My Boyfriend’s Roommates Pt. 01

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Based on real events. Names have been changed.

“Babe come here!”

Nikki cried out from her boyfriend’s bedroom. She stood admiring herself in the standing mirror leaning against the wall. At 5’0, her 32D chest made her look all the more petite. She flung her long platinum-blonde hair back and turned her waist, so it angled as the mirror–her round, bubbly ass sat high and was often the eye candy of many passers-by, both guys and girls. Her eyes traveled up her body, artwork of tattoos painted here and there across it. It was summer. School was out and she had just gone swim-suit shopping. She had tried on her first one–a black G-string style suit that was too small for both her round ass and perky chest. But she knew Kyle, her boyfriend, wouldn’t mind.

“Babe?! Seriously I wanna show you something,” grinning to herself, loving how the G-string bottoms were swallowed by her bubbly cheeks. She heard movement down the hallway and turned, leaning over Kyle’s bed and facing her ass toward the door. She started twerking, letting her ass cheeks bounce and clap knowing Kyle would love walking into his room to the sight.

“Well shit, what do we got here?” a voice that didn’t belong to her boyfriend growled behind her. She stood and spun around quickly finding one of Kyle’s roommate, Matt, leaning against the doorframe her eyes locked door towards her exposed lower half. He grinned, starring at her like a predator stares at prey–taking every detail in and swallowing it whole.

“Oh my god! Matt!” Nikki squealed, half embarrassed, half blushing at his obvious hunger. “What the fuck, I thought you were at work!” She crossed her legs before realizing there wasn’t much she could do to cover her body in that tiny swimwear. “Where’s Kyle?”

Matt, still staring at Nikki’s body like a snack grinned. “Called in. It’s too hot out to be working. But dam, I think it just got hotter.” He motioned with the red solo cup to Nikki’s body before taking a drink. As he lifted his hand up Nikki could help but admire Matt’s toned body before her: standing there in only a pair of baggy basketball shorts, Matt was much more toned and fit than Kyle. Not that it mattered to her. She loved Kyle and never had any issues finding him attractive. Matt just had this, look. His left arm was a sleeve of tattoos and he always wore a baseball hat backwards, which she normally found, duchy, but for some reason liked it Matt.

“Oh my god you are such a perv,” Nikki couldn’t help but notice a sizeable bulge Beşiktaş escort under Matt’s shorts. She snapped out of it quickly: “Well I hope you at least enjoyed the show. It’ll be the only one you’re getting.” She teased picking up her own red solo cup on the bed side table and taking a sip, letting her chest lift and push out, enjoying the attention.

“Not as much as I enjoy hearing you and Kyle almost every night. ‘oh fuck Kyle, Kyle, oh my god tear me up baby ohhhhhh fuckkkkI'” Matt laugh finishing his imitations of Nikki’s nightly audio sounds that rang through the house.

Nikki blushed but wasn’t ashamed. When her and Kyle fucked, she knew his other roommates could hear–probably even the neighbors. She always tended to be louder than necessary. She knew it turned Kyle on and made him feel that he was doing a good job. It also turned her on knowing the other guys in the house could hear her, but she wasn’t ready to tell Matt that.

“Perv!” Nikki responded giggling, her drink warming her up. “And also, you’re doing it wrong its more like this: ¬ohhh Kyle, daddy your cock feels sooooo goooddd uhhhhhh.” As she imitated herself, she scrunched her face up and tilted her head back, running her hands up her stomach to her chest pushing them together before letting go and letting them bounce along with her laughter at Matt’s face. “It’s ok, don’t feel bad, I’ve had a lot more practice than you.” Giggling again moving the hair that fell into her face aside.

Matt’s eyes had turned to fiery stones. “Fuck, keep that up and I’m gonna have to come join one of these nights. Show you just how good a cock can feel.” At his words Nikki couldn’t help but dart her eyes to the bulge again. Jesus is he hiding the TV remote in there?! She thought to herself before snapping out of it.

“See something you like?” he smirked.

Nikki blushed again, shaking her head and grinning. “I swear, you guys think that big dicks will just make girls melt and turn into dick-sucking-zombies huh? Besides, you’ll have to talk to Kyle about that.” She turned around pretending she was looking for something on the bed, leaning over slightly, letting him get one last view. “Ok perv, you’ve had your show, now go tell Kyle to get his ass in here so I can give him his.”

Matt drained the remaining of his drink and took two quick steps into the bedroom: SMACK! Nikki’s bubbly cheeks bounced as Matt slapped her right cheek hard before dipping out of the room.

A quick squeal escaped Nikki’s Beşiktaş escort bayan lips before she yelled back at him with a grin: “Perv!”

“You said they weren’t gonna be here.” Nikki was back in front of the mirror, trying on another G-string style bathing suit. This one red, and smaller than the first.

“I thought they had work,” Kyle stated, laying on the bed, admiring Nikki’s body. “I mean no offense babe, but no wonder Matt was drooling all over you.” Kyle leaned over and gave her slightly red ass cheek a quick pat. “You’re not really leaving much to the imagination.”

“Well it was meant for your eyes only for when the guys weren’t here. I think you were just trying to show me off.” Nikki turned away from the mirror, one hand on her hip, the other rising her red solo cup to her lip for a drink.

“Baby,” Kyle cooed, sitting up and pulling Nikki into his spread legs so she was straddling him. “You know they think you’re sexy as fuck. Nothing wrong with letting them look.” They kissed. Kyle slowly laid back as Nikki was mounted on top of him, her ass in the air as she started grinding on him, letting soft moans spill out.

“He couldn’t take his eye off my ass,” she teased him between kisses. “He looked like a hungry animal.”

Kyle chuckled. “You think that’s the only time he’s been looking?”

“Damn you two! You know how to shut the door? Or do you just like showing off that ass?” Matt was back in the doorway, another red solo cup occupying his hand.

Nikki rolled off Kyle. “I told you no more shows,” she teased standing back up.

“Oh were getting another show. Come on, Chris and I are playing pong and we need you two for a real game.” Waving his hand for them to follow he headed back down the hallway.

Kyle rolled his eyes and got up. He wasn’t much of a drinker and beer pong wasn’t his idea of a fun time. Nikki on the other hand loved playing for the excuse to drink quickly.

“Come on babe, we’ve been summoned by the pervs.” She started for the hallway.

“Babe. Aren’t you gonna change?” Kyle’s eyebrows were raised surprised she would go out and hang with his roommates wearing something so revealing on her own accord.

“Whatever. Matts already seen me in it. We can’t leave Chris out, can we?” Nikki giggled leaving Kyle standing there wondering if this was a good idea or not.

By the time Kyle reached the living room Nikki was taking practice shots. She jumped as she threw the ping-pong ball, in turn Escort beşiktaş making her chest bounce near out of her tiny top. The ball hit the rim of a cup and bounce off the side.

“Awwww,” she complained taking a ‘practice drink’.

Chris reached under the table for the ball. “Aye Kyle, you gonna be a lucky man tonight if your girls keeps missin like this.” He laughed, tossing the ball effortlessly into the air and watched as it fell into a cup. “All day!” He cried out taking a victory swing of his beer. Chris was fit like Matt. Covered in tattoos. But taller and black. He leaned over to Matt and whisper something while looking at Nikki making them both laugh. “You know she would,” Matt replied out loud for Nikki to hear.

“Alright, alright let’s do this.” Kyle moved into position next to Nikki who was swaying and moving to the music Chris had blaring from his phone.

Kyle grabbed the ball out of the cup and began lining his show up before his own phone went off. He steeped away from the table while answering it.

“Come on babe hurry up!” Nikki cried shooting the ball and missing again, her chest bouncing with the ball. “Dammit!” Another gulp of her drink. As she raised her hand up to drink knowing Chris and Matt were staring at her lifting chest, her soft round ‘under-boob’ obviously showing from the undersized top. For some reason she didn’t mind. If anything, she was drinking in their gaze and took her time before lowering her drink and wiping her lips with the back of her hand: “opps, got a little messy.” She giggled, knowing what a tease she was being.

Kyle was back at the table.

“Sorry guys. That was work. I gotta go check in on something over there. Babe you wanna come with me?”

“Uh no, I’m not going to work with you dressed like this. Just hurry up and come back. I’ll beat these guys up while your gone.” She took another shot. Missed.

“Fuck!” she laughed finishing her drink.

Kyle looked obviously concerned. He knew Nikki was feeling tipsy and wasn’t sure how he felt about leaving her with Matt and Chris.

“Get out here man and come back. She’s fine.” Chris threw the ball again. Another dunk. “And bring back some more beer on your way.”

Nikki couldn’t help but notice Chris wasn’t asking Kyle; he was telling him. The command made Nikki’s heart speed up.

“Ya, ya. Alright I’ll be back.” He leaned in and kissed Nikki. Knowing Chris and Matt were watching Nikki decided to tease them even further. She moaned softly into Kyle’s mouth, sucking on his lip. Her hand found its way to his cock, rubbing it through his shorts.

“Hurry up and come back, I wanna play” she said pulling away from him, just loud enough for Chris and Matt to hear, realizing she would soon be alone with his two roommates….

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