My BFF Buster Ch. 03

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After telling Julie it was alright for her to bring Karen home with her again tonight I felt guilty about not getting much work done lately.

I worked on a project for one of my clients all day, only stopping to take Buster for his walks. I felt better about my home-based business, and it also made the day fly by without daydreaming and fantasizing about what tonight might bring.

I was interrupted just once in the afternoon by a cell phone call from Julie. She was whispering into the phone, and she said that Karen was as giddy as a school-girl ever since she learned that she was welcome to come home with Julie again.

Julie said “Dick is coming home tomorrow, so she wants to make sure she has a good night.”

“Dick? Who is that?”

“That is her husband. I guess I never mentioned his name before.”

I laughed out loud, and said “Dick? Seriously?”

“Well Richard, actually, but she calls him Dick.”

“And that doesn’t seem funny to you?

After a short pause she said “I guess so. I just never thought of it that way. I hope after last night and tonight she doesn’t start referring to him as Little Dick.”

At about 5:30 I fed Buster his dinner and took him for a long walk to take care of him, knowing that he would not get much attention tonight. Soon after that I heard two cars pull in and park and I knew they were here.

Karen came through the door first which seemed odd, and she almost ran across the room and threw her arms around me. She gave me a tongue-probing kiss and fumbled to find my cock through my pants. Julie just looked on approvingly.

Karen unzipped my pants and pulled my half-hard cock out and stroked it with an expert jack-off technique. It stiffened in response, and she continued to stroke it from the head to the base.

“I have been thinking about you all day, and looking forward to seeing you again.”

I answered “Are you talking to me or to my cock?”

All three of us got a laugh out of that, and Karen said “Both of you, I guess!”

She stayed close to me and kept her hand on my cock.

She glanced at Julie and said “This seems selfish and very rude but I have to say it.”

She looked into my eyes and said “Would you be willing to fuck me first, right now?”

Just like that. A very polite and formal request, not for the first cup of tea from the pot, but to be first to have her asshole stretched and inseminated. I was too taken aback to answer right away, but Julie jumped right in.

“Of course it is alright, Karen. Bob and I are together all the time, you are our guest tonight. I am sure Bob will be glad to do you first, second and so on.”

I could finally speak, and I concurred.

Karen led me towards the bedroom by my cock, with a mischievous smile on her face. It was like I was her pull-toy.

“Come on, big boy. I want you inside me.”

We got to the side of the bed, and both began to undress. Julie was right there with us, undressing too.

Karen won the race, and she got up on the bed, on her hands and knees in doggy-style position. I got on my knees behind her, and then Julie took a more pro-active role.

Julie was on her knees also, beside us. She took Karen’s silky butt cheeks in her hands, and spread them apart, revealing her asshole. She let go of one side, so I grasped it and kept it spread to the side, keeping her light-brown asshole with its halo of fine hair in view.

Julie cautiously touched it with the tip of her middle finger, and looked at me to see if it was OK. I nodded my approval and she pushed it in all the way. The sight of her delicate, slender finger disappearing up Karen’s asshole was incredible. She began to gently finger-fuck it in and out.

Karen said “That feels good, but I know that is not Bob’s big cock.”

Julie removed her finger and flashed me the OK sign, and I moved in. Karen’s cunt was open and wet, and since I did not have any artificial lube on me, I decided to get some natural lube from Karen.

I pushed my cock into her wide open cunt, and she said “Oh! OK, I guess.”

I imagine that pencil-dick Dick gives it to her vaginally sometimes, but she has never had anything like mine up her cunt before. It went in easily because she was so slippery-wet, and when the last few inches slid in the head bumped up against her cervix.

She squealed with a combination of surprise and pleasure, and I proceeded to fuck her in my methodical style. Her doggy-style position with her butt up in the air made for deep penetration. With each thrust in I hit bottom, and I am sure it was a new sensation for her.

In just a few moments she said “I’m going to cum!”

I pushed all the way in and just held still with my cock-head touching her cervix.

She made an animal sound and had an orgasm that was so intense it was like she was having a seizure.

When she finally recovered I asked her if she wanted me to finish this way.

She said “Yes. No. I don’t know. If you want to.”

“Karen, I am asking what you want me to do.”

She hesitated güvenilir bahis a moment and then said “Please give it to me in my ass.”

Gladly, I thought. I pulled out of her cunt and put the tip against her asshole. My cock was coated with her vaginal juices, and when I pushed it went in quite easily. I didn’t give it to her in little increments this time; I just pushed it in with one slow continuous motion, all the way up to my balls.

I grabbed her love-handles and pushed against her as hard as I could, flattening out her soft butt cheeks. I reached a new record depth in her abdomen. She exhaled with a grunt of pleasure, and I began to fuck her.

I was trying to make it last, but she said “Don’t hold back! You can do it again as soon as you want to.”

I speeded up a little, and then Julie surprised me. She was still on her knees beside me, playing with herself as she watched the scene play out. Apparently masturbation wasn’t enough any longer, and she crawled around in front of Karen.

She scooted up towards Karen’s face with her legs spread wide. She was offering her pussy like a plate of fine hors d’oeuvres. Karen dived in and kissed, sucked and licked it enthusiastically.

What a beautiful scene this made. I could only see the back of Karen’s head as she slurped away on Julie’s snatch, but I had full eye contact with Julie. I loved the look of bliss on her face, and she seemed to love the look on my face as I fucked her friend’s soft, warm asshole. Each time I pushed all the way in Karen grunted softly.

Julie looked like she was about to cum, and I was too. Julie’s face contorted as spasm after spasm rolled through her body. That flipped a switch in me, and I blew my load as I pushed hard against Karen’s smooth, soft butt. Not in separate spurts, but one huge squirt that went forcefully into Karen. I injected it into her so hard that she grunted again, louder this time.

I was so spent that I almost collapsed. Julie wasn’t quite done; she grabbed Karen’s head with both hands and pressed her wet pussy against her mouth. She shuddered and shook as the last part of her orgasm subsided.

I pulled my cock out and we disentangled ourselves. We got into our familiar three-way hug and calmed down.

Karen said “I imagine you think I am some kind of freak.”

I answered “If you are a freak, you are our kind of freak. But you did seem to enjoy what I did when we started.”

“My God, yes. I have never felt it like that. You bumped into me way up inside. It made me cum so hard!”

“My husband doesn’t reach that far.”

We were all snuggled together and I reached down to touch her pussy, but Julie’s hand was already there. She must have a strong sexual attraction to Karen. She affectionately fondled Karen’s clit as we all just relaxed for a while.

There was some pillow talk for an hour or so, mostly between Julie and Karen. They are like teenagers in love.

It must have been about 8:00 or 8:30 when I got up to pee. While I was in the bathroom I also took a minute to wash up. If there is going to be any more activity I want to start with a clean tool.

I pulled on some pants and took Buster out for a short walk to get him ready for the night. When I returned the two women were locked in an embrace and kissing. I pulled up a chair next to the bed to observe.

Julie looked into Karen’s eyes and said “I wish I could do to you what you did to me”

Karen and I spoke at the same time “You can!”

“But I don’t know how! I have never done that before.”

I calmly said “Just do what she did.”

Karen turned onto her back and spread her legs so far it was like she was doing the splits. Julie moved in close and stopped with her face just inches from Karen’s fragrant cunt.

Julie’s pussy is like a bunch of freshly cut flowers, but Karen’s is more like a fish market on a hot afternoon. Julie finally got past that and began to kiss and lick Karen’s cunt lips and her clit. I just watched in amazement, having never seen this in real life, just in porn videos.

For a first-timer Julie did an excellent job. Seeing her all-American girl-next door face buried in Karen’s crotch eating her pussy was priceless. Karen soon had a calmer, quieter orgasm, just whimpering in pleasure.

They returned to their embrace and locked tongues. Julie whispered “Was that OK?”

“Very nice, sweetheart, I just didn’t cum as hard because of what happened when Bob fucked me. I almost passed out that time.”

Julie removed a couple of pubic hairs from her mouth and said “I have never wanted to do that before, but I did with you. Do you think I am gay?”

“Of course not. Do you think I am gay? I think we are both just open-minded and curious about all kinds of sex. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

I said “I agree. I loved watching you two.”

I crawled up onto the bed next to the women. It was not very late, but we were all sleepy and soon fast asleep.

I woke up in the dark wondering what the sensation I was feeling was, and then I realized that güvenilir bahis siteleri Karen had my cock in her mouth and was giving me an expert blowjob. No cell phone call this time, she just woke up and decided to suck me off.

It would have been polite of her to ask, but I didn’t mind. I just held still and let her work her magic. Soon she had her reward, several mouthfuls of cum which she swallowed with noisy gulps. Then she licked and sucked my cock clean, not missing a drop.

She crawled up next to my face and whispered “Sorry to wake you. I just can’t get enough of you. Go back to sleep.”

I did just that, and I assume she did too.

All three of us woke up at the first gray light of dawn. I realized that we only had about an hour before the two women had to leave so I began to fondle and rub Karen’s pussy. Julie yawned and rubbed her eyes and sat cross-legged on the foot of the bed.

Karen had coaxed my cock into a morning hard-on and we were both ready.

She said “Can you begin the way you did last night?” She was lying on her back with her legs slightly spread.

“Sure” I said and I moved over and supported myself, hovering on top of her. I pushed my cock up her cunt which was very receptive, and started to fuck her.

“It’s happening again! I can feel you touching me way up inside!”

I continued for less than a minute, and she said “I want you to finish inside me both ways.”

Come on, Lady. Do you think I am Superman? I didn’t say that out loud, what I did say was “I think you will have to choose one.”

She thought a moment and said “OK. I will turn over.”

“No, don’t do that. Just lift your legs as high as you can. Grab your ankles and pull your legs back as far as they will go.”

She followed my instructions, and her knees almost touched her shoulders. She is very flexible for her age. I pulled my cock out, and her vagina stayed open like a toothless mouth in the middle of a yawn. Her asshole was at just the right height and angle for me, and my cock went right in.

She is getting used to my cock, and she was still loosened up and slippery with cum from last night.

It is nice to be in this position, because instead of just looking at the back of her head I could see the look in her eyes and the expression on her face as my cock slid in and out of her ass.

I fucked her with a gentle rocking motion, and soon she had a vacant glassy-eyed stare and seemed to be in a trance. Julie was still sitting cross-legged and watching us intently.

I felt the urge welling up in me to cum and the look in my eyes gave it away.

Karen said “All the way in me please”

I complied, and even though my ejaculation was smaller since she had sucked me dry a few hours ago, Karen whimpered with pleasure as it spurted into her. She was close to an orgasm and she let go of one leg and rubbed her clit with a circular motion and finished it off.

Julie did the same thing with a similar technique and she shuddered and shook through her orgasm. She really gets turned on watching me fuck Karen.

After ten or fifteen minutes of afterglow they got up and went to the shower together. I imagine they wash each other’s backs and probably their private parts as well. I stayed in bed and kept out of their way while they dressed for the office.

As Karen was walking to the front door, Julie whispered in my ear “You really fucked her good this time. Especially this morning. We should try that position sometime. “

I whispered back “How about tonight?” She smiled and gave me a kiss as her answer.

And so we did. For the next couple of weeks we tried everything we could think of. If we could imagine it, we did it. My sex life has never been this good, and I think that was true for her also. She liked the position on her back with her legs pulled up to her tits and we tried that on the arm of the couch, with her almost bent in half. My cock went in her so far I think it touched her spleen.

One night as we lay talking she brought me up to date on Karen. She told me a bizarre story which I will try to recap. Julie tends to digress and talk about things that are not pertinent or important, so I will re-tell the story and try to keep it short. I think it took Julie an hour to tell me this.

Julie told me that Karen is like a caged animal. She is out of control. One day as they were walking together through the warehouse, she spotted a young man who works there. He was a good looking young man, slender and athletic looking, in his twenties.

She asked his name, which was Mark, and she told him she wanted to see him in her office in twenty minutes. Julie was puzzled, but she found out what Karen had in mind soon enough.

When they were back in her large executive’s office, there was a knock on the door. Mark came in, and seemed a little nervous. He looked at Julie with curiosity, and Karen told him that Julie was her Administrative Assistant and not to worry about her.

Mark asked what she wanted to see him about. I am sure he thought he was iddaa siteleri in trouble. Her curt reply was “I want you to fuck me.” He almost fell over.

If a male CEO said that to a female employee, she would be walking out with a million dollar settlement. But I guess guys don’t think that way, or at least this guy didn’t.

He just grinned and said, “Sure, why not.”

Karen was still in her Boss-mode and said “Let me see your penis.” He must have thought he was dreaming.

Mark started to unbuckle his belt, but Karen said “No need to take your pants off. Just unzip and show it to me.” So Mark unzipped his pants and pulled it out. Julie said it was not as big as mine, but it was nice.

Karen told Julie to get it hard for her. She is really beginning to order Julie around, and I don’t like it. Julie wasn’t about to suck some guys cock that she doesn’t even know, but she stood next to him and stroked it until it grew and stiffened. Mark just looked at her with amazement. A very pretty woman fully dressed expertly jacking him off and giving him a hard-on.

Karen took off her skirt and shoes and pulled off her panty-hose. She got up on her desk with her butt right at the edge and lifted her legs up and back until they were touching her tits. She told Mark to come closer. He approached and started to push his hard-on up her hairy cunt. She stopped him and said “No, not there. Put it in the other hole.” He was bewildered but he soon understood.

To make this long story shorter, he stood in front of her as she lay on her desk, and without even taking off his pants he fucked her in the ass with his cock protruding out of his unzipped fly. Like most young men he didn’t last long and he shot his load into her.

He pulled out of her and just stood there while she got to her feet. She said “You can put that away now” and he struggled to get it back in his pants because it was still hard.

Karen wanted to get dressed but she noticed a virtual river of cum running down the inside of her left leg.

She angrily told Mark that he didn’t put it far enough inside her, and she told Julie to help her clean it up. Julie fought off her irritation at being bossed around, and took some tissues and blotted and wiped up the cum on Karen’s leg.

Karen got dressed and resumed her position of authority, and she told Mark he was dismissed. Before he left she warned him about bragging to his buddies. She told him if there were any rumors about this he would be fired and out the door before he knew what hit him.

He asked if he could see her again but she coldly told him no, his cock was not big enough. That was like a punch in the stomach and he let himself out the door.

Julie told Karen that was cruel and unnecessary. She also lectured her about the dangers of this kind of thing. If they were found out both of them would lose their job.

However, the next time they did a walk-through of the warehouse, Karen noticed a very tall black man. She looked him up and down and she was obviously thinking that he must be tall all over. Julie got right in her face and told her to stop it, and that they had to talk.

So after Julie finished telling me all of this she got to the point.

“Karen needs to see you again. She should have a regular session scheduled with you. There is a management theory about having off-site sessions between senior executives and their protégés. I will suggest that we publicize that and say that every Wednesday afternoon Karen is taking me off-site for a mentoring session.”

“I know that you have a business to run, but could you give up your time from 3:00 to 5:00 every Wednesday to do this?”

The simple fact is I can work anytime I want to. If I give up two hours on Wednesday afternoon I can make it up at 2:00 or 3:00 AM some night when I can’t sleep. And even though Julie and I have a great sex life having some variety every Wednesday is a good idea. So of course I said yes.

The first Wednesday session was scheduled for that week. Karen was into micro-management and she instructed Julie to not have sex after 6:00PM on Tuesday so I would be ready to perform. She also instructed Julie that since we only had two hours there would be no socializing, just sex.

Julie had a great idea to keep Karen from accosting the tall black guy in the warehouse. To give her something to masturbate with Julie would use Karen’s cell phone and video the action. I was worried that these things can leak out and cause trouble, but Julie’s idea was to only do extreme close-ups of the penetration, without ever showing anyone’s face. Karen loved the idea when Julie explained it to her.

Karen would have her own personal porn video on her phone to look at all through the week. The hope was that she would get her rocks off watching it and not go after the unsuspecting black guy.

Wednesday at 3:00 their two cars pulled into the driveway practically screeching to a halt. As soon as Karen came in the front door she was stripping off her clothes. As agreed we wasted no time.

I fucked her in the ass in several positions that Julie and I had tried out. I got her to try the one where she is face down over the armrest of the couch with her feet on the floor. She liked it so much she said she wanted it included in every session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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