Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 13

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Babysat by a neighbour

Rose was dressed by her daughter in a bright yellow, youngsters a-line dress. It was far too young for the eighteen-year-old she was supposed to be. As she was really twenty-six the outfit was ridiculous. It was easier putting up with young teen clothes, since pretending to be a schoolgirl, and giving up her adult status.

She had to blend in at school, and did too good a job of it, by sinking deeply into the role of schoolgirl. Wearing a schoolgirl uniform while sitting in a classroom of students, being treated like a little girl, by teachers, neighbours, and her daughter, forced her into the role.

Rose took a good look at herself in the neighbour’s bathroom mirror. The top was too low, and her breasts were easing out of the bra. She looked lewd, like an extra in a cheap sex film. The hem was around her upper thighs, but she was used to that.

Like this dress, her school uniform was too small and rode up when she got up from a seat. It was no wonder the boys felt her up on the school bus. As a grown woman she shouldn’t be wearing a schoolgirl uniform, or even be in school. As an adult she tried to put the boys in their place, by telling them to behave themselves. The way she looked and behaved, they laughed at her, and didn’t take any notice.

Everyone thought she was just a schoolgirl, and so all her authority had evaporated, leaving her helpless. The boys didn’t know she was an adult, so they took advantage of her, especially now her boyfriend had gone to university. Without his ride to school, she had to get the school bus. They were wearing her down, or was she getting more desperate for sex?

Since they swapped roles, her daughter was in charge and ran her entire life. Janice needed a night off, with a rest from the responsibilities of running a home. That was why Rose had been sent to a neighbour’s house, to be babysat. The woman’s daughter was going to look after her, while the mother joined Janice for a glass of wine.

It was embarrassing being babysat, even when thinking of herself as being eighteen. The girl thought she was much younger from the way she had been made up by her daughter. The girl was big and strong, and wouldn’t take any nonsense from her. She was small and weak in comparison, and would have to do as she was told.

Rose’s daughter, Janice, told the girl to be strict with her.

‘Watch her carefully as she can be a naughty girl. She’ll talk to you nicely, lull you, then climb out of a window, and be gone. Sorry about this, but show her you mean business right from the start. Make sure she has a bath, and put her to bed early. Eight will be fine. After the slightest infringement of your rules, spank her. Okay? You have my number,’ Janice sternly said.

Rose was called Janice since they swapped roles. She was determined not to break the babysitter’s rules, however humiliating it might be. Humbling herself to an eighteen-year-old girl was embarrassing, but it had to be done.

Oh! Hell! Why did Paul go away to college? After getting used to having sex every day, he left for college, leaving her frustrated all the time. No wonder she didn’t fight the boys on the school bus very effectively. Just a little resistance was put up against their fumbling hands. It was very naughty for a schoolgirl to let the schoolboys play with her like that. For an adult who should know better, it was squalid and immoral.

Swirling the skirt a little, revealed her panties, and the sight of them in the mirror set her off. Damn! She’d been married a few years and had never felt like this. Since sitting in class with adolescent girls, her hormones had reignited with a vengeance.

She stood with feet apart, wondering if she should. Sitting on the floor, she pushed the panty crotch to one side. Delving in between her thighs with two fingers, she felt how wet and open she was. Imagining it was Paul, a finger was run over her slit. Finding her clit emerging, she rubbed it hard.

‘What do you think you are doing? Don’t deny it, I can smell you, girl,’ Sylvia crossly spoke.

‘No! I, err, was just adjusting my panties,’ Rose stammered.

Hell! Being caught by this girl was so humiliating, she wanted to curl up and die. Playing with herself wasn’t so bad, but she was a mature woman, not a fumbling schoolgirl. As old as she really was, this girl’s scolding had to be accepted.

‘You are a dirty little slut, and I’m going to tell your mother,’ Sylvia heavily stated.

‘No, please don’t,’ Rose respectfully said.

‘Why shouldn’t I, give me a good reason. You need to be punished for being a naughty girl,’ Sylvia admonished her.

‘You could punish me,’ Rose offered, hoping to keep this sordid act from her daughter.

‘Well, maybe. Why don’t you want your mother knowing?’ Sylvia suspiciously asked.

‘Well, err, you see, it will upset her. There’s no need for that. Please, you can punish me, and I promise to be a good girl from now on,’ Rose simpered.

Knowing the girl wanted to feel important, she needed to boost the girl’s self-esteem. Rose was willing to eat antalya escort humble pie, to keep her sordid secret. Being sent to bed early, or set extra chores, would be far better than being humiliated before her daughter.

‘So how would your mother punish you?’ the girl asked.

About to say she would laugh, and humiliate her, it was obvious that wasn’t what the girl wanted to hear.

Instead Rose blurted out, ‘Mom will spank me.’

Seeing the look in the girl’s eyes, it was recognised as a bad mistake.

‘Come here, girl,’ Sylvia demanded.

Pointing at her lap, meant there could be no mistake over what was intended. Needing to resist, and wanting to prevaricate, or at least to switch her onto something else, Rose just stood there with head down. She couldn’t think of anything to say. She took a couple of steps toward the girl, and was pulled over her knees.

‘No! Please, miss, please don’t. I promise to be a good girl, honest miss,’ Rose whined, sadly letting herself down.

‘Oww! I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me,’ Rose pleaded.

It was too much for a woman of twenty-six to cope with. Being put over a girl’s lap and spanked was horrendous. Rose hid away a little deeper into the persona of Janice the schoolgirl, which only just made it bearable.

‘That was for lying to me. You were playing with yourself, weren’t you?’ she demanded.

‘Oww! Yes, miss, sorry, miss,’ Rose admitted.

‘Oww! I’m really sorry, miss, I’ll be a good girl now, honest, miss.’

‘Tell me exactly what you were doing,’ Sylvia told her.

‘Oww! I was play with my clitoris, miss. I promise not to, miss.’

‘Oww! I promise to be obedient, and be a good little girl for you, miss.’

Rose was slapped a couple more times, then pushed off Sylvia’s lap.

Rose was much older than the eighteen-year-old, but she was smaller in stature. She felt like a naughty little girl, caught doing something bad. A mature woman could have sex when she wanted, but Rose had lost all the privileges of adulthood. It seemed every one controlled her, wherever she was. At home, at friends and neighbours homes, she had been spanked, given a talking too, and patronised, until she gave in to accept she was a schoolgirl.

It was much easier giving in, so she assumed the position with head bowed, and with a look of shame on her face.

‘Come with me. Your mother said not to trust you,’ the girl crossly spoke. In the lounge she said, ‘Go stand in the corner, where I can see you. Hands on your head!’

The door bell rang, and Rose heard someone coming in. Having a stranger seeing her standing in a corner like a naughty little girl, would be so shameful, and the anticipation was awful. If it was someone she knew, it would destroy what self-worth she had.

As a grown woman, sent by a girl to stand in the corner was appalling. The skirt was too short to put her hands on her head. Rose could feel the hem lifted to reveal her panties.

‘She’s been a naughty little girl, haven’t you,’ Sylvia said.

Unable to turn around and face the boy, Rose said, ‘I was a naughty girl, and was spanked.’

‘Girl, tell him what I caught you doing,’ Sylvia demanded.

‘I, err, was playing with myself,’ Rose hesitantly said.

‘The dirty little girl was frigging herself off,’ Sylvia winked at her boyfriend, who knew she did the same. ‘Keep an eye on her while I make some popcorn. What do you want to drink?’ Sylvia asked.

‘Whatever,’ Tommy said.

‘Watch her, make sure she doesn’t move,’ Sylvia warned him.

‘Nice panties, girl,’ he told her.

Rose recognised the voice, though not where she’d heard it before. Damn! This was getting worse. He came up behind her and patted her ass.

‘I want to have a nice quiet evening with Sylvia, understood?’ he asked.

Feeling him gripping her ass, she nodded her head.

‘Good girl. No more trouble,’ he said, and sat down in front of the television.

‘Damn! Where has the time gone? It’s nearly eight. Do me a favour. Make her have a bath, make sure she washes, and put her to bed. I’ve got to finish my homework, then we can play,’ Sylvia promised, and passionately kissed him.

In the bathroom, Rose tried for privacy. ‘I don’t need a bath, I could shower instead,’ Rose pointed out.

‘The shower broke, I should know, I broke it. The two of us were sharing a shower. Just get undressed while the bath fills up,’ he told her.

In the furthest corner from him, she pulled off the dress, and then her underwear. Crouching, so as hide her naughty bits, she hoped he would quickly leave. A little part of her was a twenty-six-old woman, embarrassed from being naked before an eighteen-year-old boy.

It was even worse being a naked schoolgirl. How old did he think she was? He must think she was just a kid, to be running a bath for her. She watched him put an elbow in the bath to check it wasn’t too hot. He must have to take care of his brothers and sisters at home.

‘Come on, get in,’ he told her.

Unable to move, and reveal her bits, she just kepez escort stood there with legs crossed, and arms over her bust.

‘I’ve bathed brothers and sisters over the years, so just get in,’ he said.

Without warning he picked her up and deposited her in the bath. He pushed her down, into the bubbles.

‘Don’t just sit there, wash!’ he ordered.

Keeping her face away from him, she tried to hide her nakedness, and didn’t hear a word he said.

‘I’m in a hurry to get back to Sylvia. I don’t expect you to understand, but I need you in bed and out of the way,’ he told her.

In exasperation he grabbed a leg, soaped it, then dropped it in the bath. The other one was done, and he pulled her up. Not looking at her, he ran a hand between her legs, and another creased her bottom.

Rose couldn’t help herself, her arousal hit the roof. She was running like a tap! The boy had vigorously rubbed her between the legs, and her ass, with soapy hands. The feel of it was wonderful. It was imperative not to show him her state of arousal, but her face was alight with pleasure.

He slid her down into the bath, and she realised he was doing her top half. She’d gone all dreamy and breathy. He lifted one arm, then the other. A hand went down her front, with the other washing her back. He stopped and pushed away the suds.

‘Okay! Those are big titties girl,’ he commented, and stopped washing her. ‘How old are you? You’re older than my sister,’ he said, looking worried.

Oh! Hell! He suspected she was older than they thought. Telling him to bath her and put her to bed, he went into big brother mode. In a hurry to get back to his girlfriend, he’d taken charge of her. Only now he was taking a good look at her face.

‘Janice? Damn it! You’re in my class!’ Tommy whispered.

‘Oh! Shit!’ Rose whispered back.

She too had avoided looking at him. Of course she recognised his voice. They hadn’t spoken in school or anywhere else, but she’d seen him. She should have tried to deny it, but wasn’t thinking straight.

‘What are you doing here?’ he asked, while trying to get to grips with what he’d just done to a class mate.

‘It’s all a mistake. I was wearing that stupid dress and didn’t want Sylvia to know who I was. She thought I was a little girl, so did you. Don’t tell her, please,’ Rose pleaded.

‘Fuck! Janice!’

‘Is that an order?’ Rose asked, trying to lighten his mood.

‘I’ve just washed you all over, Janice. Damn it! What will Paul say?’ he desperately asked.

‘He’s gone to college, early, to start a pre-course, or something,’ she miserably said.

‘So what about you? You going to college?’ he asked.

A small voice in her head wanted to say she had already been, and received a degree. That part of her life seemed so far away, like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Thinking of herself as a grown woman was no longer real, leaving her to more easily cope with being an eighteen-year-old.

Rose covered her sex, but let him stare at her large breasts. There was no thought to this, it was a reaction to his maleness. Her hormones were driving her into being a sexed up slut. As an inexperienced girl, she wouldn’t have reacted so lewdly, but she had a woman’s experience, with no fear of sex, allowing her to enjoy sex.

Tommy smiled at her, and said, ‘No boyfriend at the moment.’

Rose watched his hands slowly move toward her breasts, and begin to gently soap them. He was fascinated with her breasts, and while so sexed up, it was welcome attention.

‘Oh! Tommy! Don’t stop now!’ she purred.

It seemed so long since having completion, she wanted it all, and wanted it now. Brazenly she reached for the hardness in his jeans, and massaged it. He got the hint, and unzipped, for it to bounce free. Rose grabbed his cock and massaged it. It was a nice shape and just her size.

He helped her out of the bath, and she wondered how he was going to take her. They kissed and sucked, and bit for awhile. She almost thought he was going to take her standing up. It was an uncomfortable position, but she was willing if he was. She didn’t have to wait long, as he turned her around, and bent her over the sink. She was staring at her sex face in the mirror, so quickly shut her eyes.

Without a word said, he pushed at her sex, lifting her up on tiptoe. It was a bit presumptuous of him, but it was true, she was ready. Being wet and slippery caused a problem, as he slipped out of place, and continued to push at her asshole. This wasn’t an uncomfortable position this was a non-position.

She reached between her legs and firmly grabbed his cock, rubbed it up and down her slit, pressed it against her clit, then positioned it where it was supposed to go. He didn’t take the hint about playing with her, he just thrust in. The head of his cock was larger than Paul’s, and so it was difficult accepting it, but in it went.

She felt it stretching inside, giving a wonderful feeling of being full of cock. Paul had started this novel feeling in her, and she manavgat escort had grown to enjoy it. This guy wasn’t as long or big as Paul, but the head of his cock made up for it.

She was very close, hoping he would carry on until she had an orgasm. Anything would do, just so long as it rattled her mind and body, just a bit, and most importantly it should leave her feeling comforted afterwards. Too much to ask of a teenager? Maybe, but Paul always rocked her boat, sometimes capsizing her, and he always left her feeling sumptuously satisfied.

He stiffened up just a little more, and went still, pushing with all his might. This was different from Paul’s technique. She actually felt him spurt his load into her! Oh! God! It triggered an explosive orgasm, and real low down, from the boots, up to the scalp kind of orgasm.

‘Oh! God! I needed that!’ Rose said.

‘I’ve heard Paul is good,’ he commented, still huffing and puffing.

‘That was so good! As good as Paul. You are good,’ she began, then realised she’d forgotten his name.

A pang of guilt hit her. She grabbed a towel to cover her nakedness. She was used to pretending being a schoolgirl of eighteen, to the point of believing it. At that moment she felt as though she were a married woman, betraying her husband with a schoolboy. She was twenty-six, but he didn’t know that.

Paul wasn’t her husband, he was a boyfriend, and would soon forget her now he was in college. With a year of high school to go, they wouldn’t see each other, and they had agreed to go their separate ways. More difficult for her. She wondered what he was doing now? He wouldn’t be babysat by a girl far younger than her.

That didn’t matter, she was used to being talked down to. By teachers, neighbours, her step-daughter, everyone thought she was eighteen, and treated her like a kid.

‘What about Sylvia?’ Tommy asked.

‘Best not tell her. Forget we did it, it was just one of those things. It happened, and we move on,’ Rose said, trying not to show any regrets.

‘Thanks, Janice, you’re wonderful,’ he said and hugged her.


He quickly left, leaving her to dry and get dressed for bed. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she wondered how she could have done such a terrible thing. A friend, from when she had adult friends, said it could happen, but she hadn’t believed it. Rose had been married when the friend confessed, and the woman had been married too.

The woman and her husband had been away at a business conference, and she had nothing to do during the day. A handsome young guy had skipped off for a day, and they got to talking. They had a coffee together, sharing silly secrets and embarrassing moments. They didn’t know each other, but a certain chemistry enveloped her.

The handsome man didn’t seduce her, she seduced herself. An overwhelming need and the opportunity came together, and she found herself in bed with him. She’d never had an afternoon session before, and it was terrific, a real athletic affair.

‘I had to tell you. I feel so guilty about it. Betrayal, and being a slut, comes to mind, but there is so much more emotions to it than that. I’ll never leave my husband and never want to hurt him. It just happened. Do you understand, Rose?’

‘Yes, I understand. I’m sure it will happen to me one day,’ she gave the woman a sympathetic smile, though not understanding it at all.


‘Are you changed yet?’ Sylvia shouted from the kitchen.

Rose scampered back to the kitchen wearing a young girls nightie her mother had packed. It fit her because she was small and petite, except for her breasts, which were pushed up into a deep cleavage. It was a cotton baby-doll with matching panties. In her house, with her daughter and boyfriend present, it would have been unacceptable. In a stranger’s house it was very rude.

She was supposed to be a young teen, so Sylvia accepted it. It was pink with cute teddy bears dancing around the hem. The hem swung around her hips, leaving her panties on show. They too had teddy bears dancing around her hips. At least this wasn’t the see-through one she had. That would have been humiliating.

‘Poor thing, it must be terrible in school with the boys. Your huge breasts I mean,’ Sylvia pointed at them.

‘Well, I guess. My boyfriend, Paul, used to keep them safe. I mean, no one would say anything while he was my boyfriend,’ Rose said, while having milk and cookies.

‘Isn’t he still around?’ Sylvia asked.

‘No, he’s gone to college,’ Rose said, not wanting to admit to being in twelfth grade.

The girl’s boyfriend was in her class, and he’d bathed her, then fucked her. Damn! Her mother had put her into this difficult situation. Janice hadn’t said she was fourteen, but had implied she was a youngster, and dressed her like one.

The gap between fourteens and eighteens was massive. So the girl treated her like a young girl. Especially as she liked taking charge, the girl was flexing her near adult status.

‘So, you need a new boyfriend. best get one quick, or you’ll be pestered by the boys. They’ll want to touch your tits, and will be grabby. Wait a minute. he’s gone to college? So you were dating a much older guy? So that’s why you were playing with yourself! You’re a dirty bitch in heat! How long have you been screwing around with an older boy?’ Sylvia teased.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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