Mom’s Missing Panties

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Big Dick

Dad was screaming at Mom altogether too often lately. Sometimes there would be noise like he was hitting her. He was yelling, “Why am I supporting you, you worthless whore?”

As he got louder, I heard a lot of crashes and Mom crying. At that point, I rushed into their room. Mom’s face was badly bruised and bleeding. Dad was standing over her with his fists clenched. He glared at me and said, “You are 20 years old. It is time you learned about your Mom. She is fucking half the town.”

Between tears and sobs, Mom managed to say, “Just because you are a needle dick don’t mean I want a man.”

Then he hit her so hard that I was sure he broke her beautiful face. I ran out of their room and called 911.

When I returned to their room, he was getting ready to hit her again. Dad was twice my size, but I could not let him keep hitting her. I stepped between them and said, “Stop hitting her. The police are on their way.”

“You are a worthless brat! Maybe you are fucking her too.”

“Dad, you can’t be hitting Mom.”

That caused Mom to say, “Needle Dick does not know much better. He thinks that his big body can compensate for his teeny weenie.”

“I’ll kill you, stupid whore.”

I went to answer the door as Dad went back to beating Mom. The two officers put the cuffs on Dad with him face down on the floor. They read him his rights and arrested him based on what they witnessed. He continued to scream at the officers and the older cop asked him if he wanted to behave and make a statement.

“Okay, take the cuffs off me.”

“No, we cannot do that but we will let you sit up if you want to behave.”

“The fucking whore comes home with her panties missing, and you talk to me about behaving?”

“That would not give you the right to beat her. What did she say happened to her panties?” The older cop continued the interview while the younger one was taking pictures of Mom’s bruises.

Mom said, “He never asked. He just started calling me names and hitting me.”

“You do not have to answer my questions or his. But I am just trying to figure out what Happened. When we arrived, he was beating you.”

“Oh my GOD, maybe you pigs are fucking her too.”

“They don’t call us that any more Mr. Williams. But is that why you were hitting her? Was it because her panties were missing or something else?”

“Of course it was because her panties were missing. What would you do if your wife came home with her panties missing?”

“I am not married. How did you discover her panties missing?”

“I checked.”

“Why? It does not seem like a normal thing to do.”

“I check because she is a fucking whore.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Check Kıbrıs Escort her cunt. I bet it is full of cum.”

“That is not something we do. Mrs. Williams, you do not need to make a complaint. We are already arresting him based on what we witnessed when we arrived. We may need to call you as a witness. The smartest thing he can do is admit what he did, apologize to you in court and ask the judge for mercy. The trouble is I don’t know if he is that smart. Our arrest report will probably help if you ask for a peace bond.”

It turned out that he was not that smart. Before the case came to trial he was back at the house screaming at Mom and hitting her again. I was not home but Mom ran out the back door and called the police from the next door neighbor’s house. The lady judge was not amused and she gave him a large bail and when it went for trial she gave him six months in jail and one year probation. She also ordered him to stay away from Mom. Dad said that he was the one making the mortgage payments so she told him to continue making payments until a divorce court ruled.

In the weeks that followed, both cops started calling on Mom. Sometimes both of them would go in her room at the same time. I listened at the door and could hear their love making. Maybe Dad was right about her but he had no right to beat her. If I was bigger, I would get even with him. That is when I knew that I had to fuck her too. Mom’s sweet little breasts and the sway in her petite ass always excited me. But now I wanted her all the more. Maybe craved is a better word than wanted.

It was a Thursday afternoon and the old cop was fucking her mouth while the young cop was pleasuring her pussy. I could see them well from the partly open doorway. Mom was moaning and then started coming. After a while, the cops switched holes. Sometimes they liked her ass too.

Meanwhile something caught my eye outside. It was Dad, crouched down in the bushes. I ran back to Mom’s bedroom and warned them. All three looked surprised to see me in the middle of their fucking. The cops rushed into their clothes and went out and grabbed Dad.

“Mr. Williams, it is a violation of your probation to be here.”

“And it is okay for you pigs to be fucking my wife? I have lots of pictures.”

Then the young cop said, “He is right Mike, we may have to kill him.”

Dad said, “My wife and son both heard you.”

Mom said, “After your beatings? All I remember is the language and the bruises.”

The old cop said, “May I see some of the pictures?”

Dad started showing them pictures on his cell phone. They took the phone away and told him that the pictures Magosa Escort were evidence of multiple probation violations.

Then the old cop said, “Mr. Williams, the judge you faced hates woman beaters, As a General District Court Judge, she can only give you a maximum of one year on a count but there is a multiple of counts. Son, do you care what we do to him?”

I thought about it and said, “Can you teach him a lesson? He beat my beautiful mother and won’t leave her alone.”

The young cop said, “He is pretty stupid but we will try. Do you have gasoline or something we can use to burn his clothes?”

They striped him naked, laughed at his penis, burned his clothes, and called 911.

They reported the small fire back near the woods and a man running around naked.

Dad was charged with arson, public nudity, resisting arrest, criminal trespass, probation violation and he was denied bail. He kept ranting that the police set him up. I went to visit him but he kept screaming at me to tell the police what happened.

I said, “Dad, you cannot beat Mom. You just need to leave her alone.” He became so violent that they took him away from the visiting room and told me not to visit him again.

When I got home, Mom, Mike, and Ryan, (the young cop) were there. Ryan said, “Bruce, are you okay?”

I said, “He has not learned a thing.”

Mike said, “What can we do?”

Getting brave I said, “Nothing will change him but I want in on what you guys are doing.”

Mom suddenly said, “Bruce, I am your Mother. We cannot do that!” She made us all food and we ate in front of the television. Later she was sitting between Mike and Ryan on the couch.

I crawled up between her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. She was objecting both verbally and physically, but the cops were playing with her. Ryan was playing with her pussy while Mike played with her tits. Mike had his cock out and was pushing Mom’s head down until he was in her mouth. Ryan spun around and put his swollen member in her cunt. Then he told me to replace him in her pussy.

Mom said, “Please, not Bruce. He is my son.”

As I started to rub the head of my cock up and down her split, she continued to object to incest with her words but her hands were pulling me in. As my hungry prick entered her cunt, the feeling was amazing. Mom was matching my thrusts and soon “I said I cannot hold it. I am coming!” I was coming from my toes to my head and everything in between. I never came like that before and wanted to fuck Mom forever. River after river of semen shot out of me deep inside my Mom! Then she started shaking and screaming.

I was still Girne Escort hard so I kept fucking Mom until we both came again. This time felt as good as the first and Mom came again.

Ryan was playing with her ass and finally managed to open her but hole. Then, while he sat on the couch he eased Mom down on top of his cock and entered her brown hole. He told me to face her and enter her pussy. Mike entered her mouth. Mom had three pricks in her three holes and she loved every minute of it. I was fucking the best feeling pussy I had experienced in my young life. Mike and Ryan were fucking their respective holes while Mom had multiple orgasms. It was not long before I came again. This time my mind left my body and my essence was in my balls. I had no idea what planet I was on or why. I just knew that I had to fuck her forever.

When I woke in the morning I could hear Mom downstairs, cooking breakfast. Mike and Ryan came back when their shift ended.

Then Ryan said, “That was my first four-way. It was incredible!”

“It was my first too. I never even had a three-way. I hope we can do it again.”

Mom started to say something but changed her mind.

Mike said, “Let’s take her in the bedroom one at a time this morning and do the four-way again later.”

I was excited to take Mom by myself but wondered if she would resist. Mike and Ryan each had their turns fucking her and left the house.

“Bruce, I told you no. I am your Mother!”

“But you are the only woman in the world that I want!”

“It is incest and we cannot do it.”

“Mom, we have already done it.”

“I will suck you off but that is all.”

The more she sucked, the harder I got but I was not close to coming. I wanted to go back inside her tight little pussy. I rolled her on her back and entered her cunt before she had a chance to object. She had not cleaned up from the cops so I slipped in easily.

Mom was moaning. Soon she was shaking and clawing at my back. When she stopped coming I told her to get cleaned up. She started to argue but I said, “Just do it.”

When she returned, I ate her pussy for a long time. Her woman musk was driving me wild and so was the taste of her juice. Finally she started riding me, cowgirl and she came again. Then I turned her around and entered her reverse cowgirl. After fucking the three of us, she was still tight.

“Bruce, I told you that we cannot do this.”

“But you love it and so do I.”

“That don’t make it right.”

I got her on her knees with her petite but hanging off the edge of the bed. As I entered her, doggie style, her little pussy seemed even tighter. Both of my hands were pulling her hips into me. All too soon, I was shooting ropes of cum deep inside her. Nothing ever felt so good. I came with a force that I never knew was possible. Mom started shaking and climaxed again.

Mom and I must have both fallen asleep. When we awoke the cops were back and trying to do another four-way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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