alarm clock started going off. As he rolled over and opened his eyes he saw the red numbers – it was 7:30 am! He had to be at school by 8 o’clock! He rolled onto his back and groaned; he hadn’t felt well all week. His stomach had been bothering him and for the first two days he was home he had been running a temperature.

Tim was 18 now and it was his senior year in high school but he would rather have stayed at home everyday instead of going to school. Usually he could get away with staying home from school because it was just him and his mother in the house. Tim’s father had left when he was 10 and was no longer in contact with either of them.

His mom worked hard and took care of Tim. She had given him everything he wanted which didn’t leave a whole lot of time for herself. She was an attractive 40 year old blonde with a cute little body which she kept in shape by going to the gym and watching what she ate. She loved her son more then anything and had grown close to him in the 8 years since his father had left.

As she walked into his room she saw Tim lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. When he heard her in the doorway he raised his back a little and looked at her saying, “Hi”.

She slowly walked over to his bed and started to lower herself down to take a seat on the edge of it. She asked how he was feeling and Tim told her he still wasn’t feeling up to going to school – his stomach was still bothering him. She reached her hand out and pressed it to his forehead to see whether or not he had a fever. He didn’t feel warm but she thought that his fever may just not have been up at that moment. She thought it over and decided it wouldn’t matter if he stayed home today because it was already Friday – missing one more day wouldn’t make a difference.

She reached out and patted his chest telling him it was ok and that he could stay home today to rest. Tim lay back and closed his eyes while his mom’s hand slowly rubbed his chest soothing and relaxing him.

She decided she was going to take the day off and take care of him in order to make sure that he went back to school on Monday. To be sure he got better she decided to call a nursing service and have someone come check him out and maybe write a prescription for some antibiotics. As she walked out of his room, making her way into the kitchen, she looked through her list of canlı bahis phone numbers and found what she was looking for. She picked up the phone and dialed the number for the nursing service. She held the phone to her ear listening while it rang. After a few minutes a girl’s voice broke the silence announcing the name of the nursing service. Tim’s mother explained that he had been home all week complaining of a sore stomach and that he had a slight fever. The woman told her they would be able to send a nurse to check on him around lunch time; the nurse’s name was Nately.

Around 12 o’clock there was a knock at the front door and Tim’s mom quickly made her way through the house to answer it. As she swung it open she smiled when she saw Nately standing in front of her. Nately was 22, she had brunette hair down to her shoulders and a small athletic body. The uniform she was wearing was all white with an opening on her chest that allowed for a view of her cleavage.

“Hi Miss Woods, how are you? I’m Nately,” she said as she walked through the front door, making her way inside.

Laughing, Tim’s mom said, “You don’t have to call me Miss Wood, Janice will be just fine.”

After a few moments Janice swung the front door shut and said, “Shall we make our way to the patient’s room?”

They made their way through and upstairs to the second floor. As they walked down a hallway Nately could see a door standing open a little way down on the left hand side. Janice swung the door fully open and as she did so, Tim lifted himself onto his elbows to see who was coming in. Nately and Janice made their way inside moving towards the bed; Nately set her bag down on the floor. Janice sat next to her on the bed watching as Nately reached into her bag pulling out a thermometer and a small tube of something.

Nately set them on the bed then turned to face Janice and Tim; she started to explain what she was going to do.

“I need to start by taking his temperature. Unfortunately I do not have my normal thermometer so I am going to have to do it the old fashioned way.”

Janice raised her eyebrows a little because she knew exactly what Nately meant – she had to stick the thermometer in Tim’s ass in order to take his temperature. Janice turned towards Tim and Said, “You’re gonna need to roll over on your stomach sweetheart.”

Tim seemed a little confused at first but then he pushed off the covers and rolled over onto his stomach, putting his head down on the pillows. Nately suggested that bahis siteleri maybe Janice would like to pull down his pants; that might make Tim feel more comfortable.

Tim froze when he heard this. He didn’t realize that he would have to pull his pants down exposing his ass to Nately and his mom. He felt his mom’s fingers slowly hook into the waist band of his pajama pants and start to slide them down his legs. She eventually got them all the way down and one leg at a time she pulled the pants off, then tossed them onto the floor.

Nately grabbed her tube of lubricant and unscrewed the cap. Setting it on the night stand she turned back towards Tim and his mother saying, “Janice would you mind helping while I lubricate Tim’s ass for the thermometer?”

Janice said, “I don’t mind. Just let me know what I have to do. I’m here to help you.”

Nately normally wore gloves when she did this but she decided to see what she could get away with this time. She took a hold of Janice’s hands and placed them on Tim’s ass, then she let go and reached for her bottle of lubricant.

She said, “Janice, I need you to just spread apart his butt cheeks so I can rub this on his asshole.”

Janice loved the feel of her son’s tight little butt under her hand. She started to get kind of excited as she started to slowly push his cheeks apart exposing her son’s sweet little asshole. She looked down and got even more excited looking at his cute puckered little hole. He was completely smooth and hairless.

Tim was pressed down against the mattress not really sure what to think as his mom spread apart his ass cheeks. He could feel a cold wet substance being spread on his asshole. Nately had squeezed some lube on his asshole and then reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the cap to screw it back on. She then set the tube aside and moved back towards Tim. She looked over catching Janice’s eye.

They smiled at each other then Nately said, “I just need to lubricate his asshole before I slide the thermometer inside.”

Janice nodded as Nately slowly moved her hand forward extending her middle finger towards Tim’s little asshole. She started by slowly rubbing the lubricant around the rim of his asshole then began to apply pressure as she pushed her ungloved finger inside. She heard Tim take in a short breath as she started to push her finger all the way inside his tight ass. She felt his asshole clench around her finger as she pushed forward. She looked over to see Janice’s face. Janice was bahis şirketleri now staring as she watched Nately slowly start to finger her son.

Tim was lying still for the most part but was making small movements when Nately’s finger went all the way inside. As Janice watched, Nately’s finger pushed all the way inside; then when she was completely inside she stopped moving it. She found it sexy seeing the finger deep inside her sons sweet little ass cheeks – it was starting to make her wet. As she watched, Nately pulled her finger slowly back and then once again moved it into Tim’s butt. Tim was starting to moan a little and push off the mattress. He seemed a little uncomfortable as if something was bothering him.

Janice looked down and asked, “Tim is something wrong sweetie? Do you need Nately to stop?”

Tim didn’t respond. He just lay there allowing Nately to slowly finger fuck him. Janice let go of Tim’s butt cheeks and moved her hand to his hip now and slowly started to rub the smooth skin. He wiggled under her touch as her fingers slowly made their way under him. He pushed up allowing them to slide under his body.

Nately was watching this and started to get really excited and decided that she was going to finger fuck Tim deeply to excite him more. As she watched, Janice slipped her hand under her son and allowed her fingers to find her son’s now hard cock. She was surprised how hard his cock was. She slowly started to stroke him until she was fully jerking him off. As Janice jerked his hard cock, Nately finger fucked his anus deeply. The two women looked at each other and smiled as they continued playing with Tim. Tim started moaning loudly and pushing back on Nately’s finger as his cock started to fuck his mom’s hand, Tim knew he was close to cumming. Nately felt his tight asshole squeeze around her finger as it started to pulse. She knew he would be coming soon.

Janice rapidly pumped her son’s cock until she felt the warm spray of his cum on her fingers as she continued to jerk him off. As he was cumming Nately pulled her finger out of Tim’s ass and looked over at his mother as she jerked the last few spurts of cum out of his cock. Janice looked at Nately’s finger then leaned forward and slowly took it into her mouth tasting her son’s sweet ass all over it. She sucked it for a few minutes then finally let it slide out between her lips. Nately left shortly after, leaving Tim and his mom to clean up the cum mess he had just shot all over his bed.

[I love reading stories about incest, they always really turn me on. This has been one of my first attempts at writing one. I am really interested in knowing what everyone thinks about it so please send some feedback. Thanks for reading!]

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